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Saturday, 14 November 2009


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Ras tuge


It is hard for me to see how you can be an icon for the democratization process across Africa when your line of work has apparently nothing to do with addressing the plight of Anglophones in Cameroon. Justice is the lifeblood of every viable civil society, and Cameroon is no exception.

Secondly, Diasporans from Cameroon are an intricate and confused bunch of people who know what needs to be done, but do nothing, and then burst in rapturous acclamation when anyone reminds them about what they ought to be doing for their country.

Nevertheless, any redefinition of the relationship between the homeland and the Diaspora will be all but welcome. But without any meaningful and constructive engagement on both sides, this may just be another exercise in futility.

The government might create some progressive investment incentives, but the lackluster, retrogressive and acrimonious nature of hordes of individuals within our Diaspora community will all but thwart any such goodwilled endeavours.

Cameroonians are not known to be people of action. They fancy speeches, and they could listen and clap all night long, if there's cheap bear. They love meetings where they can show off their pot-bellies and heavy buttocks. They enjoy proclaiming that they understand what engagement and transformation entails. But you know what? They go home and squeeze those unwieldy buttocks and sleep like little babies. And that's it!

Christopher, you're an Anglophone and you may not respond to unnecessary distractions to speak french in America where everyone is supposed to be able to express themselves in english. Be proud of your heritage man.

Moreover, i'd prefer that you spend even more effort in laying the foundation of any transformational process in Cameroon if you can. And eventhough there's no guarantee that the lackadaisical Diasporans shall take the bull by the horns, atleast there'll be some little hope.

Lastly Christopher, you are an intelligent man, nothing short of a visionary. You could be a leader of any aspiring Third world nation. Sadly though, in Africa great thinkers hardly ever become leaders. You can be even more helpful in your current disposition than in becoming a president. My advice therefore; don't run for president, it will all but ruin you.

It seems the Diasporans in America were more concerned about acclaiming you! If you ever come to Europe, and i know you will, then you must be ready for some tough questions.


Ras, I wish you a happy Sunday. I like your observations,here you go- Cameroonins are not known to be men of action.They love fancy speeches,listen and clap a culture initiated by the parliament.If there is cheap alcohol we will take,recount our blessings,dream about the futur with little or no action.

Love meeting where they will exibit not only their pot bellies but their hanging jackets and lack of confidence to direct state issues from the diaspora.

There is no guarantee that the lackadaisical Diasporans shall take the bull by the horn,in this aspect we do not expect the daisporans to shoulder every situation back home,but their support in any form will just be a fat tail of an elephant.

Ras,Cameroonians in diaspora have refuse to sacrifice to win freedom for the present and futur generation, unwilling to interfere with what we see as natural wheel of life, shame'.

Ras,Diasporans indifference to the shame democracy we lived in is what irked me most.There are rich Cameroonians in diaspora who can successfully carryout sweeping political,Economical and Social reforms in Cameroon.

Where are the Forbis in America? Its simple lets come together keep our personal interest behind and lets collective interest play a role in the futur of that Country.Ras, we need a vibrant opposition leader in Cameroon who will be firm on his words,he will not be afriad of Guns,who will win the support of the diasporan, diaspora must be willing to go back home to effect change."POWER WILL GO BACK TO THE PEOPLE I MEAN IT RAS" DIASPORA WAKE UP.lets sacrifice for a better Nation.


My dear brothers and sisters,
Greetings to you all. It is really true that Cameroonians are not known to be people of action. They fancy speeches, and they could listen and clap all night long, if there's cheap bear. They love meetings where they can show off their pot-bellies and heavy buttocks. thanks for pointing this out.
For 27 years now Biya is just playing over cameroonians and they sit back there just clap and say yes sir for anything.
Everytime he changes the constitution in a way that favours him and we take no action.
Let me promise you guys, if the is no action for the coming 2011 election, he will still play over and stay there.
Recently he have appointed members of ELECAM of which are all CPDM. How can you be a player and a referee at the same time. For 12 members of ELECAM 11 are CPDM and how do you think there is democracy in the country? It is just a petty to cameroonians.
I promise you that this time around for the 2011 election Biya should take his time, we are ready for anything. We are preparing for action in cameroon if he plays the fool again. The world is going to hear us this time, the world is going to see us this time. enough is enough. After next election, no one is going to role cameroon again more than ten year. this time we have to use force now because Biya want force. we have surport all over the world and we are ready mr biya.


Manawar,am saying that,Biya has never been mandated by the Cameroonian people,he is an opportunist. He knows that cameroonians are sleeping dogs who will never bite.

Beleive me, i had not come across a people who are chicken minded like the people of this nation Cameroon. Manawar did i read you scribble this upcoming election or 2016? So long as Paul Biya will have the gods to file in his candidature in the next presidential election in Cameroon,then there should be no election in that Country.This is unacceptable my brothers.

Diaspora,lets keep pieces of sticks ready for we do not know when the devil will strike.We should be prepare to go back home to contribute to the slow process of democracy in Cameroon.

We have spoken,much has been said and written,Bloggers in this forum have spoken time often, diaspora the time for action is now not after the election.

If Biya must kill, then let him kill everybody and rule stones.Ras,something must done and take note,it will always begins somewhere. WE CAN DO IT GENTLEMEN.


Ras, look at the big men sitted at the front bench with portruding stomachs,heavy scores with nothing inside,they think sitting and listening to DR,Christopher in foriegn land will bring about change in Cameroon.

Ras,imagine all these big men Assembling back home with a plan of action,believe me the impact of change in Cameroon will never be minimised.

Sooner or later we will start paying Dr Christopher F for shuttling around giving a talk to a people, (diaspora) who will sit and delebrate on the cost price of a bottle of Whisky in Ayaba Hotel,Calypso Night Club etc.

When women in the developed world sit and talk,feminism,Social Movement,Liberalism,Cameroonian Women in diaspora will sit and talk Handbag,to match colour of shoes and clothes.What a contrary?

Ras tuge

Dreadlion, pious people are people of faith, and hence they don't listen when others say it's impossible. When you're brave enough to start something, providence moves too man! It is better to puff di natural herb and get wiser than to gulp di chemical beer and get intoxicated.

Remember the story of the Gondola mine? Man, like i keep on chanting, Cameroon shall only be transformed when her children sincerely desist from being blatantly neglectful of her. I was home a year ago, and i saw tremendous potential to maximize surplus value for my family, and consequently the nation. Just one cozy night at the Anglophone owned Savoy Palms Hotel among other positive things was enough to finally wake me up from slumber and stupidity! I bought my piece of land straight away. People should change their mind-set and stop being foolishly carried away by mystery Babylon.

Today, looking back to Cameroon is an absolute must for me after several years of denial. I don't care what chatty mouth Babylon Diasporan slaves dem say, trying to stresss, trick and frighten me abot dis and dat. I and I are wise enough to know what's good fi me, and only di Mighty Will of di Most High can arrest me.

Repatriation is di key word, as times are changing. May all di crazy pot-belly baldheads and bench-clapper dem clap and drink and sex and sleep. Di Wiser generation dem go leave demmal behind.

Chris Fomunyoh, thanks fi teaching di lazy lot. It was worth it, so Rasta say... RESPECT, and JAH Guide!

Che Sunday

Aren't you supposed to be out looking for a lawyer to save your marriage? Much as what the guy is saying is academic rhetoric which your kind and Biya may never comprehend, why bring in dual citizenship in the argument when every franco carries a French passport? Or to you dual citizenship carries negative overtures only when the individual(s) in question are anglos? Men , not only are you stupid, you are a racist of the worst kind.


Ras and others who like to insult and ridicule members of the Diaspora should ask themselves why those back home are doing nothing. Aren't they the ones who suffer most?

If those back home continue to wait for the Diaspora and people like Dr CF, they'll wait for ever. Let them get off their football-loving and beer-drinking arses and fight for the rights.

All we do in the Diaspora is talk and drink beer, now that everyone knows that, why not forget about the Diaspora and leave us alone.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...People like Chris Fomunyoh spend time playing to the gallery...It's hard to see what people who have never clothed a fly in Cameroon could do for 15 million people.....

To know whether they are up to something: how many Cameroonians in diaspora attend simple meetings to discuss a simple agenga?
The only gatherings they attend is that which there is food, beer and dance. Take away these time honoured attractions for which the African is well known for...all those sitting in the front row will use the fire escape to leave the building........

...there are a million and one ways to get involve on the Cameroon agenda. some of these efforts cost nothing, perhaps lost time..Cameroon diaspora should start now, and right now from the basics......

Account Deleted

A great initiative I think, it just need a little boost and support from the nation.

red flag

Mr chris fomunyoh, can be a great leader, that
is if he fights the right fight, not some one else fight, beeing a southern cameroonian.
is a reason why any right thinking human would first question himslelf/her self, why is it that i cannot take off an plane from southern cameroons and fly oversea? why i cannot make my own laws on my god giving land and rule my people? why is my country under and occupation by cameroun by military force> atleast thats not the 1961 plebescite vote for southern cameroons independnece was for. soo, my father generation goal had always been for independence for southern cameroons, but today southern cameroons is still not free, without freedom there can never be a country, no development, no life, no educational institutions, to make matters worst southern cameroons new colonial master
paul biya, speaks nor write no english, he have a disdain for southern cameroons, he hates us,his is to see us wiped out of the map or completely assimilated over night to frenchculture carricatures of french eqoutorial africans who couldnt speak nor debate any logic. soo. Mr fomunyoh should ask himself honestly, if heis trully a camerounian, and what is a camerounian. no just a passport carrying person,(just a paper book) but cameroun was founded as a francafric state, with its constitution and jurisprudence all done by frenchmen and handed to ahijo, no southern cameroonian, whom fomunyoh is was invited, cameroun forcifully rushed itsmilitary and administration across the moungo river, (international boundary) without authorization and stayed since 1961. cameroun high jacked southern cameroons instutions, eg education from buea our capital to yaounde, where it structured it to brainwashed and miseducate our youths, all our britsh heritage have been banned or destroyed
by cameroun, soo is beeing camerounian the same as beeing southern cameroonian? charity begins at home, but where is home? is it cameroun or southern cameroons? If Mr fomunyoh strides for the truth, then he wont have no fear, after all even the AFRICAN court in banjul have made it official the we southern cameroonians , we are a people, wo own our destiny in our own hands, we have our own fight to fight, and camerounains will fight theirs,to free their country from their frenchmade dictator.


The corrupt electoral practice in Cameroon has been tested time and time again producing one result (CPDM stays in power). The process is usually coordinated by Marafa Hamidou Yaya. He is now supported by ELECAM to perfect the corrupt electoral practices. If any person is thinking of contesting in 2011 then that individual has no idea how things are done in Cameroon.
To gain our country back we have to change the electoral system by whatever means possible. I know the task is above the opposition and wonder if anything good can come from the ruling party. A combination of interested parties in the diaspora and those in Cameroon need to take the responsibility. The earliest result may be achieved in the next parliamentary and municipal elections. If we don't do this now, we may have to wait for Biya to die before 2018, else we shall still be having this discussion in 2015.

Gan Charles

If you were born in what is now Cameroon today, then you know why the country is where it is. What I have heard so far and keep hearing time and time again is what is wrong with Cameroon and many good suggestions on how to fix it.
The what and the how now need to be translated into an implementation plan. For example, we know Biya is manipulating the constitution to run for another term. If the goal is to stop him, how do we do it? We know what he want to do and how he plans to do it. We need a plan to stop it. Get my point?
Someone mentioned ACTION in a previous posting. That is what we need at this point. Rather than gather to reiterate facts, we should gather for strategy sessions. Take one issue and devise a plan and solution.
Let's make a list of the ten most pressing problems in Cameroon today and figure out what it will take to tackle them.
Most ACTIONS require resources and time commitment. I do not think Cameroonians in Diaspora ALL there yet. The numbers that may have both do not as yet match up to the forces of resistence in Cameroon. We need a critical mass resource and commitment infusion in a co-ordinated fasion to effect change.
It will be a mistake for us to think that someone else is going to take up this cause.
I wise man once said to me: "Nul n'est mieux servir que par soimeme"
Let's stop rehashing the same old history and proposing the same brilliant solutions if at the end of the day nothing is done to implement these ideas.
Cameroon is currupt - how do we change that? Change the electoral system by funding candidates that are accountable and transparent. Until we Cameroonians are humble enough to the kind of openess that is required to change a society, change will never happen.
Since no one, to my knowledge, has shown Cameroonnians what they get for their money, they are skeptical in donating for any cause. Without MONEY, we cannot implement any changes no matter how brilliant. It is time for those LEADERS to start by accounting for every penny donated to causes. This will give Cameroonians in diaspora confidence and motivation to dig deeper into thier pockets.
Stop the selfishness and commit to the cause of our country of birth.
Let's make things happen!

Marcel Jaff

Fellow Cameroonians,

Three words, Action Action Action!!!!

This is what is needed.

Change in Cameroon will not come from the Diaspora, it will come from Cameroonians, in Cameroon, who are serious about change.

I challenge Cameroonians in the diaspora,if you are really serious about change, pack-up your bags, and head for Cameroon immediately. Give up your lucrative jobs, sell your grand mansions and forgo the conviniences of living abroad. Ground zero is Cameroon. Changing Cameroon requires a great sacrifice, it is not free. Freedom is not free. What are you willing to give up personally to make Cameroon what you want it to be.

Take the Challenge and move it!
We shall overcome!

Gan Charles

We do not all have to move back to Cameroon in other to wage an effective fight for change. In every cause there are many roles to play. One of the most important roles is that of fund raising. Like I said before you need money to mount any meaning full campaign, no matter the form. Money supports ground activities. The Cameroon government has lots of it and that is how it is able to sustain itself.
If all of us move back to Cameroon, even with the best of resources, without replenishment the cause will die. In the fight for freedom on role is not more important than the other. It is simply assigning the best person to the role.
The first thing we need to do is to come up with a goal and a plan. Once the goal is narrowed down to one that achievable then we put a plan to implement. The implementation plan will list tasks and roles. We can then attach NAMES to the tasks. We have to have a systematic approach. And I will caution that from the go there have to be established rules of transparency and accountability with consequences. For too long we have not given reason to be trusted. We have to start on the level of trust; that the cause will not sell out and will abide by the agreed upon guidelines. We need a structure.
At the moment we all know what is wrong. Many of us have good ideas on how to fix the problems, but there is no viable plan to do so; at least not to my knowledge. It is time to stop the talk and review the ingenious plans each of us have and arrive at one that will work. Then we can figure out what it will take to implement and go for it.
Does any know if there were any action items that came out of the meeting in Atlanta? If so can you share? I believe what we do should be transparent. Transparency will gain the trust of the community and contribute to the success of the cause.
Let’s do it!

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