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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


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Va Boy

UN-sponsored plebiscite day. Not Youth Day.


Cameroon built on LIES.

For a long time, they disguised la republique's independence day of January 1 and did not celebrate it because of the way they messed up the Southern Cameroons whose independence day is NOT that day.

What is the significance of the date, 20th May?
I got this from an exchange on yahoo groups:

For those who do not read history, 20th May is the day that Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte signed a decree re-instating slavery in French colonies reversing, the French legislature which on April 4, 1792, ended slavery by proclaiming the equality of all free people in the French colonies regardless of color.

However, the story goes that Napoleon Buonaparte, The First Consul who ruled much of Europe , was infatuated with a young woman called Marie Josèphe Rose de Tascher de la Pagerie or quite simply "Rose". But Napoleon preferred to call her "Josephine"

Her family owned a sugar plantation in Martinique. The abolition of slavery was a worse catastrophe than a hurricane. The young lady persuaded Napoleon, through pillow talk, to reverse the ruling of the French legislature banning slavery in order to prevent her father from economic and financial ruin.

On 20th May 1802 Napoleon signed a decree re-instating slavery in all French colonies. The text of the decree was as follows:

1. Article 1 – In the colonies returned to France in the execution of the Treaty of Amiens of March 27, 1802, slavery shall be maintained in conformity with the laws and regulations existing prior to 1789.

2. Article 2 – The same shall be applied to the other French colonies beyond the Cape of Good Hope .

3. Article 3 – The black slave trade and their importation into the said colonies shall take place in accordance with the laws and regulations existing prior to 1789.

4. Article 4 – Notwithstanding all the previous laws, the colonial system shall be subjected for ten years to the regulation which shall be made by the Government.

We are all free to read whatever meaning we want into the significance of the date of 20th May.

Dr. Susungi

Like I said, lies and damned lies

Va Boy

I am not Dr Susungi. He is just being quoted.


Yes you can live for another 28 years and sing the same song to your youth, taking all of their resources to hide and spend it in France, Europe and the USA.
Well that's the Education you and your cohort got from Europe "Starve the youth so you can live for every in Power"
Yes You Can.Yes You Can.Yes You Can.


What is the connection between the lies being told by Biya, May 20th. and the Napoleonic decree of 1802?

Va Boy

The date, 20th May. It is the same. Is it a coincidence or did a mischievous person suggest it to their pets? I leave you to decide. Napoleon reinstated slavery for Africans on May 20.


Youths beware,the warning has come:"It will be your duty to continue to ensure its smooth functioning in a spirit of tolerance and in line with the general interest". By creating the students' fund to provide scholarships to them, Biya was looking for something to keep them from going into the streets next year.Biya's maxim has been to do what he likes not taking the aspirations of the youths into consideration. Time has caught up with him and guilt has taken over. Twice in less than 8 weeks he keeps using the words:"No matter what some people say or think". Of course a President who spends 24.5 million a day sunbathing,while admitting the inertia of government services does'nt care what the youths think.


What about youths in the diaspora?What about encouraging young potentials scathered all over the universe with exceptional qualities that can help uplift Cameroon out of this unending impase to come back home? The president is really confused presently...

Sesseku Arrey.

Sounds very sympathetic, But who will trust these same words for over 27 years now ? No Hopes and Trust Mr.President.


"First, concerning democracy, our country will soon have a complete democratic system"
...SOON..complete DEMOCRATIC system...hey, our president has humor!....our country is as far as ever away from a democratic system! doubt he wanted to make a joke..

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