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Friday, 05 February 2010


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Paa Ngembus

Congratulations to the Southern Cameroonians in Britain for this very productive high level meeting.

It is now time to move things to a higher gear by engaging all the key players in Her Majesty's Government.

More grease to your elbows.



Paa Ngembus


What a turn around or turn about
Paa Ngembus
Hmmmmmmm so finally U want to engage in Dialogue to the very L.Republique you have soo far refused to reconized or have dialogue with?.You are falling into John Nfru Ndi Traps, which was set by this same government.
I thought you had learn from the Mistakes of the SDF, today I see you going thesame road.
My Biya Strategic planner or thinker will be happy to say there comes the Anglofools again.
Don't try to compare your case with N.Ireland by saying Dialogue is the way forward.Look at the outcome of the Dialogue, which is guided by the fact that nobody wants to fall back to the old days.
By accepting Dialogue without action, SCNC and other groups are showing that they were looking for their stomach and playing politic with the people of Southern Cameroon.
Go ahead and soon we will hear some of your appoitment into Biya government.
Fighting for SouthernCameroon indeed.


That is the only solution to this problem. Give us our freedom or we will continue to give you hell.


Hey felix,good to say Dialogue is the only civilized tools to talk truce.Incase it fails,then we must have successfully let the world to know our stand point.the way forward will be to contact some of the insurgent in afghanistan and they will teach southern cameronians how to use sugar and Fertilizers to produce explosives that will send La republique Government off our land. Paa Ngembus happy new year.

Ma Mary

Felix, we recognize la Republique, but not its hegemony over the Southern Cameroons. This problem ends up with negotiation. It is la Republique that has always refused to negotiate. Now the courts are requiring it to negotiate. Please, inform yourself, sir.

Paa Ngembus

Only one thing in the dialogue.


How do we split the country amicably?

If we show good faith and La Republique refuses to come to the table, then no one will fault any Southern Cameroonian that takes up arms to force them out.

That is my dialogue for you, call it



Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Also, it is Southern Cameroons, not "Southern Cameroon". It is good to read the truth, even if you do not like it, and there is plenty of it to be had, for free.

dango tumma

some peoplewould drink urine, even when they live by the banks of the spring,
thats felix,with all the facts on this post. iwonder how any one posting here up to now
doesnt know the difference between southern cameroons and southern cameroon. felix really meant, southern provine of cameroun in ebolowa. LOG HEAD.


southern Cameroons a fact inDeed.
Thats what you are fighting for, southern cameroon.
I thought some of you listen to News and Read History.I though you are bold enough to fight for freedom. Instead you ran away to distance land to seek belle fortune, writing shit and communiqué on the internet.
I would rather be a Tamil Tiger or a Biafra and get over powered by my enemy than begging form my Master Enemy to grant me a chance to speak with him.
I look forward to see some of you being appointed to positions in that same government.
Some say they want the world to know their points………………………………………………………
points inNeed

Sesseku Arrey.

Mmmmm, That's better than nothing but you guys have to be very smart bcos this so called foreign representatives will be the same people to say It is too Premature to recognize the State of Southern Cameroons on the basis of Political inexperience and naivity. But those at the right path of History will always make it no matter how long it takes, We will get to the Promise Land.
Move on our Representatives,the fight goes on but be very very cautious not to fall in their Political traps.


Shame to us, shame to you guys for you have betrayed the people of southern cameroons.
Who ever told you you can cope the con and whimsical politics of the frogs, shame unto you.
This a real show of naivete and outright self ambition.
So you shed the blood of those innocent and courageous men in Kumbo and Bamenda and Kumba and Victoria, just to end up with this scrap of paper?
Water and oil will never mix, havn't you ever heard of that berore?
Shame on you.

Paa Ngembus

Some of you (like Kilo and Felix) make me laugh.

Why is the word "strategy" so difficult for you to grasp?

I though we (your parents) sent you to school to learn something (like how to think and outwit your enemy).

This book today na waste time. May be we go bring back Standard Six again oh.

Except you are just sounding a cautious alarm.

If Yes, I don't think the best way to caution others is by accusing them of "naivete and outright self ambition" at the expense of The Southern Cameroons cause.


Paa Ngembus


i think am older than you and i have worked in cameroon for more than fifteen years, yes in the intermidiate circles, i know how whimsical and trecherous those guys are, if we are to expect any thing from this movement, then our independence, must come from external and independent movements rather than sit and dine on the same table with the enemy without some UN representative, the main cause of the hell we are in today.
They will trick those guys with promises and you know the outcome.
Am no persimist,wait and see
i'll remind Mandenge Ngembus junior

Louis Egbe Mbua

Hello Mr. Kilo,

There is international law. The Banjul law recommends negotiation under the auspices of the African Commission whose recommendations have already been passed to the UN.

Independence can only come through negotiations; and not by a unilateral suicidal act; lest your independence will be null and void -- a pariah to the international community. What good is that?



Whatever you do always ends up at the negotiating table. Even fighting is a way of positioning yourself at the negotiating table. Sun Tzu says think outside the box, and the greatest victory is one in which you overwhelm the enemy so much that you do not need to fire a shot and kill anybody.


Louis Egbe Mbua the impostor,
What is international Law??.Sometimes this idea of Big BOOK is taking you and the Southern Cameroons thousands of years back.
Commonsense by Mr. Kilo pays more than the Notion of international Law .Banjul LAW == UN LAW == International LAW.That implies a few heads like you should go and scrap crumbs from the table of L.Republic and latter published another Document on the Web in the Name of Negotiation with L.Republic.
When a recommendation is give by Paa Kilo for a 3 or 4 party talks (include representatives from African Commission, UN and the two parties).Experience from a Man Like Mr Kilo has an effect that can never be reached by an sort of Level of Education.
Until these belle political Fighters can give their ears to Experience men like Mr Kilo, the whole exercise of independence is a sham.


Independent is not necessarily war and confrontation. What i mean is we force the UN to repair the damage it caused through ofcourse peaceful means.If they fail to then other means. spare us the international law thing and look instead at international relations. Do you think this "strategy"thing of yours would push cameroun to relinguish its stance? Look, Paul is very whimsical, he is taken sharp steps in building alliances both with France, UK,China and the USA and his done everything to share the oil, the contracts amongt them to counter any move to distabilise him.
Try to lobby and build some of such alliance who may push your case forward, rather than shamelessly chest - pound you would "negotiate" with the enemy. Tell me Mbua, are you not the same guys who say southern cameroon's independence is non negotiable?
I hope you do not regret this.

Mandenge Ngembus, you are only a virant hot - head kid.


Someone needs to enlighten me on the raison d`etre of all these associations. I`ve always wondered if we`re not rather too pre-occupied with the political elite. Could we possibly not develop a parallel society without seeking political endorsement? What`s wrong with having a vibrant Anglophne media, engineering corps, IT experts, business class... The most forward-looking societies have been developed by free thinkers, and I`m afraid continuously seeking external recognition may become a drawn out, frustrating exercise.

Besides, I`ve often pondered on whether this Southern Cameroons issue is not being used by some members of the Anglophone elite to satisfy their personal egos. Have we thought out the cost and practicalities of duplicating an already bloated executive? Why not concentrate on universally beneficial issues: a parliamentary democracy, cheap, alternative sources of energy, development of IT infrastructure, low cost housing, urban planning, disenclavement of the hinterlands...

Southern Cameroons will not transform into an Eldorado just because we have new personnel at the helm.


The only way to proof that our cause is an honest and legitimate cause to people of conscience is to be open. Yes Biya has aligned himself with money, power and greed, we will allign ouselves with the conscience of mankind. There are people in America, China and France who have conconscience. You can only numb your conscience for so long, it will eventulally give in.We want to sit at the table, make our case for self governance so we are not branded Maquizzars or Biafrans to people of conscience


Remember, slavery was a government sponsored program, however there were white people who objected to this practice.There were French people who were against the greed and Tyranny of French Kings. There are French people who are against the French exploitation of poor Africans.
Governments will come and go, however u will take your conscience to your grave. Some are remorseful as they approach their graves. Dialogue is always good, hwever force remains an option not to be discused during dialogue.


I was prompted to write my short reply after witnessing first hand, the ravages of political idealism: I had a relative who studied abroad in the good old days. When he came back with a case full of qualifications, he was given a plump job (with pecks to boot) in one of the parastatals. Then came the advent of multipartism, All Anglophone Conference... and he decided to "abandon" his job and concentrate on the "revolution". Soon after he was shown the door, but not without a huge pay off. Eventually he became disillusioned and less than two years into `chomage` he passed on, leaving minor children. At his funeral you could count his revolutionary buddies on the palm of your hand. Today his kids are destitute and no one bothers to find out how they fare.

My point is simple: it is Ok to recognise the historical importance of British Cameroon, but let`s not dedicate a disproportionate amount of attention and energy to revert to the status quo ante, to the detriment of other immediate concerns. Politics, to my mind is a career like any other and we should recognise that some of the protagonists in these organisations have personal ambitons. Why can`t some of our "Doctas" not take sabaticals and give free lectures to their brethren in Cameroonian universities, if they care so much. It is Ok to write communiques in London, but I think there are far worthier initiatives within our grasp.




After 30 years of war the Eritreans finally obtained full independence from Ethiopia in 1993. Today the country still has a single party system with no private media. What happened to the Utopia that was promised?

I observe an obsession with form (name change from The United Republic of Cameroon, to The Republic of Cameroon, for instance)with little mention of practical social implications.

I think there are some academics who just want to make themselves politically relevant


Limbe kid, thanks for bringing up the case of Eritrea. After it successfully broke away from Ethiopia, it not only set up a one-party system but established one of the most authoritarian and violent regimes in Africa. When one reads the violence-laced language of many Southern Cameroons activists, one can only wonder at what an independent CS would look like... and this is from someone who fully believes in the cause....

Louis Egbe Mbua

This comparison does not match. Eritrea had never had democratic rule. Southern Cameroons was one of the FIRST African democratic nation; conducted free and fair elections; changed power peacefully. In 1954/1953, SC was self-governing as a UN Trusteeship. All they needed was their independence. The Republic of Cameroon was still arguing about political parties. In 1955, the French banned the UPC who escaped to SC who was already almost free. French Cameroun only had self-government in 1957, 3 to 4 years after SC. In LRC, there was NO true democracy and there has NEVER been any at all!

Mr. Limbekid ( Victoria is the name of the City NOT Limbe although people have the right to choose what they wish to call themselves), it is IMPORTANT that you understand this important background. NO nation in Africa has ever practised democracy like Southern Cameroons. So, please stop comparing two different nations. Southern Cameroons is NOT La Republique nor is it remotely connected to what is happening in Eritrea.

Having said this, your arguments are totally irrelevant with absolutely NO foundation. Eritrea wanted freedom from colonialism as a right to self-determination. They have that right as inalienable. They have got their freedom. What they do with it is up to them: and not to be patronised and pontificated upon by self-appointed political "analysts" who appear not to understand the history of Cameroon and the world.

The March to freedom is inalienable and unstoppable.

Ma Mary

Thank you, Louis Egbe Mbua.

Eritrea is a bad example from 30 years ago. More countries have split to form new countries in the last 25 years. You do not need size in order to thrive and survive. Southern Cameroons is larger, richer, more populated, more naturally endowed than literally dozens of UN members, so that argument, often used here holds no water.

The experimental Senegambia confederation split because the wise Gambians learned very quickly about the hegemonistic tendencies of the francophone political mindset.

East Timor split from Indonesia
The soviet union split into the following:


Czechoslovakia split into:
Czech Republic

Former Yugoslavia:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Independent countries can then unite to form regional cooperation agreements in trade, defense, foreign policy etcetera.

FREEDOM is more important than MEANINGLESS UNITY, which is the non-nutritious diet of the FAILED Cameroun Union.

If Southern Cameroonians stood as one person, we would get what we want bloodlessly in one week, and you would still maintain property rights on your pile of concrete in Yaounde if that is what you are afraid of losing.


Nyaukee, u have nothing to fear but fear itself to paraphrase J.F kennedy. There is always an argument by pessimist to support their position, be it a hidden agenda or ignorance. Optimist will do the same. The point is, give us our freedom as a people and we will deal with the by products of being free for eternity like any other free society.Freedom comes with a price, ours will be much cheaper because we are a peacful and loving people by nature and very well educated either in the classroom or on the streets of Bamenda, Nkambe, Victoria or Buea.


@ Louis Mbua Egbe,

You insist on calling it Victoria as opposed to Limbe. That is exactly what I mean by an obsession with form as opposed to substance. Whether you call it one or the other does that bring about full employment for the region?

As for talking about "self appointed analysts". Unlike you, I speak for myself. I don`t sign documents on behalf of people who have not appointed me. I don`t claim to be representing a mass of people whose opinions I have not surveyed.

@ Ma Mary,

You can separate an entity into as many parts as you want, whether you attain the desired objectives is a completely different matter. Believe me, I live with people from the break away regions of the former USSR, and there is no unanimity over the benefits and demerits of the separation.

What I`d like to know is simple? Are the aspirations of the man in Mbalmayo or Ebolowa, any different from from the man in Nkambe or Mankon? In other words: if you had your deep sea port in Limbe, free education, 100% employment, tax free income... Would you lay off the issue? Or is it just an ego trip

Louis Egbe Mbua


I am speaking for myself. And yes I am involved in the freedom of SC. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is freedom of association. You are also free to join any organisation of your choice. To attack a person on grounds of association may pass for tyranny.

The name is Victoria. Suppose somebody arbitrarily change your name from Limbekid to Victoriakid, would you be pleased?

"In other words: if you had your deep sea port in Limbe, free education, 100% employment, tax free income... Would you lay off the issue? Or is it just an ego trip "

This is a non-question because your assertions constitute living in Alice-in- Wonderland. May I inform/REMIND you that Victoria had a sea port in Bota and an airstrip? What you are asking had existed in Victoria. Since your government in LRC does not want to restore it, we will restore it ourselves.

Have a good day.


Sony, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. We went into the unification with clean intentions, led by men with no vision. Our experience since the early 1960's, under two presidents has brought us to to this concensus. I do not know where u have been, but we have nothing in common with French Cameroon.Humans have the same aspirations because of our specie.Limbekid, as long as we remain with the French, your dreams will never come true. This is not an ego trip. This is for real. It has failed.

Ma Mary

Interesting question, Limbe kid. Opinions about forming new states or reestablishing old ones (closer to our situation) can be very varied post facto. Should the British Empire have split to result in such countries as Canada, India and Nigeria? I assure you that there were and are Nigerians who did not believe in independence.

Ego trip? Anything could be a vehicle for an ego trip. It is hard to say unless you actually know me. Are you on an ego trip now? I do not have the means to know, so perhaps that kind of smear should not be used here at all.

I assure you with the hindsight of experience and study that la republique francais du Cameroun does not have the will, the wherewithal to deliver on the kinds of heavenly situation that you describe. They have not kept even the most elementary promises, and it is irresponsible to leave our fate in their hands. Their method has consistently been to identify a few susceptible individuals, ply them and their hangers on with goodies, then help themselves abundantly to Southern Cameroonian treasures. Some of us are not susceptible to such emoluments, and are pushing back.


Let us drill down further. None of us is advocating tax free income and 100% employment. Government needs to collect taxes to maintain the country, clean roads, maintain infrastructure, provide affordable healthcare. Government Policy should be sane enough to reward a Physician more than a millitary lieutenant, and keep unemployment at a minimum. Finally, the government should be an equal opportunity employer.French Cameroon has no intention of treating us as equals. We have lived it. There is no turning back. We need our FREEDOM.


Limbekid is Ernest L. Molua formerly known as the Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc., an anti-graffi/diasporan firebrand

Bob Bristol

"And you would still maintain property rights on your pile of concrete in Yaounde if that is what you are afraid of losing". Ma Mary tell them. If they had confidence about the government that they are backing, they would know that their properties remain their properties irrespective of their nationality. I don't know why Southern Cameroonians who've acquired some properties across the Mungo keep on being on the defensive. These things will be taken of. You have a right to them. But why are you scared of your "wonderful officials" in Yaounde? I mean if they respect human rights then they should respect property right.


Machete Molua as Limbekid!

Well Machete Molua, the man who on the world wide web has called for the Rwanda Solution, I hope your machetes are sharper than your brain. Which graffi will you start your Rwanda Solution with? Your students or your colleagues at UB? Your graffi customers (or may be as an Entrepreneur, you avoid those people as potential customers)?

Machete Molua, welcome back. This is not Deutschland, you are always welcome at the Upstation (Bam'da) Mountian Club (Gbe'ya).


Why is it anathema for anyone of Anglophone extraction to not agree with the SCNC solution? Besides historic information, what are your predictions based upon? - the myth of the Anglophone persona, devoid of any vices. Unfortunately, human nature is unpredictable.

I am neither an optimist nor a persimist, but I am a sceptic; and why? Because I witnessed the post Ahidjo euphoria in 1982; the jubilations after the failed coup attempt in 1984; and the mass hysteria, that accompanied multipartism in the early `90s; and what have we today - fossilised leaders on both sides of the isle (one of them Anglophone). Why would Southern Cameroons be any different?

So Southern Cameroons lost infrastructure: airstrips in Tiko and Bali, and a deep sea port in Victoria. Is this phenomena unique to Southern Cameroon? Like some of you, I was born and bred in Limbe. The CDC railway line used to pass by my house in Bota. It outlived its usefulness and was dismantled. I look back with nostalgia, but thats as far as it goes. Great Britain lost most of it`s automobile industry; the coal mines which used to be a major source of employment went with the advent of nuclear power; and failing a miracle it is about to loose one of it`s oldest steel plants. Those are the ravages of globalisation and capitalism.

Cameroon may be in dire straits, but I doubt the two state proposal is a panacea. What I do kmow is that, in an increasingly globalised and competitive world, breaking up Africa into even smaller chunks will spell economic disaster.

Louis Egbe Mbua

Mr. Limbekid,
You are comparing the wrong things. Roads and Railway lines do not outlive their usefulness in less than 15 years of “independence”. Talking of Britain, sir, the entire London was carved out by the Romans 2000 years ago. Most of the Streets in Central London today existed 2000 years ago. If you are familiar with the UK, you will know that the M1 Motorway that connects London to North of the UK was paved by the Romans 2000 years ago.

Thus it is folly to accept that CDC continues to exist while the railway lines that transported their produce no longer exist. This is called Voodoo economic theory that contradicts common sense. CDC is still there yet the ports, roads railways and Airports, seaports in Tiko, Victoria where they exported their goods have outlived their welcome! Why is CDC still there then? It is like saying the M1 has outlived its usefulness when there are people in London and the North!

Whether you were born in Victoria or not is irrelevant here. Your theory is wrong and based on discrimination. The railways, roads, ports and airports were closed due to Apartheid in Cameroon against Southern Cameroons. This must be stopped as this is a human rights crime. The African Commission has said so. You are free to challenge it in Banjul.

Talking about UK: Sir the UK is now a Nuclear power so they can afford to do away with coal (not altogether). They also have oil in the North Sea. You didn’t know. They are now investing on Wind, solar and biomass power; all this for the 21st century. Also, they have replaced their industries with international Finance per City of London where they do £10 billion of business every day. For a square Mile, do you know of any place that this happens? STOP COMPARING the UK with a shameful Apartheid system in Cameroon where you treat your fellow Africans as your slave just because they have a different cultural background. Please take time to think about issues.


Machete Molua appears not to be a very sharp chap. I hope his machetes are sharper since he has declared his intention to wipe Graffi from the face of the Biyaland.


We will Split Cameroon up come thunder. Thomas doubted the resurection until Christ appeared before him. It is your right to doubt. It is also your right to be content with what is happening to English speaking Cameroonians. You are thinking of yourself, today, and what you are enjoying. For us, it is about us as a people, what has happened to the majority of us thus far and what will happen to our descendants. Yesterdays mistake will never repeat itself.

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