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Sunday, 13 September 2009


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Paa Ngembus

A quick question for Mr. Ebini.

Are you the Mr. Ebini in Washington DC?

If YES, is it true that you sold The Southern Cameroons Cause to La Republique du Cameroun's Ambassador to the United states for "30 pieces of silver" like Judas Iscariot?

If YES, are you shedding crocodile tears in this very beautiful piece of poetry?

Please ignore these questions if you are not the Mr. Ebini in question.


Paa Ngembus

VA Boy

Mr. Ebini used to always talk tough. Beneath that bravado was a shocking lack of character. Judge not a book by its cover.


ebini sounds frog - like. if you re a frog, then for sure, like all frogs, you re simply pretending, for frogs know no pariotism but are all chop broke pots

Paa Ngembus

VA Boy,

I hope your "VA" stands for "Victoria" man.

Anyway, so this Mr.Ebini is really the spineless slimy piece of shit with no scruples that I heard about.

Do you know if it is true that he sold out the Southern Cameroons cause to La Republique?

I am trying to track down the leaders of the Southern Cameroons in the United States at the time, that knew Mr. Ebini. If anyone has any information please let me have it.

We have to expose these traitors.


Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

Alain Dipoko alias Ondoua,

We know who you are and we know where you live.

The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service just communicated details exposing you.

Continue threatening Southern Cameroonians.

What you wish for them might just boomerang if you know what I mean.

Your La Republique goons will be of no help to you when the chickens start coming home to roast.

A bon entendeur salut.....


Paa Ngembus


descendant of a homosexual, i live in yaaounde bc i want to fight you from inside. I have been doing doing that for years now.
I really like to see targetted actions in yaounde and la republique at large against Anglophones, oh God. I thought you are intelligent. That is what we have been looking for, targetted action, Anglophobic action so the whole world would know we are in a forced marriage. I thought you would be smart enouugh to understand that.
Dipoko, i promise you £2000 if you succeed in doing not only that,but also target and beat Anglophones in your bleak and down - trodden, gorgeous - parrots filled, base-bastardy and gay - raided country. You would be a matyr for Southern Cameroons

VA Boy

Let Dipoko carry out his threats. We are looking forward to that. The way the frogs operate is to look for some vulnerable chaps, buy them off and then use them to oppress the rest. If somebody has not learned that in 50 years, he is hopeless.

Dipoko Ondoa the slimy frog says he is 100% Beti and yet he uses a Yabassi pseudonym. FYI, the Douala type folks are not as opposed to Southern Cameroons freedom and you could keep ticking them off if you like. Stick to Amougou the Chop Broke Pot.

The herald

VA Boy,Slomo,Paa Ngembus,Asafor Valentine funwie and others, thanks to all of you for really keeping us abreast the activities and mentality of les citoyens de la republique FROGGY.It is through you that I have known the character traits of this dirty frogy numskull called Alain Dipoko.He reasons with his heels because his brain is full of water.All through,this beast of no nation has been exposing his idiotic simplicity thinking that he is smart,he is not, ,not even a little.

If Mr.Ahmadou Ahidjo entrusted powers to his fellow frog,Mr Paul Biya because he was afraid of the anglophones as this rat says,where then did he end up his last days on earth?
Was he not exiled by Dipoko's illustrious Biya? Where was he buried? In la republique froggy?

A frog is a frog and shall remain a frog no matter what one does to transform it.Like a pig,it will surely go back its mud.


For those of you who are still naive you have been warned".

Thanks to all of you once more.

The herald

Furthermore,Biya chased Mr.Ahmadou Ahidjo out of the country and looted his belongings and as if not enough,he decreed that the remains of the one who vested him with powers should never be brought back to his native land.This has proven beyond doubt that,even within the house long spoons should be used in the frogy republique.

It is a pity,that the very Biya sends out his angels of doom to ransack local markets in search of a recorded documentary produced with the help of the wife of the late president Ahmadou Ahidjo.This documentary describes vividly what really transpired when power was handed over to Mr Biya.The treacherous frog condemned Ahmadou Ahidjo to death.

Have a glance at this

Biya's reason for banning this documentary is that it could stir up a popular uprising amongst the people especially in the three nothern regions.
Let that frog of a Dipoko gets this into his egg head.
So,if it was an anglo,he would never have done this to his fellow country man.Once more,it shows how treacherous and vicious you frogs are.

The herald

Everything being equal,I will also like to share this piece with you guys.It might throw more light into some of our discussions.

Author: Ebale Angounou currently in exile

The Inside Story of a Bloodhound Who May Be a Serial Killer My deep sympathy goes to my parents, brothers, sisters, friends and all else who will fail to see the rationale behind this suicidal act of mine. T H E P A C T He wanted to resign from the office of President of the Republic but as is well – known, it is not easy to completely relinquish power after exercising it absolutely for almost a quarter of a century. It then occurred to him to fasten a guaranty by looking for someone to whom he could bequeath his post and manipulate to his fancy in such a manner as to allow him continue to exercise power, his resignation being, in that case, only a physical retirement.

He needed concrete reasons to advance for resigning because no one saw why he should. Allusions have been made here and there to health reasons but President Ahidjo was a man of momentous solemnity and suspense He enjoyed creating surprises and knew how to brand each with a special mark. Had he willed it, he would have enthroned a different person as successor by appointing a new prime minister before resigning. This new prime minister would , following the machinery of the constitution, have acceded to the post of president.

There transpired between the President and his successor a very secret deal; a pact. This was Ahidjo’s bid to be assured of Paul Biya’s loyalty. Since Ahidjo was a Freemason, another Freemason, Louis -Paul Ajoulat had recommended Biya to him- proof of a strong fraternity, which works efficaciously amongst politicians.

On his return from France where he had pursued higher studies, young Paul was not imbued with the state of affairs and practices prevailing in Africa. These demanded a person to compromise himself if he wanted to be integrated into the higher spheres of power. In truth, it was held that people could not do certain things without having done some other things. Paul Biya was born on 13-February 1933 in Mvomeka’a in Dja and Lobo Division.(south Cameroon). He obtained the Baccalaureate with distinction in 1956 at Lycée General Leclerc in Yaounde. This former seminarian from Akone and Edea took off for Paris where he did his higher studies at Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, the University of Paris Sorbonne, Institut d’Etudes Politiques and Institut des Hautes Etudes d’Outre-Mer. These studies were sanctioned by a First Degree in Public Law (1960) diplomas from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (1961), Institut des Hautes Etudes d’Outre- Mer (1962) and a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Law`(1963.) On his return in 1962 with Atyam Jeanne-Irene (An Akonolinga -born midwife he met and wedded in Paris in the early1960’s, he began a rich professional career with a phenomenal ascent thanks to Dr. Ajoulat who influenced Ahidjo to promote him from one rung to the next. He was appointed Charge de Missions at the Presidency of the Republic in October1962, then Director of Cabinet to the Minister of National Education, Youth and Culture in January1964. In December 1967, he was made Director of Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic to become Secretary -General at the Presidency in 1968, While holding this office, he was promoted to the rank of Minister of state in June 1970, to be finally appointed Prime Minister of the United Republic of Cameroon in 1975 Before resigning, Ahidjo, by design and as a political precaution, decided to be succeeded by one who would obey to his whims and caprices.

Doing so not only shielded him from nasty situations; it would also bring his influence to bear on this successor, thus permitting him to have a free hand in shaping the destiny of the country. But who was to be the President’s man? Ahidjo belonged to the initiatory circles of the Freemasonry. Consequently, he knew the grounds on which he could bind a person. His prime minister clearly seemed the right person for the job. He fulfilled all the necessary criteria. Career-wise, he could rightfully assume office as president (since he was already the prime minister) and psychology-wise he would be a good puppet. Ahidjo thought he was dealing with a discreet, humble and cowardly simpleton who rightly speaking was incapable of assuming his responsibilities; the ideal person to be manipulated. It was Ahidjo’s intention to pass behind the scenes and, through him, intervene in major decisions on how the country should be governed. All was not, however, set. Paul Biya had to be made to understand that he was and remained a tool, which he should know that if he became head of state he should consider it as Ahidjo’s special favour and, as such, must be grateful to him for it. It was clear other people like Ayissi Mvodo, Eboua Samuel etc could have made better presidents because of their greater personalities. All the same, Ahidjo had subjective rather than objective reasons for placing his choice on Paul Biya. It was within Ahidjo’s reach to do and undo the constitution without the slightest opposition from any quarters. Has he ordained to be succeeded by someone other than the Prime Minister, no one would have raised a little finger.


Paa Ngembus, Proud Grandson of a UPC Maquisard

Alain Dipoko alias Ondoua Mendouga,

You are right, my parents escaped from Bassaland in La Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

My grandfather Paa Ngembus whose name I bear fought for the UPC. With the help of traitors like Mayi Matip and Francophone ass lickers like El Diablo Andre Tchoungui and the Devil Forchive, the French captured Paa Ngembus, cut his head off and handed the headless body for the family to bury.

My father and his siblings escaped Bassaland as teenagers in the 1950s and sought refuge with their uncle in the Southern Cameroons.

I am proud to say I was born a Southern Cameroonian(West Cameroonian) of a Bassa father and a Southern Cameroonina mother before the 1972 Annexation of The Southern Cameroons by La Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

The Southern Cameroons saved my father from the French genocide. As a Bamilike refugee in the Southern Camereoons you should know what I am talking about (Yes we know who you are and where you live).

I am alive today because of the Southern Cameroons. Unlike the rest of you ungrateful brats and rejects who escaped French Cameroons genocide, I know where I should owe allegiance.

I owe allegiance to the Southern Cameroons, the country that saved my life.


Paa Ngembus, Proud Grandson of a UPC Maquisard

Paa Ngembus

Alain Dipoko alias Ondoua Mendouga alias UnitedStatesOfAfrica,

Anglofous are not as stupid as you think.

You are Bamilike and we know you.

You will soon get the knock on your door if you continue insulting and threatening Southern Cameroonians.

You have been warned.


Paa Ngembus

PS: I don't share drinks with buffoons.


I still do not understand this guy, not atall. You contradict ya self so much. You seem to say you give a damn to the southern cameroons issue yet expect us southern cameroonians to vote an independent budget to repair the road and the governor's house.
Frogs hate the truth, they hate frank people, they hate honest and steadfast people, that explains why when you re working with frogs and dont want to pilfer,they would say you re naive, when you look at them in the face and tell them what they are, you re lebelled a fool. I have worked with these guys in ma cabinet for years, i have never seen a set of hypocrites, badly brought up and shameless things like these.
By the way, Pa Ngembus, dont mind him, you are one of us you re a true son of the revolution. If your grand dad had taken your dad to this land of dogs, then you would never seen the light of day.
Good, Ngembus,Dont drink with him, he may be another evil agent sent to poison you, like they did with one of your anacestors felix moumie

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