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Saturday, 24 October 2009


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Danny Boy

If only Milla had a half education, as we say! He will not be in this photo with this Lion-man and his lioness!
Fact is, the poor chap has been co-erced by the likes of Alain Dipoko!!

The herald


It seems as if you have just learnt about the Menchum fall and all that you have mentioned now but it is no news to us because we were taught about that in primary school that Cameroon wouldn't have been suffering from acute load shedding if the potentials of those areas were judiciously developed for exploitation especially the Menchum fall that has a capacity of generating electric current that could be used through out West Africa.

The very fact that these potentials are found in Southern Cameroon makes the Biya's regime to be reluctant over developing them.It is an investigated fact.

La Republique du Camroun even went as far as killing the existing ones like POWERCAM etc.what about the limbe deep Seaport?we have larger vessels which can only anchor in limbe seaport.why was it transferred to Douala? I do not have enough time to go into details.

It is one of the main reasons why Southern Cameroonians want their country back because of La Republique du cameroun's discriminative and oppressive nature.
You must have been very tipsy in taking so much time writing such a garbage which is charactristic of frogs.It is like wearing your coat inside-out.

Once again,we southern cameroonians will wring ourselves free from la republic du cameroun either by hook or by crook.Freedom as we all know is never given on a platter of gold. You can go on ranting as usual.

Vincent Wetiah

I have read with keen interest most of the write-ups posted on this forum by Dr Alain Dipoko who claims to be a member of the ruling CPDM party and an official of the Government. However, if you have been reading his postings carefully, you must have noticed they are not in the best interest of the Government he claims to be serving.

He has consistently gone out of his way to provoke and challenge Southern Cameroonians and Anglophones as a whole making declarations that are incendiary, to say the least:

(1) Anglophones are second class citizens in the present dispensation. Dipoko, an ordinary francophone of the Beti tribe, asserts that he would easily secure a bank loan while a loan request from Philemon Yang, the Anglophone P.M., would be turned down because he is Anglo and the high office he holds is just an empty shell;
(2) Anglophones cannot be entrusted with key ministries, but would either be secretaries of state or ministers without portfolio (Ministres chargés de Mission) – another sign that they cannot be trusted with a delicate position;
(3) In case the Presidency becomes suddenly vacant, an Anglophone cannot become interim President pending the election of the new one because Anglophones are so power-hungry that they cannot be trusted to relinquish power if allowed to taste it even for a day;
(4) La Republique did not know corruption before the arrival of the Anglos – the massive corruption for which the country has gained international disrepute is of Anglophone origin;
(5) Bloggers in the diaspora expressing “subversive” ideas on this forum will be arrested if they set foot in Cameroon. In fact, efforts would be made to have them arrested wherever they are and handed over to the Government of La Republique;
(6) Secession is doomed to failure because “Taking away Ndian Division from Cameroon is like having an old man let go of his only kidney.”
(7) “Southern Cameroons is endowed with stretches of fertile land that has withstood the test of time for commercial farming….It would therefore by an extremely unwise decision to let go such a valuable source of materials.”
These are just a few of the outrageous statements Dr. Dipoko has made on this forum and you would expect an agent of the government holding a high position of responsibility to subtle. The Government has been spending huge amounts of money for image-cleansing and struggling to pose as a model of democracy in the sub-region, with a record number of private newspapers and TV stations. The same government cannot allow its representative or anyone speaking on its behalf to openly declare on a forum like this that someone would be arrested for expressing an opinion or that some citizens are discriminated against for whatever reason. Bloggers have tended to swallow hook, line and stinker the baits hurled at them by Dipoko. Dr Dipoko is well aware that an angry person is more likely to lose his head and say or do irrational things. He knows that if Anglos are provoked well enough, they will spend time pouring insults on him and lose sight of the battle ahead. He cannot succeed and he is to blame for his own failure. His failure stems from the ambivalent nature of his approach. He strives to distract Southern Cameroonians from the burning issue of self-determination and have them chase shadows rather than discuss policies and strategies. Ironically, he says blatant untruths and makes statements that fly in the face of the evidence, and by so doing provokes and instigates Southern Cameroonians to dig in their heels and redouble their efforts in the fight. For example, even though the Yaoundé Central prison, Kondegui, is full Dipoko’s cousins and brothers, recently caught in the dragnet of Opération Epervier for embezzling hundreds of millions, he claims that Anglos are responsible for corruption in Cameroon. I strongly believe that his statements, some of which may be true, are intended to make Southern Cameroonians yearn for a free and independent country, where nobody would be a priori excluded from certain positions and where all citizens would have the possibility of rising to the highest office of the land on grounds of merit, regardless of their tribe.
So, if Dr. Dipoko is actually a Government official or agent, then he has failed in his mission on two counts: (a) he has instigated rather pacified or won over Southern Cameroonians; (b) he is more likely to enrage rather than endear himself to his “masters upstairs” for lacking tact and diplomacy in expressing his views, and, above all, for disclosing the masters’ hidden agenda, thereby jeopardizing the chances of success.
In short, it must be admitted, that intentionally or unwittingly, Dr Dipoko is contributing substantially to what may be referred to as “Southern Cameroonian Awareness” by consistently going out of his way to bait Southern Cameroonians. A government agent does not bait this openly; he tries to coax, to flatter, to pacify. Indeed, unlike the poker player who keeps his cards close to chest, and does not bring out his joker until it’s time to move in for the kill, our dear Alain brings out the joker at the beginning of the game, flashing it in the full view of all around the table. That is why he may be seen by many as a double agent. Remember that Southern Cameroonians are allegedly his in-laws, so he may be an SCNC supporter at heart, indirectly fighting for a place for himself or his children in the independent Southern Cameroons, especially as his “masters upstairs” should by now be quite aware of his ineptitude and may sooner or later be gunning for his head for failing to deliver. When that time comes, I don’t think Southern Cameroonians would be so heartless as to throw out their “moyo”. Chances are, he would be granted asylum, if only for the sake of his children, who are, after all, Southern Cameroonians.

The herald


What is wrong that you consistently take off my postings?

Ma Mary

If I were la republique, I would fire Dipoko, or since they are killers, bump him off. Why? Because he uses 19th century imperialist language, discredited in the 20th century and designed to incense and cause revolution. He cannot be a friend to their side because imperialists like subjects who are compliant and void of ideas, accepting the status quo without question. People who rock the boat are a no-no. Dipoko is more dangerous to la republique than Nfor Nfor or Mola Njoh. I would let Dipoko vomit everywhere, including on some of your beds, since many Southern Cameroonians are so sedate.

Paa Ngembus


Fellow Southern Cameroonian

The Southern Cameroons intelligence Bureau headquarters can confirm that Buea is burning as southern Cameroonians gathered at the Molyko statuim to attend a rally and Press Conference organized by the RG, SCAPO and SCNC to sensitize Southern Cameroonians on the Banjul Verdict after the lies told by LRC’s minister of communication Isa Tchiroma.

Our sources confirmed that about 4500 Southern Cameroonians had been barricaded in the stadium by combine forces of police, gendarmes and the military. Military helicopters are flying over the stadium as trucks of soldiers are being ferried to Buea from Man-o-war bay, Tiko, Douala and Baffoussam. Even after authorizing the rally, the SDO for Buea was forced to call in the forces of repression after receiving orders from his bosses in Yaounde. As we write, teargas is being used all over the stadium and its neighborhood.

Southern Cameroons leaders present at the Molyko stadium includes, the SCNC National Chairman, HRH Chief Ayamba, SCNC Deputy Secretary General Mr Arrey Besong, Martin Fon Yembe, LDA president; Mola Njoh Litumbe, Barristers Bobga, Ajong Stanislus etc etc,

National and International press were also present.

We’ll bring you more update as this story develops.

If you’ll need to get additional information from Buea, use the contacts below:

Martin Fon Yembe Tel: +23797039491

Simon Ful Ngwa Tel: +23777038127/ 99140238

B. Mathis Arrey Tel: +23777132752

Akongoh Innocent Ngwa Tel: +23799469879

Fondoh Cletus Tel: +23777852178

Elad Simon Tel: +23733322490

SCYL Information Bureau

Paa Ngembus







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c'est l'un des meilleurs postes que j'ai jamais vu; vous pouvez inclure encore plus d'idées dans le même thème. Je suis toujours en attente de quelques réflexions intéressantes de votre côté dans votre prochain post.


c'est l'un des meilleurs postes que j'ai jamais vu; vous pouvez inclure encore plus d'idées dans le même thème. Je suis toujours en attente de quelques réflexions intéressantes de votre côté dans votre prochain post.


Shame FIFA has been rocked by soooo many scandals lately and lost a bit of its reputation.

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