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Thursday, 31 December 2009


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The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

"I also seize this opportunity to denounce systematic contestation by a minority of our compatriots who readily resort to lie-telling and slander. Undoubtedly, they would rather our country plunged into all forms of chaos for them to achieve their aims." President Paul Biya (31/12/09)


The thief, Paul Pot, must be referring to his court.


In your traditional end of year speech,Mr Biya,January 1st will now be the National day of Cameroon.Please,which of The Cameroons do you mean?Is it the Cameroon spelt thus:Cameroun or Cameroon?Will the flag bear " Two Stars or One?Why do you want to go and intimidate the peace loving people of Southern Cameroons by celebrating your country's ArmForces Day in Bameenda?
I have " ONLY" one message for you,Paul Biya:We,the People of Southern Cameroons have for so long,and,with very little,done so much so that we can do anything with nothing;and,God is with us.You have failed already.Soon,very soon, the civilized wide world will see the type of leader you are.
To you citizens of Southern Cameroons " being used" in LRC in the name os civil service,from Yang Philemon,Governors,Political leaders,especially Mr Fru Ndi,etc,it's time you pack your bags and come home or resign from your respective functions;the more you delay,the more you will lack space in merging with us,we are prepared to invite the Right Reverend Desmund TUTU to initiate a peace and reconciliation talks for the offence you did our people.Remember 180days as recommended are fast approaching.
God have already Blessed Southern Cameroon.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Mr Biya,

For Cameroon to enter the league of successful nations it must EMULATE the actions, methods, and thinking of these nations.

Cameroon is currently too steeped in the brutal methods and thinking of the early post-independence period. This was a period of instability and divergent views... inter-tribal suspicion and great political differences.

Out of this confusion it was necessary to carve out a nation. Hence Ahidjo opted for the simplistic dictatorial politics of one-man rule allied with ruthless repression, intimidation, and political assasination, to stun the nation into order.

Basically, Ahidjo faced the amazing complexity of governing heterogeneous groups of people and employed methods that his limited academic and practical education opened up to him. His goal was peace and stability, regardless of the cost in human lives.

You took over from Ahidjo and essentially you carried on with his goal of peace and stability regardless of the cost. You are more flexible than Ahidjo was, but the dictatorial essence and repression of Ahidjo has remained.

While Ahidjo was direct in his intimidation you've employed manipulation and cunning, allied with a culture of corruption, fraud, and deceit. In your Cameroon, moral standards are at an all time low and laziness is at an all time high.

The democratic process in Cameroon is constantly manipulated by you so that you alone can end up winner. You use the dictatorial powers given to you by the Constitution to intimidate Parliament and the Supreme Court to do as you say.

This arrangement is at the heart of why Cameroon cannot really progress today. And is why I am fully committed to destroying this arrangement, so that Cameroon can be re-established on a solid democratic footprint with a strong independent Parliament and a strong independent Judiciary.

Parliament must learn that it is there to serve Cameroon and not the President. Similarly, the Judiciary must learn that it is there to serve Cameroon and not the President.

Returning to the building of the Cameroon nation, it must be noted sadly that the preoccupation with keeping heterogeneous groups together (as the sole objective of the country) has dominated Cameroonian politics since Independence. Fifty years is too long a time to maintain this status quo.

For instance, you and other past and current leaders of Cameroon consider the country successful merely because it has been able to keep itself together for 50 years... there is peace, there is stability, therefore the nation is successful. WRONG!

As noted earlier, for Cameroon to enter the league of successful nations it must EMULATE the actions, methods, and thinking of these nations.

Cameroon cannot be a progressive nation with its current political and administrative structure. You have explained brilliantly why this cumbersome, negative, brutal, and repressive system was necessary. Your explanation is embodied in this extract:

"Let us however remember that before independence came, some had been dreaming about it, had fought to obtain it and had sacrificed their lives for it. Our people shall forever be grateful to them.

What were we to do with the legacy inherited from them? Build a Nation from groups whose differences outnumbered their commonalities and whom the colonizers had lumped together within arbitrary boundaries. Building a Nation means forging the desire to live together as well as the desire to continue to assert the legacy received. This is a daunting challenge which fifty years have not been too much to meet."

50 years on, CAMEROON MUST BE REDEFINED on a new pedestal that emulates the actions, methods, and thinking of successful nations. The cumbersome, negative, brutal, and repressive current system must be replaced by a positive, well-oiled, and robust democratic system that encourages achievement and progress while discouraging individual manipulation (especially by the President). The President must have NO POWERS OVER Parliament or the Judiciary.

Bob Bristol

I can see the Banju verdict having a strong influence on that speech.

I avoided going through that speech initially because I thought it was going to be the same old song. Well, as someone once asked John McCain, which future can Biya plan for Cameroon when he is not going to be part of that future? He even look so worn out. I thought a genuine decentralisation could reduce the load on him. Or why not a move back to the federal system.

Ras Tuge

Speeches or no speeches, the ultimate challenge for Cameroon shall be when Biya is no longer president. Now is the time for everybody that yearns for a better Anglophone Cameroon to get involved. I truly don't like the Politics of darkness ( title of one of my works) in this country. With thorough engagement, I and I foresee a bright future for the country nonetheless.

dango tumma

bob bristol. we southern cameroons, remember
voted not to be aprovince nor a region of cameroun in 1961, we voted for independence,
and after that was achieved , the same year
we entered into a federation with cameroun.
remember camerounese themselves never voted
to join in to with southern cameroons, that was an error, the daunting question is what happened after this federation conference in french cameroun f town of fumnan. cameroun under ahijo, rushed its military and gerdames across the international borders and occupied southern cameroons by force, soo. we have been an occupied stated since then, when we through scnc /scapo ask their present ruler to withdraw to its own country , he says we are seceeding? this man knows the difference beyween seceeding and independence. he was 32 years when this 1961 federation was formed, he knows we are not camerounese, but as evil flow in his vein, he is bent on continued crminal activites in our country, I know justice will always triumph over injustice, in peace or military southern cameroons must fight to regain its souvereignty and human dignity once and for all.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

"This means that each and every one of us must know that he or she has a role to play to create the conditions conducive to doing business, attracting investments and implementing the investment projects which are requisites for the development and progress of our country."...(President Paul Biya, 31 December, 2009)

The Ngwa Man

Citizen Dr. Agbormbai you are a great and practical thinker. Your comment sounds as if it was copied and pasted directly from brain. I remember a couple of years ago my brother and I were discusing similar ideas to what you have written. Yes S.E. Biya and S.E. Ahidjo have done everything possible to keep Cameroon together at all cost and what we would have loved is if he would set up the system to be a bit more truly democratic. If he could just do like J.J Rawlings of Ghana, who too was a dictator.

I want to repeat a statement you said above which I believe is in line with a topic you and I discussed once before on this very website:

"Cameroon cannot be a progressive nation with its current political and administrative structure."


That redefination can best be achieved through the restructuring of our political structure through the development and implementation of a more democratic constitution through a national convention.

A lot of people here and on other sites keep focusing on the idea of replacing Mr. Biya but fail to realise that given the current constitution there is no incentive/motivation for the next leader to be progressively different from him. The only thing that could make the next president a little different would be what ever benevolence they have in their heart for the plights of their compatriots.

I don't know about you guys but I believe when a person realizes they have unchecked absolute power, that benevolence can sometimes take a back seat role when it comes to decisions that are essential for the benefit of the masses.

Oh well, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL CAMEROONIANS and lovers of Cameroon. May God continue to walk with and open doors for those that deserve his grace.


Happy new year and a prosperous one.Ras,the old do not talk about the future but they due share concerns about the past or history for people like us or the futur generation to correct thier past errors.Old people do not have a futur,Paul Biya and his team of old have little or nothing to offer for the younger generation.Give us a chance to contribute in nation building since we still have a futur.

DR Agbor AA,The Ngwa Man, I agree with you that the head of the law is the constitution and a good one,it protects citizenry from evil rulers and project a good image of a nation.Untill this vital document is put into place then shall we see a better Cameroon.The Governmentalities of our nation Cameroon that could shape how our population could be acted upon is all false ideology.

Bob Bristol

Happy New Year to all the fans of Up Station Mountain Club! Asafor you're welcome! Ras it's time for action and Ma Mary we're missing you. As for the rest, you've all been so wonderful.

We are not stopping yet. The struggle continues......

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

"The development and progress to which we aspire require that we should be capable of giving priority to the common weal. This does not concern only the public authorities; it also concerns all Cameroonians without exception." (President Paul Biya, 31 December 2009.)

mbele sona

The Entrepreneur N., please stop quoting parts of this stale speech which we all can see. It is either you give your point of view based on your analyses or you remain silent. Maybe all you know is to criticise others who write on this network without contributing anything.

dango tumma

entrepreuneur online is a rdpc new source
controlled by biya just like cameroun tribune, all that comes from any body affiliated with them is pure lies and garebage. agborbai must is also a pro-rdpc
he knows little that, prosperity can never come to french cameroun unitil southern cameroons is independent.

dango tumma

He talk of his country cameroun beeing independent in 1960, without southern cameroons. thats what we ,scnc have been singing fora long time ,yet look at the map he and his news papers are displaying, you see they are depicting southern cameroons clearly attached to cameroun in 1960, isnt that a lie?
these people are soo, damned that they lie without realising they are lieing. we southern cameroonians would prefer death than living without our independence.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.


The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.I comment to let you know i visited your website posted above in the blog,I find it hard to believe your the same person,The Entrepreneur Newsonline presented amazing articles on the political situation in Cameroon.I congratulate you and your objective analyses.

The Entrepreneur,there is a big distinction on you er comments in this forum and what i read on your website, Time often you have made bloggers to misconstrue your intellectual astuteness.I admire your political analyses on your site.

Meek, modest character will take you to the skies,avoid ethnocentric comments,very few may reason you lightly. Think about your intergrity and your contibution in nation building,The idea of focusing on North west South west divide will only limite your Good works. Thank you.


...its very worrying when people who can't criticize their autocratic traditional leaders who usurp their land and women, can't criticize their non-performing CPDM brethren in government, but are quick to insult their head of state....this hypocrazy has reached enormous proportion...we may be heading to the Rwandan route.....

Posted by: The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. | Sunday, 29 November 2009 at 08:06 AM

Asafor: Do not be fooled. It is one and the same person, a bi-polar, opportunistic and dangerous man. He must be watched...


I am not about to initiate the "Ernest Molua appreciation society", but like Mr Asafor I decided to research further on the The Entrepreneur and I was impressed (an intellectual involved with palpable projects in the motherland). We are not all obliged to agree with the management of Cameroon in the last 27 years, however it is immature to not allow others make their point if they see otherwise. I do reside abroad and can understand his disappointment with some segments of the diaspora


Hatred blinds, wickedness is self destructive, but evil always finds a way to triumph, it seems.

We give fair coverage to evil at our own peril. Rwanda was just yesterday, but the wicked man invokes its spectre for our homeland! The good ones must not stay silent only to visit the Museums of Death after the triumph of evil.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc hates the African Diaspora. He hates the Cameroun Diaspora. He hates the Southern Cameroons' Diaspora. They of the "black skin and kink of hair".

A wicked man who invokes the spectre of genocide can not see the remittances that the Diaspora sends for school fees, health care and upkeep of friends and relatives back home. Without those remittances, I submit that his Garden of Eden will be an inferno.

A wicked and hateful man who invokes genocide and can not see the Diaspora who volunteer their expertise and experience to work in clinics in our homeland. In the process, they are extorted and harrassed for bribes at ports of entry. Who needs 43 signatures and 43 bribes to clear medical equipment from the Douala port in order to help their brethren who have been looted and impoverished by the junta the wicked and hateful Entrepreneur Newonline Inc chastises the Diaspora for calling out?

The parasites this genocidal maniac, The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc, supports and accuses the Diaspora of sullying their image, have sucked the life out of those who remain at home. And when the Diaspora attempts to step in, the parasites step up their activity of extorting, harrassing and stealing. Now a representative of the parasites wishes the Diaspora shut up.

CRTV, Cameroon Tribune, Radio France International, and all the high-priced PR Firms Paul Biya pays is not enough to burnish his primitive and corrupt rule. The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc chastises the Diaspora for using the Internet to torment the man wants to romance, Paul Biya.

We got news for you. The Internet is ours! We are the ants with megaphones. Your love interest, Paul Biya, and you will hear from us.

Va Boy

Tagro calling them out.

If the diaspora holds off remittances for just 2 months, that rotten edifice will crumble.


Some of the butchers in Rwanda might have had their virtues, but they killed with impunity. In the Third Reich,there were those might have regarded themselves as decent people, even as they slaughtered the innocent. The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.[ A Radio Mille Collines clone] is a voice of HATE.


VA boy, I have seen kids who have left that country and making minimum wage and living in the barest of circumstances here, but every month without fail, they send funds back home so that their families can live with some measure of human dignity. Some of them do not even have papers.

The regime this man is defending has thoroughly de-humanized the inhabitants of the Cameroons. The trauma is palpable when you visit there.

That some people do not see this really makes me understand that compassion is not universal; that humanity has left the souls of some of us.

It is tempting to appeal to peoples consciences, but what about those like Paul Biya of the million dollar vacations and his little friend here, the entrepreneur of hate, bigotry and evil who has lost that psychological appendage called a human conscience.

He invokes Rwanda. Well a lot of the Rwanda Hutu genocidaires were provided safe haven in Cameroun by the Biya regime. It adds up.


God is the main caretaker of cameroon,not to have allow the flow of fresh hot blood to this nation,as for the old locomotive his days,months and some,maybe few years are already counting decreases as it inreases as we move toward our graves.thank GOD,we may have a good replacement that will pave the road for good practical democratic principle after changing or amending the constitution.thank GOD for also exposing the so call S.D.F party,and his allais for bringing more confussion to the country.the devil you know is better than the engel you do not.


Foreign and national investment to boost the industrial is the most priced ideology of President P.B. This to me is the only way out, but how can this be achieved with our tax policy? If it were possible, the ministry of finance would get into someones mind and have him pay taxes for a business idea he is formulating. In reality, before you start a business in Cameroon, taxes are to be paid for a production you are not sure of. One of two things happens; Either the investor is cheated or the government is robbed. The latter arises from a possibility of under levying the investor. No tax law maker thinks of the second possibility or if they do, it makes no difference. It ends up with most investors who are trying out a new business just shying away with their investments. The most corrageous have no other option but to go for the risk or be pushed to curropt so as to secure their investments. Then, corruption continuous find fertile ground alongside a drastic drop in investment in our land.
The tax system should be reexamined in a way to favor and encourage even local initiatives in a more practical way.
I also suggest that the President himself should be actively involved in this review and follow up. If investment is assured, then good GDP, employment, good standard of living... And there will be no need to think of a political strategy when elections approach since most of us will be well fed and happy.
He should also open up a direct link for him to check on the administrative bottlenecks that discourage and/or delay most projects.
If we can start with this, then next year the president will have more achievements to add to his list.

The Administrator

Do people believe that President Biya is capable of getting the mining projects mentioned above off the ground?

Such projects could put Cameroon on the map internationally and strengthen its economy through taxes and employment.

Cheap UGG Boots

I'm very proud of you. You did fairly well!

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