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Sunday, 27 September 2009


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Concerned Downstation Reader

Did the publisher of this site get permission from the author to re-post his work here? I am concerned that you guys are often taking posts from other blogs and posting them here, without their permission.

This is not appropriate, it is not ethical, it shows disrespect to the original author, and it is also illegal based on international copyright laws. Shame!

The proper way to do it, which shows respect to authors and also provides something useful for readers: Write a summary about the original blog post (including maybe a small quote) and then provide a link to it.


The amount of monies which mr. Biya spent on his holidays for one day alone could pay le Messagers 12 million CFA francs bill 20 times over.

The amount of monies which taxation officials spend daily for their personal comforts can pay mr. Njawe's bills in one split second.

We can continue with these examples & it will stretch from the Arctic ocean to Antarctic back & forth a 10000 times.

That is Cameroon, a rootless, decaying & immoral mass of confused officials & sycophantic supporters, who do not care for their livelihood or destiny but are like eternal beggars waiting for a messiah, for God, for the white man to come & clean a mess they themselves have created.

If people prefer to remain hostages to a few madmen & be destroyed slowly but certainly, then so be it. There is nothing to stop the Cameroonian people to rise up one day & over run Etoundi & this game is over.

What are they waiting for....???????????



What ever the case, this guys does not contest the fact he owes such taxes to the state, which is of paramount importance. The tax guys are thus doing their job and he has nothing to complainof.
In taxation, the pple of cross witholding or "retenue croiséé" does not exists,if he owes the state in taxes, he pays the taxes and then ask for his bill to be paid, conpensation is just not allowed in such circumstances.
Moreso, a moratorium is at the entire discretion of the Director of Taxes, if his application is rejected, then he has nobody to blame, cause its no obligation on the state to grant it in the first place, he therefore has to pay.
However Njawe is one the the pyramids of press freedom in cameroon and he shall always have tht credit, too bad he has attained such a lower step of struggling to avoid taxes.
Poor Njawe, the treachery, the villainy the share indescrible pain and sorrow he has gone through.



What you are positing is quite okay in a democratic environment where Government is for the people, dialogues with citizens and engages its citizenry as participants in the formulation of its rules, laws, regulations et cetera.

In this case, we are not dealing with a Government at all, we are dealing with a rogue regime, that is against it's own people, profits off the taxes of the people without rendering anything in return, therefore citizens have the right to protest, to starve off such a regime until such a time when such a regime can amend, alter, transform & straighten up.

Will the Cameroonian regime ever straighten up...????
That is the question.



Contry Fowl,
in so far as its the law voted in parliament, your arguement would never hold.
True Popol and his catarpillars are worth criticising, but you cannot in such issues engage a tug of war with the state.


Mr. Dipoko,

That is quite correct. Endorsing a criminal act or the intent to commit one because others are doing the same is not only illegal & immoral it should be discouraged.

I hope you can apply the same logical & ethical principles in your position & point of view in regards to Government & members of that rogue regime.

It is against the laws for any member of government to steal public funds.
It is against the laws of the land for the head of state or first lady to deep their hands into state coffers.

So every single Cameroonian, from head of state to the common should respect the law.

That is how, Cameroon can awake from this darkness.




You do not have to really repeat yourself again & again & again.

Probably nobody has told you so before, but it is inconsequential whether you think the anglos are stupid or not stupid, the reality is that, life as we know of it, is equally harsh & good, beautiful & ugly, sad & joyful to all & sundry whether they are bulus or maka, nkwen or bassa et cetera.

Life is not going to stop tomorrow because francophones do not want anglophones or anglophones do not want francophones.

The individual who is stupid enough to allow space in their minds to think this way is going to be subjected to the laws of stupidity & ignorance.

For the individual who understands that life is more deep than these superficial classifications & mundane preoccupations then there is a lot of consequential things to do with their humanity.

Is Aids, diseases, hardships, economic toils, financial hardships, illiteracy, ill health, lack of good hygiene, basic necessities of life only selective to some people because of their linguistic differences with others....??????

Does the inevitable issues of life select people based on their differences....?????????

It is sheer imbecility to think that because you are born into an area where you are conditioned to speak a particular language it implies that you are different from your neighbor across the stream who happens to speak a different tongue.

But can you even understand this simple reality, that life is not going to spare you of all it's movements & flows because you are Dipoko or a francophone or what ever.

Who are you deceiving......?????????????

My God... what a thick fellow...!!!!!!!

Open your eyes my friend and look around you, people do not really care nor give a hoot whether you are francophone or you are an anglophone.
It is our major preoccupation only in that Cameroon, because basically we are stupid and essentially dull not to realize that there is really no deep differences in the basic nature of our humanity.


The Ngwa Man

Alain, go to the embassies in Yaounde and see if the current ruling elite are making life sweet like puff puff and pap for the blessed Francophone Cameroonians. I was even surprised to see that the chosen citizens of Camer (i.e. Francophones according to Alain) are also applying for political assylum abroad. They are even the main ones filling the classes at the Goethe Institut Yaounde learning German.

Francophones are fleeing Cameroon in numbers for greener pastures.

Paul Biya, CPDM and co. has failed all Cameroonians.

They have not delivered the goods. Even the money they will make from Bakassi oil will not be used to develop the francophone regions. It will instead go into the pockets of a few by theft. The funny thing is that those who think they are prevelaged because of their allegiance to an individual live in a state of potential fear because they do not know when the head of the regime will have them locked up without a trial for coughing different from him.

CountryFowl has written a piece with such clarity that even someone with just the First School Leaving Certificate or French equivalent would understand. CountryFowl maybe you should write it in pidgin and French so that those who think in those languages will get a better picture of what should be some of the guiding principles of all our lives. CountryFowl, you are a Great Cameroonian.



The Ngwa Man,

Thanks, probably it will be a good idea to tell this fellow & cohorts in plain simple pidgin so they get it right.

It is this stupidity, ignorance & sheer idiocy being trumpeted around here by Dipoko that has the entire country in such shambles.

We grew up listening to these kinds of stupid talk and idiotic way of reasoning & it is beyond belief that 40 or more years later on in life, you can still hear grown ups echoing such a shallow, patently false & pathetic way of looking at life as if we do not know any better.

The same thinking, as you rightly say has not put bread & butter on the tables of the Betis, Ewondos, Bulus et cetera, otherwise they will not be writing petitions against the own so called brother.

I will like to meet this Dipoko of a man in real life, so I can tell him off personally to his face, and he should know that the place where ContryFowl comes from, we do not take or accept non-sense.



who composed that stuff for you, i mean the taming thing, you seem to be seriously in love, come on, create some other cliché - packed stuff and fill the forum.

Bob Bristol

Previously,when I read through the posting of Dipoko, I got f**king upset. But I strongly think he is applying a strategy that we badly need in order to tackle the deleterious problems we faced as Southern Cameroonians. We still have food on our tables and we still dream a change of leadership can ameliorate our situation.

We may have problems that warrant us to demand for secession but we need to be pushed to the walls in order to carry out a general uprising. We need to be reminded that we are not only being treated as second class citizens but that we are viewed as a little "less human". Alain is doing just that. Kudos! At least when we've been angered to an elastic limit, we would take actions that glaringly show the headway which we are making.

Should we call a fool A FOOL for him to prove otherwise or should we call a fool A SLOW LEARNER for him to think he is just lagging behind a bit?



It is not even necessary to get angry at Dipoko/Konde, since you are in the process giving credibility to another man's insanity.

Even if Dipoko/Konde thinks in this way, he is entitled to think what he wants to think, as his opinion remains only an opinion within his own cranium.
It does not alter the reality of everyday life, it does not add nor diminish anyone's capacity to exist, and does not influence any policies nor decisions either in Yaounde or the rest of the world.

Secession will become a necessity and a solution because intelligent people do not normally subjugate themselves to a people of lesser intelligence, since priorities, values are essentially different.

If Dipoko/Konde, thinks that seeping red wine, reading Hegel, emulating the french way of life is superiority, that is his cup of tea, why not...??

We have different values & points of view in how we are going to conduct the business of governance and our existence.


Bob Bristol

Oh yeah! ContryFowl, you got it. But inasmuch as I wouldn't want to discuss anything about Dipoko's identity, I think he is a Southern Cameroonian or a sociological Anglophone.

Ma Mary has been very direct in inciting a revolt against the French regime. Some of us who believe in calling a spade a spade were quick to throw our weight behind her.

Now Dipoko is using another strategy which goes in line with what is referred to as Socratic Irony. And it's been working. Most of us are gradually coming to terms with what he stands for- The Anglophone Course. In his postings, there are times when he actually fools himself to believe that he is a French Cameroonian.

ContryFowl, dwelling much on the issue of superiority doesn't make any sense. And resorting to the "WHO CARES" tendency that has led to an unimaginable political apathy in a cross section of West African countries has not remedied the ppression, subjugation.

So how do you/we plan to liberate the Southern Cameroons? This may not be the right medium to expose the strategy but we all have an obligation to use this forum amass support for this "MUST ACCOMPLISHED VENTURE|".



You are correct, but I should have added that, not paying attention, indifference & focusing only on conserving, expanding & building up on a budding consciousness & a thirst for real freedom not only from oppression but from this mediocrity should be the focus of the people.

That we are in this position is not so much of a surprise, it has been a fault in our comprehension of what is actual & real for our own sake, a weakness, a state of stupor & apathy which has been ruthless exploited not only by these marauding hyenas, jackals & scavengers, but by the original Western colonizers.

We [the collective in this context] should be able to wake up today and realize the folly of being in a state of perpetual stupor, dependency & off course using the head & brain to out think these foxes & hyenas.


The herald

How I love to quote William Shakespears,"The world is like a stage where everyone plays a part and goes out forever, never to be seen again"
Dipoko has finally made his large noise like others who have previously been here for the same mission and left crest fallen. How I wish he stayed a little longer, for he has been made to blindly expose some of the points needed to justify the Southern Cameroon's cause for secession.
Why the sudden departure? If it is only true that he has left forever like other frogs who have been here for the same purpose.He may just be pretending.

The humble role he played here worth praising is that he helped to re-enforce or better still revitalize the spirit of this forum of my fellow Southern Cameroonians. In fact he may be a southern Cameroonian himself.Who says nature cannot do wonders. Rejoice everyone for the liberation of your beloved country is at hand. How sweet it is to be home again? We shall be bathed in eternal joy. It is imminent!!! Who says Virtue will not always conquer or defeat vice? Good as we know will always triumph over evil.
Dipoko,in a twinkle of an eye is fast vanished?
What did the filthy frog say? That he has succeeded in doing what? Where he thinks he has arrived is just the point of departure for these freedom fighters. He has only succeeded in tarnishing the image of La Republic more than defending it and had surely been told to clear off for incompetence. It has all been vanity!!!
We have gathered more momentum and more than ever, are ready for the inevitable.Go tell them that it has not been easy a mission.That you did all you could but failed to accomplish it.That you were insignificant compared to the brains found here.That these brains are always ready to embrace more missionaries of your caliber.And that they are ferocious and tirelessly waiting like wolves ready to devour whatever they see in their wake.That it's not easy for the adventurer to get away Unscathed.That you barely managed to escape.That it was a sad experience on your part.That you have been too lucky to make your escape.That you may never,never,never embark on such a perilous mission again.etc.

Safe journey.

The herald

Take time,this celebrated frog is just going to re-surface under another name.He just want to late to rest Dipoko as he did others.But he has to know that once more, matters won't be easy!!!

Ma Mary

An actor. Will be back in another guise.


Off course, Dipoko disappears from this forum to surface in the other eforum to continue his work there as Konde and will surface elsewhere again to begin his trolling activities.

Off course you have to surrender this ID here as it has suddenly dawn on you that, you are slowly giving yourself away as each day passes and you repeat the same similar phrases & patents of thought which you have been using elsewhere as you run out of ideas & things to say.

Good luck to you, if that is how you choose to live your life, who are we to deny you that right....????

Make no mistake, as you keep digging a hole for yourself each time you continue relentlessly on that pathway of falsehood & self-loathing, there is going to come a time when you will not be able to climb out of it.



fools rush where angels fear to thread. he made a mad rush in just to make another yet foolish rush out.
You attacked withoout estimating the force of the opponent in relation with what you have as energy, ofcourse you re really being foolhardy. I ve read your posts time and again, made copies for friends especially frogs to show how shortsighted some could be.
Please Dipoko, you seem to underestimate the potentials of southern cameroons try and read this novel " I'LL TRY" by Legson Kayira, and see the importance of the word "DITERMINATION"

To all who led the Light brigade against the enemy, wonderful job, to quote Lord Tennyson "... honour to the charge you ve made, honour the light brigade noble 600"

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