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Monday, 21 September 2009


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Dipoko, you have missed the entire essence of Rosemary's article on Bollore? The issue is not one of the company investing in Cameroon; It is one of "how"? Answering the "how" equation shows that neither the Cameroonian citizens nor the Cameroonian state come out winners in this deal.

In the US, Bollore would not be alllowed to have such a stranglehold on key sectors of the US economy without adequate legislative and other safeguards, and without the right amount of transparency.

Even in France, Bollore does not have a freehand in running its empire.

Let foreign companies invest in Cameroon by all means but there should be legislative oversight to ensure that it is a win-win situation not a win-lose situation.

That is the simple issue my friend and not about your tiresome your tiresome CPDM/Patriotism blablabla.

Now, you can go ahead and apologize to Ms. Rosemary like the real gentleman that you are...:-)


Mr. Alain, rumors? You must be joking, right!!!! You are probably someone who never heard of Bollore before now. For starters, go and find out why/how Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono the former DG of the port was fired after he tried to challenge Bollore's practices at the port which made the state lose billions of FCFA.

Bollore has failed to honor all its obligations under the 1999 privatization agreement.

When camrail was privatized Bollore, the agreement stipulated among other things that (1)603 empoloyees would receive an indemnity from the new ownwer. It has never happened. (2) Bollore was supposed to modernize the railway infrastructure, particularly the 1,100 KM Ngaoundere/DLA line. It never happened. The result? The recent accident due to colonial tracks.

A 1999 communique states that "FFr 75mn has already been allocated to line renovation, and the company is also going to acquire telecommunications equipment and spare parts for the rolling stock". This money disappeared into thin air while Bollore made huge profits even in 2000, but no one bothers because people's lips are being oiled and there is no oversight.

What Rosemary has written here is just the tip of the iceberg for this company which controls 85% of Cameroon's strategic infrastructure. If Bollore wants to "shut down" Cameroon, it could do so in a day. If that is OK for you, then let us all continue with our CPDM Oye songs...

Simple facts my friend, not rumors...

Ivo Oben

Mr. Dipoko since u seem to have alot of levrage, don't forget to address another letter to the Transport Minister that D'la-Y'de need a one-way traffic to and fro, we don't have to wait for more bloodshed before writing fiery letters. Oh and that we need a passable road from Kumba to Mamfe, that is if u have some space left on ur paper.

VA Boy

Dipoko an agent of Francafrique? Not surprising at all.

VA Boy

Dipoko, I declare that you are totally inimical to Africans discussing things in their own interest. You are a total tool.

Ras Tuge

French man, a poverty-striken lunatic. He kom stress me with no love fi Africa!

French man, a cooperate plunderer. Me just na like him dirty likle face one bit!

French man, the blood-sucking vampire. Dem never tire fi suck di sweet Black blood!

French man... Bloodclaat armed robber. Him spread vile terror ina di Black man midst.

French man, the callous devil hunting and confusing Africa. A wey we ago do with you?

French man, rasclaat Lucifer. Me i na know how me and demma go work tings out.

French man, shameless maggadog. 60% of Africa's foreign exchange reserves ina sick French treasury!

French man, heartless Babylon scoundrel. Him strip di Black man dong to di underpants.

French man, reckless paedophile. Him kom sex we likle African boys and girls dem and spread all kana wikid disease.

French man...too ugly, too childish, too naughty, too filthy. Him a look lika malicious Rhesus monkey.

French man, mischievous African plague. Him make all types of vicious plan and mysterious policy to ruin di Black man.

French man, just too costly for me. Me no fit stand him presence. Black man must chase him out of Africa.

And ofcourse, pitiful France is a bitch. Fuck France, fuck Sarkozy. Africa no need no more Bangarang.


Mr Dipoko, once again, you're trying to meddle in discussions that you know about. where the hell did you get the information that 80% of Bollore is "Cameroon-owned" Bollore is a 100% French company my friend. check out the list of shareholders on its website.

And if you meant to say 80 of Camrail is owned by Cameroonians, you are again way off the mark because Bollore owns 77.4% of the shares while the state of Cameroon owns a mere 13.5. The remaining 3.8% is owned by Groupe Thanry, the largest logging company in Cameroun which was French owned until recently when it was bought over by Asian investors.

SCCF ( Bolloré Group): 77.4%
State of Cameroon: 13.5%
TOTAL Cameroon: 5.3%
SEBC (Groupe Thanry) : 3,8 %

This is all public information which is even available on the camrail website.

Mr. Dipoko, you have been allowed to get away with too shit on this site because many people don't have the facts or can't be bothered to respond to your rants. However, from now on, I will be on your tail. You better sit up and start talking only about what you know.


Info on camrail shareholders:

Greenpeace article on Groupe Thanry:
"Vicwood-Thanry destroying Cameroon's ancient forests"

Rosemary Ekosso

I think it's a bit sicko to comment on the comments on one's own blog, but man go do how?

Dipoko, you will note that I show a source for every single point I make in the blog. I am astonished that you choose to ignore that.

If you dispute any of the information I provide, you should tell me exactly where I am wrong. If I am, I will correct the information. That will show that you know what you are talking about.

I am intrigued by the speed with which you came out in defence of Bollore. In any event, I think it might be a good idea for you to devote some preparation time to debates of this kind. You might well find that the debate is actually not necessary.

One last point. You say "Ever since the CPDM, made the mistake of authorizing multiparty politics again in Cameroon".

That pretty much explains why you should not be taken seriously.

And Ras Tuge, what have they been putting in your tea this week, eh? You are slightly less coherent than usual - and your thinking is fairly disjointed at the best of times. Your comment is racist, narrowminded and totally bigoted. I don't do racism in any direction and I wish to discourage any of that kind of talk in comments on what I write. My writeup is about Bollore, not about French people. Many Cameroonians work for Bollore, you know, and it is entirely possible that some of them (and other Cameroonians plus a number of other Africans)are complicit in the alleged shenanigans.

It has just occurred to me that you could write your own blog. It would probably be the first of its kind in that you can get stoned just by reading it. Haven you tried to define yourself based on Kwasen's definition of trolls? :)

The herald

"Should the president for what ever reason go against the economic survival of the nation, he shall be held responsible for treason".

Yabassi Alain,I don't really know for God's sake whether you do think of or let alone give a second thought to what you right,that's why you come back every now and then to correct the rubbish.You know very well that your Biya and his bunch of thieves act with impunity with no one to account to.Other wise he would have long been held responsible for treason because of the untold actrocities he has committed against all.He has made himself a demigod.
You should equally know that the murderer you call Biya had never granted democracy to the people of cameroon;the people seized it when they defied all odds and took to the streets with the famous six martyrs that were massacred by Biya's angels of doom,though there has never been vibrant democracy in this country.What we do here is a mockery at democracy.
Your reactions to Rosemary Ekosso's piece and others leaves no one in doubt that you embody all what Mr.Kangsen Feka Wakai describes in Troll profiles. Pure madness.

Asafor Valentine funwie

Hey Ekosso,i agree with you that your focus or piece is not on Racism but on Ballore'.make no mistake Ekosso.Ras Tuge poem is just one way of informing Cameroonians that we are strangers in our Country when it comes to managing States institutions.

Ekosso,who is the brain child behind Ballore'?France and some well to do Cameroonians are the architect of this double standered deal.France should get out of Africa let alone Cameroon.This hypocrisy that France and other Europian countries perpetuate in Africa does not go unnoticed.

Alain, my question is this,so the Government cannot put an end to this Ballore' scandal and manage the Country without the intervention of Foriegn interest? This confirms what the American Ambassador once said.Cameroonians should be managers of their Fatherland.We are not.
The constitution of Cameroon is respected only when it favours the ruling class,where it does not favour the ruling class, articles in the constitution are not implemented. What a shame?

Ras tuge ,95% of whites are highly racist,am sorry to say so.

The herald

You are obliged to listen to them because the disease that attacks a coffee farm does not spare a cocoa's.Enough has been said about you,so,it is only a matter of time.your waxen wings will be melted before you ever think of taking to the air.Mad frog.

Asafor Valentine funwie

Alian,Infact i agree with you that parent Companies rule on foreign mention HYSACAM,i will add AES SONEL,64% of the shares are own by AES GROUP base in USA.and the Government own 31% while the workers own 5%of the shares.

My annoyance is the fact that,the host Government has little or no say as concerns how the parent companies are run.For instance the contract sign between the Government and AES Sonel is a big failure and yet the Government keeps on renewing the fialed deal.Why? How much investement has AES Sonel invested in Cameroon? Completely Nothing,the Dams and connection, the 90kv lines are still the old ones existing.

Mr.Alian the government has to come in and regulate,but the government does not,on the contrary the government seek to negotiate on percentage to protect inividual interest and not on collective interest.

Mr. Alian you are very objective in certain analyses,but the mere fact that you keep on supporting the ideologes of the CPDM ruling Mafia is a big problem. You will start up beautifully and conlude in an ugly manner.Take time off and see what these thieves are doing.Why are we not responsible or accountable for our actions?

From Rural Electrification to AES SONEL,the Chairman board of Directors,Assistant General Manager.Senior CPDM "politbureau" just to compensate Party members and not to defend state interest.Am tired and confused Sir.


Dipoko you wrote: "Bollore is what we call a management company."

Bollore is NOT a management company and is not managing camrail for Cameroon. It has a 20 year concession deal. Note that the railways are actually managed by COMAZAR a South African-based company. That is the company managing the railways for Bollore. This would be equivalent to "Cordon Blue" hired by the University of Yaounde to run its restaurant.

So once again, Bollore does not have a management deal with the state of Cameroon. Instead, it has a 20 year concession to run and make profits off the railway system in return for modernizing the equipment, trains and tracks, and providing high quality service, none of which has happened.

Once again, Bollore's deals in Cameroon are bad for the Cameroonian state and the people of Cameroon and this has nothing to do with the CPDM or the SDF.

Let's move on!

VA Boy

About Bollore. Bollore is a corporation that is totally identifiable with Francafrique. Anybody who comes here and gives any kind of justification about Bollore is a creep who cannot be in our presence.

About Bollore:

Mercredi 9 avril - 20H

La maison des passages 44, rue St Georges - LYON 5ème (métro Vieux Lyon)

More about Bollore:

Please, read and learn. Do not take information from a mercenary.

Conférence Bolloré, un pouvoir africain... avec Pierre Caminade auteur de Bolloré, monopoles Services compris... (L’Harmattan 2000)

Plus connu pour son yacht et son amitié avec Nicolas Sarkozy que pour les activités de son groupe, Vincent Bolloré détient un pouvoir difficile à cerner, dont les contours sont tracés dans l’opacité. Son groupe est multiforme, ses relations sont des plus puissantes, son réseau, outre les personnalités politiques françaises de partis très divers, infiltre les services secrets, la magistrature, plusieurs États étrangers. Son pouvoir est en large partie un héritage colonial et néocolonial. Son ascension africaine est passée par le côtoiement de criminels contre l’humanité en exercice. Ce raider boursier s’est construit un empire dont certains secteurs sont, quasiment ou totalement, hors concurrence. Sa stratégie vise à assurer la chaîne complète d’un service, ce qu’il appelle le « multimodal intégré » : il l’applique dans le transport des matières premières (notamment en Afrique), les médias (en France), voire l’influence politico-économique... L’une des transnationale du podium de tête de la Françafrique représente ainsi une entrave à la démocratie : cela rend incontournable une soirée d’information...

Asafor Valentine

Bollore' not BALLORE

VA Boy

CPDM did not "authorize" multiparty democracy. It was dragged kicking and screaming by "the bookseller" John Fru Ndi. Never mind the fact that over time, John Fru Ndi and his party have been worn down and corrupted, that remains the historical truth. The CPDM/CNU method is not to make essential change but to starve its opponents of resources, then corrupt the leadership and wear them down.

The CPDM and francafrique are paying people to troll the internet to distort facts, especially on an important blog such as this. By staying engaged, we shall not let this happen. In the early days of the internet, they thought it was insignificant, but smart people knew the importance and established a presence. Now they are trying to play catch up by throwing torrents of lies on important blogs like this one, in order to make people confused or just plain tired.

This has to be someone like Dipoko's job, while caterpillar operators like me are earning a living. What other explanation for the continuous presence on the internet?

The herald

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Alain nobody enjoys being vulgar or whatever,nobody expects to reap some maize whereas he has sown some rice.Many times you have been advised to extend civility to others if you need it. Nobody is immunodeficient to the tags you labeled above.The reverse is true because anglofous are well known for their civility,courteousness,deligence,tolerance etc.Perhaps that might explain why many francofous admire anglofous'culture.That said,in a community like this one or elsewhere we often disagree to agree,nobody is too knowlegeable as not to pay attention to others and conversely,nobody is too foolish to contribute.
Yes,we are your juniors as you have said,many a person,I included,have openly acknowledged some of your criticisms and consequently have drawn some lessons but what I do not understand is why you should condemn an article before going through it as you acknowleged in your apology to limbelabs entrepreneurs.What impression will other members in this community have? That it is not the content of the article but the author that you are attacking? It will therefore be a biased criticism which will only put everybody at loggerhead with no meaninful contributions.The by-product which is knowledge will therefore be executed.
To be very candid with you I have learnt a lot from this blog and I expect more.I cannot count the number of blogs I have discarded to stay tuned here.

You seem not to cherish the truth in your fight to give the Biya's regime a clean image,many a good criticism has come up concerning Biya's 27 years in power which Biya himself can openly acknowledge if presented to him but you have rather chosen to attack the critics to portray that you have an unflinching spport for the regime perchance more than the ruler himself.Furthermore,you seem very inconsistent,often times,you say one thing only to turn around and contradict it.(No mokery intended here)
Have a nice day and take care.

Asafor valentine Funwie

Good Talk Herald,Infact am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.Am a young man with the burning desire to learn from senior state Citizens like Alain,Paa Ngembus,Herald,Slomo,Ras Tuge,Musungedi,Va Boy,The Ngwa Man,etc.I will be happy to meet and feel your palms in my life.We could create an organisation, come together share our opinions and share a drink.Discuss issues of concerns,how to help our brothers at home.

This forum has got intellectuals who could become Ministers,Directors,Managers,Engineers.

There are guys who are faster than the internet in this Forum,Mr, Alain,you people should bring these potentials together. please, Ladies and Gentlemen give a thought to this proposal.

The herald

Receive my genuine salutations Mr.ALain and once more have a nice time.To err is human and to forgive is Divine.We were all victims of circumstances in one way or the other.As you have rightly said let's turn over a new page.

Once more thanks.

The Ngwa Man

The Herald, like you I have forsaken other blogs to comment solely on this one. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this web site and like Mr. Funwie have learned a lot from everyone who comments here.

I once said that the people who penned the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were people like us whom desire a country that gives everybody a fair chance towards achieving a prosperous life, liberty, and happiness. We on this blog can bring about some sort of improvement in cher patrie.

Alain I truly hope you whole heartedly are having a change of heart. Your original comments about how Francophone Cameroonians are also being negatively affected by the CPDM regimes decisions were a blue print for any conscientious/genuine political party to incorporate in their political manifesto and campaign strategy. But then you went on this contradictory tangent that surprised the hell out of me and has caused many to be suspicious of your intentions/agenda.

Anyway, I am willing to work with any other well meaning paysan who wants to constructively improve Camer.

In this light, Asafor, I 2nd your motion to form an organisation to harness all our POTENTIAL energies.

The herald


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence.As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly and clearly;and listen to others,even the dull and ignorant;they too have their story.Avoid loud and aggressive persons,they are vexations to the spirit.If you compare yourself with others,you may become vain and bitter;for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.Keep interested in your own career,no matter how humble;it is a real possession in the changing fortune of time.Exercise caution in your business affairs;for the world is full of trickery.But let this not blind you to what virtue there is,many persons strive for high ideals;and everywhere life is full of heroism.Be yourself.Especially,do not feign affection.Neither be cynical about love;for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.Take kindly the counsel of the years,gracefully surrendering the things of youth.Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.But do not distress yourself with imaginings.Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.Beyond a wholesome discipline,be gentle with yourself.You are a child of the universe,no less than the trees and the stars;you have a right to be here.And whether or not it is clear to you,no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.Therefore be at peace with God.Whatever you conceive him to be,and whatever your labours and aspirations,in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.With all its sham,drudgery and broken dreams,it is still a beautiful world.Strive to be happy.

Found in old Saint Paul's church,
Baltimore:Date 1692

The Entrepreneur  NewsOnline

I thought these Cameroonians in here who have travelled abroad, seen the light, supposedly accumulated some savings, would be brainstorming on buying shares in these companies, or starting viable businesses from scratch....and here they are trading insults, and exchanging hearsays and fantacies....



The sole pre-occupation and priority of any reasonable Franco-Camerounese is to seize their sovereignty and freedom from France. France has made sure that the essence of the policies of exploitation and de-humanisation of the African established hundreds of years ago by slave-traders with the cooperation of local "chiefs" remain. Those policies were nuanced under colonisation; and nuanced further under France's Cooperation Agreements with francophonic Africans chiefs like Ahidjo and Biya in the case of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

Freedom first for our African brothers amd sisters in la Republique Francaise du Cameroun. Southern Cameroonian nationalists have this understanding, which is why their sole pre-occupation is to rid themselves of racist France masquerading as la Republique du Cameroun in our homeland.

The Ngwa Man

The Entrepreneur NewsOnline, I wish there were more Cameroonians like you cause I preached the same idea that you are talking of a couple of weeks ago on this very forum and was instead advized that we as Cameroonians should seek first seek power i.e. a change of government.

I intend to stick with my plans of helping to improve the private sector in Camer. And those who are interested in making money and creating jobs for our loved ones in Camer will be my best friends. I look forward to working and building with you.

I encourage all my brothers and sisters in the diaspora to work hard, get an education (if you can) and save your money. Do not get caught up in wanting to live abroad forever. After helping the west to develop their countries we should also make an effort to develop ours. There is money to be made and a vibrant educated set of people to employ in Camer.

If you are a paysan and can afford to invest or create a business or industry in Camer as an individual please do so. Even those who can't afford to do so by themselves can come together to form corporations.

I remember a sign my dad use to have hanging in his room, it read:

He who has the gold, makes the rules. A word to the wise is sufficient.


After all is said & done, the fact still remains that Mr. Biya & his cohorts have as a matter of fact sold or pawned off almost every single resources to be found in Cameroon.

If we were to calculated the amount as per their intrinsic worth over time and meaning to Cameroonian people, then Biya & cohorts got about 50 CFA Francs for everything.

A clique of individuals whose sole purpose & aim in this life is to wear fanciful tailor made suits from Europe, wear italian shoes, drink champagne, ride in helicopters, sleep on marble beds, & have the feeling that they are superior & better than their brothers & sisters are not to be taken seriously.

Cameroonians are wasting valuable time debating about Biya & his government, it will not change nor make any improvements in regards to the quality of life or growth and development.
The simple fact of the matter is that, these ruling folks are not intelligent or capable at all of integrating our communities.

So why bother to enlighten them...???


dango   tumma

we are southern cameroonians not camerounians
we are vex because these french cameroun
primitive hooligans armed with weapons are on our counttry, else no one would care what happen in East cameroun.

thats why we at scnc are fighting and would hang this leech called alian dipoko fast
soo we can free ourselves and build our cities
and towns.

VA Boy

Exactly ContryFowl. These are shallow pinheads whose entire goal in life is conspicuous consumption, to emulate French aristocrats in manner, speech and dress. Apes in the real sense of the word. Inauthentic mountebanks leading the futures of millions of children down the sewer.

This piece of calcified excrement dares to come here and mount support for them? There is no truce mon frere. Bring it on.

This Liliputian, Alain is the same one who dared to smear Nyerere and compare him to kleptomaniac exponents of genocide, to his neocolonial tools.


It is probable that we will keep arguing, generation after generation, century after century and perhaps till the sunset of time and we will not have found the right answers or solutions as to whether it is right for us to be slaves or if it is right for the slaves to auction off their resources or keep them for the masters to manage on the continent or from overseas.

What do i mean by this...???

To answer my points, regardless of how sophisticated are our arguments or counter-arguments the matter of the fact is that, we have been in an eternal & lopsided relationship in every sense of the word with our brothers & sisters on the different continents other than the African continent. That we are always at the bottom of the ladder in any form of a relationship is obvious, transparent & clear for the oppressed & the oppressor to see.

So the logical way to is to find out how we can extricate ourselves & establish a 50-50 relationship, would be the sane & reasonable thing to do.
To take this first step is to ask ourselves, why is it that we have this colossal racial fear, inferiority complex & stupor when it comes to the rest of the world...????????
When we can know why, it will be much more easier to deal with the secondary problems that are arising from the first causation..!!!!



VA Boy,

It's exactly the point. The idiots of this life, think & presume that superiority is to wear french suits, drink bottled water, play casino in Monaco & frolic with free women & men in jacuzzis whilst seeping red wine, to these people that is the epitome of human existence....!!!!!!!!!!!

What a joke...!!!!!!!!!!!


VA Boy

ContryFowl, I am happy that a verbose frog is finally giving voice to what they really feel and think, in passable English, no less. Those Southern Cameroonians who had doubts should doubt no more. I would never put one grain of sand on another grain of sand in the name of constructing a house or other project in la republique. I knew decades ago that the so called union was doomed. Those of you who were foolhardy and built made a mistake and should already begin to count your losses. When Biya dies things could go awry or they could at some other point in time.

My sisters, those of you who befriend frogs, thinking that the inveterate liars are charming, although most of them are averse to showers and deodorants. Let me tell you. Behind your backs, they refer to you as "Ma Baminda" to their friends, meaning a bumpkin, a bushmeat piece of ass that they can use and dump. There are some notable exceptions, but by and large this is true. Do not mortgage your heart away cheaply.

Javis Ndumbe

its really funny for a gentleman to discuss so freely about a very complex issue as globalisation. i advice the said critic to read carefully about certian international concept.Do take this home. please fine out why the said structural ajustment programme which has been implimented in africa since the 197Os has done more harm that good to the african continent.I want you to also look carefully the hegemony stability theory and the world system theory. once you put all these in to play, you will better understand the level of harm such multinationals like Bollore’group do to developing economies like ours.i advice you to make proper finding before you come on air

Gan Charles

Cameroonians should raise capital and invest in these endeavours and stop complaining. There are enough Cameroonians abroad and elsewhere that can pull their funds into a pool and do some serious investing. But they let thier differences get in the way of good judgement. Then when opporunities like these come up in Cameroon and others jump in they COMPLAIN! That is all we are good for.
If you have a good chunck of money and solid business plan you can make the goverment of Cameroon listen , as do these other investors.
Wake up people!

Danny Boy

Javis Ndumbe,
I am afraid you are speaking to an idiot who does not know his left from the right hand! Been reading Alain Dipokos' postings for quite some time.
The boy is the " devil's advocate"!, is my guess!!!. I suspect this person is an Anglophone who just likes to wind people up! He could be serious, afterall there is something called introspection; or reverse psychology, so they say!
Take what he writes with a pinch of salt. Still waiting to know, when and where he studied here in the UK for his Doctorate, and when he worked at the High Commission.
This boy could be Edison Fru Ndi! Wonders shall never end! How will anybody take us seriously when foolhardy sons decide to scupper all that their parents stand and are fighting for?
Please people, Alain Dipoko is a phantom!
Just ignore this rabid "ngong"!

Gan Charles

While it is ok to constructively criticise and point out shortcomings of businesses seting up in Cameroon , I would like to know what many born Cameroonians who have well established and gained enourmous experience elsewhere are doing to bring businesses back to their home country.
I am always amazed as how we are quick to criticise but not to provide concrete solutions. Put together a group that can contribute serious cash, backed by expertise and good plan and establish a business in Cameroon. If you have these elements the GOVERNMENT will listen! How else do these other concerns do it?
Until Cameroonians of this generations are serious about investing in their homeland, in a major way, we will perpertuate what our fathers have done, ie. exporting resources overseas, causing mass brain drain, and cutting bad deals that encourage curruption and poor governance.
Let us wake up, join hands, raise capital and invest in Cameroon. Proper investment will promote competition and remove the resentment that is expressed when others invest in Cameroon or BUY UP resources. At the end of the day those that control the economy control the political power in Cameroon. Politicians, yes even Cameroonian politicians, will pay attention to any economically powerful entity. The entity can use this influence to better the lot of the population.
That's the way to effect change.

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