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Monday, 29 March 2010


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Chief, Ayuk  Arrey.

I am not surprise about this.I wonder if Enterprenieur aka Dr.Molua Ernest and Other followers of Biya do have conscience. What then is the need for ELECAM ?


The Opposition never gets tired with the politics of accusations. That's why I love them. What a hell for the young to grow up with nothing but a permanent rhetoric of accusations for memory!


Fellow cameroonians no need to worry the day of reckoning is not far from now.Let them play their dirty games with the election preparations,God Almighty is watching.


Oh Cameroon; Thou Cradle of our Fathers. Where is your future???? I cry for you....
@peppersoup, you are definitely living on another planet. Your support of CPDM and that RETARD in State House are all too evident for all to see. How can a person in the right state of mind be accusing the Opposition parties of playing the blame game in this case? CPDM MP's by putting the ELECAM under the watch of the Min. of Territorial Administration, are effectively insulting the intelligence of everyone in Cameroon and abroad. I spit with disgust on all of them, and you @peppersoup...
These are a set of people who already immorally altered the constitution to keep Biya in power. The least they could do is now let the elections have some modicum of fairness... But NO.. They have to add insult to injury.
I am reminded of a story: There were 2 brothers aged 15 and 10 years who were quite the neighborhood truants; stealing etc.. One day their father had enough of them, and decided to take them to a priest to pray for them. On arriving the church, the elder brother was summoned first. The priest was quite a big man, and on seeing the boy, he immediately asked loud "Where Is God?". The young boy was terrified and ran out to meet his younger brother to whom he said "Now they think we stole God"
The CPDM and Biya are like that boy. Due to their age-old penchant for theft, corruption, suppression of freedoms etc, they are now paranoid. This will be their downfall, soon...Very soon..
Or what do you all think??

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...some months back we read in this forum, and in many national papers 'insinuating that Cameroon's leadership is possible panicking and may listen to critiques from the European Union and heavenly powers on ELECAM'....

....some of you got carried away and spewed garbage....The writing is now clear that you either read lies, or you read false analyses by people who claim to know Cameroon.

...The government and its people of Cameroon are not afraid of may harp as much as you want... get blown by winds of ignorance: Cameroon is moving forward with or without you.

...Instead of negroes spewing garbage, i will strongly urge you to emulate your chinese, malaysian, south korean, chilean, cuban, indonesian iranian, rusian and north korean mates in exile: get positively involve with your country of origian or you risk been ignored and frustrated into your death.......You will have no one but yourself to blame...

Chief.Ayuk  Arrey.

Where is the forwardness? what have you guys done for over 28yrs?
So, preparing to cheat in Elections as usual, is your Regime Policy of Forwardness?

I do not blame you bcos you are a lover of Communist Regimes.


You guys are the illusionists. It is clear to all us that Cameroon is moving backwards. There is certainly a disconnect between the gang of thieves running La Republique and the average Cameroonian.

Gaining more pounds and getting fat through corruption and greed does not mean moving forward. Winning appointments to high positions by kissing ass, nepotism and bribery, while turning a blind eye to the suffering masses is not moving forward. Being rewarded generously for distorting the truth and advocating a Biya Kingdom is not moving forward. The list goes on. We can write a book on the deteriorating State of Camerron since Biya the thief came to office.

Southern Cameroon must be independent from French Cameroon for there to be any progress and lasting peace in Cameroon. French Cameroon must likewise get rid of thieves like Biya for their section of Cameroon to progress. Like Robert Townsend said " True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leader.
When leaders enrich themselves while the masses are suffering, they create an Apathy Cave. and that is what Cameroon is today.

Nothing lies ahead in the Apathy Cave except hopelessness and discouragement. Enthusiasm has been zapped out of the Cave. There is a penchant for bad appointments of Ministers and Governors. The are all people who have the same background, skill set and way of thinking. There is no diversity in the highest level of government to move Cameroon ahead. This particular environment encourages cynicism and maintaining the status quo. You can't rock the boat while u are in.

Careers hit a dead end in Cameroon. A leader like Paul Biya, with no clear vision of what he wants Camerooinans to achieve can kill careers for anyone. That is whyu u have unengaged zombies in all government offices in Cameroon.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Biya and his CPDM are going to see pepper. Since they want to show that they are very clever, they will see. Don't I love it!


That is the problem with the CPDM supporters, people with the same thinking process.

No one should be stealing state property. Political playing field should be even. IF the SDF candidate is expected to declare his assets, the same standard should apply to all Presidential Candidates, including Biya.

It is a shame you are calling Cameroon a progressive democracy. May be you have a different meaning for progress and democracy. Going by the definition of both words, Cameroon
is neither democratic nor progressive.

Biya and La Republique have created a none caring environment, full of negative attitudes. Evrybody is out to steal from the State. The attitude today is , if the President is stealing, then we all should steal. That leaves women, children the sick, the old and the less fortunate to suffer. Is that your defination of a progressive democracy?

Listen Sir, our problems are being ignored and covered up. Paul Biya has created a culture of blame and justification, not solutions. Barriers to change and improvement are everywhere. La Republique will go down in history books as the worst regime ever to exist. Absenteeism, tardiness and lack of ownership and involvement are the rule. You must conform here because no changes or new ideas are welcome.

Most of English speaking Cameroonians are willing to do what it takes to pull Cameroon out of the mess we are in, but because of the French influence , divide and conquer politics of Ahidjo and Biya, the attitude of French Cameroon towards English Cameroon, now it is like we are on the last voyage of the Titanic. Except rather than sinking she remains unmercifully afloat, without direction and going nowhere


Cameroonians deserve to live in an environment that allows us to be successful. We deserve to have our problems solved, and to understand what changes we can make to improve ourselves.
All Cameroonians deserve to be treated with respect.
Cameroon deserves to be led by individuals who are positive role models. It is an important and valuable commodity/ingredient for any progressive democracy. Biya Paul is not a leader.
This is how it should have been from the beginning. Today, we are at the crossroads of our history. Cameroon must be divided into two states or Countries. We either do this peacefully or by the use of force.


Hey, Don, just to assuage your thoughts, I have no links with East Cameroon or La Republique du Cameroun. The politics of endless complaints and accusations happens when an organization lacks a vision and a program. My concerns are with West Cameroon where I grew up and what it needs is not a party but a movement that will do what it takes including having the patience, commitment to understand and mobilize the entire territory so it evolves towards statehood. My dream is a West Cameroon state that is modeled to be the best in this squelching sub-region: safe, law-abiding, self-sufficient, independent, progressive and democratic, and most importantly, using its competence and brain trust to move towards a middle income country status within a few generations. I do realize that my language wasn't straightforward, neither did it hit it's goal, which was to present a problem in a sarcastic tone.

Chief. Ayuk Arrey.

Mr. Town Crier
Will you please stop HALLUCINATING with your CPDM failed policies.Cameroonians are now understanding what La Republique's CPDM is all about. You guys can only rely on Cheating so that you may win. Elections are still to came, but you have already made Biya the Winner,this shows what you guys have in mind.

The success of Cameroon lies in the hands of Southern Cameroonians.
Cameroon needs a re-birth.
As the statehood of Southern Cameroon keeps on metamorphosing, CPDM will soon find no place in S.Cameroon.


The CPDM has been in power for 28 years and nothing has beeen done to the NW province. Even the Ring road which Mr Biya promised he will contruct and surpervise himself!!! This was said in March of 1982 and 28years after nothing has been done. I am not from this province but I think we should treat our fellow brothers & sister from the NW as Cameroonians too. The Southwesterners always have a "filled mouth" so cannot say anything against thei regime. We cannot compair one thing. The CPDM should make the way for another party sothat we can then compair to know which is better.


One thing I appreciate my father is for having never associated himself with KNDP, CNU, and CPDM. I guess he shaped my views of life when he began instructing me at 7 about the vanity, narrow-mindedness of politicians, and the stupidity of the voter. Of course he had seen all of that before - in the sixties, relived it again in the seventies, and eighties again. Now, I know that many live and die led by these illusions of the party state. To think that any West/Southern Cameroonian still believes in any party, in this absurd experiment, I mean without exception, delivering on any promises given today's socioeconomic, cultural, and political contexts and the lessons we have learned so far, is almost incredulous. But I would understand it if the believer has some ulterior and more personal ambition. A wise person would however think about the times and how the world is evolving. You don't want to be caught by the masses on the wrong side of history. Not particularly in today's world when states cannot protect citizens, when organizations are challenging state power and rendering the idea of the state moribund. Who still believes in parties of vain and fickle nitwits, lacking in any deep ideology, education, or philosophy? What Southern and West Cameroonians need are ideological movements, not the sort that rely on brutish force or raw and unbridled thoughts, but ones that are enlightened, steeped in deep philosophical tenets, able to take time to educate, mobilize, involve themselves in communal projects both urban and rural, help communities towards self-sustainability, and ARE democratic in the sense of the word. It need not be one organization as that implies inviting the possibility of tyranny of the crass-minded. The example of Nyerere (an edifying figure) in Tanzania stands for all to read about. It's rather unfortunate that it's so hard to find any like him in West or Southern Cameroon. And it shows either where we came from, the success of colonialism in keeping us as "hewers of wood and drawers of water", or of the manipulations of the post-colonial appendage of La Republique du Cameroun.


Just want to ask this quest. Why are the French-African countries always having problems. France is doing well in the EU just bc of its colonies. Otherwise it would have been in France like in Greece today. If Greece had colonies she would not have this financial probs. We are sufferin in Cameroon just bc Big Brother France controls with her remote control. Why I do not like the French.


@Peppersoup, your point is well taken after clarification. Indeed the Opposition is to blame for alot of it's own problems. A true chance of ideology is indeed needed to steer even the most narrow minded people like this fellow 'town-crier' toward change. One day, one time!!!!!
Watch this space. I have a dream....


I'm glad we came to the same bridge, Don. We cannot afford to alienate each other. This is 2010. Fifty years, and we still haven't attained statehood. The suffering we have seen will take more than 100 encyclopedias to document. To lose hope is to miss the point of evolution. What will we say when we look at our children and grandchildren in ten, twenty, thirty years' time?

I'm so happy for Mola Njoh Litumbe. That interview has set him free! Future generations will follow and listen to it, and ask questions about us, and I'm not sure I would find "33 Export" consoling enough!

To hell with all those concoctions from La Republique. By the way, Southern Cameroonians should consider beginning a boycott of all intoxicating products from La Republique. If La Republique can live without foodstuff from Southern Cameroon, or petroleum, or its manpower, so be it! But we must begin somewhere and be serious about where we expect to go.


@ Peppersoup,

I totally share your views on political parties (especially in Africa). To me they are a mere digression. However, since we will still be affected by the results whether we vouch for one candidate or not, we might as well participate in one form or another. I think the best form of participation from disinterested parties like myself, is independent mornitoring.


I totally disagree with this blame the victim argumet that some are making in this forum. No one disagrees on the need for ideological movement, however, the political atmosphere must support freedom of ideology. Such a movement must in turn have political muscle to bring change. We refuse to side with the illegal occupation of Southern Cameroon just because we are afraid an independent Southern Cameroon will not protect us,
or to be caught by the masses on the wrong side of history. Throughout history, a few have sacrificed for the freedom of the majority. Your argument is flawed.

There are significant differences between the Southern Cameroon movement, the political ambitions of SDF, our strained relationship with the French Cameroon, and the failed leadership of paul Biya. Though they may be inter related, they are seperate.

Some in this forum think we hate Cameroon . That is not true. Let us set the record straight. We love Cameroon and want the best for her. If you truly love Cameroon, why will u support Biya to be president for almost 30 years? He is clearly a thief.

We need a leader who will help every Cameroonian develop to his or her full potential. We realize that no two Cameroonians have the same personal goals or the same strenghts. The priority for such a leader is to provide us with the tools we will need to individually realize our goals, while exploring and strenghtening our passion and our abilities.

Cameroon needs a leader who has intergrity, not a thief like Paul Biya. The man has no integrity. If Cameroonians do not believe him, what difference does it make what he says. Is he the only CPDM member with a Presidential resume, or is Cameroon a Personal gift to him from Ahidjo?

Paul Biya does not accept the resposibility that comes along with leadership-understanding that, no matter what happens or doesn't happen, The President is responsible for the actions and performance of the Country. Look at the recent Haiti scandal. Cameroon belongs to us , not to Paul Biya.

Being President is a Special event. It's a sort of coming of age, bringing all the Knowledge you've gathered throughout your years of learning to make life better for the average citizen.

Presidential defeciencies continue to cost many lifes around the world. Paul Biya's Presidency is no different. That is where this conversation started from, poll rigging and altering the Constitution.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

There are over 200 political parties in to express themselves. Some even insult government officials ansd the head of state on Radio and TV. And have never been arrested or poisoned! They are walking free and drinking in Bars and urinating on road-sides...There is absolute freedom....

....Cameroon welcomes all view points and ideologies. But, start from your village....and see how many will bother to listen to your garbage...Many oppostion party chieftains are not even known by their neighbours....

Cameroon is moving forward, with or without you. It is the most peaceful African nation...good food, good music, good life, beautiful people, peace and security, exquisite the right persons and you will do good business...

...thank God all the lazy people have left...the others remaining...are building it, waiting to receive the prodigals with open arms in their old-age....dead or alive....


Entrepreneur, make no mistake, there are many Camero(o)ns moving forward: some will limp on, die an artificial death on the way like buffalos and be left unburied, and others will carry on.

Southern Cameroon is a robust state from the sort of animated discussions you find from its citizens in its forum - it is our background and anglophone education that enables us discuss the way we do, no matter where some of us claim about where they stand. It is our robust background that enabled us to bring democracy to La Republique - otherwise, the essingan would have lynched the Yondo Blacks and others for being "les ennemis dans la maison."

Another twenty years, and La Republique will be worse than Equatorial Guinea or Togo. Fifty years, Southern Cameroons will be a blossoming reality, and Entrepreneur, you will have more pride and respect visiting the US as a Minister from English-speaking Southern Cameroons, than a secretary of state in the humid and stinking Yaounde, with all its ape-eating folk, and some of those essingan folk treating you as if you come from some remote corner of Nigeria... go to ministerial parties at the presidency and see how anglophone ministers are treated...! Are you kidding me? If you tell me your dream is to be a minister and steal as much as 5 billion of Limbe oil money from La Republique and develop the South West for a future Southern Cameroons, then I will listen to you. But to say you'll be treated as an equal citizen in La Republique as you are treated in the US currently is an untenable argument given the evidence we have.

Whether La Republique is moving forward depends on you mean: if you mean that people wake up every morning in La Republique, which means the country moves forward in terms of time, then you're right. If you are talking in terms of development, scientific progress, medical care and technology, human rights, women's rights, public and environmental safety, hygiene and management, then you have to lay that argument elsewhere.

In the long run, because of its mental retardation, La Republique like other francophone African countries will be good dumping sites for nuclear waste and their populations will make good guinea pigs for scientific tests on how the developed world can best survive nuclear and other health or biological disasters...

Any state that lags in science, development, and a highly literary culture will pay a very heavy prize in the next fifty to hundred years of evolution. The world's population cannot grow indefinitely, particularly that of the 'third world' with the sort of chaotic systems they cannot manage...

if all progress towards establishing settlements on the moon fails and elsewhere... countries like Cameroon where people drink, urinate by the streets, and ministers dabble in sex, raw power, and witchcraft and brutalize their citizens all year long, where government seems to have no purpose for existence, there will be a very heavy prize to pay.


A small developing country that can better manage itself, its populations, resources, coordinate and manage effective security and defense alliances is far more placed to survive in the long run than a chaotic mess with no sense of sovereignty or purpose.

Account Deleted

When people praise it is good,but when they criticize it is even better.One can cannot democratically lead a country for 28years.Going back to Town crier,he seems to know very little on the democracy and progress of Cameroon vis-a-vis that of Africa.
If u can picture the capital of cameroon and compare with the capitals of those countries he listed then you'll understand what I'm talking about.Democracy goes along side with devolopment.How peaceful is Cameroon.If u know the number of youths that leave the country on daily basis and ask yourself what they are running away from then you'll understand.
Mr Town Crier,lets be realistic,how much were u paid to campaign on this forum.If u believe in betraying ur country for money then u'll get urself to judge when the time comes.I don't mean to be rude but i think we need to think of voting a gov't that can provide us with constant electricity,portable water,good roads and many others.I've been fortunate to live in many countries as my job entails and Cameroon has a lot to emulate.One can only share your kind of dreams with greed ,lack of foresight and the need for change.
As for the Entrepreneur,let him know that peace does not mean the absence of war.Also ,some Cameroonians are out to study for the betterment of their country(Him inclusive).Furthermore,we hope Cameroon is not moving forward to Hell.Moving forward is very relative.With the pace we are moving(especially the bills adopted in parliament) ,Cameroon can again suffer from civil disobedience and this time it will be worse.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....If you read well, above, you will find mention that Cameroonians are accumulating resources, meaning they are moving forward in the positive direction...expected of human progress...

...However, since you are consumed by cameroon pessimism you ignored that....

...and since you know only those failures in Cameroon i understand your cameroon paranoia...

....the land of Cameroon and its more than 20 million occupants are marching solidly forward in the right can dream as much as you want, spew any nonsense to satisfy your orgasm of cameroon hate and betrayal, it won't change a may reap your asylum reward by thrashing its image, but Cameroon will remain Cameroon....

FYI, I am talking about Cameroon in its totality...that landmass which I inherited from my forebears asking me to defend...from Idenau to Oku, from Ikiliwindi to, don't come lecturing on some fictitious republic hovering in your imagination.......


Hey, Entrepreneur, I have not trashed its image. I'm still coming. For all my friends who have been victims (from the University of Yaounde to Buea), and all our anglophone forebears who have lost their lives defending anglophone interests and rights, I will never forget their memory when I think of Cameroon. Until there is veritable change, and people enjoy their full rights like Euro-American citizens, any cosmetic glosses and franco-equato-La Republique du Cameroun weeing will be robustly countered. Only truth can be spoken with power and only truth shall set a people free. And we shall find the right words, media, institutions, and rhetoric. Killing young University of Buea students with sundry Kalashnikovs will change nothing. There is a huge tidal wave borne by suffering and it will find the shores, and this wave will be moved by words and legal process, and a decades old laden cry for justice and sovereignty...

When you say Cameroun is marching forward, well, go and ask any of the embassies or international institutions in Yaounde, whether the country has bulged, or as indicated by Transparency International Reports...

How did it get so low to hit the bottom?

Do you think the hundreds of thousands of Cameroun citizens drifting abroad from Vanuatu in the Far East to Mexico in the West found themselves in these places out of their liking? Are you aware of their suffering? Have you ever been jailed or threatened with deportation? Were you ever at the University of Yaounde or Buea and been smashed with a sub-machine gun by a soldier high on marijuana? Are you aware of students that have lost their lives, legs, eyes, teeth, minds, breasts, virginity due to the brutality ordered by those gerontocrats that warm leather chairs in Yaounde and earn from the treasury as well as loot budgets for their own families and kin, while hundreds and thousands of Camerounians suffer for want of investment in all areas of public utilities, and some go without salaries? Have you ever heard the cries of a family taking out a corpse from any of the general hospitals for an illness that could have been treated? I could go on, but I will stop here. I will really like to get details from you about this "forward" movement that the CPDM talks about...

Are we talking of the same lives?


Entrepreneur, I want facts and concrete arguments if you want a substantive debate, not the kind that the windbags that sit in ministerial buildings in Yaounde take back to dusty primeval villages when it's campaign time. We've seen enough of that and heard their bluster. If you talk about "progress", let's not spread you thin: take your field of specialization and show us the progress that Cameroun has made in that field, and then people on the ground, actual people living in Cameroun will respond. Show us the human progress and these "accumulating resources". Do you believe those you work for can buy this argument when they flip through the internet and get images of your country and the "progressive" movement you're ready to give your neck for? Are you sure if they phone their representations in your home country, they will get a positive image of your country as a respecter of human rights and dignity? As a country on the right track of development? As a country where the courts are fair, where civil servants have their documents processed fairly and without bribe, where policemen don't harass drivers, where people get the drugs they need from the hospitals, where children get the books they deserve, where the streets are a chaotic mess of potholes and drifting populations, where hundreds and thousands have passed away from preventable diseases such as AIDS?

Show us the march, the "progress", and the accumulation... or are you talking of the CPDM?

Are you confounding the looting CPDM class for which Kondengui is now too small, with the rest of the Cameroun public?


Gentlemen, what an intresting debate.There is fire on the mountain."MAN NO RUN"

Va Boy

Entrepreneuronline trades in lies and distortions. He could either one of the following-

AN INTELLIGENT OPPORTUNIST, singing praises and telling lies to be given an opportunity paw the loot.

A STUPID FANATIC or true believer in a false house of cards

He has to be the former, because he is too smart and cynical to be the later, and that is a pity, a wasted life of crime.


I cannot begin to understand why any rational Cameroonian would vote for CPDM - this includes CPDM militants. Almost 30 years of socio-economical and political dormancy is a tragedy of epic proportions. Of all the brains and educated minds floating about the streets of Cameroon, to tout Paul Biya as the best Candidate to spearhead the CPDM and hence the government is an insult to learned Cameroonians and a travesty to modern thinking. I can not belabour Biya's ineptitude here as it might leave me lacking the will to live. For a polician he has shown himself to be ill-equipped and a chancre on Cameroon's political maturity. Cameroon cannot carry on stumbling into the abyss of oblivion just to satisfy some has-been's whimsical craving for power. Why are the new generation of CPDM supporters so contented to watch a geriatric drag the party with him to his grave. Its a shame Biya underestimates the influence he can wield as an old head in a consultative role. The same goes to other political party heads who seem to want to be dragged screaming and ranting out of office. How long will Fru Ndi remain at SDF. Are there no firebrands fresh blood who are not backwards in coming forward with their impetus to drive the party and Cameroon forward? Elections my ass! I would not vote for SDF or any of the main political parties either because they are all birds of the same feather.
Call me a pessimist if you like but someone mentioned earlier how Cameroon is moving forward, well maybe to you and your thieving lot but to the rest of us the brakes where slammed on decades ago. If by moving forward you are refering to Cameroonians who have accepted the status quo for lack of a better option and join in the torpid disfunctional society then you have sold yourself and prosterity very very short. There is always room for improvement especially if you put country before party politics.

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