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Monday, 30 November 2009


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Good piece but there is a great gulf between President Ahidjo and President George Washington! Granted the opportunity to make himself King by his fellow lawmen, George Washinton reportedly asked for power alternance and stepped down in favor of John Adams.

These are men who rebelled against the Crown and kept to their words in honor of their fellow citizens and country. It seems unfair to state that "all mortals want to elongate their tenure of political office even when the elasticity of age, time and performance has been stretched to a breaking point". The phenomenon is a desease affecting half-baked men fearful of their own legacies, which themselves are bound to be short-lived.

sango angog

I'm surprised-given the thought-provoking stance- that this article has not had the type of reactions that one would expect from Cameroonians genuinely concerned about issues of their country. Yet, we turn to be so emotional, when mundane issues like the type of dresses that anglophones wear versus those worn by francophones. Come on folks!! Mwalimu George has written an article that should jolt the minds of any serious Cameroonian, and I expect some good feedback from those so much concerned about posterity. Thanks George, its an excellent piece and would remain indelible in our consciences as we all strive for a peaceful country.


How do I say this...? I'm for the return of the remains of the former president to Cameroon, but I'm also troubled by this misconception (in my uneducated opinion) of the former President being portrayed as a Cameroonian George Washington! If you are happy and satisfied with the state of Cameroon today, then the former President can be viewed as some form of nationalist hero.

The Cameroon system of governance today owes it's existence to the former president, who learned first hand from our colonial masters!! It just gets perfected with time. A simple comparison of the former and present regimes will reveal very few differences if any exists.

For history's sake, I'd love top see the former president given a state funeral and laid to rest at the nation's capital...just for the sake of our nation's history. Anymore than that, would be an insult to history and common sense..period!


No state Burial should be and will be granted to likes of Ahidjo and Paul Biya.
I will accept a common Burial some where in Cameroon Organized by family and well wishers period.
The names of tyrants in history are cleaned by the bloods of those they were so much employed to killed.
Only those who sacrifices their lives at the hands of these tyrants to save the people of Cameroon need State Burials, they were the true Nationalist and Freedom fighters.
When we think of Ahidjo and Paul Biya we should be thinking of the Number of Cameroonian lives these two men have wasted


Once a president, always a president. Give them all state burials in the nation's capital and their records, while in office, should be accurately catalogued for future generations.

red flag

without ahijo coup detat on southern cameroons
we would have been a far independent and
better people today, he just as another french camerounese hates southern cameroons and proceeds immediately after the 1961
plebescite vote, to annex our belove country with its military . since then we have become nothing but beggars and the wretched of the earth, i am shock that southern cameroonians do not see these beasts as their number one enemy ,just as biya. or hitler. upto a point where half literate people like george would wist their time and money to visit a grave of these fool who have waisted the lifes of our generation and the ones to come.

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