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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


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Your article appears to be pretty balanced . Keep it up



I am just wondering if the CPDM-USA has become a "nyongo" group. Even those at the scene are not able to give the same account of the event?
Any fighting in public is disgraceful. Hope one honest person will nuke out the truth.


Louis, I always enjoy reading you!

The Camerounese junta, like most French-African regimes set-up and managed from Paris, operates like the mafia, largely for the benefit of the Dons in Paris who let loose the street Capos or thugs in capitals like Yaounde, Bangui, Brazzaville, Libreville etc., do their dirty work in francophonic Africa.

Their essence is primitive thuggery. The CPDM brain thrust, always adorned, it seems, in Capo Biya's CICAM-inspired garb with Biya's grining puff-puff face, have revealed that essence.

Son Exellence Foe-Atangana along with the assorted CPDM-USA agents, CPDM-USA philosphers, CPDM-USA strategists, CPDM-USA PR experts, have just simply exposed the 'politics of the bush', the 'politics of monkeys' and its primitive thuggery that is at its core, to a wider audience.

Watch the CPDM primitivos squirm! Watch them threaten each other! Watch them foam at the mouth! Watch them criminally (potentially) implicate each other such as the unsolicited revelation by Mr. CPDM-USA Publicist/Educator of the diplomat who is defrauding a local government by registering his children vehicles as diplomatic property.

Oh boy, its going to be a spectacle: "Republique du Cameroun on the Potomac".

Danny Boy

Dr. Louis Mbua Egbe,
I need not read all of your posting to add my two cents to what you are saying. You have always been forthright even when we disagree on certain issues. In this case you are bang on.
As a fellow Diasporan, the question is why are our Embassies and Consulates all over the world being treated as CPDM fiefdoms? When these very nincompoops keep talking to one about demo-crazy in Cameroon?
How odd. Konde has a febrile mind! His gymnastics should not fool any one.

As for Tyson-cum-ambassador, I only wish this savage could have bitten Joe Mbu or the Lady's ear off!

Jokes apart, the CPDM can do the honourable thing. Renounce their tenous hold on our institutions, national or foreign, in the true sense of democracy. Until this happens, Cameroon will always be a joke in the eyes of this simple "Joe SpeaK" and the international community, perhaps!!
There is a hall in Abakwa referred to as the CPDM Congress Hall!!! Now that smacks of insult, Fru Ndi and your advicers where are you? Ostriches!!
SDF--No Manifesto!

Ma Mary

When the evil ones are destroying themselves, just stand by and watch.

How any self-respecting person in America can join the dirty CPDM and then beat his chest or her chest beggars the imagination. A bunch of self-serving sycophants.

Adolf A Agbormbai



Alain Dipoko,
when will you ever regain your senses??
You are always out of topic.I have once said that you bears the image and superscription of the present regime which you are fighting every day to keep in place.
Long ago we know the Regime center could no longer hold, its little wonders that it still survives.Today we see how this weakness is manifesting itself.From Biya's own tribe men to majority of the fang clan now in Kondengui to the exports of the CPDM in USA.
This is just the tip of an ICE Berg.We shall see more of this as time unfold, while the town-crier(Alain Dipoko) of the CPDM will be having a busy work trying to scare away passersby and spectators.



The list has no end. When the curtain closes, there shall also be investigations of killings and witchcraft at the Presidency. The sword of justice is sharp and shall uncover the nasty practices of VIPs from the eastern dark forest.

Alain Dipoko aka Yabassi boy is delibrately provocative but shall jump ship before the cock crows twice. Even Judas had the courge to wait for the third!

Ma Mary

Alain Dipoko. If you keep up this crap, I will track your ass down, expose you and get you deported. Nyamfuka. This is a threat. Fair warning.

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