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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


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Mr Nanje:
You are an accomplice to Ngoubene. Is that why he changed the embassy account address to his hime adress? How about the checks to his wife, children and girl friend. You guys ate the Cameroon tax payers money like you master Biya is doing. Its hooked in your guts. cough is out. Bologni


The details provided about one of the parties in question was un called for.
Would Mr Commissaire Ndongo's party be next on this forum telling us how righteous thier man is?
Reports like these add to the negativity about CPDM.
"Politics For Belle " PFB



Njoh & Nteb,

Nanje has spoken out what he knows. Let the other side speak. Don't indulge in the infantile act of condeming a messenger.

All good men have powerful enemies.


All this comes as a result of political believe in cameroon. the polictical situation in cameroon is that, in order to work with the government, you most surport CPDM. That is why anyone working with the government thinks that he/she has the right to do anything with the cameroonian money and properties. That is why there is curruption because they think there is nobody above them or to question them.
I hope the state is taking over the properties of the embezzelers and the corrupters.

VA Boy

You are inflicted with the CPDM? What kind of disease is that?


Nanje you are a big fool.How stupid are you.Who the hell cares about what you and your fellow fools do in the Embassy there?Greed would kill you guys.All i know is your stupidity would end soon,Bitch.Who gave you the guts to come and talk over this site?Go away and hide your shameful ugly face in feaces.

red flag

ALL these comenters are all brainwashed.
do you all really thinks paul biya likes you southern cameroonians> your ramping to him is just talk of the deafs, the signs ,that the paid demonstrators carry were they in english or a foreign language?
the signs were in paul biyas language, french,
yet iyou people still dont get it. how can the american public know what these demonstrators are saying if they dont communicate in english. people you see, french cameroun is a particular entity of balck african french men. when other french africans do demonstrate in US, they atleast communicate in english, but when camerounese
are in usa, or UK, they still thinks, its the maerican or british who should translate
what they are trying to say in their frenchies, just as they do, in southern cameroons, these people have no respect for the dignity of others, except their own.
soo, people be care full when you associate your identity with that shameful name called CAMEROUN. YOU ARE NOT. HISTORY TELLS US we are southern cameroonians, even as we are not yet independnce ,its always a pride to see your self just as that, the rest will fall in place.
For the foreigners, camerounese could eat their cake alone their way thebaked it with their paul biya and frenchies.
we of british southern cameroons have no salt to take from that, except for those who refuse the facts of our history.


Mr writer ,it was a story nicely told.I know CPDM people do not tell on themselves unless there is an interest to protect or "ngombo" somwhere.It is your turn at the embassy.Do all you can to keep it.Nomatter how long the night is, morning will surely come.


Is that why your jaws are so puff puff? You eat junk food out there in America, and instead of using the rest room, you decide to pour it to us.. Fat fool

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