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Friday, 15 January 2010


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The collaborators in the genocide action against Ouandie's people are still afraid of these guys. They are still afraid of the truth and do not want people to mourn. It is a bad sign.

yawo vally

I wonder why the city of b,ffssm has not been able to erect a monument in honour of Ouandie .Its really a shame.This was a great man.I hope one day there would be something in honour of this great guy.Long live cameroon.


The pope asked the president to killed Albert Nkongmo but not my bishop . Wisdom from the man of God.


I remembered my grandfather telling me this story but back then It was always refuted as a conspiracy theory, fair play guys for bringing this to light with graphic pictures to settle any questions. This part of our history should never be lost, I only hope we can learn something from it.

Christmas Ebini

Just watching the pictures of these great Cameroonians, who gave their lives for their country, I feel so inadequate and regret the generation I was born into. I have not stood enough for the future of my country and posterity. They thought of all of us and our country and future and did not cowardly turn away from truths.

I want to connect to the souls of these great human beings, these great patriots, these heros and people of honor and courage. It is a shame we do not have any songs or poems for these men.

Christmas Ebini

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Your regret is as good as mind. Thank God folks like you turned from Saul to Paul on your way to Damascus, and true lights now shines in your heart. I can't deconstruct when an average Cameroonian, especially in diaspora, found it sexier to insult his country, parade heaps of lies and churn out literature that Cameroonian youths can not even use given the sheer volume of untruths.....Unable to match the efforts of our slain heros like Um Nyombe and the living like the young Paul Biya...a stunch...UPC activitist in the 50's is a scar on our collective conscience....I do not regret being born in this generation, for it has more work to be done, than in the past...especially in recovering the minds - that singular great asset - of our people.....It is a monumental task building with supposedly builders who turn and look somewhere else at the construction site...

Louis Egbe Mbua

Those who murdered Ernest Ouandie and Moumie committed genocide; and they are still in Power committing the same crimes in Cameroon. Meanwhile, there are others -- pretenders and traitors -- who have joined these men to help carry out these very genocidal crimes albeit not in the open. They steal, cheat, betray, underdevelop, annex, steal land, lie and collect crumbs to act as agents of the same oppression that this article seminally portrays.

Our work should be to expose these dangerous people -- some of them avowed fascists -- to the outside world and to all Cameroonians. In this way, the land will be cleansed from the evil that occurred in the 1950s - 1970s to this day. No country develops when criminals and thieves stalk the corridors of power.



"Our work should be to expose these dangerous people -- some of them avowed fascists -- to the outside world and to all Cameroonians. In this way, the land will be cleansed from the evil that occurred in the 1950s - 1970s to this day."

This memo is for you, Ernest L Molua aka The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc aka Gimme a break aka limbekid

Va Boy

Entrepreneur, if you were anything in those days, you would have been one of those cuffing and beating and shooting Ouandie.

You mis-interprete the bible. When Saul became Paul, he switched from the being one of the Roman oppressors to becoming a champion and spokesman of the oppressed. I have news for you, pal. Your side is the Roman Empire. You are the oppressors and torturers. You are the eloquent voice piece of people who committed genocide and have never been held to account. Need I list their catalogue of crimes again here?

You are not fooling anyone. And Ebini? He knows what he has done betraying his people. He does not sleep well at night, consorting with the likes of you.


Va Boy, tell em'!


History will judge em'

Danny boy

Secessionists crying out for the souls of murdered 'francophone' marquizards! How ironic! Until 1972, West and East Cameroon were two different states!
What transpired in East Cameroon was theirs and theirs alone to rejoice or grieve!!
How therefore can an anglophone sit back and talk of the execution of East Cameroon terrorists, as the execution of great patriots?
This really gets funny when you at who is writing! Ebini, Mbua? What a laugh!

njimaforboy called marquizards committed crimes of rape and murder against innocent civilians. How do you fight for change by committing crimes against civilians.
Mr. Ebini, many Camerronians have accused u of being a traitor who betrayed his people. You speak eloquently from both sides of your mouth. How do u defend yourself against these accusations?

Louis Egbe Mbua

Mr. Danny,
I will pay you ( £200 -- that may be your worth)if you do not compare me with Ebini. I have never betrayed any person in my life.

Understand that human beings are human beings. Now, you, Danny boy, if you kill any person -- or you an accomplice to that crime and oppression -- for power; I will be against you, Danny boy -- Southern Cameroonian, White, Black, Cameroonian, or La Republiquaine de La Republique du Cameroun.

Have a good day.


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