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Saturday, 26 September 2009


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LOL@ a United States of Africa. Folks, let's not place the cart before the horse. The author of this article mentions the American federal model as exemplary. Duh! No doubt it is! The issue is how do we arrive there. So far, there have only been 2 successful methods of arriving at such a union: (1) the archaic U.S. style and (2) the modern E.U style. While the final goas is to attain a U.S. style federation, the way the U.S. arrived at it is not the best route to follow. history tells us that the U.S. union was achieved through quite some embattling, killings, civil wars, etc. That's not the route we should be taking! Now, a preferable route is the European Union route. To follow the PEACEFUL, gradual and modern European route, we need to do like they did: The European Union started as an economic association as a Coal and Steel Community. Once business went well among member states, they got bored and added other things to it. The next thing that followed was human rights, and then other rights, etc. and even jointly sent people to the moon! Even with this progress, Europeans are still leery about handing over total sovereignties of their various nations. If we look at it, the Europeans have the necessary framework to now form a single country! Africans don't and are no where near close. We (Africans) need to work on other things before talk of a so-called United States of Africa! If we're not able to get all, and I mean all countries in Africa to guarantee the rights of their citizens, then we'll only be handing over our sovereignties to an even bigger dictator. Take for instance the guy pushing this African Union bullsh*t: Ghaddafi. In February 2009 he called a meeting of African chiefs and Kings. He made the kings crown him King of Kings. You don't believe me? Go here and read for yourself As Cameroonians, we all know what it means to be crowned king of kings or if you like, chief of chiefs as we have one in Cameroon in the name of Biya who like Ghaddafi has refused to relinquish power. Ghaddafi has also said democracy is not African. He's talking like we had told him that other Africans are not as ambitious and eager to rule too. Other questions remain. Who will decided in the case of Cameroon to cede over our sovereignty? Biya? Or will Cameroon modify its constitution to allow a referendum or parliament to vote on it. According to our constitution the president of the republic alone decides foreign policy and national assembly only ratifies and it becomes law. The national assembly 95% CPDM. Not that there's anything wrong with the CPDM, but the elections were marred by fraud! Africans are not even able to work with one another. There's absolutely no excuse for Africa to remain broke with its rich natural resources, no excuse! Our governments can't even come together and build ultra modern research centers to research issues that plague our continent: malaria, AIDS, or even an African space mission or an African owned satellite. Until we're able to do business with each other, the AFrican Union thing shouldn't even be discussed. Ghaddafi is only trying to extend is ego!

The Ngwa Man

Mr. ftroit, you are cent pour cent correct.I couldn't have said it better myself but you missed one other thing. Leaders of African countries can't join together and coordinate the construction of tarred roads that would connect each of their/our respective countries. I've travelled by road from Bamenda to Calabar. Thank God we didn't get stuck in all that mud but I remember seeing a Camion/18 Wheeler filled with goods turned over. A democracy based on respect of human rights, accountability, equal justice, amongst other things is the only way a continent as diverse and large as Africa can be run as a united nation. Despotism and autocracy will only lead to civil wars and strife. United States of Africa, what a big and very distant dream.

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