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Wednesday, 09 December 2009


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The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Do not be fooled.
If the French are serious and sincere,
they should list the names of their banks
which are keeping African stolen monies,
and name and shame those banks...both
french and European....And possibly
ask for a repatriation of those funds....

....this is once more another attempt by
caucasian natives to promote chaos,
in Africa's last bastion of tranquility,
so that more money should
'fly' to French coffers...whilst we are busy
butchering ourselves.....

...this is the 21st century: marshall some
commonsense and do not be fooled.

VA Boy

Do not even try that genocider boy.

This is not a report by the french per se. This is not a report by the francafrique bunch who created and control your patron Biya. This is an activist NGO that hates your patrons as much as any sensible African. If they have that specific information, they would publish it.

Have you kissed Biya's ass today? Mgbwa.


Entrepreneur Online, when u sit in that ur toy office in Buea hoping Government will subsidize your unpopular tabloid, what else can one expect from you except humility to a system that has rendered you a beggar.

You didn't need to be in Europe or or know the bank accounts of thieves like Biya to know that your poverty is because of his theft. I know you don't travel a lot even in Cameroon... or else you should take a trip to Dimako, Nguelemendouka and all those areas where Biya and his thieves are exploring and exploited timber without pity, while the populace in those areas die in poverty...but if you could afford 500frs, take a trip to near by SONARA and do your research, then come here and tell us if you even need this French report to know why you are poor and have become a beggar!!! Without minimizing your locality, I believe Mr Entrepreneur, You need to sojourn, your stay in Nigeria is not enough. Even just travel around Cameroon if you can travel out of Cameroon. You will appreciate the reality of issue,not only in your place of birth. I think you need to be exposed. Your views are shaped by your limitations.

And for you Alain Dipoko, Dibom Boy, I will trash you later. You don't take advice!!


Entrepreneur Newsonline,
When you sit in your toy office in Buea expecting the system to subsidize your unpopular tabloid, what can one expect of you except humility to a system that has rendered you a beggar.

You don't need a French report to know why life has become so difficult for you, such that survival is shaping your reasoning. Your opinion on issues betrays your limitations. You are not exposed. If you can't afford a trip to Dimako or Nguelemendouka to see how Biya and his kin are exploring and exploiting timber while the local population perish in poverty, at least you can afford 500frs to take you to nearby SONARA in Limbe. Then, come back to us with you findings.
I strongly believe of all myopic views is shaped by inferiority complex, or may be tailored from the fact that you haven't or hardly sojourn. Your stay in Nigeria and now Buea is very limited and frankly, it affects your views. You don't need to travel to Europe or America if you can't afford. Taking a trip around Cameroon will educate you on the realities of the country you claim to love so much. I am sure you have been wondering where Dimako or Nguelemendouka are located. The hardship in Cameroon is not experienced by you , your kin ,and North Westerners which you have exposed your hatred to in this forum. It extends even in Biya's backyard Mvomeka'a; and for you, it's OK!!!
Attacking your brothers from the NW portrays your limited intellectuality. Please work on your inferiority complex. It dims your reasoning!

AS for you, Alain Dipoko, Dibom Boy, you don't take advice! I will trash you later. Really busy now!!!

Paa Ngembus

Mr./Ms. Moderator,

Did you just delete my comment on this story?

Paa Ngembus


It is GENOCIDAL lowlifes like The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. who are the real vampires sucking aware the vitality of that continent. You are worst off than even the colonizers. Self hating dogs like you continue to prosper on the blood of others. Idiot! Your hatred and small-mindedness will be your undoing.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....No, no, no, Kamarad, we have a knack for seeing light where others see darkness, the gift to touch mud and it turns into gold dust, that magic to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones....broomstick into toothpick....

...where else can you find gold dust other than in lands that are still works in progress? the myopic moved into already well developed territories lured by the seemingly comfort of less stress for which the craftsmans work is thought complete, all deceit, underneath is gnashing of teeth by your sort, labouring for the pockets of few caucasian natives that have held the human race even their kind captives......

....rise up Kamarad, do not be fooled by the cold winter comfort in the air-matress that you never sleep on........there are truck loads of 'Biens' in Widikum....where you could live like a Tiger far from the prying eyes of a jealous press ilk..........Did you see your Royal, in captive comfort?



VA Boy

Maryland slums? He he he. Very funny, coming from a dude from Yaounde. The whole place stinks like the weeklong unwashed nether regions of a slattern.

VA Boy

Little frog kleptomaniacs are beyond our understanding? Get a grip Difoko. Go back to your gory hole in Yaounde. Leave exile to us.

red flag

who are you fooling?
if you wanted southern cameroonians to read
then you would have posted in a language they understand. not soanish or french,
post it in english please.

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