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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


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Va Boy

List of legitimate charities here, at least for people in the Americas


Message from a Cameroonian brother on Cameroonians in Haiti.

Brothers and Sisters
A couple of months ago, at least four Cameroonian police officers (including a Kom Commissioner of police) stopped over in my house here in West Haven, CT from Cameroon. They were on their way to Haiti as part of the UN Peace Keeping Force. With this present catastrophe in Haiti where thousands are feared dead, I am concerned with the lives of these gentlemen and others.
Attempts by some Cameroonians here in the New York area to contact these Cameroonians by phone and text messages have failed. Please if anyone has any information about Cameroonians in Haiti, let us know.
As we think of lending a helping hand as individuals or/and as groups at this moment of need in Haiti, we may be considering going an extra mile if Cameroonians are involved. Any suggestions as to how we should go about writing our names in the book of those who helped to wipe a tear of a victim in the Haiti Earthquake disaster?
Bobe Ngoh.


From Camnet - One Cameroonian dead in Haiti

On Thu, 1/14/10, Julius Nyamkimah Fondong wrote:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you all for the outpouring of love and concern. Yes I'm not only alive, but alive and well. I'm trying to account for all Cameroonians here in Haiti, especially those that worked with me in the building that collapsed. So far we have one confirmed Cameroonian death, one seriously wounded and another unaccounted for.

It's tough out here, nothing like I have ever seen before all my life. Tougher days are just beginning. Even as I write this there is a possibility of the post Katrina type scenario in New Orleans playing out here. There's death and suffering and desolation everywhere. Food and drinking water are running short. But by God's grace and your prayers we shall endure. I believe God didn't spare our lives just to save us for the worst.

Continue to pray for us and thank you all very much. See you all very soon, hopefully.


I hope Mr Julius Fondong will be able to furnish details such as names of individuals next time he posts a message.
Meanwhile we should all give our widow's mite to help the courageous people of Haiti.


I want to thank the Upstation for making it easier to post comments. Did anyone else notice? I hope people comment in a civilized way and not engage in crude insults. I know. I find it hard to resist sometimes.


Those who can should contribute to one of the organisations listed above.

Keep in mind that no amount is too small to help, so give what ever you can.

Ambe Johnson

I don't think it is appropriate for names of the dead and wounded to be posted here at at time when their families may not yet have been notified. I think Mr. Fondong's note, which was posted here by another person, is appropriate. when the UN has formally notified the families and the government of Cameroon, the names will be made public and we will pay them our respects in the appropriate manner.


I agree that the names of those have died shouldn't be posted. But atleast the wounded and alife should. Mr. Fondong, could you please let us know those that are alife


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