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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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Chief, Ayuk  Arrey.

That's very thoughtful of you Victor. If Mr.Biya and his GANG can ever think of coming up with such reforms, The Diaspora will vehemently welcome that.

But talking of certain up companies, How will one cope with Exorbitant taxes? That's is exactly where they enrich themselves.
Even our poor call-box compatriots struggling along the highways with their Benches and Umbrellas are also not spare from this Exorbitant taxes.

From your Conclusion you mention quite some important points, Immediately Biya and His GANG realizes that such important steps are coming from an Anglophone(without you chipping in something) they will delay from one reason to another so that you shouldn't succeed.

Once more your Article is Inspirational.

Ras Tuge

Your paper looks fine, and i commend your insight. However, the absence of dual nationality certainly hasn't impeded any kind of progress in Cameroon much more than the utter and complete lack of the will to invest at home. Instituting a dual nationality policy therefore will definitely not change that overnight.

Oscar Ashu Eta Jr.

Your paper is well written and succinct. I believe this is a great time to bring up such a proposal. How do we get the authorities in Cameroon to begin engaging in the discourse which in my opinion should come before any actions?

Once such a dialog is established, it would be easy to maintain a database of Cameroonian professionals in the diaspora containing their CV with the hope or mandate that the database be maintained for this and other positive purposes only. One of the government’s responsibilities will include forwarding pertinent information to the diasporans that pertain to their areas of expertise while the disaporan's responsibility will be to make themselves available for consulting and other services.

Just as we advocate for a quota of local content in the human resources, we should advocate for a quota of diaspora input or better still, a percentage of the contract should be allocated for diaspora participation when and if there are diasporans with expertise in that area with encouragement for disporans to unite and create a more capable and flexible entity.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Cameroonians In The Diaspora And National Responsibility:

There is absolutely nothing wrong if Cameroonians abroad decide to have a stake in their country. That much less, is expected of all patriotic citizens. Unfortunately, over the years, beyond the occasional visits to Money Gram and Western Union, their involvement has been limited to confrontational political snipping and working against the national interest ....

.....A recent report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) classified Cameroon with war-ravaged Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia as leading origins of asylum seekers in the world. Whereas 1,741 of our fellow citizens sought asylum in 2008, up from 1,338 in 2007, at least 745 more left our shores within the second quarter of 2009 in search of refuge away from their fatherland. It is pertinent to ask why this is so in a country that is neither at war nor afflicted by natural disaster



By posing such a dumb question, one begins to question your accademic achievements.
The answer is plain and simple dummy. People are leaving to search for bread and butter.

The rogue regime of Biya has created an unbearable economic situation. Except for a few mobsters who defend La Republique, the rest of the Country is languishing in extreme pooverty.
La Republique continues to terrorize opponents to the regime. There is no political, economic or intellectual freedom. You are an enemy, except u think and reason like them.

The situation is worse for English speaking Cameroonians. No amount of divide and conquer politics, or begging for Cameroonian intellectuals to partner with this rogue regime will solve this problem. If u are an intellectual, and u value your life and your freedom, you are advised to stay away from here for now. These thieves have no respect for intellectuals in demand. If they did, this brain drain will not be going on. All these PHD'S in Agricultural Economics will never bring freedom or progress Cameroon.
Our people will continue to seek and be granted political refuge in foreign lands until Southern Cameroon is free. La Republique either grants Southern Cameroonians their freedom voluntarily, ar we will get our freedom by force. Got that?


The proposals set forth by the writer of this article are very uplifting. But I want to indicate that these issues and more have been brought to the attention of the regime in Cameroon on several occasions to no avail.
As to those of you in the diaspora, I will like to indicate to you that the current regime views you as a potential threat to its indefinite cling to power. -And as such, will be reluctant to directly or indirectly engage into any sort of activities that will revive the thought of coming back home.
The atmosphere of business in Cameroon has been heavily criticized by foreign governments, investors, businessmen and NGOs as too bureaucratic and corrupt. Matter of fact, Cameroon was once labeled as one of the worst country to do business on earth.
Ironically, most, (if not all) of these criticisms have fallen on deaf ears.
To this effect, I do not think that any attempt to implement or develop the goals set forth in this article will yield any fruits as long as the current regime remains in power.
I suggest we focus our efforts on finding lasting solutions to the political issues in Cameroon. Once the political part of the problem has been solved, I can assure you the path to economy recovery will be very smooth.


Wait a minute. There are neither community colleges nor GED exams in Cameroon. I am here in Cameroon. Let us set the record straight.

Also your friend and partner has no clue of the sufferings of the average Cameroonian. I question his kind of education because he lacks critical thinking skills, just like u. How can you not see the suffering of the average Cameroonian under the rogue regime of Biya.

I know why. You are being paid by Paul Biya to ignore our suffering. Molua is somewhere in America, on government payroll to return here and mortgage his conscience.

This is not about u, Molua or myself. The sense of lost dreams and unrealized potential has created such an indescribbale feeling of hopelessness that has filled most of Cameroon. It is like everybody is on hold here. No forward movement, nobody's growing and no body is reaching higher than the Ministry of Finance when salaries are distributed.

Mr. Town Crier, save your threats. I told him, we will send cold sweat down his and your spine and forehead, and make you guys shit in your pants. We will do this, not from some foreign land, but from right here in Cameroon.

Biya is no different from Joseph Stalin. They are both butchers.


My assessment of the situation is thus: corruption, ineptitude and government apathy has led to scepticism in would be risk-takers, equally leading to economic stagnation. It is a vicious cycle, but we should also understand that there is no 100% risk-free business environment, and the onous is on the entrepreneur to seek information. Unfortunately, institutions like the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines, are not doing their job (information is out of date), but there are independent sites (, ...)now filling this void.

I always advice those who want to invest, to form investment clubs, indentify projects and engage.


"onous", should read "onus"


Why don't u advice yourself first. U are most in need of advice than any blogger in this forum.

People go to websites to seek knowledge and wisdom, not necessarily how to better themselves, but also how to make life better for others. How to make the world a better place than they met it and when they are gone.

Most of us will agree with your assessment of the problem, yet u remain a die hard supporter of the root cause of the problem.

When u are Jim on Monday, Paul on Tuesday, and Agatha on wednesday, that leaves us with no choice but to question the quality of weed u are smoking.


People want to read contributions, suggestions, opinions and all the positive ingredients necessary to pave the way for a much better and stronger Cameroon. Not exchanges of wrath and bitterness.
As long as we get key suggestions and resolute ways to move this nation forward, who cares if such came from an illiterate or a PhD holder?
It may interest some of you to note that I for one, can only boost of a GCE Advanced level -and that cannot, in anyway, stop me from participating or even aspiring to be the president of this country.
I feel so horrible when some of you (apparently acting on gross ignorance) still refuse to live up to modern times and showcase such primitiveness and rudimentary mindsets in a time when people are setting off to find common grounds on which to operate or amass efforts to find a way forward.
I suggest we flush out these derogatory ways of thinking and start viewing ourselves as part of the solutions and not part of the problems.
I'm not addressing any particular blogger.
But I need you guys to wake your asses up and start living in the modern times that we find ourselves today. The future of the nation and generations is at stake. This is no time for insults or whatever...Think what's positive...

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Town Crier and Limbe Kid: You are true patriots..and the fatherland yearns for your sweat. Stay focused on the ultimate prize....regaining the glory of Cameroon..which has been soiled by selfish people like Njimafor paid seccessionist and terrorist selling and destroying the image of his country to justify his asylum. He seems to know all those who have failed in Cameroon....

....Like every human society, Cameroon too has his success stories. Millions of true honest Cameroonians are making things happen, building their lives, buying land, building houses, buying cars, educating their children, buying air-ticket for bushfallers....they are matching forward...And their Old age will be the judge...

...True patriots, stay focused. Never mind this noisy vainglorious bushfallers...they think the few pounds and dollars they send to harlots and Western Union records it, is what is driving the lives of 20 million Cameroonians...

....Cameroon will move forward with or without you. Emulate your Indian colleagues who are Indians first before anything.....


Cameroon is a cesspit of stagnant and dire economic malaise. To be immune to it you have to fully immerse yourself in the cesspool and gleefully become part of the corrupt machinery.
Those lucky enough to find themselves on the gravy train (Biya's cronies and their progenies), should be humble enough to atleast spare a thought for those who are rather less fortunate or should I say less corruption proned.
Victor Anjeh's article is thought provoking and can atleast serve to soothe and comfort the minds of the lost souls in diaspora. Those who have educated themselves to the teeth or armed themselves with experience hoping to one day return to Cameroon and make a difference and build a nation...Only to find their efforts thwarted by a complete lack of viable endeavors.
BTW you don't need a high level of education to discern this. Cameroonian are flocking to bush -like most other migrants - not because they dislike Cameroon, but because they aspire to
live better lives.
Elements in this forum have nosedived head and shoulders in quick sand like the proverbial ostrich. They will have us believe that the issues that are leading the fatherland through constant economical, social and polical regression are a figment of our imagination or a lack of patriotism. These elements need to wake up and smell the capuchino. You can't hoodwink us. If you must snooze through life then inoculate yourself with a lethal dose of deniability. Because unless you are intoxicated or live a blinkered life, you cannot possibly query anyone who has issues with setting up shop in Cameroon - a country bottom in class in anything conducive to creating a flourishing society and first in class in anything corruption related.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

..say it again loud and clear: that you want to be bribed to do for your country what Indians are doing for India and Chinese are doing for China. Wait to be bribed to do for your village what philipinoes are doing for the philipines. Wait to be bribed to do for your region what Ukrainians are doing for Ukrain.

Stay in your lunacy while chinese flock planes to toil in your backyard and french civil servants retire to enjoy kribi on your behalf....

Its unfortunate that Cameroon has a generation schooled to know only on a million and one things that work...but know nothing that works......

you talk about your country as if you are a foreigner....yet you can toil for that same land in the same manner that you travel with luggage full of rotten fufu and maggots filled smoked beef.....

your camerooness is in your mouth and stomach....but when it comes to everything else you cite a million and one press reports and documents of how doing business in cameroon is not possible. But you have the audacity to toil to transport eru, rotten smoke fish, rancid palm oil and cocoyams...without complaining,

...Yet you can't translate that same energy into productive endeavour....

.....what a way to hide laziness......



The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc,
You're surely one of those fellows who roam around the Molyko streets lamenting how illiterate conmen in the diaspora come to town and deprive you of your girl friend. And now you vent your anger on your fellow citizens out there.

We don't make much money here, but let's not expose our financial inferiority complex. Your monthly salary and petty profit cannot keep a good looking ambitious university girl steadfast, how won't you expect these feymen to deceive your girlfriend? I know it hurts to see unschooled feymen take your sweetheart at your watch. Money isn't all after all. Take it easy!

I understand what you are going through. Don't be worried, the Diaspora is bigger than what you think; of course, you also toiled there as well. There's something more than 'lazy' con men, asylees and prostitutes out there. There are respectable Cameroonians doing their part to help the world and us back home, even you. Why do you bundle them as one and shower insults on them. My friend, what do you really know about Chinese, Philipinoes and Ukrainians? Why not advise your girlfriend to join their prostitution wagon in Asia and Europe. I guess you never knew these nationalities top the prostitution chart in Europe and Asia...Or you don't care about that.
You're blinded by your brief sojourn out there. You know very little.
Be humble with your small salary, organise your small business,manage your small profit,impress your young students, avoid those university girls, they are the source of your frustration...especially when those feymen come to town.

Etchu Pryde

Hi Entrepreneur. If there was one topic where I expected you to complement or contradict the author with seasoned analysis, it was this one. Alas! Not even a single line in that direction. Instead, we were served with the same plate of anti-Diaspora diatribe. OK, the Diaspora are unpatriotic terrorists, we've heard.

How about some contstructive ideas from you about moving Cameroon forward or about incorporating the input of the 99% of diaspora elements who don't contribute to this site and don't even know that it exists? That sir, is what we expect from you. The occasional comment or jab at your Diaspora sparring partners is OK, but comments on postnewsline should not be your legacy on the Internet. We expect serious economic and political analyses from you, that will also be subject to serious scrutiny and that can be uplifting for once. The insults now sound so stale.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc. kidding me? Having intellectual exchange with lazy lunatics who use internet ghost names? We've been down that road before! These inhumane folks need nothing else but a jab in between the legs....

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

@HannaGhost....since when did prodigals who toil 24 hours from paycheck to paycheck without any savings were able to seize a sweatheart? Good riddance...


So you think of yourself as an intellectual?
And 'Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc' is your real name? And you use forum created by diasporans to promote ur petty business?
Good you! you realized with your petty profit you can only afford a 'sweatheart' not a 'sweetheart'.
Grow up!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

..which diasporans? One man created all these that lots of you idlers dirty with garbage thoughtlessness....go create yours....and other initiatives...if at all you have a working brain...

Puma Espera

I really wish I would of thought of that! I Wow- I absolutely love what you did with this

tart. I bet it was heaven! It is gorgeous and I can only imagine how delicious it was!

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