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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


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The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...its like asking why an average Cameroonian youth who lacks food, will borrow money to celebrate his feed 50 other persons....?

Rene...all these theories don't hold
for Cameroon....tell your teachers that...
Don't link political science theories with
cameroon's realities on the ground.....

......its like trying to explain in sociology
and economics why poor families in cameroon spend millions to bury the dead, some even repatriate their corpses from abroad worth millions.....or spend millions in organising marriages and feed the public...even feed strangers they do not know....yet theory holds that the Cameroonian lives on 2 dollars a day, paradoxically his charity is more that than of an average caucasian middle class native in London, Berlin, Sidney or New York.....

......that's just cameroon's empirical realities on the can not be explained by text book.....Cameroon is not theory......theories don't hold in Cameroon......let your imagination not deceive you.....

...e.g. ...what style of play do the Lions use? Theories in text books in coaching schools will not hold for Cameroon. They play Egypt different from Brazil, as differently they will against Germany or Tchad or US women's soccer team!......that randomness and stochastic behaviour permeates all fabric of national life.......

.....your write up/assignment miss an opportunity to unravel Cameroon's perculiarity from the established schools of thought......

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...And your conclusion....
the peace in Cameroon is real...
...more than 18 million people live in Camerooon.....and are undertaking tasks that citizens in other parts of the socalled developed world do to make a living..... not misconstrue the grunts of some big men,
perhaps in exile...or in simmering tensions for a potential conflict...Your conclusion is your imagination....

The Ngwa Man

The topic of this article is a good one but the ideas in it were not well explained to clearly and completely land the topic. Never the less I commend you for bringing this topic out to the public domain for Cameroonians and others who love notre pays to think about and discuss.

The peace amongst Cameroonians is real but the discontent and unhappiness of the citizenry with the current political system and those who manage and implement this system is also real.

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Agbormbai and I were debating the contents of a new more truely democratic constitution. I was surprised to see/read a week later that in the National Assembly they are trying to push through a bill that would bring back the office of the vice-President. The theory is that external forces are putting pressure on the regime to bring back this office so as to maintain stability in the country in case God through whatever means expires the existance of the current head of state.

If it is true that external forces are putting pressure on the current regime to do this, why don't they also openly and secretively encourage better governance and strict adherence to true democratic principles? I think we know the answer to that question.

If the office of the vice president is created are we the citizens of Cameroon going to be charged with the opportunity of electing this person? Will the elections be fair? Or will he/she be appointed/selected by the current head of state?

As we all hopefully know our current constitution has a succession mechanism put in place. This is what the current constitution says on this matter:

(4) Where the office of President of the Republic becomes vacant as a result of death, resignation or permanent incapacity duly ascertained by the Constitutional Council, the polls for the election of the new President of the Republic must be held not less than 20 (twenty) days and not, more than 40 (forty)
days after the office becomes vacant.

(a) The President of the Senate shall as of right act as interim President of the Republic until the new President of the Republic is elected. Where the President of the Senate is unable to exercise these powers, the shall be exercised by his Vice, following the order of precedence.

(b) The interim President of the Republic - the President of the senate or his Vice - may neither amend the Constitution nor the composition of the Government. He may not organize a referendum or run for the office of President of the Republic.

In my opinion, what we have in the current constitution on this matter of succession does a lot more towards advancing the practice and process of democracy in Camer.

The reason I bring all this up under the topic Mr. Mbuli Rene has written can best be sumised by the following statement by Mr. Rene:

"perceptions in Cameroon however should be looked at the level of three fundamental groups: Anglophones, Southerners and the Northerners."

If we are to follow Mr. Rene's line of thought can we assume that there is a conspiracy by the present powers to keep a Northener from ascending to the Presidency through holding the post of President of the National Assembly, even though it would just be an interim presidency. The current President of the National Assembly is Cavaye Yeguie Djibril a Northener, who was elected to this post by fellow members of parliament including some opposition party MP's.

As The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. says, all this is theory. What happens in other African countries does not necesarily have to happen in Cameroon. What I wish for is that the ruling elite and politicians would set a better example and actually follow democratic principles so that those who come after them will also behave properly.

Look at what is happening in Guinea-Conakry. If their political elite were setting a better example then there would have been no need for the military to have stepped in to attempt to govern. When politicians do things long enough that erode the faith of the people at all levels of a societies structure in the rule of law, bad things can and will happen.


Dr A A Agbormbai



My dear,we don't talk about peace and all what in the constitution when the country is moving from better to worst. for the past years (30 years) there have always been changes in the constitution that we think are good one but do the governing body put them into practise?
what ever a vice president or not that is not going to change cameroon from the present situation.
The powers of the country in with one person (Biya) not different from a dictator. He take decision at will and changes the constitution at anytime to his favor and to the favor of his gang thieves in the name of government offical.

I think too much of this peace is taking the country backward.
there is no government worker who is not a CPDM and who is not under the control of Biya. If you want to go against him then you will be kicked out.
There too much dictatorship in Cameroon at this present generation. there is no democracy in Cameroon and everything written in papers or in constitution is not being practise because of the dictator (Biya) and his gang.
You guy only talk of peace, peace in the country, why is it not changing the country to better instead to worst.
I tell you Biya and all you group of people that you can fly to the highest level but let me asure you that you guys will land on your pellies.
you sit there and fly to Europe or anywhere you like, eat what you like. but you don't know what the present cameroonians in the country are going through.
The little money the country makes, is shared between you and you government officials and all is going ínto your private puckets.
The whole rolling regime and the government officials are make up of embezzeler and corrupter.
Can you compare the development of Cameroon from 1960 to 1982 with the development of cameroon from 1982 to the present date. I think only Biya and his government officials will say yes because there have developed by inriching themselves from the cameroon money and property.

The Ngwa Man

Manawar, after reading your post I have come to believe that you and I have similar views that agree with each other but I don't you know that we have the same views. I say this because of the statements in your first paragraph which I believe were directed towards.

Of course the constitution we currently have is not working though there are some parts in it that are good. Thats why I made the statements about if good examples were set by the the current ruling elite and political elite.

Let me explain what I mean by setting a good example by telling you a very true story about the effects of setting a bad example.

A 5 year old child ran away from home in the middle of the night. The childs family discovered he was gone and began to search for him. They eventually found him trying to drive a stolen car. When they asked the 5 year old boy why he was doing what he was doing he responded that he missed his dad who was in jail and that he was trying to do something that would get him taken to jail where he could be with his dad.

In a previous topic called, "The Psychology of Cameroonian Opposition Politics and Why it Might Fail yet Again," I had what I considered was a great discussion with Mr. Agbormbai about what should be part of the platform/manifesto of any serious political candidate or political party. Highlight, copy, and paste the link below in the address space above to find our discussion.

The current constitution has some good parts but has others that are a detriment to the progress of the country and an impediment to democracy. The current constitution enables the current and future president to over look and over ride the national consensus.

It's like creating a game and giving the creator of the game 149 points, the authority to award himself points and stating that one of the rules is that one wins the game once they achieve 150 points and then you tell the creator he can play every game.

For those who don't understand that explanation then maybe you will understand this one. Its like flipping a two sided coin to decide who gets the ball first at the begining of a soccer match but while the coin is turning in the air one says to their opponent, "heads I win tails you lose."

I wonder how long it will take to enter into the national/grass roots consciousness that we need a new more democratic constitution through a National Convention which limits the powers of the president and basically makes it impossible for someone to make the nation and its treasury their personal property. I read a very insightful interview in The Post Newspaper with Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi whom is suggesting such a National Convention. Maybe after Son Excellence wins the upcoming election we as a nation will actually come together to figure out a better way as Mr. Asonganyi and even Asafor have suggested.

red flag

cameroun , is a central african state,really
the question is which cameroon, since there are two cameroons, just like two congos and two guinea, french cameroun AKA CAMEROUN, IS IN central africa,look at the MAP. ie travelling from the west coast, atlantic sea.
southern cameroons clearly, bakassi included is in west africa. the divide is exactly at the mungo river, then you are entering central africa, soo to say cameroun is in central africa is assuming southern cameroons too is in central africa, this is false, and cameroun, paul biya and ahmadou ahijo, military occupation of southern cameroons makes the 1961 independnece vote for a federation between british southern cameroons and LA REPUblique du cameroun or french cameroun, NULL AND VOID, SOO southern cameroons is in west africa, while cameroun is in central africa, thats the truth.

Ma Mary

That is quite true. Southern Cameroonians are historically, meta-culturally and psychologically West Africans. Most of us have never met a Gabonese, a Central African or a Chadian, and when we do, it is like meeting a total stranger. Abuja or Accra are more congenial places than Yaounde or Brazzaville.

The Ngwa Man

When I originally read this topic I missed the NB at the end that directed us to the full article.

For those who have not read the full article I strongly suggest that you do so.

The synopsis of the article that was posted above on this site(up station mountain club) just barely wets one's appetite for the full article.

The full article was well thought out and well written. If things are to detioriorate in Camer what Mr. Mbuli Rene has written is one of the many write ups we will recall as prophetic.

Thank you citizen Mbuli Rene for such a great article.

mbuli Rene

Thank you The Ngwa Man and all others who read the article and dropped comments. Even if the truth is bitter sometimes, it must be spoken.

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