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Monday, 25 January 2010


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Paa Ngembus

I shed no tear for Ndeh Ntumazah.

Ntumazah and his comrades of the One Kamerun (OK) Party (The Anglo UPC) are responsible for selling Southern Cameroonians into slavery.

It was the OK that turned Foncha and Endeley from Independentists to Federalists/Unionists.

Without Ntumazah and his OK The Southern Cameroons would be an independent nation today.

So as a Southern Cameroonian patriot I shed no tear for Ntumazah.

In fact I will spit on his grave.


Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto

Paa Ngembus, were Foncha and Endeley sheep for a tiny party like the OK to change the official policies of their own parties? Ntumazah, like Gorgi Dinka, Mukong, etc., were all "Pan Kamerunists in 1961 and all campaign for a bilingual Cameroon republic. The fact that the dream did not pan out as the had hoped should not take away from what they stood for later.

If you say, you don't week for Ntumazah because he never embraced the Anglophone nationalist agenda, I will grant you that. But to hold him responsible for the blunders of the KNDP and its satellite organizations like NUKS, The Kamerun Society, etc., is historical revisionism of the worst order.

Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto,

Read Ntumazah and Foncha's biographies and you will understand what I am talking about.

After the 1958/59 trip to the UN with Endeley and Mbile, Foncha and Endeley changed from Independentists to Federalist/Unionist.

Foncha was afraid OK will carry the Unification mantle and he would be out of power so he embrace Unification. Endeley knew his only other option thanks to the yes "tiny" OK was Nigeria.

Politics is and was a game of numbers and if the OK won a couple of seats Foncha or Endeley could gain/re-gain control.

So go back and review your history man. I will not call what you are doing revisionism but rather denialism.

I agree with you that at least Gorji Dinka and Mukong repented and started fighting for the Southern Cameroons that they helped sale into slavery.

Ntumazah never repented.

That is why I will spit on his grave.


Paa Ngembus

Dr A A Agbormbai


Nzui Manto

Paa, if Foncha became a unificationist because he feared that the if he did not embrace the OKs pan-kamerunist agenda he would be out of office, then that means that the electorate was pan-kamerunist in their majority; OK was therefore simply reflecting the wishes of the people of Southern Cameroons. In that case, Pa Ntumazah has absolutely no reason to "repent". Foncha and his gang were the ones with power, not Ntumazah.

You are the one in denial, not me


If you are in the US, you would be fascinated by how a tiny fringe extreme minority leads the great Republican party by the nose. Politics is a funny thing that way. It depends on the dynamics of the situation.

There were a number of problems for Southern Cameroonians at that time, namely : French Cameroun immigrants had been organized for some time and were driving the unity agenda very hard. Britain was pushing the two options and was closing its ears to the independence option. Southern Cameroonian leaders did not properly articulate the independence option, which is what was wanted by most Southern Cameroonians at that time. Whereas, the OK/UPC had a well-articulated ideology, based on communist templates. Communism is no longer a big deal, but people who lived through the period of the cold war and read some material from the communist side know that communist analyses of issues of class, imperialism and social conflict were very sophisticated and compelling.

Louis Egbe Mbua


OK was a Southern Cameroons party albeit an arm of UPC. However, they had no say in French Cameroun in terms of votes or politics. UPC had been banned.

Secondly, when the two options were announced in London, the Southern Cameroons people were extremely angry. Majority of Southern Cameroonians actually wanted independence not another "joining" after their bad experiences in Nigeria. Why the "Unification" has never worked. As long as that independence question remains; and not resolved satisfactorily, the "One Kamerun" idea will FAIL and has already failed. It failed in the very beginning.

Nzui Manto

Mr. Mbua, please show me a single historical document (the Buea archives are open to all, there are thousands of books and articles on Sc) that show that the people of Southern Cameroons were against the two options proposed to them. Too much revisionism about Southern Cameroon. Yes, the two alternatives did not have the total support of the political elite, but that elite laid the basis for those options and agreed to campaign on them.

Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto,

Your logic is warped, and let me show you why.

Southern Cameroonians had 3 options

A- Independence
B- Federation with La Republique
C- Absorption into Nigeria.

Option A had at least 70% of the vote (option B about 20% and option C about 10%), but the UN in her infinite wisdom judged the Southern Cameroons unworthy of option A and took it away after the Endeley/Foncha/Mbile UN visits of 1958/59.

Left with just options B & C and a tiny OK as spoiler the power brokers of the day Foncha and Endeley staked their position (yes OK had only about 2% of the vote - see 1959 and 1961 Parliamentary elections. Not everyone that wanted Unification supported OK, proof Foncha was able to steal their mantle).

From there to conclude that option B was the more popular is warped logic.


Paa Ngembus

Louis Egbe Mbua

Mr. Nzui,

Dr. Ayim has just published his book; and reviewed a few days ago on this very postnewsline site:

I believe you should acquire; and then read the two volumes of the book to get evidence of SCians independence quest in the 1950s and 1960s.

Besides, the evidence is clear today. While we may read books, what is real today is that that denied independence has been reawakened/invoked again by the Southern Cameroons people today. What evidence do you need then? If you want a test, carry out an internationally surpervised plebiscite on independence today in SC.

Going around claiming "revisionism" when the evidence is staring YOU in the face is like claiming that people exaggerate that the sky is blue. Is the sky blue? Or is it Yellow? Which is which? Choose.

Nzui Manto

@Ngembus. You think saying southern Cameroons shall be free" suddenly makes you free from criticism? Did I tell you I was a pan-Kamerunist? Yes, SC shall be free - but on the basis of TRUTH about its history in pre and post-independent Cameroon. One more time, Ntumazah was a marginal player in the reunification debate and there is nothing you have provided that challenges this point.

@ Mbua. I beg comot me dey!!! have you read Ayim's book? If you have, then please tell me which chapter deals with the issue under discussion. One last time, you guys don't have the monopoly knowledge.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

The UPC is still a viable functioning political party in Cameroon. The inadequacy of Ndeh Ntumuzah's contribution in bringing wisdom and direction to contemporary Cameroon politics, since his return from exile in early the Zumas, Mbeki etc...did, will be the yardstick on which his success as a revolutionary is measured by Cameroonians yet unborn: and not how many whitemen he wrestled to the ground.

Revolutionaries who are 'unlucky' not to have died at hotspots or combat, when the struggle is rife yet live long to re-write their destiny are traditionally judged unkindly than those who die in a strungle....Ndeh Ntumazah is a disciple of that class...

....And, it is for this reason that Um Nyombe, Ouandie...far afield Che Guevara, Biko, etc....will forever remain immortalised with tear filled eyes when their struggle is recanted....Who sheds tear for a supposed revolutionary, like Ndeh Ntumazah with enough time to tidy up the a question that Emmanuel Konde and Victor Ngoh - proven baobabs and students of Cameroon's history must answer.......

Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto,

I love to debate issues, but very often I lose patience with opponents who are incapable of rational logical thought.

In general if A implies B and only B, and B implies C and only C then it would be logical to state that A implies C if B can be ascertained.

That is the logic youy tried to make.

I pointed out where your logic was flawed (B cannot be ascertained) and instead of depending yourself you attack my slogan for Southern Cameroons independence.

Again a sign of your logical inadequacies.

Man I have no patience for people who think like buffoons (I did not say you were a buffoon though, just that you were thinking like one, so don't misquote me in your illogic).


Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto

So according to Mr. Ngembus, Southern Cameroons shall be independent by any means necessary, including falsely vilifying the dead and justying the actions of the real criminals (yes they we criminals) who auctioned off Southern Cameroons' destiny for purposes of political expediency. What a tragedy...

Louis Egbe Mbua

"@ Mbua. I beg comot me dey!!! have you read Ayim's book? If you have, then please tell me which chapter deals with the issue under discussion." Nzui

Good Question. Have you read the book?

The title alone is enough to answer some of your questions. So it is better to read the book; and then you may be in a reasonable position to make informed opinions than to make theoretical assertions with little or no evidence.

Besides, I didn't say the book is the only evidence; but reality on the ground as well. And what is truth? Please, make an effort to read the book to know the truth.

"One last time, you guys don't have the monopoly knowledge" Nzui

You are right. But who said we have "monopoly of knowledge"?

Paa Ngembus

Nzui Manto,

Your illogical buffoonery continues.

You just accused me of villifying the dead (Ndeh Ntumazah in this case) and then like a mad man joined me in doing the same thing; calling other dead peaple (Foncha, Muna, Mbile, Endeley, I guess) criminals.

Man Are you OK upstairs?

You might be right in your assertion that some people have a monopoly on knwledge because your demonstrated lack of knowledge and analytical skills is glaring.

Your infatuated fixation on my independence slogain is fascinating. Unfortunately you will have to learn to live with it from now till we gain our independence.

And YES, I still shed no tear for Ndeh Ntumazah who helped enslave The Southern Cameroons and YES I will spit on his grave.


Paa Ngembus

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...The culture of heaping praises on the dead is very Cameroonian. Even within family circles, people who abandoned children and starved kith and kins to death, are eulogized with praises... the bigger Cameroon family. Konde and Asonganyi spent capital just to find out whether the man "appeared and disappeared". Konde and Asonganyi, like millions of Cameroonians before them, and some still to come, have failed to show how a 1950s UPC with the objective gaining independence for Cameroon, were still fighting for Liberation long after Independence. They were now fighting for who's independence?

...Shed no tear for Ntumazah. Ndeh, had the luxury of time on his side. The void in his Contributions to a viable Cameroon state, 1970 - 2010, cannot solely be explained because he recuperated in 'self-exile'. His CV has a 40 year unexplained gap!

....Why a supposedly freedom fighter would abandon civilized modes of nation building, 50 years after independence and bask in the childish euphoria of 'appearing and disappearing' can only be very anglophone cameroon: childish exuberance to create latter day heroes where there is work at hand to do.

No doubt, millions of Cameroonians in Muea, Ikiliwindi, Idenau, Oku, Mbouda, Mokolo, do not even know he is dead or living. The man was as useless in the prime of his life, as he is dead. So, why the hype? His 1950s antics are merely fuel for today's economic-exilees publishing compendiums of self-serving lies, hypes and thrash as revolution literature......

..."The biggest challenge of being trapped in the past is that one may lose sight of the opportunities that lie ahead".....Ndeh Ntamzah was trapped in the past...lived and died in the past...True patriots will shed no tear for him!

Nzui Manto

"His 1950s antics are merely fuel for today's economic-exilees publishing compendiums of self-serving lies, hypes and thrash as revolution literature..."

So is Prof. Asonganyi an "economic exile" trying to write revolutionary literature? Is Koddock (his political enemy whom he described as a fortune hunter) and all the other individuals who appeared on CRTV a couple of days ago to highlight his contributions to the birth of the Cameroon nation economic exiles? And are the journalists of the government-owned Cameroon Tribune who paid tribute to him exiles too?

This obsession with the Diaspora is becoming tiresome indeed!

Yes, Ntumazah may have been a bum in the last years of his life, but what he did in his early years helped to irrevocably shape and birth the Cameroon that we know today - for better or for worse. That alone is enough to give his a place in the Cameroon pantheon.


Pa Ngembus' spitting can be understood from a historical perspective,but it can't be put on a one to one correspondence with what Cpdm propagandists will want freedom fighters to be. We have never really got independence from France. What we had was an independence of intention, not one of purpose. This is exactly why Pa Ntu refused to join forces with French hands like Kodock. Until we rid ourselves of French interferance, Pa Ntu's shunning of them will continue to guide the aspirations of real patroits,and not self-anointed ones.

Va Boy

What a tribalist the author seems to be. Does he love and admire this graffi man because he was a staunch lifelong ally of those powerful Bassa figures of the UPC? Otherwise Graffi people are the targets of his scorn and hatred. Bassa, the most wonderful people on earth.

Paa Ngembus

Did you drop my posting again??????

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