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Sunday, 11 October 2009


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Va Boy

Very educational video. Does your president have time to watch this? I guess not. He knows it all.

Neba Fuh

I am not surprised that this kind of lecture is coming from a Scandinavian Intellectual. Scandinavia, A group of nations that have proved to the world that everybody is everybody's keeper.
That civilization is not only when men spend billions to undertake failed missions to the moon, erect skyscrapers, or damage the environment with impunity; but that civilization is the mutual respect for peoples and their culture, while striving constantly for every human being to enjoy the basics of nature's largesse to mankind- food, shelter and health.

A world where our common happiness is intertwined- a world where one cannot claim to be fully happy if his neighbour languishes in misery. A world where, we have the responsibility to bequeath something to the generations to come.

African dictators have positioned Africa at the tail end of human development. When Africa will install its new order, void of chronic dictatorship, in some decades to come, then people of the Western world will make beaten paths to Africa's doorstep.

It is not by chance that these Nordic countries(Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland,Iceland) are constantly rated the best countries to live by the UN. They have a system that is worth copying by many countries, call it social democracy or whatever:
Norway again rated top country to live in

Norway has again been rated as the best country in the world to live in on the United Nations Development Index. Australia is second on the UNDP ranking list, and Iceland third.

All the Nordic countries are found among the top 20 nations on the ranking list. Sweden is 7th, Finland 12th and Denmark 16th.

France rejoined the top 10 countries after dropping down for one year, while Luxembourg fell from the top 10.

The ranking among the 182 nations is based on life expectancy, level of education, and gross national product (GNP) per inhabitant.

(NRK/Press release)

Rolleiv Solholm

Metuge Ekane

Perhaps Neba Fuh ought to be reminded that Scandinavian countries, and notably Sweden, Finland and Norway are proudly among the most xenophobic nations of the universe. Clearly, the parameter employed by the UN Development Index fails to acknowledge the fact that the level of intolerance and discrimination in Scandinavia basically erases the somewhat illusory and dreamful picture that is often portrayed of the region.

Yes, Scandinavia is a nice place during summer, with perhaps the sexiest girls on earth. But it is an extremely difficult place to live too, especially when you consider the difficulty of integrating into the so-called beautiful system. And behold, Scandinavia, and notably Sweden is the region where the most suicides are committed.

To speak of Scandinavia as some sort of paradise on earth is overtly misguided, if not misleading. I hate to disillusion anybody, but Scandinavia is no place where common human interests are intertwined, as wrongfully purported by Neba Fuh. It is rather a region where the blue eyes and blond hair toy with the strange notion of being better than everybody else, and where diversity has found it's most cruel death.

Sweden for instance, is a country that is notorious for open discrimination. A country wherein your best chance of survival is mostly depended on divine intervention, eventhough you may be very highly qualified. And even if you finally manage to find yourself in the high office that is commensurate to your skills, you always get treated with blatant suspicion and utter disdain.

In Sweden, and Finland, nobody cares if you languish in misery. Your so-called neighbours only care about you when the system comes to get you, and they'll narrate all kinds of weird tales about you eventhough they never greeted you.Infact, you can't even have a bank account, let alone visit a doctor if you don't have a social security number. In a so-called welfare state like Sweden, you can just die like an insect and nobody cares.

Contrary to the misguided popular notion, the extent of human suffering in Scandinavia is appalling, and this should be a call for concern. Indeginous Scandinavians themselves hardly ever have anything to bequeath to the next generation, as the system is fast crumbling under the weight of untold cruelty and hypocrisy.

In Sweden, foreigners and mostly Africans are intentionally denied the fundamental right to jobs even if they qualify, with the hope of starving them, and consequently chasing them away. This is totally unacceptable for a country that is supposedly among the very best in which to live. Therefore, the reputation of Scandinavia as being a model for the world to emulate is just sheer fallacy.

Don't get me wrong, the Scandinavian system is fair enough, but sadly it is somewhat dysfunctional, and far from being the best. It is just not for everybody as hordes of Swedes themselves, as well as disenfranchised immigrant communities are out of the system. These people have no choice but to swell the rangs of gangsterism on the streets. Ever wonder why the Swedish jails are jammed with dejected Africans?

Swedes are nice people; blue eyes, sexy blond women as they say. But sadly, these people are all killers, and that's just the problem.


Perhaps if African governments were not as corrupt as they are talented Africans will not be begging for jobs in Western countries.

The influx of 'refugees' or 'illegal immigrants' or just 'immigrants' is a concern to most Western nations and the fact is that each country prioritizes its concerns on immigrants. The long and short is that, if African nations utilized their potentials and wealth properly, Africans would not have been hanging around Western nations to beg for their daily bread. People like Mr Metuge Ekane will return home to his country and still find a good job that can enable him to feed himself and his dependents.

Mr Metuge should blame African dictators foremost,for the sufferings of Africans all over the world, not just European nations which have the obligation to cater for their own citizens first before immigrants.

Studies have shown that the high rate of suicide in Scandinavia got nothing to do with economic hardship in these countries, but due to emotional issues e.g love, loneliness,etc. I guess it is a spoiled system where social dependence is lacking and people get lonely and proud, not like with us Africans where communal dependence is vital in our society.

Food for thought: Why do many Libyans not migrate to Italy even though it is their closest European neighbour?

Why is it impossible for a person not born in the US soil to become President?

Why are the French sending away descendants of African roots away from France under the pretext of 'sans papier' , forgetting the sacrifices of our grand parents during the numerous wars they fought ?
Immigrants are second class citizens wherever they find themselves. That is the bitter truth.

Africans need to reclaim Africa from their dictators to enable them go back and enjoy their own God given riches.

Scandinavia is the best place to live for Scandinavians and those who go there not to depend on their economy. That is a fact. Africans should FIGHT to make Africa the best place to live for Africans.

Arnold Mbu

if scandinavia is for scandinavian people, then why is Africa not for Africans? Do scandinavian people not live in Africa? And do they not depend on African resources? So according to you, all white people should leave Africa too?Or, must Africa reclaim it's land from the white farmers in Zimbabwe? Your argument is flawed sir.Xenophobia has no place in a modern world, and should be denounced in the strongest terms.By the way, since the economic down-turn, scandinavia has witnessed a drastic surge in suicides.This too is a fact.

VA Boy

Very good, Arnold. Europeans assume the right to be anywhere on the planet that they please. They have a sense of entitlement and ownership. So should we. Europe and the West in general has a significant role in creating and propping up dictatorships such as the Ahidjo-Biya regime, which makes life impossible for the people in order to satisfy European masters. Europe should NOT complain when ordinary Africans move to the lands where their wealth has been shipped. If that short cock Sarkozy is deporting Africans, he is just another in the long line of hypocrites. When things ease up, ordinary Africans will return.

It is the Scandinavians who need to change. Racism has no place.


Arnold Mbu and VA Boy failed to pick up the rhetorical sarcasm of Sali's opinion. The fact is nobody takes from you what you don't give them, at least not all the time; and if your home is beautiful, you will gladly return to it if you feel unwelcome in someone else home.
Xenophobia has no place in today's world but that does not mean Africans should not be xenophobic to Westerners who have constantly exploited them from their material and human resources since the era of slave trade. The lack of xenophobic attitude by our leaders towards constant exploitative western adventures in Africa has caused the underdevelopment of the continent. You can't embrace somebody who constantly prefers a handshake. Our Presidents stashed billions in Western vaults while the people die in poverty. Our presidents own mega hospitals in Europe while their people lack medicine in the health centres. Our presidents spend 1 million euros for a three week vacation while African children lack classrooms to sit and study. In as much as Europeans are to be blamed for Africans underdevelopment, African dictators can do better to improve the situations of their countries. I believe that's the point Sali was trying to drive through. Botswana today is a good example of a country which is trying to manage its diamond resources for the good of its people. Therefore, while Africans come out to Europe to reclaim their 'stolen wealth', we should step up resistance to those tyrants who rule African countries.

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