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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


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Aalin Dipoko, Yabassi Boy.

Correction. virtue of the constitution and merit of his office he is entitled to.

..he often used the word mbongo which is still..

Aalin Dipoko, Yabassi Boy.


Even in the days before the CPDM, bought over Fru Ndi from the SDF, the party was as secretive as a cult. The major reason a schism occurred in that moribund, focus less, visionless and mundane party is because the leadership stifled the aspiration and hopes of the ordinary members like you. Fru Ndi‘s style of running the party as a bookshop led many to synthesize hypotheses which led the party to the gutter.

Our man, Issa Tchiroma, though not eloquent and skilled in mass propaganda as Kontchou, did his utmost best to clear the air. Never mind, sooner you shall see more refined, eloquent spoke persons representing all the ministries in Cameroon and trained abraod. Efforts are underway to hire CPDM party stalwarts from the US, Britain and France who have a sound mastery of both languages.


That sounds like Paul Biya's student. I don't see any justification for this kind of expenditure from a leader of a country like Cameroon.This president has no future plan for the next generation. This man manages Cameroon like his private property. Politics with no accountability, no roads,no electricity etc what a waste.

dango   tumma

who elected the president to be president
to start with? alain dipoko. le fou.

Mr. Man

Mr. Dipoko, I am sure you were hired to be the spin doctor on internet news and blogs about the Cameroonian government officials.
It is such a poor selection from the government PR team, waste of money (very consistent with top management in the country). You are so incompetent, the way you apply this new trade. Keep your day job sir!!

Sama Aloysius

Message by Prophet Philip Banda
Impact for Christ Ministries
8 Smal Street
Cnr Grahams town Street
Marshalltown, 2007, Johannesburg, South Africa

The devil is not in a hurry to get at you
You cannot discover anything in life if you come in pride
If God is kept outside, something is wrong inside of you
If you try to be like her/him, who will be like you?
Whom are you becoming like everyday?
Are you known by the promises you don’t keep?
Are you already disappointed with the future?
God will never allow anything to confront you that you and He together can’t handle
Whatever seems to be a challenge now – you and God are going to handle it
That problem, God wants to glorify Himself
Whenever you follow God’s instructions – you are going to reap rewards 100 fold
Why don’t we reap 100 fold after planting?
There is A seed and there is THEE seed
When you wait for God to instruct you what to give – you will never lack
If you wait for conditions to be exactly right – you will never obey God
The wealth of the wicked is transferred to the righteous in times of famine
Don’t ever say that “the conditions are not right”
If you say the conditions are not right – you are limiting God
When obeying God, there’s no common sense involved
When you obey God – there is no failure
You are the way you are because of your failure to believe God
Whatever you have now is because of your capacity to believe God
God has got an answer for your shortcoming
Trust God and do something
When you trust God you are going to do something
Too many people expect little from God, ask little and therefore receive little and they are content with little
When you compare yourself to someone else you are already in the family of little
The Kingdom of Heaven should start being enjoyed here on earth
You will accomplish much, many more things if you stop viewing things as impossible
You can change your future
Stop limiting God from today!!!
God is waiting on you to show His greatness through you
“Yes, the wounds still exist but they only serve as a reminder of where I came from”
Pain trains you, when you pass through pain you are educated
Pain trains character
If you had no destiny, what you passed through should have killed you
God wants to turn your problems into provision
God will turn your mess into a message
God will turn your tests into a testimony
The problem you are facing today – God has got a solution for you today
Stop thinking that you are alone – God is with you
You and God make the majority
Where there’s lack He is Jehovah Jireh the Provider
Where there’s stress, turmoil, war - He is Jehovah Shalom
When you are alone and lonely - He is Jehovah Shammah
Where there’s loss, defeat - He is Jehovah Nissi
You don’t have any problem unless you are imagining your own things
Don’t worry about what people are saying about you
God loves you and He will see that you fulfill your destiny
Come back to God – you have a destiny with God
God alone has got the final say in your life
The results are in God’s Hands
Limitations are not excuses, they are credentials in the Hands of God
What are your good reasons that don’t make good excuses?
The Great I AM will not take NO for an answer
God has seen from A-Z that you are able
When God has chosen you out of the many – He knows you are more than able
God will take no excuse from you
Fight on – don’t give up!!!
If right now you don’t have pain towards your destiny that means you are dead
The absense of pain is a sign of death
God Almighty will bring good out of the bad that you have passed through
God Almighty will bring order where there has been chaos
God Almighty will bring light where there was darkness
God Almighty will bring life where there was death
Learn today, that God is all you need and God is all you have
Those dead bones shall rise again
Your vision will have life again
Your hopes and vision will live again
It is too late to be discouraged
You’ve got no option but to go forward
God did not open the Red sea for the children of Israel, it was the oebed
Whatever is ahead of you – march forward, it will part, it will give in
Opportunity is always where you ARE never where you WERE
Move on towards your sanctified life – daily saying yes to the will of Jesus rather than your will
Deuteronomy 26 v 8
Isaiah 1: 19
Isaiah 48: 10
Psalm 119: 71

The herald



is it Sama Aloysius the fine-minded lawyer in Bamenda.
Popol, was not on any official visit so Dipoko cannot talk of procedural protocols.
use the "forward ever and backward ever"saying and compare popol with sane presidents and not psychics like obiang nguema, abacha and sassou nguessou. They are no models to emulate.
The fact in issue is wether he spent such a sum for his vacation?

VA Boy

The new game of the CPDM is to deploy trolls such as Konde, Alain, Ebini and Hamilton (?) on the internet to spin the truth. These guys exchange notes. For example, Alain's hit piece on Foncha was obviously written by Konde and vomited whole and entire by Alain. All that nonsense about worshiping Fons is classical Konde and a whole lot of other stylistic elements which I shall not get into right now.

People need to be aware of this and give them no respite.

Alain dares to denigrate Julius Nyerere, even trying to smear him as corrupt! He calls Nyerere a communist? Nyerere was a socialist and a devout Catholic, who attended mass everyday and actually lived his faith and did it so well that he is on track for canonization as a saint in the Catholic church. Before you start tearing down the church, which has its own faults, its saints are exemplary people of real character. Socialism can be a good thing. Social security in America and Europe is a socialist idea, as is Universal Health care everywhere that is found. It is people getting together to help people. Your Versailles president could use a little socialism.

How could you compare Nyerere to your corrupt idol who killed a bishop, priests, nuns and his own wife? A president of a poor country should live in relative comfort, but when he spend Louis XVI sums on his comfort, we have a problem. If he has to squander scarce funds every couple of months in European luxury resorts, we have a problem. Why are there no medical facilities in his own country that could take care of him, after 24 years of rule? Why did your president give a 99 year no interest 40 million dollar loan to Raymond Bernard's Rosicrucians?

Paa Ngembus


Who are you trying to scare Bozo?

I am happy you have learned how the Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service was able to track you down. So you now believe we know who you are and where you live?

Like I told you already we recommend "tit for tat".

If anything happens to any Southern Cameroonian because of your efforts, you will get double that in return.

If any Southern Cameroonian is killed because of you, I guarantee you that you will find peace only when you are six feet down under.

If you want proof that President Mbia Paul of Cameroon is a murderer check this from Ebale Angounou, Mbia's own paddyman and homosexual sex slave (Angonou was there before you my dear Dipoko Ondoa Amougou).'un__faussaire_

I hate to think of what will happen to jerks like you when Biya falls very soon.


Paa Ngembus

David Sobe

Paul Biya should remember that nothing last forever. There will be a time when he will depart this world and posterity will judge him. Good luck Paul Biya.


Mr Dipokos coments and subsequent notations by some on this forum troubles me.First of all, the whole "scandal" was an attempt by certain elements in france to shed light on how bad our leaders are. The whole aim of this is to absolve their economioc systems and neo-colonialistic practices for the part they have played and ontinue to play in the misery that our populations face.

This does not however absolve the president from his irrational exuberence in the face of the predicament his people face.The good professor produced an analysis of this exuberence and not of the motivations behind the whole onslaught.
Secondly the president and his "collaborators" and I use this term in the 1940s sense,responded arrogantly to this onslaught, making the case of the real enemy.

Finaly the comments about the SDF because the Professor is a respected member are uncalled for. It is the duty of the opposition to point out these excesses. Sugesting the SDF is just as bad is Lunacy! They dont spend taxpayers money with impunity. In fact it is known that SDF supporters are targeted by the useless and opressive people you are trying to protect. I know this because my familly have been vicims of this for the simple reason that we are SDF stalwarts. We are no less patriotic than you all.Indeed our party is a party of great patriots from the top down. The good professor included.

The response to this unbiased analysis, shows me that there is still along way to go for us cameroonians to break these shackels, placed on us by the colonialists and perpetuated by the chosen stooges. Those who went as far as to criticise Julius Nyrere, a man I consider a saint and an examlpe to all future leaders are jaded. They like rednecks in the USA, see socialism as somthing to be shuned. This is common in people who are incapable of abstaction and lack the depth of learning to understand the principal of social justice. I can do nothing for you but recomend taking another look.Our society is sick.we need to hold our leaders to account because if we do not they make the future bleak for us by misrepresenting all of us to strangers. The very white man who has put us here can now say..Its them, they are corrupt. They lack the management skills..Or..
"Their brains are just not wired like ours, thats why we are better!"
Mr Biya should think about this!

The Ngwa Man

I said it before and I will say it again. If you are constantly visiting your friends home does it not make sense that your friend also visit your home. How many western heads of state of the countries that Biya spends our money in personaly visited Cameroon.

Biya is so proud to be in their presence because he feels he is so rich and has the title President of Cameroon. What he is blind to realize is that he is laughed at and regarded by these very leaders as a fool.

If you like what is in your friends home why not work hard to make your own home the same way. Thats what ambitious hard working people do besides coming up with their own impressive things for others to admire.

Biya and his supporters are neither ambitious or hard working. They are not patriots or great Cameroonians.

When will we work together to develop and implement a sound strategy that will bring about a positive change in Camer? Only God/Allah knows.

VA Boy

Your president should have been excommunicated from the church long ago, showing as you say, the corruption of the church itself. That said, saints of the church, are really saintly human beings. Go shidon for corner you slimy spin doctor of a murderous regime that has committed genocide but has not yet been called to account. Biya was a high government official of Ahidjo while they were killing hundreds of thousands in the 1960s.

Who are you trying to intimidate?

You have already lost the internet. Just keep doing it for the pay. Keep spinning until you faint from vertigo; we shall not let you turn black to white and white to black.

You obviously have access to information from the intelligence files of Ahidjo to use here against Southern Cameroonians. Do you think those evaluations were unbiased? These are no longer the 1960s and 70s when your bosses could control information.

Please, go to the FBI, and they shall be on you like white on rice, foreign intelligence agent, threatening Southern Cameroonians!

VA Boy

Again, you try to denigrate hard working Southern Cameroonians who subsidize the economy that your president goes to squander in stupid french hotels? It is the millions of dollars that they send back every month that are preventing the whole place from bursting in flames. It does not matter whether they are fork life operators or nursing home attendants or security guards. They are doing better than Southern Cameroonian graduates who have no option than to operate unsafe bendskin motorcycles.

What does an assistant professor in a community college make in St Paul? Is that why some of you moonlight as internet trolls for the Ahidjo-Biya francocamerounese regime? You have no idea what I make or what I do. A Southern Cameroonian value is to regard honest work as an honorable and sacred thing. You Republic du Cameroun low lifes think it is better to steal than to perform honest work.

Your president is like the man who owns a Mercedes Benz but lives in a shack. I saw many of those in Douala. It is a frog thing.


so the government would contact the FBI that a dictator has been insulted?
In the USA, the judges would laugh at him
if its a criminal case bc there is freedom of expression
if its a civil case, he, popol would try to show he is good man and wouid put his good conduct in issue and flood gates like these would be opened
Finally nothing would be done to him, simply bc ther is no extradition treaty binding the USA to do tath
I wonder if you reason bf you write, it seems you re so carried away with the zeal to harm somebody so much so taht you seem to forget your re no longer in ya lawless camroon.

Wan Fon

Alain D!
You church Rat! You think you scare me? What else do you think you can do to us that you have not already done? The next generation assumes the mantle from their forefathers. We stood up against you then and we stand against you now. Cockroach!
Mr Dipoko should try passing through Momo County and making these Threats..We will drag him out of his car before he arrives at mile 17 and put him in the back of jeep to carry him for "interogation". This is afterall how his "elements" treat true sons of the soil!
I can guarantee that no valliant vanguards will be present to save him.
You know who I am now,come and find me!

Asafor Valentine funwie

The ruling elites colluded with some opposition leaders to create mushroom political parties, to distract ordinary Cameroonians from the fact that public money is private money.The Government don't own any money,the Government is supposed to work for the Cameroonian people.

The reason why Paul biya eats like a glutton and vomits on the shoes of Foriegn donors is simple-
Aid buttress corruption and discourages hard work.Biya cannot distinguish Aid money from Taxpayers money and Hard earn money.

Foriegn donors should drop the idea of foreign Aid for corrupt Countries in Africa and support Democratic government.Impossible because Foriegn leaders conspire with dictators to keep them in power.The unfortunate thing is we have become so domant that these unscrupulus leaders will always dictates on us.
I suggest Cameroonians of all works of life should come together create a citizen review group to manage state property like oil revenues.

Ministers,Directors,Governors, Managers, should spend three days in a village during their annual leave in order to become familiar with day to day facts of poverty.(WHO CARES)?

Cameroonians require Paul Biya and all oppposition leaders,ministers, Directors, Governors,SDO,to open their Bank account to public scrutiny.

Cameroonians Demande a shift in power at the top,this will bring transformation in the way Cameroonians reason.

OMBUDSMAN/Freedom of information Commissioner.
This officer ,should be appointed by parliament who will pursue the ministers and Governors beyond the confines of the house.he will have access to Departmental files to investgate complains made by the ordinary citizen about maladministration and can call on Ministers to appear before him.let alone the president.

Alain,i find it hard to believe that you will give credit to this fellow Biya.When i became part of this forum i reasonably felt or admired your scripts,but strongly differ with Alain on the issue of blanket insult on Anglophones.The North West culture of late has attracted tourist to visit and learn more about the tradition of North west people.

I believe we should be using our cultural differences and bilingualism to enrich our culture not to tear us apart. However am a bona-fide Southern Cameroonian,remain a Southern Cameroonian and will die a Southern Cameroonian.

MR, Alain,your previous scripts gave me the impression you where a man of vision.Infact from my little experience in the public service,its practically impossible for anybody with a vision Cameroon to understand the politics of CPDM.
MR.Alain after visiting a few Countries in Africa,i got so confused with our political leaders and how they intend to develope Cameroon.
No Roads,
No Social welfare for the poor,
No free secondary schools for the poor,
High unemployment,
NO social equality,
No equalization of power,
No support for Feminism and social values.

I visited Tinapia PortHarcout in Nigeria,infact i was amased with the level of Infrastructure,talkless of the Capital.I travelled in the same plane with the high Commissioner of cameroon to Nigeria.He personally made me to understand we are sleeping.

Va Boy, let us conduct a referandum in this Forum on the independent of Southern Cameroon and measure the result.

I, Valentine Funwie Asafor Vote for the independent of Southern Cameroon.Please indicate your vote and opinion on this issue. thanks.

Paa Ngembus


You make me laugh.

Your defense of francophone fraud is this "anglos do it too" is so idiotic and would be laughable if we were not discussing serious issues.

In America where you are, we do come across white buffoons who argue that it is OK to be racist because there are black racist like Al Sharpton.

Boy, did you skip Form 1 (Sixiem)?

Your logic is all warped Bozo.

You are fast becoming the new Riccardo.

You English is as bad as Riccardo's but your French is worst. True, staying in America does kill your French just like hanging out with Frogs in Yaounde killed my English.

Have you run into NAN (Forchive Njitam) lately? I see you chameleons are resurfacing in new colours.

I am still the same Paa Ngembus (water go lep stone), ready as always to give you hell.


Paa Ngembus

Asafor Valentine funwie

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh' My Good God, the last time i met Gwanyalla Reymond, was in Bali during the last parliamentary election.He conspired with some North West Bali elites to rig the election result,presently he is the Mayor of Bali Rural council.It puzzles me when Alain said Gwanyalla turned town all the Ministerial post they offered him.

Paa Ngembus


I will continue poking you to expose more of your folly.

We are deporting frogs like you from the USofA on a daily basis.

I was reliable informed by your friends in the midwest that you were involved in immigration fraud.

Keep shouting, you will soon be added to the list of Al Queda suspects that the FBI is currently rouding up.

Don't call that lawyer up in MN, I am told he avoids you like a plague now.

Keep playing with fire mon p'tit fey man. You are cooked.

Espece de rat palmiste.


Paa Ngembus.

VA Boy

In my experience, frogs have no conviction about anything. What are you being payed to hangout here and increase recruitment of Southern Cameroonians to the cause? Did you know that is what you are doing? Keep it up and at the same time, ask for a raise from Paul the criminal against humanity. Check out these beauties, folks. Download them and print them and forget the Kondes and the Alain Amougou or whatever who have been injected here to make up down and black white:


in fact, am surprised you say frogs of the freaky frogland go out for studies just to turn around and tell such cheap lies.
As i told you earlier, all you write in this forum is tainted with lies to the first order.
It puzzles me so much when you say Gwanyala Dinga Raymond is the director of CNIC, oh shaaaame on you, the dg is Antoine Bikoro, whose mantleship is dragging the company to its worst levels since Z M Fonjindam was arrested. I wd not unveil my service but i have visited and controlled those parastatals on several occasions.
Gwanyala is credited today as the guy who conceived programmes in customs such as GPS transit and with the support of Nsahlai, another Anglophone,the GUCE to reduce fraud at the port,
you are such a damn liar, descendant of a homosexual.

This is what you write .....
The hot news in town, in Cameroon, these days is a letter written to Cavaye Yegue Djibril purportedly written on behest of Gwanyala Dinga Raymond

Where precisely,cause iam subcribed to all the newspapers in the country and as informed as you may never imagine, i have never heared such a thing.
Give a dog a bad name to hang it, thats the technique of the frogs
look at what happened to Fonkam Azu'u, it was alleged he forged a signature, today everybody knows it was a make up story. The US embassy in cameroon finally revealed it was signed by Pierre Kwemo and co, frogs you know.
Am an insider, everybody, know that there is no plan to evict Nigerians from cameroon, not even a miiliary junta would dare do it, not even a crippled country that spends billion yearly to clean its image in news papers llike washington posts, NY times and the rest.
Dipoko, rest assured to caanot give anybody nightmares, you have showed us on several that as an urgly frog, you are capable of mounting lies at any time to support your lame arguments, thank God iam a well - placed insider to tell everybody you re nothing but a cheapside brat, not very surprised you this eton, ten minutes of madness thing.

please all read this report about popols actions, the same guy some halleluja singer says he is going to contact the FBI simply bc he has been isulted


read what a fool writes " A moron who dares challenge a francophone, a Beti for that matter."
MEANING THE FROGS ARE THE ARYANS AND THE ANGLOPHONES THE JEWS. That was only under Hitler's reign, now you knw the situation.
As va boy says, things like these only help recruit more into our side.
BETI BETI, i you could imagine the kind of division taht exist btwn them, you would be stunned. In beti land, the etons, the worst the poorest, are mostly considered the Bamilikes.

VA Boy

I am done with this thread. I've got some fork-lifting to do to pay for my rent and my old Honda, unlike some frogs and shameless Southern Cameroonians who are paid by CPDM to spin but I shall be back to kick some bony toad ass.

Paa Ngembus

Alain Mapouka the Fake Fang-Pahouin,

The more you write the more we are able to track you right to your keyboard.

My dad once told me that when you see somone who lies to themselves, know that they are mad. Now they may be mad for various reasons. Some are mad to escape family responsibility, some are mad to make money and some are mad for real.


You can take that to the bank.

We shall settle his case guys don't worry.


Paa Ngembus

Ras Tuge

What language did this Bloodclaat chanting cricket use whilst teaching in France? Clearly not French, for he barely commands a mastery of the very language he purports to own. Silly little man, you know no French. You're just the devilish USofAfrica, Hahaha, Emmanuel jacobs, masquerading as a kindergarten professor. Franchement petit mendiant, likama e zuaga moto ton ame pour l'eternite.


i just came back from weekend and this guy's posting really makes me laugh.
Right, Diipoko, as you said your country is limited to connections so much so tht merirocracy is a rare commodity.
Moreso, i was expecting a comment on my vehement denial that the DG of CNIC is not an anglophone but a frog bearing the name Antoine Bikoro
So you contacted INTELCOM to tract me down, poor thing, INTELCOM had been wound up about 12years ago, another proof you re an impostor wih no knowledge of cameroon
Read my last posting very well and come again, you re completly off topic on the issue of illegal immigrants from Nigeria
You were silent on anotther name i mentioned
Pierre Kwemo, arrested last week in yaounde
tell us more lies, Cavaye's son is my very good friend and le PAN as he is called knows me personally
Did you mention Bonaberi website, it has no value nor authority so cannot be used as reference, maybe to mypoic persons like you

kimberly dube

in these days we must be ready to see unusual manifestation of the kingdom of God,uncommon miracles and power all with purpose to usher in many into everlasting save your selves and move out of being religious.God is greater than our level of understanding.lets allow him to be God and we be his people through his son Jesus christ.dont try to fight for him or defend him,but let him be God in you and he will manifest his glory to this world.his ways are not our ways.

kimberly dube

my dear,supposing you are not totally sold out to Jesus,can you really be fair and clear with yourself,write to your self a letter and post it to your own home address and in it address reasons why you should be part of the crew that will be casted into lake of fire with satan,simple because of rejecting the only salvation in the son of God ,Jesus Christ.what do you say is the reason you are not a child of God up today

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