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Sunday, 25 October 2009


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Account Deleted

Wow! unbelievable but true. You're really a monkey king. I wish i had that talent to.

Bob Bristol

And some bloggers would spend time reacting to such....

The herald


One would expect Alain Dipoko to genuinely post some relevant stuff depicting the above DOUALA STREET PHOTO,yet,he squanders his time posting irrelevant comments that he has previously posted very many times.

Anglophones earlier proclaimed themselves as a people with a problem during the historic All Anglophone Conference that was held in Buea in 1993.A people with a problem because we are been treated as a captive people.

In every sense,Anglophones have been reduced to second class citizens in their own homeland,
The Anglophones leaders are given ministerial posts without portfolios,

You even cited some names of the so called anglophones leaders whom you said have been bought over and cannot claim to be serving the interests of the Anglos,but are there for self aggrandizement.etc,etc.

To confirm this,some years ago,the former prime minister Mr Peter Mafany Musonge labeled North westerners residing in the Southwest province as settlers while the former governor termed them "cam not go" A divide and rule policy at its worst.

Even Simon Achidi Achu from the Northwest region has an untold story conceived during a series of elections.

The former prime minister peter Mafany Musonge was at one time rebuked during his reign by the the director of Ecole Normale Superieur for asking him to consent and allow students writing the competitive exams who had arrived a few minutes late.The Director besides refusing to obey,retorted"Il se croit oû?"

That is the type of humiliation they themselves suffer under such a junta.

After all,when one hears a house has fallen,does one need to ask if it fell with the ceiling?

So,we know that the anglophones leaders and their ministerial posts without portfolios or whatever are not serving the interests of the southern cameroonians,you need not remind us day in,day out.We publicly proclaimed it and the whole world knows about it.Strive for new ideas since you have no other duty.

We have re-iterated time and again that we are orphans and want our country back and yet you ironically turn to tell us to join the biafras,something we would yearn for if compared to la Republique francaise du cameroun.
So,from today if you were illy informed about our status,know that we know who we are.


Hello my dear Herald,"if someone is capable of loving his partner without restrictions,unconditionally,then he is manifesting the love of God.if the love of god becomes manifest,he will love his neighbour.If he loves his neighbour,he will love himself,then everything returns to its proper place.History changes.

History will never change as a result of dirty politics or conquests or theories or wars; politics of divide and rule,history will only change when we are able to use the energy of love,

Herald, history will help to build a better future.MR.Peter Mafany,Peter Oben Ashu rattle unsuccessfully in the 90s let alone Achidi Achu to create political divide to propitiate the lord Master paul to extend his stay in power.

Dear Mr Alain,there is no single CPDM Administrator who has got love for the cameroonian people.Today the Achidis, John Bi Nde,Neba Ngu, Tamfu from the special Nkambe contituency who will take two days to travel from Nkambe to Bamenda to attend a preparatory meeting to welcome philomen. Alain visite the postwebpage online and you will be shocked with their political ideology.

They do not only look old but,they are full of devilish intentions and from their faces you can see them longing for death. They are close to thier graves but take note,the gates of heaven will be close for these guys. i bet you Alain.

Alain, many a blogger have got the mastering of the queens tongue. to name a few,MR Alian,Herald,Louis Egbue,Va Boy, Pa Ngembus,Ras Tuge,The Ngwa Man,Bob,etc etc,Alain i will say you have got all a propaganda officer will need to change a Government.

Dear Mr Alain why not harness these good qualities and change Cameroon?.Many a time you have spoken and much awareness has been raised.eventhough your style is unique. Your political awareness and others in this blog is highly elevated. The youth have got latent energy to reform Cameroon.Alain we do not have that charismatic leader who will have a sense of love for the fatherland. Alain you have spoken what is the way foreward? These guys are playing for time.Can we move?


Mr, Alain make no mistake, Achidi, Musunge,inoni,Biya,Atangana,Fai,Philomen,Shang,Cavaye,Neba Ngu,Jerome Obi,Haman,The entire ruling elite is bent on sacrificing our innocent blood to stay in power.

They all have got skeletons to hide.An old mother in my village Nkwen, Bafut, Fontem,wum, has intensive and extensive love for Cameroon.The above mention names are there to protect the interest of their families.

The herald

Just another white truce? Well for the gullible ones.


Mr Alain,i will sit on my patience and wait for the day i will watch my brother Alain grant an interview with CNN.Infact, i salute your courage Mr Alain.SIR Alian for those who do not know you keep bloggers in this blog permanently up.

Not withstanding You are a man. i will like to share a drink with you my brother.Mr Alain why did you select to jam and confuse our radar?Graffi Man you are great.

Paa Ngembus


Fellow Southern Cameroonian

The Southern Cameroons intelligence Bureau headquarters can confirm that Buea is burning as southern Cameroonians gathered at the Molyko statuim to attend a rally and Press Conference organized by the RG, SCAPO and SCNC to sensitize Southern Cameroonians on the Banjul Verdict after the lies told by LRC’s minister of communication Isa Tchiroma.

Our sources confirmed that about 4500 Southern Cameroonians had been barricaded in the stadium by combine forces of police, gendarmes and the military. Military helicopters are flying over the stadium as trucks of soldiers are being ferried to Buea from Man-o-war bay, Tiko, Douala and Baffoussam. Even after authorizing the rally, the SDO for Buea was forced to call in the forces of repression after receiving orders from his bosses in Yaounde. As we write, teargas is being used all over the stadium and its neighborhood.

Southern Cameroons leaders present at the Molyko stadium includes, the SCNC National Chairman, HRH Chief Ayamba, SCNC Deputy Secretary General Mr Arrey Besong, Martin Fon Yembe, LDA president; Mola Njoh Litumbe, Barristers Bobga, Ajong Stanislus etc etc,

National and International press were also present.

We’ll bring you more update as this story develops.

If you’ll need to get additional information from Buea, use the contacts below:

Martin Fon Yembe Tel: +23797039491

Simon Ful Ngwa Tel: +23777038127/ 99140238

B. Mathis Arrey Tel: +23777132752

Akongoh Innocent Ngwa Tel: +23799469879

Fondoh Cletus Tel: +23777852178

Elad Simon Tel: +23733322490

SCYL Information Bureau

The herald

The brutal forces of La Republique du cameroun are at it again.Torturing,maiming,killing and capturing a helpless people whose only crime is that they voted massively for a union with that country now suppressing them.

Oh!my God.


Paa Ngembus thanks for the update on southern Cameroon.I suggest southern cameroonians in the diaspora should converge and come out with a plan of action. It could be financially ,morally,if possible,lets assembly back home.

Vincent Wetiah

I told you guys that to me Alain seems to helping the Anglo cause. Hardly did I know that he has indeed been defending the cause behind closed doors. If there is any action, it should better happen soon, if not it may be too little too late. What Alain could also propose to his "masters upstairs" is the holding of a forum where the grievances of Southern Cameroonians would be heard and addressed. A compromise reached at such a forum would be far better than any measure taken untilaterally on their behalf. I believe dialogue is the only way of showing good faith.

Evidently the Douala city needs a facelift as seen in your videos. hope the mayor is seeing thses too

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