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Friday, 26 March 2010


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THANKS VERY MUCH ALOYS FOR THIS WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE,i share n support this win win relationship that cameroon has just signed with china,it will serve as an eye opener to careless colonial masters like France;,Sarkorzy has failed to instill hope into the minds of french men and women,so i think that is the beginning of the end of cameroons romance with france,all is well,GOD HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS.CHINA IS OUR ANSWER


China is a Partner not that Old thief France.

Big Neck

Don't you all see? Yet many spend their time condemning China. China develop that corner of the globe and claim your share of the cake, my endorsement.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Cameroon will need to have a deep review of its relationship with France and other Western nations to ensure that all exploitative elements are removed.

All agreements must be reviewed to ensure that the principle of reciprocity applies and that the agreements create a win-win situation for all.

I am very troubled by the fact that French companies have been rubbing it in the eyes of Cameroonians.

Olem Jean

Wake up Africa!!! What a shame???? It's taken you fifty (50) years to realize that you were still under another colonialism of even a higher magnitude.
France/Europe is smart. Before every deal is made with Africa, a critical analysis above and beyond is made. No interest for them, no deal. Got it? We are trapped thanks to our leaders that lack foresightedness and great managerial skills.

All our technical know-how is imported right down to managers of corporations. Where do they invest all the money they make?? Do I get excited when I hear a giant project is to be launched in Cameroon?? Never!!! Our government is more than willing to pay hundreds of millions in salaries to foreign coaches, technecians etc. Can we spend that money to train our own technicians wherever they can get the necessary training?? No!! Can we pay our own technicians in order to boast their efficiency even if they have the same qualifications? NO!! We are doomed.


I share your feelings, and the China Man is no different from Europeans. They are even worst in cutting corners to maximize their interest in any deal.
La Repubilque does not care about the people and have no intentions of improving life for the common man.
The essence of government is to make sure that people work, provide a roof over their head, get three meals a day for their family, send their kids to school, and get access to healthcare.
The word " government " should never be used to describe Biya and the bunch of blood thirsty mobsters running Cameroon.
To say we are doomed may imply we have given up, and our children will continue to suffer.
That is why we have changed strategy. La Republique must go, by choice or by force.


Some of you will like to make conclusion on this forum without proper analysis on the terms of the contract sign between Chinese or Cameroon government.
I have never trusted Any African government who sign Contract that keep them at the receiving side of produced goods(or consumer goods).
Those contracts might look on the surface as good as any one can see, but then have take a look at it from many different angle;the reason why such a contract is signed?.Are it goals long term or short term,How long will it take to reduce offset of any Benefit that flow from one side.What are the component to support the whole process on the contract? What happens if any of the partners default on the Contract?.There are certain parameters to tune and make good guess before one can say for sure that if things goes well, then we are hopeful this will lead to .......
Win Win situation doesn't exist,this Term coined by advocate of globalization will today agree that it failed.Once there is a giver and a Taker, A producer and a Consumer, there will never be equality on the flow of Money?.Money will always moves one way from Consumer to Producers and not the other way round.
The Chinese have learn the way of the West and they are doing the same.The simple truth is that No country will give its technology to any body or Country for free, you can steal and adapt another Country Technology but you will never get it for free.If you belief you can get a free technology, just think about the implication of "Pattern,Property Right law or Copy Right law".
Africans are still dreaming....................

v, richard

it is all about races. A predominant white western nations will never treat black african nations as equal in any buiness deal. As a uinversity Professor in America for years, i can accord that china is the best deal black africa nations will ever get in my life time. chinese knows how they were being treated by western nations when technology innovations were concentrated in the west. cameroon in particular stand to benefits alot from chinese penetration in west and central africa. being political stable and highly bilinqual educated ( french and english)take away competitors as ghana, nigeria and ivory coast. i was in a meeting last year with a chinese buinessman who told me cameroon was the best kept secret for buineses wanting to penetrate west and central africa. cameroon should never worry what the chinese benefits, but should think about the jobs and the transfer of technology.


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.
I mean, When one is in so much pain that he can no longer sleep, he tries virtually everything, including kissing the devil, if that would bring about any change.
It is not like we have any choice right now. The Chinese, (like the Cameroonians) have tested the bitter part of life and will be more likely to extend a helping hand to a fellow victim of same crime than the other way round.
I think we should embrace the Chinese and accept their extended hand for help.


So Chinese neo-colonialism is now a good thing huh? what I read on this site is seriously depressing. Na curse dem curse we or na wetin? SMH


I say eh, UnitedStatesofAfrica,
how you fit ever think say we fit free
without neocolonialism
after forty years of "special",
"33 Export", epsi, advance de solde,
social security benefits,
35 percent, chop I chop make country shit,
"scratch ma back I claw your own"?

If dem bi send Cameroonian dem
for go learn for assemble dis bus dem,
you sef sef know say they go dissemble
like sense pass king:
the temptation for fall bush
no bi small ting.

so ah man, only thing for election time na say,
sack the the tif delegate,
give people dem a small ride for 500 penya buses,
so you too fit ride your mono-cycle nayo nayo,
till death do you part...

I say dis one be worse than neocolonialism!

Na which kind mbuh,
people dem di drink, UnitedstatesofAfrica?
Which kind banga dem di smoke?


Na which kind mbuh,
we di drink,
Which kind banga we di smoke...?


when you have a new backyard inundated with oil, you have to set up an outpost where you have to keep watch. If it is difficult to do it openly,you can wrap an economic face on it. When somebody is also yearning for technology from the west,what type of technology can he boast of transfaring to Africa? This is rather a lesson to those thieves at kondengui who can afford 500 million to start off this type of endeavour,but prefer to rot in prison than give up their loot.


These types of articles, coming from our young men who presumably are suppose to be aware, to be critical & sharp in their analysis of facts, motives, of what is lurking underneath the facades & masquerades is not
very surprising at all.

Mediocrity in thought, in feeling, in awareness, in all things human are our characteristic signature of BEING.

Until we are able to discard permanently this idea & notion that the world
OWES US favors & we are ENTITLED TO BE LOOKED AFTER by all & sundry,
there is never going to be a cessation of our million problems.

The bottom line is that, we will remain collective psychological beggars with our hands & caps in hand always sedulously believing in anything that is said or not said, inventing delusional & grandiose deliverance visions from FOREIGN MESSIAHS, who are still yet to solve their own myriad of perennial problems.

Did the AUTHOR of the article check to see if the Chinese are looking for an outlet to their rickety & ramshackle products..???

Did author even check to find out if the consumer market in CAMEROON or Central-West AFRICA are able absorb these buses...???

Did the author check to see if Cameroon has the adequate road infrastructure for these rickety buses to ply on....???

Did he even check all the variables that will be involved in the production of these buses......????

No..!!!!, like a simpleton in thought, we are looking only at what we will get.

Mr. Aloysius, there is no such thing as SOMETHING for NOTHING...!!!!

We are not only fools & imbeciles, we crown it on top with idiotic articles that even a 2 year old child will tell you is entirely stupid & profoundly senseless.

Mr. Aloysius, please, please spare US this madness of the mind...!!!!!!!!


Ntaho Boniface

And Upstation Mountain Club would do its readers a favor, if it hones its editorial skills, so as to avoid publishing articles of this nature that are filled with huge grammatical errors. This forum, I presume, is our window to world. It tells its readers how matured we are intellectually. To the surprise of this blogger, an article like this is given a five point rating. Where the hell is our maturity? I'm under the impression that most of us never studied English language. .

Bob Bristol

I thought it's high time some of us have got to know that words such as FAVOUR, GIFT etc are almost getting outmoded; especially in diplomatic circles. But one thing which we must acknowledge is that, in comparative terms, the Chinese are better than the French. I mean vis a vis the relation they have with Africa. France is full of shit.

Nonetheless, I still don't think China nor France get the blame. Our block headed officials who go in for this bias or unfavourable deals have it all. The survival of the fittest strategy is getting on full swing. Countries are "arming" themselves and we still hoping on some "better" economic giant to get us out of our own mess.

Account Deleted

NIKE is the world's leading sports brand, Nike translated into Chinese.all star shoes


Its so funny to read this type of exciting and wonderful,if not to say marvelous deal between the Cameroon government and that of China.This looks like a situation in which one could say whoooaaaouuh, but finds himself saying w000oo00oh; instead crying rather than laughing.Colonialism, one can speak of it as if gone.Neocolonialism, one could think is dying away but this one is the "fruit of an intercourse in open air in broad daylight".Even though oen with a lay mind will see it beneficial to Cameroonians,but, know ye that "if a snake gives you an apple its because its demanding your soul".Is Cameroon, one the richest country in Africa; say teh "litlle Africa" too small for an establishment of a car moule? or, is it only too big to habour the numerous Chinese the that are choping its econmy, killing the local market? Yes they will employ Camreoonians(in oder to avoid saying exploit Cameroon; because there shall be renumeration) but, how much are these negros going to earn as compare to what a shing shiangitsu will earn? please don't try to answer the quetios, for you'll not be able to sleep when you lie on your bet. One thing is sure "A doesn't understand the teeth of his dog are harmful when they play but.....let the "elephant know that the grass is suffering when it doesn't put its leg carefully". This is no more time to sleep, let Chinese teach us how to do thoses things than to be giving it to us as gift, if they think they love Cameroon so much. We are no more children but we are now able even to chew bones.

metin2 yang

compare to what a shing shiangitsu will earn? please don't try to answer the quetios, for you'll not be able to sleep when you lie on your bet. One thing is sure "A doesn't understand the teeth of his dog are harmful when they play but.....let the "elephant know that the grass is suffering when it doesn't put its leg carefully". This is no more time to sleep, let Chinese teach us how to do thoses things

wow gold

compare to what a shing shiangitsu will earn? please don't try to answer the quetios, for you'll not be able

Cameroon Info and cameroon travel guide

Only Cameroonians can save Cameroon. The goal of any business deal is to maximize profit. So lets not think other nations will come to our recur for free. We need to start investing in ourselves and our nation.


Most often we find ourselves not only on the difficult side but on the receiving end of the bargain.It is not secret that those who negotiate these deals put their personal interests at the expense of the whole nation.Often they asked the investors what will be their percentage and once that is agreed upon national interest does not count any longer.This boils down to lack of patriotism by those whom we entrust the fate of this contry in their hands.The second issue is that those who negotiate these deals on behalf of Cameroon government are less skillful and lack the necessary vision as to forsee the implication of what they go for before time.That does not implies that this country does not have the experts.Far from that.We should be able to extend a helping hand to the private sector where we have some of these experienced experts rather than relying on government civil servants who in most cases do not have the required skills and are anxious to make wealth out of such oppotunities at the expense of the state.


We're drwoning....
"A drowning man........"

Coach outlet

still love every scrap I have left in my stash and ever project I've done with it! Thanks for sharing.
People are always telling you what to do, but what's right for them may not be right for you.

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