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Wednesday, 14 October 2009


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Va Boy

If the Southern Cameroons had more analysts like you, and the leadership consulted with them, we would be in a different place today.


The analysis do not take into consideration the time Southern Cameroonians needed to inform her populations to react to the commissions decision. With cold heads we, Southern Cameroonians, will prevail. Truth stands on one spot and on two legs!!! We have nothing to negotiate with LRC.

The rush by the LRC minister of communication to use his bully pulpit to make false statements in his communique only entangles him and his regime. He gave no forethought to what he was doing which lends credence to his eventual defeat. Southern Cameroonians will, with cold heads, methodically reverse the trend and liberate their country from the hands of these criminals.


They are real genocidal criminals MJJ and the genocidal criminal ring is world wide. WE MUST overcome.


"... look like a stunning success" to who?

What do you mean "temporary shut up SCNC and SCAPO?" What type of reaction were you expecting from them?

If you want to credit LRC and their tutor France for any success, talk about Fumban, talk about 1966 (establishment of a one-party tyranny), talk about May 1972, talk about their reversion in 1984 to their appellation at independence of la Republique du Cameroun. Those are sucesses in their brutal colonial enterprise no one will dispute.

"SCAPO & SCNC folded their tails and sat on them. Some of them even started talking about negotiating. Or forming political parties."

Negotiations will come as it eventually does with all disputes, armed or otherwise; and it must result with France and la Republique du Cameroun's eviction from the Southern Cameroons and their payment of reparations to the Southern Cameroonian people. It is a fact that Southern Cameroonians are reiterating what is known as the 'zero option' i.e. full independence, in reaction to the Banjul ruling. Any talk of forming so-called political parties in la Republique Francaise du Cameroun will not fly.

What France and her puppet junta through Minister Tchiroma did on October 1, 2009 with their Press Release was a tactical blunder which will continue the long process of undoing their successes of 1984, 1972, 1966 and 1961. And to try to portray that as some type of success is a surreal distortion of reality.

However, what France and la Republique Francaise du Cameroun are engaged in is the typical French concept of a fuite en avant. "A fuite en avant is something one does when one is in a losing situation, and one hopes to salvage it by doing more of the same or worse, thereby creating a situation in which one hopes people will feel they have to support you."

The battle is long, we can not be naive and get worked up by the flagellations of an unafrican, unpatriotic, thieving and lying French implanted negroid junta in based in Yaounde, and teeming and festering like maggots in the France's bush tropical lantrine.

Ma Mary

I agree, Tagro. There is nothing la Republique can do to remove the sting of the verdict apart from false propaganda and using its usual mendacities to avoid implementing the verdict. The Southern Cameroonian movement played a solid hand here with this lawsuit. It is up to them to take it to the next step.


It now makes a lot of sense. Thank you people; keep up the good work.

The herald

Whether for good or bad let the wheel turn,the wheel has been stilled these 42 years.

Martin Enow

The is a difference between a myth and reality. Behold we may not see this pseudo Southern Cameroons formation in out entire life time. There is too much on the plate of politicians the world over to even dare to worry about matters like this. This is not a matter that needs a peaceful resolution bllod must flow before the idea of sessession may even be taken into consideration so men sit up and face reality. Its all about Globalization today not about factionalism


No No Martin Enow! The myth is your expression of the feeling that there is a world council somewhere listing and dealing with world problems according to priority of occurrence, making its plate too full to consider our case. If they were, the plate of the politicians involved has always been full since the day mankind crawled out of his cave in Eastern Africa. The "reality" is that whether a particular conflict or issue gets the attention of the world is incumbent on the victims/advocates and not some world council somewhere ruling the world.
You need to understand that blood has been flowing since Abendong. The idea of Globalisation is not new; Napoleon, Hitler, Alexander the great are few of its past dreamers; Roman Empire, King George's Britain and Imperial Japan are others. The world is not static it is talking globalisation as well as the Independence of Palestine, Western Sahara, Independence of Southern Sudan and of course they will talk about our case--watch my words. You have to wake up and don't allow news from Big media reporting what is important for their audience make you think you belong to their audience. What is globalisation to you?


Martin I doubt that you understand globalization well. Globalization can only work as cooperation of free peoples around the earth otherwise it is just something created for the benefit of big companies and corporations. If you are waiting for them to benefit you through globalization, you shall be waiting for a long, long time. If you make it a habit of being a slave to the globalization of others, they will be happy. There is nothing better than an obedient slave, who does not complain. He just does the will of the master. If you really like globalization of equals you would want your own people to be free.


What is the use of globalization when a distinct people, Southern Cameroonians are enslaved, killed and raped by a criminal regime that forced itself on them? If that's globalization, I don't want it. When I am free, I can then think of joining (globalize) with the rest of the free world. I am tired of this globalization thing!!! When our state of Southern Cameroon is reinstated, we will then send ambassadors to countries we want to globalize with whatever globalization means.

Ma Mary

points to the need for continuous reading, self-improvement and critical thinking.

The Entrepreneur Newsoline

Here lies 'the Grandfather of all Illusion'


The trap has been laid down by the African Commission on Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) and with "some SCAPO & SCNC folded their tails and sat on them. Some of them even started talking about negotiating. Or forming political parties."(permit me to quote Moy Manyi Eyong).It is inevitable that the groups modus operandi is diverted.
I had expected the recommendation by ACHPR to have been rejected by SCAPO & SCNC.Perhaps some one say a cool head is needed, but I belief time is not at their side.
Some one even commented that time is running out for LRC to implement its recommendation.I think in a few days to come Mr Biya Degree will ask for case review of some SCNC and SCAPO and compensation paid to them, but it may come only if SCAPO & SCNC is fully reconised as a political party.
Let the future speaks for itself..................

Va Boy

Felix, not at all. The parties which brought this law suit fought Cameroon government for the past 7 years in and out of court to get this case into African Human Rights Court and to win. THEY WON!

If they held up all this time, why do you think they will fold up now. Do not be cynical. Do not let the future "speak for itself". Be part of the solution and not a bystander.


Cameroonian soldiers kill 6 Nigerians in Bakassi

By Modey Peters

October 16, 2009 01:20AMT
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Cameroon soldiers are taking advantage of the absence of Niger Delta militants in the Gulf of Guinea by terrorising Nigerians fishing or doing business there.

Just yesterday morning, the gendarmes killed six Nigerians in Bakassi territorial waters 10 days after the militants surrendered their weapons and left the creeks of Bakassi peninsula.

Frank Dudu, one of the leaders of the militant groups that turned in their arms on September 25 at the headquarters of Bakassi Local Government Area, revealed that the Nigerians, made up of fishermen and businessmen, were killed in an unprovoked attack.

He said intelligence reports reaching him from remnants of Bakassi Salvation Front and Bakassi Freedom Fighters still holding forth at the creeks indicate that some Nigerians were killed in the high seas of the peninsula on Thursday following a raid carried out by the gendarmes.

The reports said the gendarmes on a routine patrol of the island swooped on the Nigerians at Abana and Atabong areas of the peninsula which are one and half hours boat ride from Ikang near Akpabuyo Local Government Area. Ikang is the headquarters of the new Bakassi Local Government.

Shortly after killing the Nigerians, the soldiers took off but not without warning other Nigerians to stay off their (Cameroon) territory following the ceding of the oil-rich island to the Republic of Cameroon based on the World Court judgment of October 10, 2002. Nigeria's sovereignty over Bakassi faded into history on August 14, 2008.

Mr. Dudu said if the militants had not left the creeks, the gendarmes would not have ventured in as members of Bakassi Salvation Front and Bakassi Freedom Fighters in the last five years, protected the Nigerian end of the island despite the judgment at the Hague. He called on the Nigerian government to step up security if its citizens in Bakassi as the Cameroonians have become very brutal and hostile.

He said that if Nigerian security personnel do not halt the insurgency of the gendarmes on Nigerians fishing or trading in the peninsula, both militant groups might be forced to return to the creeks to do so as those being killed were their brothers and sisters struggling to earn a living.

Mr. Dudu denied that they were using the shooting incident as an excuse to go back, saying that having surrendered their arms under the terms of the amnesty, they can not take up arms again.

He advised the Nigerian government to investigate the Thursday incident as they were not making unfounded allegation against Cameroon adding that ever since they vacated the creeks, the Nigerian navy and other security operatives have not bothered to patrol the island leaving Nigerians still living at Abana,

Atabong, James Town, Archibong Town and other settlements at the mercy of the gendarmes.

He said after killing the six Nigerians, the soldiers took away their money, fish, and other valuables. There was weeping and wailing by other Nigerians who watched the gory murder, he said.

Mr. Dudu and other militants are in a rehabilitation camp at Akamkpa about 50 kilometers from Calabar, capital of Cross River State. Some leaders of the two groups stay in a hotel in Calabar.

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Reader Comments (15)

Posted by TATA on Oct 16 2009

join the southern camerouns republic

Posted by PASKY on Oct 16 2009

they were pirates, not fishermen. the vessle saved by the cameroonian military from these greedy gunmen is even a nigerian fishing vessle!!! Wake up please and read from other sources!

Posted by Emem on Oct 16 2009

Pasky, so what law says u should kill Pirates? And how come there wasnt any form of resistance or attack from them too. And why didnt they try to escape. It just isnt fair what our Camerounian brothers are doing. We can match u, dont forget that!

Posted by Martini on Oct 16 2009

whether pirates or fishermen,d cameroonian soldiers are not right in killing them.But what do we xpect...When a govt doesnt value its citizens who will?

Posted by Big Boss on Oct 16 2009

Job for the Militants. Let them loose. Let them protect their own.

Posted by Journalistic Activism on Oct 16 2009

4 pirates tués dans l’attaque d’un bateau à Bakassi Posted by: admin In: Français| General Quatre “pirates armés” qui attaquaient un bateau privé ont été tués par l’armée camerounaise dans la nuit du 10 au 11 octobre au large de Bakassi, a annoncé mercredi soir dans un communiqué le secrétaire d’Etat à la Défense camerounais Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o. “Dans la nuit du 10 au 11 octobre, 9 pirates armés, à bord d’une embarcation rapide, ont ouvert le feu sur un navire appartenant à une société privée au large de Bakassi. Cette attaque a entraîné la riposte immédiate et énergique des éléments du bataillon d’interventioon rapide (BIR) en patrouille dans la zone”, selon le texte du communiqué lu en soirée par la radio nationale publique Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). “Le bilan provisoire s’établit ainsi: 4 pirates tués, 3 blessés, deux disparus, l’embarcation n’a pas été endommagée, un important stock d’armes et de munitions ont été récupérés. Les investigations se poursuivent”, conclut le communiqué

Posted by Ojulari Abdulkabir Tola on Oct 16 2009

It is pathetic, Cameroonians are very aggressive and merciless. Nigerian Government should sue them to court for their heartless move because there is no formal warning to leave their territory otherwise cameroonians in our countries will suffer the harms.What a stupid move...

Posted by obi 1 on Oct 16 2009

To ojulari, Are there Cameroonians in Nigeria??. I doubt.They are not hungry and greedy like us.

Posted by Biafran. on Oct 16 2009

iT is easy said than implement. i remember when umaru said he will protect his people and now all hell has broken loss. Look be warned cameroonians this is know football. you left your families at home and came to another mans land to kill a fellow that is just searching for what to take to his family. Be warned!we will not hesitate to pay the price! Be warned.....

Posted by SEUN on Oct 16 2009

It's quite unfortunate, whether pirates or fishermen, so far they are Nigerians. The camerounians have been hostile ever since the Bakassi take over.It baffles me alot why Nigerians are being terrorized at homefront and different part of the world? Libya, China and the it's a fellow black Nation.It's worrisome!

Posted by Someone on Oct 16 2009

It is war! War! War! War!

Posted by Piet on Oct 16 2009

Well Cameroonain are every where but not massive inveders like our Nigeria brothers. Pls I guess the fact where not that right but of late you would have notice that the militants have always carried out attackeds in Cameroonian coastal waters and town of Limbe and reaction like this from their Gendarmes are not common. So many pple lost their life and jobs when militants carried out serial bank attacks in Cameroon. They even try to attacked BEAC (Cameroon Central Bank) last year.So please Nigerian shld NOTE the are lots of bad eggs in the system who hide under this militant of a thing and are all criminals. Dont forget Cameroonian arms where hand over during the amnesty program, did we try to find out where it was obtain from? NEXT said it was purchase in the Open market but as Obi 1 said Cameroonians are not hungry and greedy like us.

Posted by Abiola Richard on Oct 16 2009

There is always room for diplomacy in case of uprising but camerounian soldiers should better watch. they are no match to our military might. running them down wont take a month. be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shaka (FUT Minna) on Oct 16 2009

No Cameroonian bagger has the right 2 Kill a Nigerian on Nigerian Waters. I think the greatest mistake we made was ceding Bakassi to them. These Francophone Countries are staunch enemies of Nigeria, a feeling which is precipitated by envy. God help any Cameroonian, Togolais, or Beninoise that falls into my trap. I mean you need 2 go 2 d borders of Sanveé Condji, Aflao etc nd see how our fellow Nigerian brothers are been's pathetic!

Danny Boy

These Nigerians know only how to sell books, they do not know how to read them, which compounds their stupidity!


Alain? You are still using that Yabassi boy thing in front of your name. I had suspected from reading your comment the last time that you had Herodotus Complex; now this incoherent rambling from Athens to the present failed state called Cameroon and WHALA! “I have newspaper clippings from Cameroon, showing communal clashes between the local people and the Mbororos.” Newspaper clippings Alain? That is just pathetic. It reminds me of a mad man in Bonamousadi people called Prof. He carried a bunch of newspapers with him. He will stop people on the street and tell them the most outrageous of things. And to the shock on the face of his victim, he will point to the bunch of newspapers he is carrying, and say “it is written in the paper.” And Alain’s newspaper clippings say “HOW ALAIN DIPOKO, USED THE MBOROROS OF JAKIRI SUB DIVISION TO DEFEAT THE SCNC OVER THE ANGLOPHONES BEING A DISTINCT AND TORUTRED PEOPLE IN THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROUN.”

Ma Mary

Talking about Dynamite, a la republique citizen. The most tragic thing is that the UN and coconspirators forced Southern Cameroons to join la republique du Cameroun in the middle of a conflict in which you criminals killed 500,000+ Bamis and 50,000+ Bassas (Kondes tribesmen). Even your president is a criminal in this because he was a high official in that government. Southern Cameroonians intermarry at a great rate. How many Betis like you are married to Bamis? You could count them on the fingers of one hand. Please do not give us lessons on ethnic harmony. WE CAN SCHOOL YOU on that. We are still harmonious, after more than 30 years of Cameroun trying to fuel ethnic conflict in our country, trying to practice divide and rule.

Dipoko disappear. You do not belong with us. This is not Cameroun! I hope the Up Mountain obliterates your presence here. You people have never played fair with us, never at any time. Do not ask for fairness. You do not deserve fairness, and Southern Cameroonians ought to realize that we are in a fight for our lives and souls with these automatons programmed from Paris.


Ha ha ha!We all know Dipoko can't read Enlish and understand cos' he's a Frog and from La republique.Yet he can in English!Astonishing.Man you are a threat to your childrens mother.
I think there should be a limit to the amount of articles a user can submit in one day.The decent users go for quality over quantity any way,and would prevent this forum being clogged up with rubbish from users like Dipoko,those who post for postings sake.
Dipoko tou are a complete fool if you honestly believe any of the "shit""sheet" you've written.


i have checked the website of scnc no comments on banjul verdict

Prince Larry Ayamba


In less than 9 weeks, the year 2009 will come to an end. We will welcome 2010, ten years after the new millennium, ten years of extra-ordinary progress in the field of science and a more constricted world in which we are struggling to keep pace with the rapidity of events. 2010 will also be almost 60 years since most countries in Africa evolved from a pure colonial form of rule into neo-colonial outposts where foreign interest and designs have been predominant. Within this period of struggle, Africa’s finest patriots have lost their lives. Those who clamored for complete independence were termed communist and liquidated. Their spirit and the unquestionable loyalty they showed for their compatriots and country is inspiring enough for us to evoke. They laid their lives for Africa, its future and its pride. We must walk in their footsteps. Patrice Lumumba wrote:

My beloved companion, I write you these words not knowing whether you will receive them, when you will receive them, and whether I will still be alive when you read them. Throughout my struggle for the independence of my country, I have never doubted for a single instant that the sacred cause to which my comrades and I have dedicated our entire lives would triumph in the end. But what we wanted for our country — its right to an honorable life, to perfect dignity, to independence with no restrictions — was never wanted by Belgian colonialism and its Western allies, who found direct and indirect, intentional and unintentional support among certain high officials of the United Nations, that body in which we placed all our trust when we called on it for help.

They have corrupted some of our countrymen; they have bought others; they have done their part to distort the truth and defile our independence. What else can I say? ‘That whether dead or alive, free or in prison by order of the colonialists, it is not my person that is important. What is important is the Congo, our poor people whose independence has been turned into a cage, with people looking at us from outside the bars, sometimes with charitable compassion, sometimes with glee and delight. But my faith will remain unshakable. I know and feel in my very heart of hearts that sooner or later my people will rid themselves of all their enemies, foreign and domestic, that they will rise up as one to say no to the shame and degradation of colonialism and regain their dignity in the pure light of day.
We are not alone. Africa, Asia, and the free and liberated peoples in every corner of the globe will ever remain at the side of the millions of Congolese who will not abandon the struggle until the day when there will be no more colonizers and no more of their mercenaries in our country. I want my children, whom I leave behind and perhaps will never see again, to be told that the future of the Congo is beautiful and that their country expects them, as it expects every Congolese, to fulfill the sacred task of rebuilding our independence, our sovereignty; for without justice there is no dignity and without independence there are no free men.

Neither brutal assaults, nor cruel mistreatment, nor torture have ever led me to beg for mercy, for I prefer to die with my head held high, unshakable faith, and the greatest confidence in the destiny of my country rather than live in slavery and contempt for sacred principles. History will one day have its say; it will not be the history taught in the United Nations, Washington, Paris, or Brussels, however, but the history taught in the countries that have rid themselves of colonialism and its puppets. Africa will write its own history and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history full of glory and dignity.

Do not weep for me, my companion; I know that my country, now suffering so much, ‘will be able to defend its independence and its freedom. Long live the Congo! Long live Africa! PATRICE

Southern Cameroons have defeated La Republique du Cameroun in Banjul. The African commission on Human and Peoples Right has laid to rest the questionable version of the occupiers’ definition of a people. Does this mean we are independent? Far from it. This means we should double our effort in our struggle to regain our homeland. This will take more than rhetorical commitment. It entails sacrifice and the willingness like Lumumba NEVER to see your children again.

This land is our land and we will liberate it just like Gamal Abdel Nassar said “what was taken by force will be liberated by force”. Omar Mokthar also said “No nation has the right to occupy another”. In all, we will liberate the Southern Cameroons “By all means necessary” according to Malcom X

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