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Saturday, 09 January 2010


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Docta, something to be said for western commercialism is that it enables dissemination since everything has been turned into a commodity. I would not have such easy access to your fine ideas without the commodification, as one example.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Magnificent! A very enlightening piece.

Ras Tuge

Old knowledge. Very boring! Africa's paramount problem today is not lack of knowledge. Rather, it is about the lack of research within the embattled souls of each and every individual African child.

Moreover, the most cruel enemy to the emancipation of the African child, and hence the progress of the African continent is the African parent; people like Molefi Asante who would chant loud without really saying anything new.


Ras Tuge sir. Do you have a body of work in which I can refer to for this exciting new knowledge? It could be yours or anybody elses?


Good piece.Asian societies have recognized this dichotomy created by the Western world,and are fighting back.They are investing time and money in their soft power.The are buying up big companies around the world and hacking into computers in Europe and the US.Asian countries are developing their Jumbo jets,and fast-speed trains.All of this point to the fact that they want to wrest away the control of knowledge and information from the West.Recently,during the Copenhagen Climate summit in Denmark,countries like China decided to stall negotiations,because they see no need giving in so quickly to the West that is noted for playing mind games with developing countries in such negotiations.If the Doha round of trade talks have all along stalled,why would the West suddenly want the Copenhagen climate talks to speed through? There's this case of a British national that was executed in China few days ago.As expected the British protested vehemently,but they forgot China was beginning to hit back on those who ransacked and stole away Chinese works of art a century ago.These works of art are standing in museums in Western countries.They stole these because they wanted to control the minds of others.I was reading an article,should be in the Hufftington Post,where the writer seemed to be celebrating the fact that African-Americans are lagging behind education wise.He went to the level of saying,if you want to hide something from African-Americans,put it in books.If somebody really wanted his compatriots to turn over a new leaf,would he want to hide knowledge from them?


This may explain why I can't have a PhD position after having made soo many applications.I have good results and good recommendations ,good letters of motivation but each time I apply they keep saying no.Maybe they are afraid that too many Africans are becoming wiser and gaining much knowledge from western research from all fields.However I do hope that sometime in the future Africa will be a strong superpower and will no longer depend on the west.Although our governments have failed us,if we keep staying in the western world until death, then the knowledge we acquire will never be transferred to Africa and we will still remain on the same spot for centuries to come.


..i agree. It depends on what knowledge we are talking about. Parents should start encouraging their children to venture into new areas of knowledge. Japan got transformed so rapidly after the second world war due to new Knowledge. How they got this new Knowledge is a different isssue. Labour is based on Demand and supply. If the labour u are supplying is not in demand, then there is no place for u. I know companies in the U.S.A that import needed labour as far as india and and apply for their green cards.


...unfortunately there is this thing called brain drain going on. The west as always is absorbing all the knwledge they can. They do this by making offers and benefits. This dumb ass or bone head called Paul Biya offers no incentives for any educated Cameroonian to either stay in Cameroon or return to Cameroon. Truth of the matter is, the Knowledge needed to build Camerron is now residing in the Diaspora, with dreams of returning home. Any decent human being will have to give up their conscience to join that blood sucking Paul Biya.


Knowledge can never be free, as the acquisition of knowledge is normally accompanied by abnegation and self-sacrifice and therefore must be rewarded. Africans should not expect to reap where they did not so.

However, it is not too late to breach the gap by judicoius investment: buying licences, instead of villas and expensive holidays abroad

Ma Mary

Not all knowledge should be privatized and commodified. Asante discusses particularly knowledge and artifacts that are the properties of non European peoples forcefully appropriated by Western individuals and institutions. Even the western societies used to have something called "The Commons", which are excluded from private exploitation, because it is best that they are held as public or the property of the people. Conservativism has seriously eroded the commons in those countries that embraced it with dire consequences.

Some of the more troubling areas include the patenting of genes, which has introduced serious moral and ethical hazards. About 20 years ago, the Indian government had a fit because a Western company took it upon itself to try to patent a traditional medicine that has been used in India for thousands of years. Anybody could access it for the common good, but what the Western company was going to do was to block the dozens of little enterprises in India that were extracting and selling this medicine to the common man. You may also want to check out what Monsanto has been doing with the Soy bean and other plant seeds. Privatization of knowledge has gone too far and it is now in the interests of people not just Africans but even people in the West to push back and restore public research to the universities, backed by public funds and made available to everyone. Now, private companies are sponsoring research at universities and then sitting on the knowledge. That, is bad for science and the common good.

I could go on and on. I could write a book on this, but limbekid you are wrong. What these guys are doing is totally scary and Asante barely scratched the surface.

dango tumma

thats the jewish game
money, money and more money. but at the end
the whole planet is destroyed. and usa is a third world country, since it cannot produce more better scientists and engineers as the others, since knowlege isnt free is commodity, who fool you, knowlege
is a gift to start with its given free of charge in all of us, the aim soo salient is to mine it for human kind service, the sin is the usa and europe have turn is to mean their private property to be hoarded and sold to the highest bidder.

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