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Monday, 22 March 2010


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it would be real buffoonery for the govt of camroon to announce they sent a donation meanwhile infact they have not, only a real mad govt would do that. In this case, i think the minister of communication has to give more details in order to help trace the funds.
How ever, Mr Agendia, if its really true you did all these inquiries and investigations, then i think this is really stunning

Agendia Aloysius

"Son of the soil" or what you call yourself, neither you nor the Cameroon government or even state media has proven the money was paid. Click on the hyper link on the article to access the latest updates of countries which have donated even those who pledged. The state needs to operate in all transparency.
I don’t really understand how some of you reason. Proof the contrary that the money has been paid. That will be good. The objective of the press is to act as a watchdog. That is just what we are doing. Thanks

Angwafor Joseph 11

As rightly mentioned above, it is now the place of the Cameroon government to proof that this money has been paid. We are not going to take this lying down, enough is enough. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Please Issa Tchiroma, we need more clarification from you.

gwangwa carlson

Ask my Biya and he will probably tell where the money is. May be in his private account or budget to stay in europe and spend carelessly. He will not live forever.


You guys are pulling teeth. What else is new about the corrupt and inefficient government of Biya. Paul Biya is the one running this criminal machine called La Republique. Paul Biya is the one who saw Horror and human suffering in Haiti and promised Help. Shame on u Mr. President, U are a failed third world dictator. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY. What an ass hole. You have no business running a rat house when u have no clue of the word accountability. You are either evil or just plane dumb.


I feel so low to be from Cameroon, rule by an idiot like Paul Biyer, with his regime of thiefs and a country full with fools.

Paul Biya

This is ridiculous. The details describing the efforts to trace the fate of this donation are absolutely absurd. It doesn't take that much effort to trace the destination of money payed into a bank account. A few clicks on the accountant's database will reveal amazing information. Does this Minister think he is speaking to some dummies who do not know what a check payment is? How long does it take a renown bank like Chase to provide information regarding an important bank transaction like that one?
Well, if they thought this was just another usual propaganda in Cameroon where they can harass journalists and hush the public by way of arrests, then they have got to think again.
More than 200.000 people dead in such an unprecedented quake is not something to toy with. The USA that was leading the world in organizing help for Haiti does not play jokes with such information and will do their work by making sure the Haitian people know exactly who came to their aid and who lied about doing so.
I guess this is an eye opener for the rest of the world to feel a pinch of what we have been going through for almost three decades now.
It is really a pity for a president to play jokes at such a grievous calamity.

Dr A A Agbormbai

This is really shocking!


Transparency is hard for these jokers because they are always stealing. Shameless people. Shon of the Shoil has to be Molua or his trainee. They share the same characteristic of always covering for cameroon government of thieves, no matter what.


CPDM spin doctor why does anyone care to waste time with you?

Vincent Wetiah

Why does the Minister of Communication not just release the cheque number or copy of it. People cannot be browbeated or intimidated into accepting lies. Produce a copy or the number of the cheque, short and simple.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Read Cameroon journalists make fool of themselves:

"However, going by the French language daily, Mutations of March 19, a source at the Haitian Central Bank had confirmed on March 16 that Cameroon's share of 1 million US dollars worth the assistance was paid on March 15. The said sum reportedly came in through Cameroon's Ambassador to the United Nations, Monthé Tommo. Many observers are of the opinion that the money was hurriedly paid in on that March 15 to save the face of government following the embarrassing press reports highlighting that Cameroon's assistance announced on January 22 by Tchiroma was yet to reach Haiti"

Yet, the folks start their article as if nothing has been paid, to mislead the public in Cameroon and sell papers for 400 francs!

This talk talk don too much. Make we just fight war. Na wetin be all this talk. Its time to fight.

Come with your AK-47s and Kalashnikovs:



If what you alluding to, is truthful & credible, then by all means you should endeavor to write a rejoinder to the newspaper that publish the article alleging discrepancies with Cameroon's purported contributions to the Haitian Tragedy.

Now, in the first instance it was up to the Cameroonian authorities to ensure that, they had their issues in order such that these swirling theories & counter theories should not be an issue with the general public, given the obvious past experiences & historicity of Government in the context of public accountability, responsibility, finances & corruption.

Without CAUSATION there will be no EFFECTS.
The root [CAUSATION] of all of these issues is that, Government gave out a story which did not match with the facts of published donors.
It is that simple.
As to the issue of fighting & violence in settling any dispute, do not you already have enough experiences in that area to indicate or inform you that it is not the best way to resolve any issue....?????
The problem we are facing in Cameroon, can never be settled nor resolved satisfactorily by violent rhetoric or actual physical violence, as there are never any productive, constructive nor a positive outcome from such a pathway.


Agendia Aloysius

This Entrepreneur guy making noise. How comes that even the Cameroon representative at the UN cannot inform the UN of its donation. Cameroonians need to even see the financial transaction as evidence not even a letter again from the also corrupt Haiti government. This is public money, gentleman. It is not party or individual money. Click on the hyperlink on the article and check the name of Cameroon. Even as of yesterday's update Cameroon had not been included. Beside all this, there is a serious communication problem with the cameroon government.



Keep doing what is the right thing to do and exposing factual truths for
the general public to be rightfully informed of what lurks underneath all
the nefarious activities of Government in Cameroon & its dubious officials.

This is not an issue of a PARTY or PAUL BIYA or ISSA the GOON, it is about not taking advantage of a tragedy neither to seek to profit from the misfortune, suffering & sorrow of an impoverished nation & it's people.
It is not the first time that Government and it's officials have misappropriated donations & monies meant for natural disasters,
it is the norm, the way, the elixir & essence of Cameroonian public
officials so this new twist & unprecedented misadventure is nothing

That ISSA the GOON can have the temerity to cover up for his entourage
of KNAVES & MISCREANTS is not only audacious per se, but it is the most
insensitive, callous & idiotic statement that a government & public official can dare to express on the international arena.



I think people criticise to make a given society move forward, this explains why the Entrpreneur has the right to publish what he thinks for example. However, when reasonable men decide to intentionally become vocally disrutive, then a broken society and broken govt and broken system like cameroon's will mark time for ever ... watch me THE EXTRPRENEUR INLINE

Bob Bristol

Dear All,
There are so many signals of failure. This is just one of them. I'm sure the news didn't take anyone by surprise. We've seen this before. You remember prior to the 1994 World Cup in America some goodwill donations disappeared into thin air. When a country is run by a bunch of shameless rogues, then we can only harden our hearts to the worst all the time or do our own little bit to turn the tight.

Secondly, I'm worried about this Entrepreneur guy who has been identified by some members of this forum as a university lecturer. Time and again, individuals have been able to prove their points logically without showcasing pro or anti CPDM sentiments. I mean old members of this forum can identify the various areas of academic specialisation of some. On a topic like this, we look forward to comments that reveal more on international money transactions of such magnitude; not this anti opposition, anti Bamenda stuff that you are neck deep into. Please get up. You are not the same age with Biya. He is on his final journey home or should I say hell? You have a long time to deal with the anger of the people.



If we had to know the background of the Entrepreneur, it may inform us better as to the obvious reasons of his utterances & deviant behavior.

It is interesting to note that, violent, abusive & extremely obstinate individuals hardly change in life, or are able to transform themselves to get along with normal society.
That said, what individuals are expressing even on the internet is never to far off from their daily behavior.
Are not many of these our so called government officials & their blind supporters people who have always had the habit of preying on the weak, the innocent, gullible & vulnerable members of society...???
To also include physical abuse of their spouses, girlfriends & children.

We need only to look clearly & you will see a pattern that has been cultivated over a span of 20 or more years to understand the underlying problems that these individuals carry with them.
It is burden & a HELL to live & carry those ancient & insensible grudges, hateful feelings & senseless animosity that have no bearing to the reality of other people's daily lives.







Countryfowl actually plowed through the ditch and splashed out some meaning!

I love the above lines from his comments.


Just did a Google search and found this about Dr. Ernest Molua AKA the Entrepreneur.

Impressive academic credentials but he seems to be trying too hard to please his employers back in Cameroon. While I am disappointed that prefers street brawls to intellectual discourse, I understand that he is trying to protect his Garri. I wish him the best. Hopefully, he doesn't destroy Cameroon in the process.


Faculty / Research Appointments
Ernest Molua
Research Affiliate


Dr Ernest Molua aka The Entrepreneur Newsonline is a visiting Senior African Fulbright Scholar. He is also a anti-Graffi hothead and CPDM baron. He is a tenured senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Buea in Southwestern Cameroon. He lectures and writes on issues of agro-environmental economics. He obtained a Phd in Agricultural Economics from Georg-August University of Goettingen in Germany in 2002, an MSc in Agriculture Land Use and Environmental Mangement from the Royal Verterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhangen, Denmark. He is also holder of MSc. and BSc. in Agricultural Economics and Extension Service from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. He recently completed a teaching fellowship at the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA) at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Rural Development and Extension in the University of Pretoria, South Africa and at the Department of Development Economics at Makerere University in Uganda, jointly sponsored by IDRC, Canada and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).



That is quite an impressive CV right there, there is nothing to fault the gentleman for his incredible & diligent work.
It takes a lot of patience, efforts & initiative to come to the full length of one's potentials.

So all the best to Mr. Entrepreneur.

That said, you would want to think that with such an impressive repertoire of academic medals, triumphant entries into prestigious institutions which beggars & street bums dare not venture, there will be an exact mirroring in the content, character, comportment & demeanor of our illustrious SON.

Kamarad, you must be aware that in actuality there is an enormous & an unbridgeable gap to close between WHAT IS, which is who we are in reality, & WHAT SHOULD BE OR OUGHT TO BE, which is the illusionary imagery of what we will like to project unto society.

So, the task is not so much as to the acquisition of knowledge & credentials but to set about accomplishing the evolution of one's being from it's innate primitivity & brutish predispositions into one's own uniqueness & individuality being.

For that, there is no school on the planet which is going to give it to us.



It all make sense. All that accademics, to his dismay, probably would earn him $15 to $25 per hour in Europe or America, if he is fortunate to find an employer. Sir, you are better off where there is forestry and they need your talents. You wasted so much time in the classroom , and will probably never see $150,000
a year. I woould be angry , bitter and jealoused like u. That is O.K. We need u here in Cameroon. You know nothing about leadership and accountability. Keep your political ideologies and affilitions to youself, for they do nothing but expose your ignorance and lack of modern and 21st. Century

Exthil Wanki

In case you missed it, Entrepeneur is a Fulbright Scholar at Yale University, so he is not looking for a teaching job in America. He was recently appointed Head of the Department of Agricultural Economies and Agri-Business of the University of Buea where he will be, to use the Cameroonian term, be "controlling a budget." So he there is no need for him to be jealous bitter and angry about life in America.

That said, Molua wants to eventually become a University Vice Chancellor or even a Minister in the Biya and he has realized that those who are fanatical in their defense of the Cameroonian system are handsomely rewarded like the "opposition" Minister of Communications Issa Tchiroma.

So expect more vitriol and fanatism as the days go by...

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....I am dumbfounded that non of you newts could reason that, possibly Haiti's corrupt government may have hidden donated funds from some quarters....and in this case possibly Cameroon needs to raise its voice and call the Haitian government currently residing under trees to make public it's donation...... why una hate una country so tee una di think lower than cows?

All this noise don too much. Make we just fight war then rebuild after like Rwanda, Angola, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone....


Why are columnists up in arms against Entrepreneur? Allow him to keep making cat-calls under every single write up here.The truth is difficult to swallow,so being neurotic and trying to shout the whole place down is fair game for businessmen in academic robes.The readers he is trying to stare down here are the same ones he is stealthily yearning for and redirecting to a praise-singing website he has been struggling to set up.So every one can see that the man is like somebody trying very hard to cheat his barber.Let's stop that purely Cameroonian game of coming to flaunt certificates on the internet.The French describe this better when they say it is "un sign de sous-developpement mentale".No amount of posturing is going to stop people from seeking the truth and telling it as it should be.Even if Bernard Fonlon was to come back to life,he would not stop Cameroonians from singing the national anthem he translated in different tones.




Tangwa Livinus A

The corrupted nature of our country Cameroon has proved beyong all doubts that the officers have always embezzled funds. A million dollar is a huge some of money that could be devided amongst the ministers in charged. The "you scratch my back, i scratch your own" business in cameroon has been come the order of the day and all funds deliberated for other issues have been misused by these thieves who call themselves cameroonian ministers. More investigation will reveal the truth about the money meant for Haitian aid. The government will never accept to come out with the truth because they all know the implications of such an act.
We should learn how to be humane in our acts. Where have we kept our consciences? money meant to help people suffering? why should we do that? what if you were the one who needs help? MINISTERS, PLEASE BE JUST IN YOUR ACTS. "WETI DO COCOA, NA DE SAME THING DO CACA(COFFEE)" IT COULD BE YOUR OWN TURN AND YOUR OWN CHILDREN AND WIVES INVOLVED. STOP EMBEZZLING PUBLIC FUNDS!!!!!!


Why are transparency and accountability so hard? Do they not want to feature amongst the list of donors? Why do they want to be anonymous.

Are you guys saying Molua is on his knees kissing up in order to get post? How unfair! De man know book plenty. He should be minister just on merits except that it does not work that way there. There are other qualified people waiting in line. What a better way to show kissassedness than to come online with verbal AK-7s to mow down fellow anglophones on the web. He is late to the game.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....Cameroonians have never been known to patronize compatriots' product, or service....unless thrown away for free...When do you open a Cameroon-food restaurant, for instance and it closes down weeks later because the community you target are too jealous of your strides to consume what you sell that they need?
It is a community of self-destruction.....

...Never miscontrue that i am seeking for readers.I have an audience of 20 million Cameroonians in Cameroon that listen to me WEEKLY on radio and TV....I do not need your patronage.

I give out facts, to the best of my ability. Love it or hate it...Facts and stubborn...I will not be deterred until you are all emancipated from national hate....

War has been declared on your nonsensicals....

Na how ih de like say, una di fear war, so...You run your mouths...and instigate violence....and when war is declared you all shy away. Cameroon must fight that war.......Man no run......start with u guys


The Cameroonian community is really one of self-destruction! Its more renowned and educated sons,who have benefited and continue to benefit from collective funds would go an extra mile to keep their compatriots in bondage.What we get from education is the ability to tell the truth as it is.But how can a man that has been to Harvard tell one that has never gone pass Tiko to fight war just as has been the case in Rwanda,and start rebuilding all over? What are the merits of war? This he fails to explain to them,while summoning their bestiality.How can someone who is supposed to jealously safeguard the emotional wellbeing of his people keep calling them names and pitting them against each other? When you single-out a group and engage in negative stereotyping like Cam-no-go or Graffi,do you know that you are laying the groundwork for future mistrust? If you who are highly educated only think the worst of others,why do you expect the less polished to be immune to stereotypes and jealousy? If 20 million TV watchers and radio listeners could easily be transformed into nettizens,we would not need to invite the same people we denigrate online to go over to our websites.All of this has nothing to do with jealousy,but it has more to do with hubris.Since we are Africans,we must never stray far from some of our proverbs that guide us along the way,like this one:"You can never win a war against your people".


I think all these knowledge acquired on land, land tenure, agriculture would be very necessary to fight and recover the Bakweri lost lands.


... and if that is not enough. I am about to teach this guy a lesson . Any university in Europe or America will not support a college professor to post messages of hate like this guy is doing. Calling for genocide and ethnic cleansing. I am about to contact whichever accademic institution he is affiliated with to disclose his writtings, ideologies and plans to return here in Cameroon and partner with Biya in terrorizing English speaking Cameroonians. I bet U ten thousand francs C.F.A, if that istitution gets hold of his writtings, he will be kicked out. There is no place for his kind of ideology in the free abd democratic world. Only here in Cameroon.
That said, i will do nothing to hurt you, you will be your own downfall.


Dr. Ernest Molua AKA the Entrepreneur. is feed up with the Government he is serving and need a change. He thinks war is the only option to this change.He is just being whimsical with his writing. He knows telling the people directly about his position against the government will get him off his JOB and land him in Kundengui.It is not a double standard he is playing, anybody who is comfortable with his government and do not want a change will not seek or ask for war. What I know is that he doesn't want to be the guy to trigger the first shot. He is willing to mobilize others and contribute to change Cameroon.
Some chicken heart in this forum want change but do not want to pay the price for it.You can never get it that way from a government like "Cameroon".We either join Ernest Molua in his quest for "WAR" or we shut up our mouths.


"it would be real buffoonery for the govt of camroon to announce they sent a donation meanwhile infact they have not, only a real mad govt would do that" - Nunca

The govt of Cameroon is MAD. This should come as no surprise.


"All this noise don too much. Make we just fight war then rebuild after like Rwanda, Angola, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone...."
- The Entrepreneur

LOL Uganda and Ivory Coast are your model African nations huh? LOL I come back to this site and I still find "intellectual mastubators" doing what they do best. Why don't you, your wife, your prostitute in Douala, you son and your grandmother pick up arms and march to the gates of Etoudi? IDIOT!!! This is exactly why I avoid this site; it is infested with buffoons.


You say some chicken-hearted want change but do not want to pay a price,and at the same time you say Entrepreneur want change but is afraid to lose his job.Check your head and see whether you are normal before asking readers to shut up.


He is using satire to mock those shallow-minded buffoons who see war as the only way forward and is advising them rather to see the Cpdm's 100% as the way forward,isn't it? Try another explanation the wise one!

Bob Bristol

We are not TRYING to make sense of what Dr Molua is saying. Rather we are putting one and one together to get an obvious answer. A follow-up of his postings gives a clear indication that he sides with "the high and the mighty" in the regime. He sees himself as already up there; blaming the ineptitude of Cameroonians on the suffering masses rather than those in charge. I think that is where the curtain is drawn between Dr Molua and the bulk of us on this forum. It's like thinking corruption can be fought from "below".

Advocating for a war is not a new issue on this forum. We have done that before out of anxiety and frustration with the regime. But when a right-winger like Molua does so, he imagines himself sitting on the high table being protected by assigned officers while the masses are crushed in the battle field. But let me remind him that in the event of a war, if people like him are not crushed, then it wasn't worth the effort.

Nonetheless, much of our effort can gain a lot of grounds if we keep aside this pro CPDM sentiment. I'm not of the SDF either. I want to believe this site was created for those who cannot be heard; that is, the masses. Not for people who have news paper agency or who grant interviews regularly on CRTV like Molua. So this site is for the suppressed, the exploited,the segregated, those on exile, those regarded as enemies, those castigated as Biafrans, and those who may never have had the chance to say something at least. This has nothing to do with the millions we've managed to make as "fallers". It is a call to rescue the masses.


All that is belly politics. In times of tragedy, Caring nations support each other. The leader becomes the speaker. The offers words of comfort on behalf of the people. It is not left for the suffering Nation to disclose who and how shae has been helped. That argument is flawed.
There is no data or Statistics that supports your claim that Cameroon Police force is well disciplined. To the Contrary, eight years ago, The Rand Corporation did a study on corrupt nations. Cameroon was ranked the second most corrupt Nation in the study, Peru came first. Who are u trying to fool.
If he is aware of the pain of war, then he should speak up against war, and advocate for a fair society. For all we know, he is already at war with himself.
The people u lead is a reflection of u. When there is disconnect, it is time to change leadership.
You speak of corruption in the SDF, yet u are planning on voting ten times for the CPDM. Why not fight for one adult one vote?
Eat and be fat happy and merry, while the masses are dying of hunger and disease.
Our quest for a free and independent Southern Cameroons will continue in different phases. There is no turning back. We will be free or die trying.


WOW, u are the real shallow minded buffoon, that is why you are making excuses for a looser.
Sacrifice for who? La Republique?
Your shallow mind is telling u that enemies to La Republique is sitting in the arms of some white granny in some foreign land. Dummy, we are right here in Cameroon.
Our communities are propspering, and the pace of prosperity is expected to grow significally when we get rid of u and La Republique.
Whatever they own here in Cameroon is none of your business. How dumb can u get? Do u think they will show u what they own here in Cameroon so u and La Republique can rob them in the middle of the night like u did the banks in Limbe? What have u been smoking?
It is your right to vote for and belong to any political party. No party has the right to illegally occupy an independent group of people.
You can cry all u want, you will be forcefully ejected from Southern Cameroons if u fail to do so voluntarily.


It is very shamefull dealing with a corrupt government like cameroon because of lack of accountability.

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