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Thursday, 04 February 2010


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Dr A A Agbormbai

A good read, if you can stay the course.

Sesseku Arrey.

I feel so sick in my heart reading this article, Slave trade indeed was a Social Evil.They succeeded to destroyed Africa and make Africans became Inferior. They targeted the Black race to test their drugs and vaccines. They didn't only ended there but Infected us with HIV/AIDS which has now became the Black Man Disease.
What did we do to them?
Up till date our leaders are still carrying out quite Diplomacy receiving orders from this same Evil Men. What a Shame for Africa.
I strongly support the Ugandan Gov't for taking the British Gov't to court for crimes committed during the Colonial era, But i wonder to what extend will this last?


And this is exactly why i became a Rastaman, and Africans still don't understand.

'It na good to stay ina whiteman kontry too long.' - Mutabaruka

How can our stories be told credibly when the people that enslaved our brothers and sisters and us are the same Babylon criminals that are writing our history? And all we do is simply struggle to make sense or nonsense of their questionable motives.

These notorious gangters and looters that harassed Africa like bees that are possessed by some wild demons, and coming mostly from Her Majesty's queendom of rats and treachery, are the same people that wrote countless accounts about how they paid for their captives. Hence, they hurriedly termed the OUTLANDISH evil SLAVE TRADE. And today they make empty noise about democracy and fictional equal rights and justice.

Molefi, frankly i am tempted to dismiss your paper as nonsensical rantings because i couldn't really find any subjective answers as to why these same Africans that have been historically inclined to slaughtering each other, could not see the demoniacal Babylon hunters as a source of food.

Whereupon, i am all but tempted to imagine that there probably was some sort of shady business where cursed Africans actually handed over their very own kind, implying that this tragedy was definitely facilitated by Africans themselves!

Africans will never be able to understand this mystery, especially as everything we know today is thanks to the mischievously recorded accounts of Babylon rats as typified even by this superfluous paper by Molefi.

Absurdly, when African nations sympathise with their relatives in Haiti by pledging aid, Great Britain and others are quick to scornfully tag Africans as beggars who are barely scraping to survive. Funny how the ruthless hypocrites get pangs of guiltiness, for they know that they settled the Africans in Haiti against their will. And now they want to be taken for saviours!

England is cursed! As the head of that evil system called Babylon, and as the masterminder of slavery, England is not a healthy place for Africans. I just feel sorry for any African child that calls England or her wretched cousins home. I still remember how all but one of this phoney righteous nations refused to apologise for slavery in Durban, South Africa. Jöschgen Fisher of Germany was the only Babylon delegate that showed due remorse. England refused to apologise.

Man, down with dis Babylon hypocrisy! Creating England was one grave mistake, and Jah knows that. Was it coincidental that Marcus Mosiah Garvey died in England at a tender age of 58, only to be shipped back to Jamaica in a casket of gold? Hell no!

Va Boy

Did you even read the article? You just like to bloviate.

Va Boy

This explains the predicament of Haiti in the early 19th century, alone, against the hostility of the white powers in the Western Hemisphere. To them, Haiti was an outrage, that went against all their supremacist philosophies and self regard, and even enemies were in unison to prevent Haiti from establishing parity.
After USA, Haiti was the second independent country in the Americas. There was no other independent country in central and South America. They were all mostly colonies of Spain and Portugal. Canada was a colony of Britain. Haiti was a thing to fear and to scorn and its people have paid a steep price for their impertinence.


Young man, you too girlie

Kavikron theHorn

the problematic focus in any article or issue on race or even any identifier, and the atrocities caused by the identified, on the scale of history - ALL - at present, are at fault. If Africans are the originators of these sciences and this (our present moment)is the result then the African is as much as responsible as is a parent to its child.

When Africans begin to take responsibility for the interpretation of their arts and science, if they are the so called "original thinkers", then the only solution would be improvement of self and the world in which that self abides. The African would scan history not to look for their victimization or oppression, however for the rectification and reformation of their original thoughts and the destructiveness in the hands of others even unto themselves it has caused.

Simply put: with the knowledge of being the "Father's and Mother's of" comes the responsibility to be the Father's and Mother's of the reform: global warming, human rights, economic decline, and this I pose as a question?

Ishmael McIntosh

What's interesting to me, is how even amongst folx, ;), who should know better, (sometimes myself included,) our minds are so co-opted as to only be able to think in terms given to us by those who oppress us. Africa, and Africans didn't exist in the way we think of now, when the slave trade started. It is only the koyanisquatsi culture of Europe, and it's racialist perspectives that create an Africa and Africans.

It is true that in the system that has been created we of obvious "African" ancestry suffer a burden that is not borne by other members of the modern world, and because of this it is meaningful to indentify as "Africans." But it is not who our ancestors were. They were many different peoples with many different names for themselves, and none of those were "African", even if they had a common psycho-social foundation for self identity.

What makes me laugh, I am sorry, I can't help it, is the lengths to which "educated" European scholarship has to ignore reality, and create folk tales pretending to be scholarship to justify it's racist positions. The work of J. A. Rogers brings enough clear evidence that the impact of "African Moors" all over Europe was large, and highly respected at one time. Let's not even worry about the clear and obvious homage to Egyptians (Blacks) that later Greece and then Rome pay to "Africans." To this day, it seems that only the serious scholars recognize that early Greece/Mycenae and the fertile crescent were "African" cultures, even if the peoples had already started seriously mixing so that there were European and Asiatic hybrids who were the majority of the population.

I may be wrong, but I believe that until we as "Africans", and the other people of the world who lived in a more wholistic Cosmos, recognize that the ways of thinking that prioritize commerce will never lead to a true liberation of humanity, we are doomed to live with the injustice of racism. As the article above reminds us, one has to recognize that there is a way of thinking that is truly European and out of balance that allowed them to treat their own people the way they did (do?) which made it a lot easier to treat the other people just as bad, and worse.

If one does their research, and also as the article states, there is a racialism built into the social hiearchy of European thought, that led many of its political/social leaders to see themselves as human, and those below them as less so. This separation of self from the other is endemic in European thought, and I dare say deliberately propogated for centuries, such that it is assumed to be the reality of how things are. We should not forget that amongst Europeans, Christians would and did happily loot and pillage other Christians to cover the cost of making war on heathens. In my mind the ability to live with the pathology of such deep incongruencies of ones professed ethics and their actual actions is a purely European thing. I can only comprehend it, because the "human condition" they believe to be about being human vs being European, may in fact be due to a very real difference in they have relationship to the Sun based on melanin levels.

Science now knows we all have significant melanin in the brain. Is it possible that with the significant loss of melanin in the skin, and living in a more harsh climate, that the actual unity of creation and our role as a part of it was lost in our younger European brothers because their relationship to sunlight had changed? Pure speculation on my part, but one has to wonder how such a different relationship to all the rest of life and creation could have come about, and they are the ones who initially make note of this distinction based on melanin.

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