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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


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am so proud hearing the chiefs of victoria are this reasonable and have so much concern for their people, may God give the chiefs of victoria more strength, something has to start from some where, is too much enough is enough, this is not a political issue rather is the right of the people who are suffering from the lack of water,electricity, employment,schools etc. even as a city with the biggest coorperation in the country(CDC and SANARA) yet sons and daughters of Victoria can not enjoy from their own God giving blessings; is the right of the people of victoria through their chiefs to stand and deny this celebration if a village like mukunda can not have pipe water. so i will kindly advice the so called CPDM to hands off

red flag

Victoria is 150 years old, Limbe is only 27 years. Who would have authorized. the camerounese . across the reast side of river
mungo to start this domination, occupation,exploitation, annexation, illegal arrests, torture. cultural genocide, rape and economic haulocaust. no body need to authorize.
them, no body have to. they will use the 1961 plebescite vote for(southern cameroons indepence) to mean an invitation for take over. and when we complain, they will say, if you dont like it here in cameroun, go to biafra. as if southern cameroons is an extension of their country, cameroun, they keep nausiatic on this faulty imaginative lie. that, they all coscuiencely became blind to our history, and even their own history that hail from the french colonial influence.
who would have imagine , that a country with a diffreent culture,language, history and worldview and value system would high jack the education of another, only to use this to brainwashed, confuse and annilihate to culture, history of the southern cameroons youths. all these with the applause pf france, england and america. who vehemently close their eyes before such crime against mankind for 47 years.
yet the ambassador is not ashame to say publicly, that( i know only one cameroun)
and that the only southern cameroons problem i hear is abroad, as if she have carried out and extensive investigation as to why , southern cameroons eduaction is controled by french cameroun,? this is called cultural genocide. why is french cameroun manadting six years to southern cameroons primary schools, which universally is seven in all
just as they rushed their military across the boundaries to show forced occupation since 1961, ,just as they have BOXED southern cameroonians, unable to fly oversea from the territory ,ship or receieved any ships from another country for 47 yrs, this is call economic embargo. why do they do these things, who gave them the power? why is it that
southern cameroonians havent fought? to take back their country, yes they fought, they fought will all they got, their pens and papers against the guns and boots and jails
of french cameroun gerdames,police, and army
for 47 years, yet they still arent independent.

VA Boy

I am literally moved to tears. Banning chiefs and kings who stood for their people is an old colonial tactic.

The french banned and exiled the renaissance king of Fumban, Sultan Njoya to Yaounde because he stood up for his people and the progress of their culture.

These arrogant invaders, usurpers, thieves are crazy. They are banning chiefs on their own soil.

Gan Charles

The coastal chiefs have at last awakened to the harsh reality that the Francophone has used them for 49 years. They thought that they were the chosen ones. Ngrafi was the enemy. They would stick it to the grasslanders by aligning with the east. Doula and Ewondo were their kin. Well history has proven them wrong to the detriment of their populace. I think it is too late to dig themselves out of this hole. It is too deep!
You can blame Ahidjo et al. The fact remains, they have been their worst enemy.


So Mr. Charles, when exactly did the "Coastal" chiefs claim that the "Ngrafi" were the enemy? And are they more aligned with the Francophones than the chiefs of the NW who are core members of the CPDM central committee? And the last time I checked it was graffi chiefs who crowned a Francophone dictator from the "East" as "Fon of Fons". No respectable Coastal chief will ever indulge in such madness that desecrates their rich culture. Va dire!

Account Deleted

A great move by the Chiefs of victoria. Keep iy up guys.

Ma Mary

Charles and Manga. In actuality the invading frogs have played Southern Cameroonians against each other very well by exagerating existing differences as a divide and rule tactic. There is plenty of evidence that they all fell victim to their greed at some point. So lets learn and move on. It is not too late.

Gan Charles

Ma Mary,
I agree that the Francophone powerstructure has pitched NW & SW against each other. At some point we have to figure out what is to our best interest, work together and move on.

I admit there is blame to go around, as our fathers mistakes and selfisness, on both sides have compounded this problem. It is for us to work to figure out how to get us out of the mess and create a progressive society. At some point we have to take a stand and I think what the Cheifs are doing is as good a begining as any.

Let move forward!

John Forkwar

The chiefs have traditionally spoke for their people.Taking such wise decisions show leadership and not second place.They are the custodians of their subjects and not the government.To be that arrogant to ban chiefs shows a symbol of destitution and unfortunately the wrong way- the highest level in imperialstic approach.

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yes iam agree with ur post dude
the chiefs are not to blame anymore


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