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Monday, 18 January 2010


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Haiti pour la vie

Haiti Tragedy
The National Security Archive Mourns the Loss of Lisa Mbele-Mbong

January 15, 2010 - We were tremendously saddened to learn of the untimely death on January 12 of our friend and former colleague, Lisa Mbele-Mbong, who was killed in the collapse of the UN Mission building during the earthquake in Haiti. Lisa was a human rights officer and team leader in the Policy and Planning Unit of MINUSTAH, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, based in Port-au-Prince. When the earthquake struck, Lisa was one of many attending a meeting in the human rights section of the building who did not survive its destruction.

Lisa came to the National Security Archive in February 1994 to work with analyst Kenneth Mokoena on a research project examining the Frontline States of Southern Africa in addition to other topics--including Haiti. She went on to join the United Nations in Geneva, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti, where she lived together with her 10-year-old son, Nady.

For those of us who knew Lisa Mbele-Mbong well, her loss is a terrible blow. Lisa was a passionate, brave and thoughtful woman dedicated to human rights and social justice. She had a skeptical, inquiring mind and a joyous laugh; she never hesitated to challenge conventional wisdom about Haiti, development, human rights or any of the other many issues that engaged her. She was also beautiful and tremendous fun. We miss her terribly.

Lisa leaves her parents Helena and Samuel Mbele-Mbong of Geneva, her sister Leontyne, and Nady.

Haiti pour la vie

And, Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe ( Bishop Pierre Whalon, told ENS that Nady Mbele-Mbong, the grandson of General Convention Deputy Helena Mbele-Mbong and her husband Samuel, has been airlifted out of Haiti to Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic's capital.

The 10-year-old's mother Lisa, 38, did not survive the collapse of the human-rights section of the building that housed the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in Port-au-Prince where she worked as a human rights officer. She reportedly had left a meeting to check on the trembling when a falling concrete slab struck her, killing her instantly.

The Washington Post reported that Nady was with the driver who had always picked him up from school and was outside the U.N. complex waiting for his mother when the quake struck. U.N. officials found his passport in his mother's purse.

Nady's aunt Leontyne will come to Santo Domingo to take him to Paris, Whalon said. From there he will go to be with the Mbele-Mbongs who live in France near Geneva, Switzerland. Meanwhile, he is being cared for by Dominican Republic Bishop Julio Holguin and retired Diocese of South Carolina Bishop William Skilton, assisting bishop in the Dominican Republic.

Lisa Mbele-Mbong will be buried out of her parents' parish of Emmanuel Church in Geneva once the U.N. has repatriated her body, Whalon said, adding that the process could take until February.

Sesseku Arrey.

Sister, rest in peace. I extend my sympathy to the family of the disease.

baba douala

Rest in peace my sister; May God be with your son.


RIP Lisa.We pray God continue to protect your lovely son Nady and raise him the way you always would have done.My sympathy to the Mbele-Mbongs.

Kevin Foy

Rest in Peace Sister, The good lord will always be there whenever your son Nady needs you. I pray God gives your family a heart strong enough to accept this lost.You will forever be missed.

Tashi Zomba

Dear friend, I am really shocked for your untimely demise. My prayers for your soul and rest in peace. God will take care of your son, Nady and give him all the love and strength throughout his life the way you would have raised him. You will be missed always. My condolence to Mbele Mbongs.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

May her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace,
In the Yard of Ancestors,
For she gave her all,
Toiling for the Offsprings of African Slaves
Marooned in a foreing Island,
For which peace and harmony,
For which a good laugh is far fectched,
For which paying reparations
On the backs of french in perpetuity
in a country with its destiny held captive
by American interference,
as seen in the Kidnapping and dumping
of Reverend Aristide into the African Rainforest
She died doing good for her people.
Tonight, she smiles in Heaven,
knowing being in Haiti was a destiny.
I hope the people of her adopted homes
in Switzerland, France or US
would erect a monument
immortalising her sacrifice to humanity.
Pax, Lux et veritas ad infinitum....Lisa.

John Mbu

This is so sad for the Cameroonian community as a whole and for her family in particular.May the GOOD LORD comfort and strengthen them during this trying period and may her soul rest in perfect peace amen................

Ita Marguet

My deep sympathies on the death of your daughter so devoted to helping those who have less and in need of help both spiritual and material. My thoughts are with Nady whose mother's love has been snatched from him. I offer my sincerest thoughts in your grief and wish you hope and courage to proceed despite your tragic loss. As members of the United Nations we are part of your extended family both near and far and specially in support at this terrible time for your family and the people of Haiti. Ita Marguet

anna nju

May the good Lord rest Lisa's soul in peace. And thank God that Nady has a caring family that will lessen his pain and raise him with love.
Such a huge loss all around.

Iris Benson Smyth

Helena, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I happened to see this website as I "googled" your name, looking to see how I might reconnect with you. Our 50th HS reunion is next year and the search is on for rounding up classmates. I am so sorry about the tragedy that has happened in Haiti, but now it is even more poignant as I know of it personally. My prayers are with you all, especially young Nady, and I hope we can be in touch when you can. Iris

True Religion Outlet

your emphasis on the sample size and demographics.Youre forgetting that a survey of news watchers is going to relate to demographics of news watchers and not demos of non news watchers.
Damn I was hoping my anti anxiety meds suggestion could be a magical fix! And thank you for the kind words about my Grandmother, that means a lot.

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