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Friday, 26 February 2010


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Va Boy

BIR, some kind of thug paramilitary force recently beat up a lot of people in Victoria and destroyed property, with little provocation. Low grade continuous terror is part of the plan. They are happy with this.

Bob Bristol

We are anxiously waiting for the men in uniform ( or should I say women in uniform ) to rescue Cameroon. It is no secret that when competitive exams into any wing of the military is launched in Cameroon, the least educated are favoured. These are people who can be brainwashed. They killed when ordered to do so. The feel contented having a job at least. They are relatively more secured in a country where the price for security is unaffordable to the average people. They have decided to indulge in all the vices that they ought to eschew ( from corruption to gambling to violence ).
These have been the hallmarks of the Cameroon military. Counting on them may seem a mere waste of time but Cameroonains are appealing to the few "good ones" to put on their patriotic boots and save the ordinary Cameroonian. Please you guys would be hailed. You have the weapon and you have the information. Look for a leader. Do something.


...great mind, great article. We are all sick of the rogue regime of Paul Biya. The French culture of treating people of English origin as inferiors is even a bigger problem. We will welcome any form of government transition, however our struggle for a free and independent West Cameroon is the main batlle of this war. We will not sleep, we will not rest and we will not loose focus untill West Cameroon is free from bondage.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Only a military takeover can remove a dictatorship, but for this to be justified the military takeover must be truly motivated by the need to create a workable democracy.

As such the takeover must be quickly followed by the establishment of democracy. This must happen well before the military becomes corrupted by presidential power.

In this capacity the military is not only protector of the nation's territory but is also defender of its democracy. Such military action will be an effective deterrent to those politicians who think that they can manipulate the constitution to stay in power forever.


Good thought Agbormbai, except that the Cameroon officer corps are like pampered peacocks who are totally bribed and pocketed by la regime. They live in such luxury with those sans gallons running around taking care of their every need. No sah. They like it the way it is.


This article has sound facts. But what I see is lack of corporation among the Cameroonian military. This is coupled with the fact that the nation is widely diversified and there are just too many tribes or ethnic groups, further complicating any form of coordination.
For the people or the military to succeed, they need to first of all break the tribal boundaries and find a common ground on which to operate. The dictator understands this and is making good use of the fact. I hear he is now trying to identify every phone subscriber in the country. I believe this is an effort to track communication amongst disloyal military personnel or any form of organisatiion against him. Well, you can fool some people some times but you can't fool all the people all times.


Ah I being to see changes coming to Cameroon,I have never dream until today that Cameroonians can wake up to face Reality and call for Arms.
I remember a similar article I past on Innocent Chia blog and it was take down(deleted) within seconds.
Back to Business, if most of us Cameroonians are open with the View that A Regime Change is necessary by force, then we are only encouraging and facilitation a plan to that change.
Enough we have got of this Biya's regime we can no longer afford to wait to take out by any means democratic.Indeed Cameroonians have exhausted all democratic means at their disposal.
A civil Revolution or a military Coup is what we need.We have been dying for 28 years and we don't need to fear to fall.

Bob Bristol

Felix, if you could take your time a little, you would spare us the effort of trying to understand what you intend to transmit.

Vincent Buea

I think what Felix means is that , he tried to emit a similar idea about a possibility of a coup in Cameroon as a remedy for the democratic squagmire in Chia's blog but it was not posted.He isa also in favour of a change in Cameroon and according to him, such change must come by any means necessary even if it means via a civil rtevolution and\or coup.

Vincent Buea

I have raed previous articles by Mr Rene and I think that he is a good political analyst. His ideas are good , well placed and call for ample reflection.Thank you great mind of our dear motherland.
The idea of a possibility of a coup occurring in Cameroon is very real given the facts Mr Rene pin pointed from other African countries.The same conditions that lead to the military getting out of their barracks to initiate justice do exist in Cameroon and even worst. I think so far, Cameroonians are reserving the last stroke of their patience to get the outcome of the the 2011 presidential elections. If the results are rigged and the CPDM wins as usual, then everything will possible occur in Cameroon. The February 2008 event was just a warning that silence does not mean incapacity.
Thanks Mr. Renew and keep up with the intellectual nourishment of the people.


Who do we expect to start a coup? Are we talking about the same rogues who are being used to terrorize our people? We need a new breed of soldiers in Cameroon for any coup to lead to actual democratic reform. By and large, if any coup so occurs, it will most likely lead to undefined anarchy, given the country’s tribal distribution. Also, there is a likelihood that, stooges who have been pretending will spring up with newer ways to retain power. Nonetheless, a coup in Cameroon may pave the way for the international community to pay closer attention to our beloved country. Perhaps, a coup would confer greater opportunity for the Southern Cameroon struggle.

Dango  Tumma

coup or no coup. thats the concern of 12m
french-amerounese, since they own and control,their military, 8m southern cameroonians
should be mainly conecrn on chasing off these boya forces on the ground on our land.

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