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Saturday, 09 January 2010


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In my honest opinion, every other team should equally pull out. Security can't be guaranteed. To hell with Angola, CAF, and the ANC.

Ras Tuge

Black man story! Always misery! Cancel this shit!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...nonsense headline

...But we need more security..

...I read the entire story and never found quotations from Togo's Minister of Sports, or Head of Togo's Football Association or perhaps Head of team Togo's delegation mentioning they are pulling out...

...Is Adebayor the head of Togolese FA...?

...We need more security, but Players don't pull out teams from Tournaments. Their FA must concur with them....

....when it comes to Africa reporting, most of us are lopsided, we quote even prostitutes and take their response for facts and draw conclusion!


Mr Entrepreneur online -
What is wrong with the headline of this article? Isn't it clear to all the BBC is reporting that Togo has pulled out of the competition?

The Togolese authorities have confirmed what the BBC announced ages ago and recalled their team. Have the facts changed?

As the govt has confirmed this withdrawal, are you now aware of the influence the likes of Adebayor have over the team?

That is why western media continue to beat your news coverage in Africa even on African events. As a result your people rush to CNN, BBC and RFI for news instead of things like The Entrepreneur...

Western media work hard, smell the news, dig it, talk to appropriate sources who matter and report the news in good time as timeliness is also a quality in journalism. Meanwhile the likes of Entrepreneur sit an wait for official communiques.

I think you are making a mistake about afrocentricity. Complaining about anything and everyone is becoming ridiculous.

There is a sarcastic French cliché that says: l'emotion est negre! Folks like you make it sound sensible.

You are so emotive - it contradicts the level of education and critical thinking you have attained.

na soso me

Mr. Entrepreneur,

It is OK, and even refreshing to be a contrarian, but I think I am beginning to believe that you are afflicted with self loathing and an inferiority complex which you try to overcome by disparaging everything African. Your education should have erased this complex but it doesn't seem to have done so. What a waste...


"Le gouvernement togolais a décidé de rappeler son équipe. Nous ne pouvons pas continuer dans cette circonstance de drame la compétition de la CAN", a déclaré à Lomé le porte-parole du gouvernement, Pascal Bodjona. "Cela a été nécessaire parce que les joueurs sont sous le choc", a-t-il ajouté.
Le sélectionneur français du Togo, Hubert Velud, a indiqué samedi que l'équipe nationale partirait dimanche matin pour rentrer au pays.
"On part dimanche matin, mais on ne sait pas encore à quelle heure", a indiqué Hubert Velud. L'encadrement et les joueurs togolais vont donc passer la nuit de samedi à dimanche dans la cité olympique de Cabinda.

I hope this information from the official spokesperson of the Togolese government, as of this morning, Jan 9 (it might very well change), convinces him that the journalists are indeed doing their jobs...

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...thoughtless comments above from thinking between the legs....

...Get schooled below:
"Comments like this though got me thinking, what major sporting events can I remember being affected by Terrorism, violence and loss of life? Instantly the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich where eleven Israeli athletes and coaches and one West German police officer were killed by militant group “Black September” jumped to mind causing the Olympic Games to be suspended for the first time the events modern history. But ultimately the world decided that violence committed by a few would not be allowed to defeat us all. And the games went on …

I then remembered the Centennial Park bombing during the 1996 Summer Olympics, Two people died, and 111 were injured, caused by a bomber who was angry at the American government and hoped his action would result in the cancellation of those Olympics. But Again the world stood firm and said No to allowing violence to dictate to us all.

So why not with us here in Africa?

So, Get schooled at:

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