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Thursday, 19 November 2009


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Ma Mary

Camerounese ambassador assaults people and sends them to the hospital? Brother, you shall be recalled soon. It looks like Camerounese francophone opposition are now using the United States to do their protests too.


You can take a man out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the man.

VA Boy

Al ain Di_poko is that you?

Gan Charles

This is the same kind of stong arming tactics that the Cameroon government applies towards its citizens. I am sure this character was given the diplomatic rule book but his instincts are those of BMM/Nkodangi. Even though the government has lost all credibility its still a darn shame when something like this occurs because it reflects on the country as a whole.
How low will they go? You cannot tell me this is an isolated lone wolf incident.


Update from camnetwork forum - it was a CPDM-USA sponsored rally

After fielding speaking to some, including local reporters, it appears MPECK, the organizer and VP of CPDM is a very confused and pissed off person. Some of the CPDM people have held meetings leading to the head-on. But is it not a strange thing that a CPDMer who is seen in a frolicking video to clean the image of Cameroon is the one leading assorted homeless people to soil the image?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is more about a disgruntled segment who sees its notion of self importance thwarted by the new ambassador. This has absolutely nothing to do with civic conscience.

While not holding briefs for the ambassador (self-restraint is golden), the incident should not rise to diplomatic rancor. One of those unfortunate human slips.


I have researched into this matter and at no given point does my sources indicate that the Ambassador should be blamed. The said individual listed as the ring leader of the protest is no one other than the Vice President of CPDM North America, ie the number 2 of the criminal party here in America. His grievances with the Ambassador is that, the current Ambassador does not act like tif man Mendouga by giving out money. The current Ambassador seems to straighten out things at the Embassy and these guys are mad that he wants to keep the money to himself of which the Ambassador says, he cannot use his salary to be distributing it out to Cameroonians. This is a first hand information from inside sources of the CPDM.

The said vice President of the CPDM is under arrest and it should be noted that he is no stranger to the law in this area. He has a criminal record and had served jail time in this country. This is just a vivid report, Nanje will not give a more pertinent report than what I can provide. It is even alledged that Joe Mbu the current president of CPDM America was behind this illegal protest even though he was not present at the protest. The reason why the Bassa man (VP of CPDM America) was arrested is because he organized a protest rally without a permit from the District. More to follow.

This story dates back to the reign of Mendouga. Remember a fews weeks ago a letter was circulating on here written by some concerned Cameroonians? These protesters were the very concerned Cameroonians. Those check #s that were provided was actually given out by an ex-employee of the embassy who was fired just weeks after Mendouga left. He is presently in Cameroon. Some of the information in the letter was actually authentic.


Did the ambassador pay you to clean his name?? He is no different from Medouga. They are all CORRUPT as their master Biya. No amount of white wash will clean this man's name.

Danny Boy

thank you for your posting. Konde on camnet thinks this is Graffi machination! If your analysis is true, then Konde must have a sick mind!!! It had been diagnosed before!!!
Shameful to think that we have exported our disease to the Americas!

Danny Boy

Ambassador Joseph Bienvenu Charles Foe Atangana ! Such names are typical of feymen!
What is his name?
Look at the possible combinations and tell me this guy is not Joseph medouga?

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Very strange....An embodiment of the Cameroon home and abroad...."s/he who thinks s/he is different from monsieur l'ambassadeur should throw the first stone"

VA Boy

Entrepreneur, I will throw not just a stone but will toss a Boulder. I have not a single thing in common with the guy or with the Cameroun disease. I have never given nor solicited bribes, and have never assaulted anyone with whom I had a disagreement.

Danny Boy, this is the anti-graffi message from Konde:

"Have you noted the names of those who have written with gleeful satisfaction about the incident that purportedly occcurred at the Cameroon Embassy? Why are most of those who celebrate this misfortune drawn from among our Graffi brothers? Their strategy is much larger than what meets the eye from a mere cursory glance. Their strategy is to discredit any individual in high government position so that the discredited may be replaced with their own whom they seldom criticize, let alone discredit. As a social philosopher my role is to explicate the actions of human beings engaged in social/political action. Here below is my explanantion of their noise.

It is very strange that only our Graffi brothers are elated by the unfortunate incident alleging an altercation on the grounds of the Cameroon Embassy in Washington, D.C. What is their rationale? Why is it that only a particular group of Anglophones are enthralled by this incident? Why do they thrive on macabre rumor, on embellishing and propagating the negative, on juxtaposing fact and fiction, and from this juxtapositioning producing versions of a story far-removed from what actually happened?

One would have expected a totally different reaction from caring native Cameroonians, who would have at least waited for more details before passing judgment, while wondering whether any person was badly hurt and how those involved are faring. But not so our Graffi brothers, whose brethren in Bamenda recently threw their support to the same Government whose representative in the U.S. they are now excoriating.

Can you see the contradiction in this? Yes, if one were philosophical. But this is high stakes politics, coordinated from afar. And political logic is not philosophical logic. So what is their political strategy? One group is embracing, another group is pushing and pressuring, the very same Government. For what purpose? To gain from all possible angles and at any posible cost. Talk of chewing corn from both sides of the mouth and simultaneously spitting it out. This is raw politics and destructive politics, which we must expose and oppose to ensure that our Graffi brothers cease and desist from practicing. "

Konde is Radio Milles Collines and he might yet pay a huge price for exercising his hate muscles. Yes, even in America.

Danny Boy

VA Boy,
thanks. I am subscribed to Camnet and had read this hateful posting from Konde. That is what I am alluding to above. As for the Entrepreneur, I knew he will come after me. This is another Docta like Konde, but unlike Konde, logic escapes him! He is surprised when his stupid arguments are chewed, ruminated on, found wanting and spat back into his face!
In one of my postings, I earnestly asked whether this Docta is a product of the dumbed down education we have had in Cameroon under Biya?
A happy week-end to all.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....coming after a waist-muscle builder from the bush-lamp redlight district of Old Town will be an exercise in futility. The jury is out that you aren't different from your ambassador brother...

Adolf A Agbormbai

The Konde posting above is tribalistic and is to be discouraged at all costs. We don't need that any more. That belongs to the past.

Besides, what's wrong if some North Westerners support the government and others oppose it? Isn't that what is supposed to be for all tribes and regions?

Not all South Westerners support the government. There are those who support and those who vehemently oppose. Does that mean that there's some overarching SW strategy?

Please let's try at all costs to avoid any arguments that connotes tribalism, even if our personal urges drives us to. We have to fight our personal urges to free ourselves from such mental enslavement.

I really see no connection betweeen the welcoming of the PM in the NW region and what is described in this article.


JT, no I was not assigned by the ambassador whose name I didn't even know until this week. As I stated in the introductory line of my comment, what I posted were snipets from the camnetwork forum from people who know the intrigues behind the demonstration. So take it for what it is worth... or leave it. BTW, I will leave you with this official statement from the CPDM USA posted again on camnet. This proves beyond any doubt that this is a CPDM affair:


----- Forwarded Message ----
Sent: Sat, November 21, 2009 5:06:25 PM

Dear Comrades,

We the militants of WCPM-USA write to express our disappointment in the recent action of some of our militants and also to express the apathy in which some of our so-called militants have been writing on our CPDM forum in celebrating the actions of some militants towards our Embassy in Washington D.C. We might think it is funny but it goes a long way to tell us how out-of control the leadership of CPDM-USA has become today. We write with tears in our eyes because as CPDM Militants, one of the items on our CPDM ACTION PLAN is to involve in image cleansing of our country; instead, our CPDM-USA leadership continues to fail us every time they have been called upon. We do understand that each militant took an oath when this Section was created in the United States in 2007, and, accepted to stand by the party even when our opinions were considered second to others. But today, some of us have now become favorites to the banter of the Opposition Movement, who are doing everything to destabilize our beloved party in the United States of America.

It is so unfortunate how the leadership of this party has allowed Opposition Elements who disguise themselves as party officers in sending mails that are contrary to the ideals of our beloved party in our CPDM forum without calling such individuals to order. Comrades, we should not forget that these very e-mails we write on this CPDM-USA forum are read by our party leadership in Cameroon.
On behalf of WCPDM USA, We strongly condemn the Action taken by Vice President Mpeck Patrick whose action has brought shame to the party. We are also calling on the Section President, Comrade Joseph Mbu to not only dissociate the CPDM party from its Vice President whose actions have brought this shame to our party but to call an immediate meeting to look into this matter.
We stand for Cameroon our great country, and shall always lend our support behind Cameroon official representative, His Excellency Ambassador Joseph Bienvenue Charles Foe- Atangana, a man who has brought the much needed changes at the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington D.C, and a man of exceptional character. The WCPDM party in the United States makes the following proclamation:
a) We, the WCPDM militants condemn individuals who are using this forum to settle their tribal issues. They should go to their tribal groups and settle their scores. It is rather unfortunate that we are the only country in Sub Saharan Africa that is known for unruly behavior.
b) We, the WCPDM militants unequivocally condemn any writing on this forum against our Ambassador who at this point is doing his best to Cleanse up the mess of the past.

c) We, the WCPDM militants vehemently condemn the holding of secret meetings by a few individuals under the banner of CPDM Section leaders against the government of Cameroon.
d) We, the WCPDM militants throw our unyielding support and encouragement to our ambassador and to urge him to continue to do the good work that he has been doing in the USA.

e) We call on the CPDM Central committee to look into this matter with due diligence and make necessary changes.

Long Live the WCPDM party,
Long Live the CPDM party, and;
Long Live the Republic of Cameroon

Patience Tamfu N.
Section President


Emmanuel Konde Inc. is a deluded genocidaire and propagandist for a failed regime.

VA Boy

Patience Tamfu doing the CPDM dimabola thing in America. Disgusting display. You guys are all mercenaries.

Immanuel Esamba

I think Dr. Konde is trying very hard to be a philosopher. He holds the actions of people from the NW very close to his heart and this will lead him to have a heart failure one of these days.

Gan Charles

CPDM is a cancer that has to be eradicated from the body of Cameroon in order for the country to move forward. It is the duty of any that loves Cameroon to help rid the territory of this vernum.


Condeming Mr. Mpeck without resolving the basic grievances is how Cameroonians try to resolve problems. This approach is bereft of principles and driven by uncritical hommage to CDPM Leadership - a unique weakness of character.

The CPDM party is rotten to the core. This is a party that is both fiscally reckless and politically corrupt. Who told "Stalin" Paul Biya that he can make himself a defacto Life President?

The herald

Human Slaughter Houses in Cameroon (surgery rooms of hell)

watch the video below and tell me where we are heading to.

disappointed Cameroonian

Its a shame. have you ever tried to deal with the embassy, to apply for passport renewal or things like that? i have never experienced such rudeness in my life! They keep telling you to wait, call back and they even hang up the phone on you . I wish we could do what Romans do when in Rome. I think the state department has to intervene in these matters. It is going out of hand


Look at the picture of that monkey looking ambassador. What do you expect. These are elements of Biya's corrupt regime. They have a culture of corruption, call back, wait. That is how bussiness is done in Cameroon.They do not play that shit with an American passport. They will always try to --ck with you if they think they can get away with it.

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