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Monday, 28 September 2009


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Good subject matter & objective criticism for the first time.
I am still to know why the administrator here is selectively deleting comments that seems to ruffle some feathers or rubs our CENER friends on the wrong side.

In any case, the same criticism against the Fons & Lamidos, et cetera is equally applicable to undemocratically elected leaders.

To critic all is fair & objective.




This is your blog, there is no doubt about that, we do not comment here to create problems for you guys.

If possible, can you write or indicate why some comments will be deleted..?
So we know where the line is.
If criticizing the head of state is something which is going to bring the censors breathing down your neck, tell us so directly so we can find alternative ways of saying what we want to say and look for alternative outlets to let the world know how things stand in Cameroon today.

Thanks for not deleting this one....:)))))



Dear Readers:

For the previous day or so, comments could not be added to the site for reasons that were not altogether clear. We worked on the issue yesterday and it is now resolved. No comments were deliberately deleted. They did not post at all.

Apologies for the inconvenience.




Thanks a lot for your courteous, kind & quick response. I was in doubts in regards to several postings which did not appear or apparently appeared but later on disappeared mysteriously.

Thanks again & I apologize for any undue or hasty comments...:)))



Dipoko alias or is it Konde,..??

The historical facts of European occupation and the aftermath of its consequences is known to Africans, we live with those consequences and it is nothing new under the sun.

I do not know of any nor is there any Alain Dipoko occupying a high office in Yaounde, so we can leave aside that fictional portion of your utterances aside and concentrated more on your fallacious ideas of what is important to "US".

First of all it is stupidity & a lack of understanding of what reality is all about that we categorize & classify human beings by linguistic divisions.

The fact of the matter is that, a vast number of Cameroonian people do not give a hoot whether someone is a Bambuluwi or a Maka individual, people have been able to live and get along for millions of years and will continue to do so regardless of Biyarism, Betism. or do we call it Fangism..???

Can Biya & co duplicate what Hitler could not do...??? with a vast horde of dedicated killer human beings at his beck & call....?

So what is new....?????

That we are going to stop existing because Dipoko says Francophones do not want Anglophones...???

The universe is going to undergo a new transform, the stars will cease to shine and rivers will stop following because Dipoko says Anglos are fools.....????

Who cares...?? who really cares what those imbeciles & imps think or do not think...????

The Francophones & you can continue to think either horizontally or vertically in regards to the so called Anglophones, the fact of the matter again is that, the reality of life hits hard equally on all of us humans regardless of our station in life.

Diseases, AIDs, poverty, homelessness, financial hardships, social inequality, injustices will continue to ravage & destabilize Cameroon & visit all & sundry regardless of the fact whether they are francophones or anglophones.


The Ngwa Man

I am glad to read that someone else acknowledges the fact that Cameroonians from both sides of the Mungo at the grass roots level, "a vast number of Cameroonian people do not give a hoot whether someone is a Bambuluwi or a Maka individual." Thank you Country Fowl. The bloods and cultures are being mixed. I am from the Northwest but I have a great grand mother who is from the other side of the Mungo, the West Province, a Bamileke.

As a matter of fact I attended lower/upper six and university with Francophone Cameroonians and you know what they always asked me? Why did you return to this place (i.e. Cameroon). Go to the foreign embassies in Camer and what will you realize? All Cameroonians from both sides are fleeing the country. As a matter of fact most of the people who were learning the German language at the Goethe Institut Yaounde are Francophone. There are maybe 2 or 3 anglophones per 15 to 21 students in a class.

The current set of ruling elite and politicians have failed to deliver for everyone. This problem is not a Francophone or Anglophone thing, its a Cameroonian problem.

The funny thing is that even if the anglophone sector decided to completely become francophonized and vice versa, Cameroon would still be suffering from the same issues affecting us now. There is no village or city that is particularly better than the other in Cameroon under this current system.

We need to revamp our constitution removing those facets in it that give one individual unlimited power and make everyone who is in political office accountable to everyone. The current ruling elite is so happy with the little crumbs they are stealing under a despotic/autocratic system of government. Their lack of foresight blinds them to the reality that more money can be made under a more democratic system where everyone is treated equaly and fairly under the law and everyone has a fair shake at living a rich/comfortable life if they work hard. In the current system people are entering into the government sector to get rich when instead the private sector should be route for that purpose.

Asafor Valentine Funwie

His excellency,Alain.The futur belongs to those who will Build not to destroy,but we will destroy to build.There are moments i felt in love with your postings,and thought you could be a source of moral authority to carry the touch of progress in order to keep CPDM and cameroon Tall.

However permit me state with a fair degree of certainty that i strongly believe in the truth and nothing but that principle.
MR Alain,Cameroon is like a table.10% of Cameroonians live on the table and 90% survive underneath it.I see your effort is to move a few from under the table onto the table,or vice versa.The Anglophones task is to move the table,to change its position if necessary,and all to sit together around the table and to build a strong and prosperous Cameroon.

Your excellency,Alain it wasn't about North west South West divide or Anglophones Francophones divide.Francophones decieved and tricked Southern Cameroonians into an unfaithful union that must not continue.

Haya,we in yaounde do not give a damn about the Anglo, thank you sir.We shall transform that division into a wonderland.Sir, as the Biya regime did transform Victoria into an opec city,after reaping off SONARA? Has the Biya regime transform the dirty stinging Etoudi talkless of Ndian division?

Contry Fowl,a couple of weeks i read one posting on my screen on Book-review,a member of the Beti clan came out loud and clear on the issue of power and unequal development.

your excellency, would it not have, been more reasonable for Francophones to use the large loans amounting 29 billions Frs from Cameroon Bank to build towns and villages in French cameroon? Conversely speaking the illgotten money is all stock into foriegn account.

Paul Biya had to stay in a hotel in France to lavish Oil money from southern Cameroon,while his followers in the centre,south and Eastern province lived in drenched tents on the national mall.A responsible state man will use the money to build good houses for the CPDM followers.

MR. Alian,Somebody told me Paul Biya travel to France to dream dreams to build a better don't dream in the mud.For 27 yrs he dreamed to build this morally bankrupt Country Cameroon. (Francophones chop broke pot)

MR. Alain,by the time the Chinese exploit and
exhaust the forest in the Centre South and Eastern province and plunge into bauxite, the dream story, yaounde will be left with nothing.
Ndian will be your next stop,why not kribi,why not eastern province.

We will not relent our effort in stoping Biya and his fellows to exploit the forest in Fura-awa.We force the francophones to grants the GCE board,Force the Francophones to create the Anglosaxon university in Buea.we force Francophones to accept and learn Democracy.

Southern Cameroonians are ready to ingulgate a spirit of developments into the Skulls of Francophones Cameroon. Ma,Mary pay a surprise visit to Bamenda and you will be amazed with level of infrastructure in Bamenda.

I will state here that,States are not moral agents,people are,and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions;Francophones wake up.
MR. Alain i salute you and your style. you are a great man.

Asafor Valentine Funwie

Dear,MR.Alain, thank you for your piece.I had long understand your mission.However opinion clash for the truth to be release. You have spoken not once but repeatedly and i have gained much from you.

Your message is clear,Southern cameroonians keep your eyes open for you do not know when the enemy will attack.Self reliance should speak louder than talk.

Sango Angoh

Alain Dipoko:
Indeed it should be a painful departure. From your appearance, you seem unhealthy and its time you took care of your weight, an issue that you eluded in all writings. Perhaps this remark would jolt you back into this forum.

Paa Ngembus


Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service unmasked Alain and closed on him.

He sensed our claws and decided to call it quits.

My dear Alain, it is not over. We have your writings and will pursue you. You can quit the internet all together but as we told you:


Asafor Valentine Funwie

Hey gentlemen, this beautiful morning i started my day with a word of prayer and a word of thanks to our heavenly father for keeping and guiding our activities,secondly for me to partake on the independence day of Southern Cameroon.

Ras Tuge, Ma Mary,The Ngwa Man,Slomo My inlaw,Musungidi,Va Boy,pa Ngembus,Contry fowl,Bob Bristol, GTBECK,The Herald,Sango Angoh,Dango Tumma,Alian dipoko,Ayaba Ette,Nfor Ngala Nfor,Ozugen Jude Agwah,Etc.
My plenty of regards to you and your families on this historic day.Hope

I wish to remind my brothers in this blog that our efforts in cleaning the image of the country is not and will never be religated to the background by the allmighty God.

As you may not have forgotern.I earlier insinuated and The Ngwa Man seconded on the issue of a Citizen Review Group,this group will certainly establish a firm foundation or a plate form on which to commence the development of Southern Cameroon.

Ras and The Ngwa Man,something must be done as soon as possible.we could begin by forming the Educational Committe,Political Committe,Development committee,Health Committe. our focus should be on development

Secondly a communication Organ should be put in place as fast as possble.I know the above mention exist already but note that most of us are not inform of the activiities back home Europe and America.

We will build and train Southern Cameroonians to be Self Reliance. Please think about it.


i must not hesitate to tell you Asafor, my in law that its a wonderful innitiative, would think over over night and give you my answer tmro.



Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with SprintSpeed

Bob Bristol

Independence means using your initiative to do what you think is right. I think The Southern Cameroons got it's independence in 1953 when our politicians decided to walk out of the Eastern Regional House of Assembly. That was a pointer that we could function as a sovereign State. That decision wasn't influenced by any authority. By implication, we were the first independent State in Sub Saharan Africa.

When something is dictated or declared by an assumed authority, then those affected cannot be said to be moving towards an independent direction. The plebiscite was dictated. The Fumban Conference was just a follow-up of its outcome.

The herald

Mr Asafor and Slomo thanks for the independence wishes.Mr Asafor,I must acknowledge that it is a geant step you have conceived,if properly applied will yield fruits.I hope it should be put into practice as soon as possible.

Once more thanks and happy INDEPENDENCE day as well.

The Ngwa Man

It was once said, "A journey of a 1000 miles or kilometers begins with one step." A type Citizenry Group is a novel idea. I look forward to working with all progress and development minded Cameroonians no matter where you are. To all of you on this and other sites take note and participate in the rebirth of our nation. Peace and blessings today and forever to all Cameroonians and True Friends of Cameroon.

Asafor Valentine, Ras Tuge, Ma Mary, Slomo, Musungidi, Va Boy, pa Ngembus, Contry fowl, Ntumngia my relative, Bob Bristol, GTBECK, The Herald, Sango Angoh, Dango Tumma, Alian dipoko, Ayaba Ette, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Ozugen Jude Agwah, any others I missed who are worthy... YOU ALL ARE GREAT CAMEROONIANS.



The Ngwa Man,

Indeed it should be Free Cameroon.

Incidentally did we not say, Alain Dipoko is going to surface again in another alias.....????

Konde came back today with an up tempo & a fiery beat to his new mantra.
He is selling it here & everywhere.

Nevertheless, Dipoko or Konde should rest assured that, one man will never be able to rob a people of their hopes & dreams.
It is an illusion & will always remain an illusion within his cranium.


njimafor boy

you continue to censor and delete opinions on this page. Can you tell us why...

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