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Monday, 18 January 2010


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Sesseku Arrey.

I want to thank Mr.Song for all that he has done for the Cameroon team, But now he can't support it anymore.Song is tired and he needs a REST. There are able young guys such as "Bikey" ,e.t.c that can do more better. The Energy is still not there,please Mr.Song save yourself some more trouble and errors in the coming matches. By the way is that your so called Paul Le Quen Blind that he can't see that Song is an ERROR. Paul le quen is a SCAMMER and his system of play, goals are difficult to get.
I guess that with the presence of Song in the games, those dam FECAFOOT corrupt officials and also the corrupt Sports Minister have a hand in it.
Is Mr. Ringobert Song waiting for his house in Cameroon to be got Burn by Angry Cameroonian Fans before he makes up his mind to quit? We have had enough of this High Blood from Mr. Song.


Song's time is up. SONG MUST GO. We love you Song but yr time is up!!!

Dr A A Agbormbai

I think Bikey and Bassong should make a more than good enough central defence for Cameroon. I agree that it's time to leave Song out of the side completely. He's been a bit of a problem for Cameroon down the years.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Kameni too needs to stop diving at the feet of strikers (especially when a defender is already tackling them). He makes it too easy for them, as they can easily get past him or he can give away a penalty.

He's a fine shop-stopper, so why not simply advance to narrow the gap available to the striker and then wait for the striker to have to work out how to get past him. It's a bit of psychology here.

Basically, he's making the striker to have to think or to work to get past him. Many strikers can't handle this situation, as the former Danish keeper Peter Schmeichel proved, time and time again, in his displays for Manchester United and Denmark.

Or if he must tackle strikers why not learn how to do it without giving away a penalty by watching the videos of the former Dutch keeper van Breuklyn (he played in the 1980s and he is the best I've seen in a one-on-one situation with a striker).

Basically, he never dived at the feet of a striker, but would harass him until he ran out of ideas. He kept his eye on the ball and battled with the striker without ever giving him a chance to go down. Most strikers simply ran out of ideas, and only the best strikers could get past him in this situation.

Dr A A Agbormbai

'shop-stopper' should be 'shot-stopper'


Sessekou Arrey.

Do you have to bring up burning down property to egister your dissatisfaction with Song's perfromance? I think, you can write better.

I agree Song has to go. He was done way back at the world cup 2004. Subsequent errors down the road has shown that, he can,t carry on. Le Quen was right when he stripped him of his captain armband. But we saw images of Song almost quarelling with the coach.

Nobody in Cameroon wants to quit. Song is following in the foots steps of Milla, Paul Biya, and a host of other Ministers. Have we forgotten most of our parents change their ages to keep their jobs.

Bikey is Young, and can swiftly replcae Song.

Bob Bristol

I wouldn't hesitate to express the mix feelings which I have concerning this. I shout at the top of my voice when supporting the Lions but I keep contemplating on the consequences of their victory under the present regime. The gov't will capitalise on it as a campaign strategy, the proceed will only benefit us only in terms of a reduction in the prices of alcohol, the Chinese will still build our stadiums for us etc.

Good luck!

Mike Jintz

R. Song needs to PASS ON THE BATON and REST. He was good, but no more. It can't continue this way. CAN 2008 could have been his last appearance with the Lions after the back-to-back blunders. South Africa will be a nightmare if Old-school politics persists. Better exit and retain the fame so far attained than to soil it up. Playing smart has been the strategy of the Lions, not physical strength as R. Song thinks.


Dear Mr Rigobert, I think it's high times you gave up playing with the lions.Don't you see you are troubling the smart and flexible Kameni, and by so doing turning the lion into a lioness? Staying behind and cheering,comforting and advising your junior ones, now playing with you is also a good profession that you can easily pick up.If you don't like this profession, then you should retreat and take care of your family, after all, you are a father now.If you have decided never to leave football, then you can continue with your european team and leave the lions alone.It's still a career,ok?

Pa Chi



Cameroon is a country of empty pride,no doubt they want Song to be the most capped AFCON player. With 33 AFCON games so far they want him to probably make it 37 hoping the lions get to the final.The idea that Cameroon became the first unbeaten African team to the world cup (1982);First African team to reach the Quater finals of the world cup (1990),Roger Milla the oldest player to have scored in a world cup(1994);The African team with a record world cup participation (6);The only African team to have won the AFCON without conceding a goal in regular time (2002),Eto'o the player with most goals in AFCON (16 so far)etc etc is pushing Fecafoot to tell Paul Le Guen to let Song play despite his mediocre ability.
Kunde left it when he couldn't run and was always been mocked at the Amadou Ahidjo stadium,In the training camp for 1994 world cup preparation Nkono showed up with a 280 lb body weight and we all shouted at the BEAC complex in Yaounde the next day he didn't show up.
It is high time for Song to leave us before we throw stones.We thank him for his services but then like a product he has an expiration date which was Jan 2008.
Thank you Song but good bye.


The Song must go on.
Who gives a crap?

Dr A A Agbormbai

Regarding the Dutch goalkeeper mentioned in my commentary above, his full name is Hans van Breukelen, not van Breuklyn.



"Nobody in Cameroon wants to quit. Song is following in the foots steps of Milla, Paul Biya, and a host of other Ministers."

You shouldn't be mentioning Milla in such circles. Milla got better and better as he grew older, and without his goals at age 38 Cameroon would not have reached the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup. I like to see players go on if they are still performing, but not when it is clear for all to see that their time is up.


Thanks for the nice and beautiful picture of Mr. song . Dude he look tired,dooged tired. Sir, with due respect don,t feature in june 2010 worldcup.
The young should grow and that's the law.
Have a good one and think something else and retiring is the only option ....

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Personally, I will expect Ringobert Song to Retire from the National Team after the World Cup in South Africa 2010.

While Plenty of other players in the other teams have made more glaring mistakes: scoring own-goals, allowing the ball slip past under their ampits, the presence of a defense man of Song's stature (Njitap, too) in calming the other young players should not be underestimated.

Song has given his all for the team and the Cameroon nation. He is a patriot par excellence.
Song walks in the footsteps of his forebears: Um Nyombe, Ernest seems the Bassa have bred lions and hard hearted men, ready to die for the course of the fatherland.

The manner of committing his last breath in the soccer pitch is instructive to all Cameroonians in diverse spheres of national life.

Oh, if all teachers, drivers, cleaners, police officers, administrators, etc..were committed, giving their last breath for low pay in the work they do, in the manner of Song's acrobatic ball chasing last efforts in the field of play for the good of his country....Cameroon would be a better place.

And in the course of that sacrifice, mistakes could be made...and corrected...and the consequences accepted. For Song, this consequence should be his (early) retirement from the National team, with a befitting testimonial match at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaounde. Yes, its time for Song to concentrate on club football in Europe and a feature coaching carreer...

Now is the time quit, for appearing in Angola 2010 and South Africa 2010 would be records that he would have made, unbeatable, for a longtime.....And for the people of Cameroon to learn from his commitment and selflessness to work !

Sesseku Arrey.

HA HA ha,
Mike and Pa Chi, you guys have written well '

Sesseku Arrey.

Dear Job,
I'm not saying that properties should be burn bcos of my dissatisfaction for Mr.Song's performance,it will be off-course a terrible mistake for a thing as such to happen.
But don't forget that at times this is how Cameroonians portray their ANGER over something they don't like or they are fed up with. And anything having links to the Biya's Regime is always detestable to Cameroonians and you should also bear in mind that The Corrupt Biya's FECAFOOT Officials have a hand in the appearances of Song in the games. And don't also forget FOOTBALL and BEER are the only things that gives Cameroonians some happiness and it also keeps us united, and the ONLY POSITIVE ASPECT we are known for in the International Community. Song was responsible against the defeat CAN 2008 finals, and presently he's keeping the Record. My Question to you is that, Do you think that the Angry Cameroonian's Fans will take this lightly and say Bravo to Mr. Song ?
I guess if you are aware that Wome was openly accuse by FECAFOOT Officials that he was responsible for Cameroon conceiving a defeat against Togo and Egypt(Qualification match in Cameroon)if not mistakenly. We all love our Lions and Violence is not a solution in this.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. what have you just said, in almost 300 words? You think you can hide the yearning of violence and street thuggery in your underbelly?
It stands like a halo over your head, seen by all. To even contemplate violence on the soul of a true patriot like Song is seditious and treacherous...perhaps the land you were born in breaths violence....Give to Cameroon What Song has given to Cameroon. Be a patriot and match his sacrifice to 25 million Cameroonians.....


The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc aka Ernest L. Molua, the only thing you have to offer is your hatred for the graffi, love for the Biya no run!

Sesseku Arrey.

whats makes you think that i admired violence? Always think before you start writing nonsense. you must be out of line---.

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