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Monday, 11 January 2010


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The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....Illusion driven by an obnoxious media...

....Have you visited New Orleans? Go there today,
and see massive poverty in Neighborhoods, destroyed roads almost 10 years ago from the storms, wooden houses where in winter the citizens have merely used plastic sheets to shield themselves today in 2010 !

....Obama has a lot of work in his hands to re-write the historic imbalances in his society, and the grinding poverty in his country where people slave without sleep from paycheck to paycheck.

Take care of yourselves....and forget about the presidency just as the people of New Orleans, South Side, Bronx, Harlem etc. have forgotten about the Whitehouse and are toiling for themselves, 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

....Wake up from your debilitating illusions


I agree with the Graffi slayer.


Woo**** a rare meeting of the minds.

Louis A L

With all honesty, i think it is a good try, as earlier comments suggested, be more precise and brief when writing to a man full of big ambitions like Obama.
It's never wrong to give a go at some of these things especially issues related to human lives.

My advice to everyone; clean your house first before seeking for assistance, it takes many brave soul to engage leadership crisis in Africa, remember the western world can only succeed when there's is this pandemonium in Africa, the lack of accountability is helping the west and now East to exploit resources for free.
But what still puzzles me is who, where, when and how will this piece of work get the President when all his letters and calls are filtered and recorded.
Fingers cross let wait for Obama in the second term for obvious reasons, he is not going to be address Africa's problems now when America is fighting two wars, big competition from China, unemployment at 10% and a political career to save.
Good Try though

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...interesting how some Africans seem to have invested their hopes in a conman that cann't bring change to his people. Hoodwinked?

Ma Mary

Not terribly different from people who worship con man kleptocrat Paul Biya, and try to convert wiser heads to follow him into the Camerounese chasm.


The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.,to be candid you have to grow up.You refer to the US President as a conman,then you try to hoodwink people to an article on your Web page where the "conman's" election and it's expectations are discussed.Everybody opening to that page will expect to read something about the conman hoodwinking people.This is not the best way to publicize your website.Don't pull people by the nose!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Watesih...its like this place is populated by grade 2 primary school kids? Your Grasp of metaphors? Work harder. Interpretation of issues? Please, Upgrade! Obama hoodwinked voters,his peformance is being judged! The article lead: read about Obama's 40 million on stamps and 60 million without healthcare, etc....Did that help your understanding? Please Upgrade. Plenty of community colleges around...


Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.,you surely take the people here for grade 2 primary school kids.Sir,the article you are referring people to is not discussing about how Obama can't bring change to his people.It is discussing Obama's election and the hopes the people had in this process.Don`t tell me to read about 60 million without healthcare! There are about 30,40 million people in the US without health care cover not 60 million.As an aspiring blogger,you should know better.Then go ahead to show how a conman hoodwinking voters is used metaphorically.

Va Boy

Obama did not create the problems, but he has the courage to take on thorny problems such as the health care, which previous administrations had swept under the carpet. Some little gnat calls President Obama a conman. Neither did he create the economic meltdown. It was tossed on his lap the day he took the seat.

Commot for here.

If Obama be con man, na wetin be ya idol, Paul Biya?

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Change is not on the teleprompter....

Sesseku Arrey.

I think the guy needs to be a little harder.


Africom - Latest US Bid To
Recolonise Continent

The Secret History of the American Empire

Confessions of An Economic Hit Man - What Really Goes on Behind Global Affairs

My message to my people is......, Know you enemy and know youself. When you know the true enemy, you will be able to make better war plans how to defeat your enemy and gain your true freedom.

biya is well armed, placed, protected and justified by someone out there to do exactly what he is doing.
Keep all of you checked so that, these same entities behind the scenes will march in and ravage all our natural resources for free and without nuisance from our people.

Please my people, comrades, fellow Africans and my Race, we have to be wise, be intelligent in this third millennium to know the truth and stand up for the truth.
again, know your enemy and know yourself.

ndifor can be reach at kkrizs(att)gmail(dot)com for more information

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