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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


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na soso me

From Camnet

Ni Dr,

I am very happy to hear you sound like one of my all time favourite 'Africans',political philosophers, the Martinique-born psychiatrist, freedom fighter and PanAfricanist, Franz Fanon. It is clearly refreshing and in marked contrast to your political 'theories' relating to the corrupt bourgeoisie's stewardship of the state of Cameroon.

I fully agree with you that independence certainly is not Given. An offer by an oppressor of independence is by definition false.. You wrest it from an oppressor or as in the case of Vietnam, your oppressors slinks away in defeat and disgrace like the French first after Dien Ben Phu and the Americans who didn't know better, after.

In the African context, the mockery of this process in the so called decolonisation of Africa was best captured by Fanon who said of Cote d'Ivoire and Gabon, that the French (de Gaul) decolonised so fast, independence was 'imposed' on Cote d'Ivoire and Gabon.

Guinea under Sekou Toure was supposed to have had a nasty divorce from France. That did not spare the Guineans from Toure's paranoia whose long lasting consequences they are still subjected to until today in the person of this mad young man called Captain Dadis Camara, Guinea's new 'leader'.

A blight more insidious than corruption in the post-colony is the perverse concept of leadership we have and have been subjected to. Corruption is only one of the many symptoms and consequences of this disastrous interpretation and understanding of the concept of leading a people.

Leadership as a concepts transcends political systems. So-called democracies can have disasters for leaders(hip) as the Gearge Bush-Dick Cheney combo have fataly proven to the world today. The Ex. USSR had a succession of disasters for leaders. Successors within the authoritarian tradition in the reconstituted Russia such as Vladimir Putin have shown resourcefullness and creativity in leadership that has resulted in the rescusitation of Russia's role a key global player, a role which was in danger of disappearing under the poor leadership of the drunkard President Boris Yelsin.

Poor leadership explains why even in countries with some revolutionary origin such as Algeria, Kenya with Mau Mau origins, regimes of all persuasions and colors on the African continent have been singularly distinuished in their catastrophic performance.

The few stand outs with good leadership have no overarching lessons to teach except for the fact that their good leaders have been drawn from their own people, who have drawn their sources of strengths and inspiration from themselves, their culture and how the interprete and understand the role of leaders in the face of the challenges they confront..

Ghana of today owes it relative calm to a bunch of pissed off angry young men and women (dont' forget the role of JJ Rawling wife!) led by a dope smoking courageous young Lt. 25 yrs ago call JJ Rawlings. Bostwana draws on a long tradition of know how to manage conflict and of kings with an inherited system of responsible management of power. Just a few of the few.

Pa Njakri

The Entrepreneur Newsoline

The Guru blames corruption on low wages.
It will be interesting to tell us why in the so called developed west, people earn big fat salaries, but can't survice without credit and
the illusion of owning assets and intangibles that they never actually own.

Perhaps, its just a few power brokers around the globe that have held masses hostage, whose tentacles are seen as neocolonialism when it reaches africa, but are zombies even to their own western brethren, for whom they have deceived with illusory hoplessness that they own property, when in actual fact, they own nothing...

And in so doing, these capitalist zombies suck out their own skin type brethren and unsuspecting African migrants who fall prey to this illusion.....

Va Boy

You are on to something, Sir Entrepreneur Newsline. Capitalism is a ravenous monster that has no loyalty and no limit to its appetites. It ate us up and now it is eating its own children. Now its children are feeling the pain and they are reacting. See-- .

Distinguish free enterprise from Capitalism, which is as system in which EVERYTHING including culture and values and government are controlled by the owners and manipulators of capital. In America, big business is muscling its way into every niche and displacing the small operator with roots in the community, hence the death of community itself. This is true of all sectors from hospitals to pharmacies to funeral homes and even to churches.

The global concern of flesh and blood people is how to make capital serve man and not vise versa. It might be too late.

VA Boy

Interpretation. Konde is not being a 100% good CPDM operative. Let me tell you a secret, Mr Alain Dipoko. All Southern Cameroonians at their core are SCNC sympathizers. That includes Dr. Konde and Mr. Yang. You cannot trust what you green jumpers call anglophones. The only difference between The Kondes, the Yangs and me is faith and confidence. I have total confidence and contempt for you amphibians. They have been intimidated by 50 years of your empty braggadocio. It is just a matter of time, they shall all come across. Do not waste your time. Remember, you can never trust an anglo.

BTW, you are wasting your friggin time bull shittin around here. Go raise your tadpoles and stay out of our way.

VA Boy

Let me put it another way. Konde is another VA Boy at the end of the day. The man is just a typical kid trying to please an irresponsible absent father. When he gets over this phase, he will return to his roots in Isokolo and forget trying to please Bassas who do not give a shit about him. Never trust an anglo, even if he shares your ethnicity. At the end of the day, his Southern Cameroonianness trumps his enthnicity. Damn.

The herald

I wonder which anglophone you will rely on now if as you claim,Konde is rejected.Are they no birds of a feather?

The herald

In other words which anglophone will heed to your egocentric froggy culture? Friends today,enemies tomorrow? After all,both of us are flies to the gods,they kill us for their sport!!!

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