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Monday, 25 January 2010


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Na so so me

Entrepreneur! Come here my friend! Do you see what your "cameroon's empirical realities on the ground" have led to? You were the one who argued that:

"cameroon's empirical realities on the ground...... can not be explained by text book.....Cameroon is not theory......theories don't hold in Cameroon......let your imagination not deceive you...e.g. ...what style of play do the Lions use? Theories in text books in coaching schools will not hold for Cameroon. They play Egypt different from Brazil, as differently they will against Germany or Tchad or US women's soccer team!......that randomness and stochastic behaviour permeates all fabric of national life......."

NOw we are confronted with the ugliness and short-sightedness of your Cameroonist "randomness and stochastic behaviour" - a team that was capable of winning the trophy with ease has been knocked out because the coach believed that 3 days of training - coming after the christmas holiday - was all that the "random" lions needed; players badly in need of a strategy were simply thrown in the field "randomly" because "le Cameroun c'est le cameroun"...

God hail Biya and Molua and their "random republic"!!!!!

In case you've forgotten where the quote above came from, go back to Mbuli Rene's article at:


Can Eto'o still blame Wome today? The same Egypt showing the same professionalism we lack.This is a good omen,because Song Bahanack can only meet his Waterloo,like the ministers we have at kondengui when their ineffectiveness starts nibbling away the Lion man's pysche like leprosy.Retire all the businessmen in the team like Njitap, song and even Kameni.They make the job of any coach difficult.

Sesseku Arrey.

we really need some changes,to put the right guys in to the pitch where they are suppose to be. we need to start training a new goalkeeper.Kameni has started being unserious.This nations cup was'nt at the level of Kameni. Bassong needs to be call back to take absolute control of the defense.Our defense is licking and we don't have the correct number 10 shirt,somebody like patrick Mboma.
If we don't do this changes,and a serious training and make sure this guys play collectively,We will go no where coming June 2010,South Africa.

Pa chi

Guys, this very defeat from Egypt will haunt us for a very long time.What in the world happened?
Failure is not an option. We must not settle for mediocrity where excellence can be attained. Heads must roll: be it players or coaches. Lack of a cohesive playing style ; inability to capitalize on opportunities coupled with monumental self destructive habits prevented us from handing the Egyptians a sound defeat and sweet revenge within 90 minutes. What a missed opportunity. What next now? Can we learn anything from this mess?


"This was may favourite football team and one of the best in Africa, the Lions are tired!! this team is just still known today because of their past victories otherweise nobody can talk about them. I believe the are some home based players who can do better than this but can never be given the oppotunity to play. Most of the African teams are a product of the national government. They still have a long way to go to reach S. Afrika" One German football expert over the lions.


The team played well against Egypt, but they lost ! That is the game of football. It happens !Before yesterday it was Song,yesterday it was Njitap and Kameni,tommorow it could be Eto or any other player. There is always the chance to improve, and lets hope that the players improve.

Paddo, Copenhagen, Denmark

Yeah Mr Eric you sound right with the opinion of it can be any other player, but do u also think of the fact that mistakes committed can not be an excuse especially on a do or die match like the one yesterday. We have enormous problems plaguin the lions dent. First the ageing nature of most of the players should be pointed out, then lack of team spirit follows and finally coaching techniques. We have a handfull of talented and young players who are willing and ready to make a different. What ponders me is why they are being left out of the lion's squard despite their efficiencies in the various clubs. To my humble opinion, i think our coach is kinda blind in the course of a match. In open his eyes and see less than i do, cuz he should have change both Geremi and Idrissou for Bikey and Tchoyi or Efolo'o (don't know if it's correct spellin) and allow Emana.
Well lets keep fingers cross and see what he gonna do. God help the Lions

Va Boy

Good. Very good
Back to freedom projects.

Danny Boy

Football fans the world over are always fantasists! When was the last time Cameroon beat Egypt? Even the great teams of yesteryears never managed to do it!
Take '86 for example and the Great Milla missing a penalty that would have given us the cup! Pierre Wome missing that spot kick that denied us a place at the last world cup!
Egypt has always been our "bete noire" or nemesis, which is why I am not shedding any tears.
I feel sorry for the Angolan police as the semi between Egypt and Algeria might degenerate into another bloodbath. I hope not.
As for the disconsolate fans in Yaounde, June is just around the corner!

Bob Bristol

Did Biya urge Cameroonians to adopt the fighting spirit of the Lions? Hahaha! When a curse hovers above any effort, nothing significant can be achieved. What have we cultivated from some of the significant strides that the Lions offered in the past.


victory or no victory for Cameroon, live will go on.




A lot of this guys play for Money this days. they pray to be eliminated so that they can rush back to get their wages flowing again. egypt played for patriotism while we played for our past thinking it will determine our present or future. thats why I think players from tonere kalara, canon nkpakum, union douala, tiko united, cotton sport will make a huge difference in an african cup than the money minded oversabi infested two left handed kameni and the two left footed geremi and the pompous etoó. anyways thumps up to Mandjeck and Eyong. they played for their country. Can never still understand why Emana rather than Eto was subsituted. remember this frenchman is now a journalist and not a coach nomore. my revelation reveals he was sacked from Glasgow rangers in his last attempt. kiss my korokoro arse PLG. u deserve to be shot.


The team has a very sterile offence and if you see how the got to the quatter finals the did not merit to proceed. The players do a lot of running but no concrete soccer. that is a bad team for the world cup.


The way the coach and the whole team played was like we went to the African cup of nations to test players.If that was their goal then am sure it was well done.Now they know who is who in that team If that was not their goal then we have issues in that team.The same errors will always lead to the same consequences.That is all what happened.We play with no defense and worst of all no goal keeper by any means.We had about 20 corner kicks during the game? was it really because we were the better team??? may be not.It was just a defense strategy by the Egyptians to bring down the pressure we were mounting on them.But when we are under pressure we will rather donate the ball to the opponent to score than give them a corner kick.this is hurrible!!!I have really never seen this kind of play style.I feel sorry for a few players who gave all they had yet reaped nothing in Return and for those of you who hate Song i want to caution you guys to Open your eyes again.Song is still by far one of the best guys we need in that defense take it or leave it.I am glad he was left out so his detractors could see that he was not the one killing the team.I think Kamani has no place in that team any more.We must learn to accept when these players skills are fading away and Kamani is one of them.I wish we had a better goal keeper but then wishes will never be horses... so you know the rest.Have a good day

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