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Thursday, 22 October 2009


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Paa Ngembus

Dear Blog Master,

Why are you publicising these BLOOD SUCKERS?

Are they paying you?

After "Brasseries Doo Cameroun" and the alcoholics they created with devastating consequences to our country, PMUC is the greatest threat to Southern Cameroons' survival.

John Fru Ndi has allowed PMUC to set up shop in his house on Commercial Avenue in Bamenda and for that reason he should be considered Southern Cameroons' enemy No. 1, at par with the Frogs from La Republique.

So take off this advertisement.

We don't need to encourage our families to gamble what we send to them.

THIS IS REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, except you wanted to make a different point. If so please explain.


Paa Ngembus

VA Boy

Common, Paa Ngembus. This is one of the few hopes that ordinary Cameroonians could become millionaires without kissing major CPDM butt, while funding the CPDM coffers LOL. It is a source of hope for a better tomorrow.

Paa Ngembus


You must think people are idiots.

If you were appearing with Anderson Cooper this Thursday (today) at 20h00, you will not be posting here at 18h53.

You are a real SOB.

You keep complaining about censorship yet you are posting.

What game are you trying to play Bozo?


Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

VA Boy,

This is not a laughing matter.

This PMUC is sucking our people's blood and ruining families.

You have to talk to the real victims.

Good economic conditions and proper regulatory monitoring have to exist for a society to tolerate gambling.

We are not in the US and even here in the US the gambing is regulated.

in the US gambling houses are required to pay 50-65% to winners. In The Cameroone I doubt if PMUC pays even 15% to winners.

PMUC is BAD BAD BAD for our people.


Paa Ngembus

VA Boy

Totally tongue-in-cheek. Poor taste to make a point. I am pretty sure the picture was not posted there to celebrate Pasqua's scam.

Slimy Dipoko, we do not need you. Depart to the frogosphere. You are complaining of being censored, yet you are here. If they really wanted you out of here, you would not be here. As Ma Mary said no blog appreciates professional commentators who have no other job.

VA Boy

Many frogs have been here before trying "wear them down". Let me assure you that like the rest of them, you shall be unrecognizable road kill by the time we are done with you.


PMUC is a negative ghost. PMUC has run Families in Cameroon bankrupt.I had seen and known of family friends who have gone mental as a result of this nasty gamble.

Take note paa Ngembus,only the get rich quick will indulge into gambling.Eventhough its a lucreative business in Europe. I wish to extend greetings to the entire family of this blog. Bloggers will appreciate to contact me using my email I will like to know more about Alain D.

Bob Bristol

PMUC has virtually nothing to offer Cameroon. We have traditional signals of frustration such as seeking solace with religion or "killing" one's self with alcohol etc. However, gambling has taken it's toll on Cameroonians. The major question is HOW CAN I MAKE THE MILLIONS THAT I THOUGHT EDUCATION, HARD WORK AND HONESTY WILL OFFER ME? It's obvious that gambling keeps you hoping forever.

The dilemma now is whether to send PMUC out of Cameroon and keep the thousands employed by it out of job or to continue the scam which drains billions year in year out. I take side with the first option. The immediate challenges will be difficult but we stand to first of all rectify the moral breakdown of our country while at the same time closing the chapter of one of the channels of economic exploitation.

Danny Boy

Alain Dipoko,

"Ph.D my foot! You might tempt me to buy a dog and print the letters "Alain Dipoko, PhD" on it's collar!" Euphemism for "give a dog a bad name and hang it"!
Your champagne swirling type do not know the importance of any vocation or hard work in society! You turn your nose up against street-sweepers, fork-lifters and other lowly employs to your fall! Ask James Callaghan, since you studied here in the UK; you should know.
Hoping you read this without it being censored!


Som eof you guys should differenciate bewtween being stupid and accepting reality. PMUC does not force anyone to go and spend their money on their kiosk. It is the sole responsibility of the people who are adults and with a free mindset who got to play TIERCE to know its causing untold financial harm to them. They are the ones to be blamed for what ever shit they find themselves in. Stop sensitising people foolishly,rather advice them not to play it. As an alternative to preaching a gospel of hate for Fru Ndi and PMUC.
You keep talking about southern Cameroons as i know, how do you think this is gonna be supported by the international community when the world is more interested in Globalization. Good enough as a pressure group because its serving as a check to some of the actions of the government. However the realisation of an independent state from southern cameroons as you call is a myth that may take two generations after us will not see it. Continue your job as a civil society trying to check the government but dont step on peoples toes by so doing

Fosso Edwin

PMUC has come to exhaust us the Cameroonians.It should be discourage...

Sesseku Arrey.

PMUC is a thief.

Ma Mary

Do not spend money gambling. That is the first step.

Ma Mary

PMUC is owned by the mafia.

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