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Thursday, 21 January 2010


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UB Observer

"Head of Department of Agricultural Economics and Agri-Business: Dr. Ernest Letia Molua, Lecturer."

Hehehe! You guys are here arguing with the entrepreneur while he is playig his cards well and steadily building his professional career on your backs. Even though he concedes that Cameroon is corrupt, have you ever seen him write even one critical statement of the regime in power or any specific person? Nope. Before long you will see him in his brand new Paul Biya/ CPDM Cicam marching around Buea. Wuna continue for follow dis cunny man...


Ha! Ha! You connected the dots.

Danny boy

Now that he has more than a newspaper to manage, let us wait and see how his grand ideas take hold in UB!
Let us give him a chance.

Congratulations Dr. Molua.

Hope you will have the time to join the banter on this blog?


Molua, get your machete ready and use your new position to kill Graffi!


electrical... of technology? and agricultural and agronomy? to be lodged in which buildings, which labs and so on.
Come on, am a proud product of the UB, but its shocking that such rather big and impt faculties are created with the necessary minimum infrastructure.
come on...


...after killing Graffi, Molua, the entrepreneurial genius will provide the 'necessary minimum infrastructure.'

... Molua has been sharpening his cutlass to kill Graffi.

... Machete Molua over to you.


It is surprising that this fellow at a terminal degrees, BUT he reasons and reacts like a teenager!
Really disappointing!


It is surprising that this fellow had a terminal degree, BUT he reasons and reacts like a teenager!
Really disappointing!


I have been following some of his write-ups for a while. All along, the more I perused his scribbling, the face of a confused teenager popped up, matching the ramblings he so wordily express. To start to fathom that such were the views of a man who holds advanced degrees, and, who, currently, is in charge of a university department, is really strange.
Well, it somehow sum up the old adage that textbook material and theories in themselves can't make someone erudite.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.'re right...At least, you know him. But, he doesn't know you. Never wishes to know you. He ain't no hemophrodite like Hanna, Natalie...etc. True patriots do not metamorphose into cyber newts. The man has a view and holds to it, makes a case for work to be done, without cyber masquerade.. Ever wondered why the boss is nicknamed The Madiba?...well; this is all for 'true' Patriots in the House (and the rest can emaciate in self-exile like Ntumazah):

Ailing pains that never seem to go away
Freedom like no other
Respect for the motherland
Innovative on another level
Cast away as though an insignificant speck
Amazing-never cease to survive despite the strife

Although they will burden your back
With a load
Too heavy that some would collapse
Beneath it
But it is you
And so despite this
You stand strong
Proud, back straight
Poised and graceful
As though a gazelle



The man sings, praises, and bootlicks just to secure a tiny increase in his peasant pay package. Yet he calls himself a patriot! What a shame!
And for your information, not everyone here writes from abroad, or is on self-exile.
What is that you just posted? Is it a poem? Or a passage?

Please, kindly stick to expressing lame comments!


Really the fellow can't stop wearing his teenager-like thinking cap. He jumps to excitement when he makes local headlines!
...fellow, we also 'know' Paul Biya, Abdulmutallab, Saddam,Mugabe,Ben Laden, Oben Ashu,and 'they will never wish to know us'...
I am sure those are your heroes! Myopic Quisling.

We are 'hemophrodites'... you are a 'tabloid web address'...
Check your reasoning and differentiate it from that of your child...if you have one.
What do you teach to those youngsters?

Sesseku Arrey.

Congratulations to Dr.Molua and the rest his colleagues.i wish you all do your best and expertise to move UB to higher heights, to levels that man will not be able to comprehend.
UB The Pride Of S.Cameroon.

Doho Severin

i am a student at the university of Douala i wish to know if the entance next academic year (2011-2012) shall be on an interview or as last year. Thanks

Doho Severin

I equally wish to know how the entrance at the faculty of engineering will be. Is it as an interview or as last academic year.

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