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Monday, 02 November 2009


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Ma Mary

Louis Mbua, you are a captivating writer. Keep them coming.

Vincent Wetiah

Bottom line

Mr. Egbe Mbua has written a beautiful article which captures a climate we are all familiar with. How come Dr Dipoko rants and raves, gesticulates and throws punches left and right over the issue of the cleanliness of Francophone cities as opposed to the "dirtiness" of Anglophone towns. The bottom line of our brother's article is this:

“Even if the Re-unification was a good idea, they failed to institute social justice in the entire territory as the Egyptians did. As a result, we have a breakdown of morality; and the marginalisation of Anglophones, who form part of the two lands, in a clearly illegal act which must be redressed before we may compare and contrast with the ancients. What we have, therefore, is Cameroon O’ Bosso na Mbussa*; and not actually Cameroun O’Bosso.”

I can't believe that Dr Dipoko's write-up is based on this very article, for he misses the point by a country mile, hurling insults at bloggers for no obvious reason. If the absence of hygiene among your in-laws is something you feel so strongly about, why not treat us fellow bloggers to a write-up on the issue rather seek to muddle up the crucial points raised by Mr. Egbe Mbua. If in your heart of hearts you believe that social justice, morality and equality do prevail in Cameroon and that Mr. Egbe Mbua is off the mark, that is your alienable right. Remember, however, that we’ll have to bequeath this land to our children and they will hold us accountable for not speaking out against the cankerworm that is eating into the very fabric of our society. The problem cannot be resolved simply by hushing down the likes of Egbe Mbua. Let the praise-singers continue to say that all is well in the best of all possible worlds. Only time will tell.

The herald


"Even in London, there are corrupt police officers and politicians. Here in America, the situation is even worse. Apart from taking bribes, post office delivery men and women sell cocaine while delivering mails"

Dipoko from the above quotation you failed to mention the number of times Britain and America have received the cup of the most corrupt countries in the world.Cameroon has been honoured with it twice.Your comparism is therefore incongruous.

The government doesn't have sources to raise fund for equitable development through out the country but it has enough revenues to squander abroad and the rest for your uncles and cousins to stuff their pockets with.

By the way I should equally read the names of your uncles,cousins etc.who have overflooded the banks of the prison of konangui for charges of embezzlement.

Did I hear you mention the office of the Secretary General of the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon?What good can come out of it? That office itself depicts corruption.

We are not the ones telling you but the world itself is revealing it.

Even Barack Obama who is the world's top model has been criticised here and there but with you everything is always alright in Paul Biya's country as your comments have shown through out this forum.All the times you have been calling black white.Who are you deceiving,yourself or the world,and for what purpose?

Vincent Wetiah

Dipoko is once again up to his usual tactics of distraction. He blatantly states untruths, so that while you are disproving them, you are distracted from real issues. The so-called list of those who brought Cameroon Bank to ruin is proof of that. Look at the list carefully; it contains the names of people who were still in form two secondary school when Cameroon Bank went under. Dipoko will have a hard time convincing anybody that huge loans were given to twelve-year-olds. What is he out to prove? That Cameroon Bank, the Produce Marketing Board, Power Cam, the Limbe Deep Sea Port, the Tiko Airport, and many other facilities that were the envy of the world because of the proper management were suddenly ruined by the Anglophones themselves, that is, by the very people who had run them so well prior to the arrival of the marauding Francophones? Try another story. By over-playing your hand you have destroyed your case: primary and secondary school children ruining a bank! And curiously or, should I say cleverly, enough, the list features no Francophone! You need to return to the drawing board and concoct a more credible story. Tell the world how many Anglophones had loans with Credit Agricole, SCB, BICIC, etc. Tell us how many of these banks were managed by Anglophones. If theft is not primarily of Francophone origin, tell us how many Anglos are among those jailed in Kondengui for stealing billions from the State at a time when it is considered a heavily indebted poor country.


Alain Dipoko, Yabassi Boy ,
I am sure biya personally appoints you as his government spoke man on the Angolphone issue.You bear his 27 years trade mark.
Kindly help yourself by reviewing your write ups for say 3 times before posting them other wise i am afraid you will soon join your uncles in Kondengui but this time for stealing billions of facts from the cameroon the state.("mass deception" Consult kontchu for Advice "zero mord").

Ma Mary

Alain Dipoko. We do not want to be with your kind. It is that simple. You talk like a 19th century European colonialist. That stuff is illegal, outdated and it will not stand. We shall throw you our of our country, come hell or high water. Stinking frog.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

The write-ups will not be complete without a section or chapter from our African author on his contribution to take the nation state forward...Afterall, he was educated with millions of tax payers' pounds. He can't afford to write like a distant vietnamese...those cocoyam shillings could have built public libraries and community halls and emancipate his tribesmen on the blue print of development....perhaps the opportunity cost of Cameroon's underdevelopment is his state sponsored see why you can't absolve yourself?

Danny Boy

The entrepreneur,
you write, "perhaps the opportunity cost of Cameroon's underdevelopment is his state sponsored see why you can't absolve yourself?"
For your information, there are hundreds of Cameroonians that the State sponsored abroad currently working in Cameroon. What has been the success of the new found knowledge they brought back? At best marginlalized! Some are still there trying to change the spots on a leopards skin! Others have chosen to leave that hell-hole, and why not?
In the eighties, a minister told me the business of government is to educate but not to employ! I reminded him of a certain contract between the Government and those who benefited from her largesse, so to speak! He simply laughed! Read into that as much as you, and stop that your nonsense about opportunity cost!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.


The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. replied and pointed out only stumbling blocks......your chinese peer will not reply like you....your north korean colleague will not see stumbling blocks...

....the education you received ought to have equipped you to circumvent the challenges you will meet...if at all you have a mission at hand....

........your reply indicates you expect a red carpet treatment...simply because you have received certificates sponsored by government....

......see, government could still sponsor your education...then airlift you and dump you in a jungle like a millitary parachutist......and if your education was worthwhile and your patriotism will find your way out of that jungle or perhaps start or a new city with barehands in that wilderness like Noah....

.....don't bother to reply...because we think on different wavelengths....since when did Che Guevara and deserters in Miami operate on the same frequency?...........

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Pierre Lebon Elanga and the emaciated CRTV viewers were not trusted with the ability to handle the truth. What truth? According to our inside sources, influential Biya zealots feared that a loss and disqualifier on national television would not only cause disenchantment of fans but ignite a popular uprising against their dictator in the 2011 presidential election.

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