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Friday, 18 September 2009


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I wonder under what category Ras Tuge, Alain, Ma Mary and the others fall under...

Ova Sabi

I have been all of these stereotypes at different for different purposes, so you missed a major diagnosis, Multiple Personality Troll.

Ma Mary

One of the foremost signs of untreated psychosis is lack of insight. That is, the individual is unable to recognize his own condition as atypical. For some, internet jousts are just that, playing roles in a fun way. For others, it is a deadly serious matter, and they can become obsessive, playing on a virtual playground. If your internet activity is not balanced by real action, that is problematic.

Dipoko, if you are unable to recognize your own internet troll personality on that little clever list, you are confirming that you are just another narcissistic frog.

Rosemary Ekosso

This is worrying. I see myself in at least one category :)
Very good analysis.


emmmmm i really think this article is a real description of Dipoko
this guy who intends to call INTELCOM to tract me down, poor thing, INTELCOM was wound up 12 years ago, JUST TO SHOW EVERYBODY YOU 'RE ANOTHER IMPOSTOR.
Read my reaction on Paul Biya's expensive holidays and come again


i just came back from weekend and this guy's posting really makes me laugh.
Right, Diipoko, as you said your country is limited to connections so much so tht merirocracy is a rare commodity.
Moreso, i was expecting a comment on my vehement denial that the DG of CNIC is not an anglophone but a frog bearing the name Antoine Bikoro
So you contacted INTELCAM to tract me down, poor thing, INTELCAM had been wound up about 12years ago, another proof you re an impostor wih no knowledge of cameroon
Read my last posting very well and come again, you re completly off topic on the issue of illegal immigrants from Nigeria. You said they would be expelled wether they have permits or not.I wonder everyday if this wouldnot be funny on the part of the start, ie they spend millions every year in top newspapers to sell the image of the country just to turn around and sweep that away with blind xenophobia. You do no not know what you re saying
You were silent on anotther name i mentioned
Pierre Kwemo, arrested last week in yaounde. This same frog who was kicked out as Vice President of the national assembly wiht two others for faking documents to alow some guys travel out of the country illegally.
tell us more lies, Cavaye's son is my very good friend and le PAN as he is called knows me personally
Did you mention Bonaberi website, it has no value nor authority so cannot be used as reference, maybe to mypoic persons like you
Tell more lies, sure Anomah Ngu was director of SONARA isn't is, now its Fru Ndi for sure who is DG of Ports Authority, damn liar.

Ma Mary

Bollore is one of those corporations that owns Cameroun. It is part of the core of francafrique. They are the puppet master. People like Biya and Bongo are the puppets. A crucial part of being free is eliminating the power of such corporations in Africa. An African who makes apologies for Bollore is either ignorant or a paid tool. The distinction is not material.

Ma Mary

It is not tolerable for Southern Cameroons to be part of the domain of francafrique.


You seem so rebellious in this time around because i ve now shown the whole forum you re nothing but liar, an impostor, son of a wench.
Am not bragging when i say cavaye's son is my friend and cadet in school, i just wanted to show the forum that i finally got to him and all ya information both in Gwanyala and plans to deport nigerians is so blatant a lie.
As concerns my spellings, you simply make me laugh, iam on the net and i can use any shorthand i like freely, besides i am not an idle mind like you, sorry am so busy so much so that i have just thirty minutes every morning to check ma mails.
Big fool, you re still escaping my last comments on the lies you presented last time.
I thought ANglophones were so sassy that they could never do anything praise worthy, now you seem to show us some of them are proving you wrong,since iam the only ANglophone in the forum with the qualities of a fool. contradictory isn't it.
Come on, forget about my bad spellings and try to hit the subject matter.

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