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Saturday, 23 January 2010


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dango tumma

this is good for evry southern cameroonian and any level headed citizen of la rep du cameroun (cameroon) to learn our history and course, why we fight what we fight and why our independence is infact a good thing for cameroon one freedom from france.


I have a question. when will my people become independent? Ambazonia forever.

Paa Ngembus

This is a very commendable effort by Dr. Ayim.

I know many of my Southern Cameroonian armchair critics will say Dr. Ayim only took other people's work and strung it together, but it is still scholarship.

At least we now have a single reference document that assembles all our importand documents.

Even though at times I think Dr. Ayim is confused as I see him move from SCNC to SCYL to SCAPO to Ambazonia, I must say kudos to him on this one.

Bravo Dr. Ayim.


Paa Ngembus

Pa Tamukong Thomas N.

Great job Dr. Ayim. I doff you my hat in respect and praise for a job well done.

Mbuli Rene

This is a very good piece. It is an added effort to our common objective. With God by our side , the Southern Cameroons will gain its independence. Darkness may tarry for a while , but sunshine will come in the morning.


Honour to this great intellectual charge.
Who says the Gods of nature slumber?


Where is the independence here if the South and North West is still described as "British Cameroon".Let those who promote the idea of the so call "British Cameroon" go and read history again.Agaisnt all odds Southern Cameroon was handed indireclty to France by the British. That is, before the plebicite the French and the British had already decided that Southern Cameroon will be handed to fomer president Amadou Ahidjo because Cameroon was under the French influence.DeGaule called the result of the plebicite a gift from the queen of Engalnd.This just means that there was a conspiracy between France and British to hand Southern Cameroon (SC) to the French.Our politicians much remove the word British when describing SC it too ingnorant on their part to call SC "British Cameroon"

Paa Ngembus


Stop this foolish Ambzonia propaganda.

When we gain the independence we shalll change the country's name.

For now "The Southern Cameroons" is the only legally recognized entity anywhere.

Are you Ambazonians so stupid you are incapable of understanding simple logic?

Are you even aware that the name "Ambazonia - Ambosie Zone" is coined from a derogatory Portuguese reference to "black cannibals" in the Bights of Biafra & Guinea in the 1600/1700s?

This your argument is worn out, tired and annoying.

Do something better to advance (instead of retard) the Cause, will you.


Paa Ngembus

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