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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


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neutral one

its a gift to be simple, its a gift to be free, its a gift to be where we ought to be...
Pater ave atque vale

Paa Ngembus

Ndeh Ntumasah was a Southern Cameroons traitor.

You can see how La Republique Francaise du Cameroun is honouring him for selling Southern Cameroonians into slavery and recolonization.


Infact I will spit on his grave.


Paa Ngembus

Che Sunday

And what will spitting on his grave earn you? Will you also spit on Foncha's grave or that of Endeley or Muna? The place is awash with self gratifying bufoons, yet, just because a window dressing rehearsal takes place to fool the Bamenda people, you take your anger out on a dead man. Ntumezah came at a time when brain washing in Cameroon was at its apex. He took up arms against the French. He did not have to do it because the French could not enter West Cameroon. He believed in freedom, and in standing tall with a brother in time of need. He was not consumed by the kind of greed running amock in Cameroon today. Every tiny village wants its own independence. Our inequities are always blamed on some one else. Leave Ntumezah alone. I would rather have one Ntumezah than fifty John Fru Ndis. You want to spit on a grave, spit on Biya first and let me see how brave you are and how committed you are on gaining Southern Cameroon independence.

Va Boy

Town Crier aka Professor Minister Chief Ailing Dip'oko

Paa Ngembus is a great Southern Cameroonian. Southern Cameroons is not about tribes but about citizens. People with ancestors from la republique can be great Southern Cameroonians just like people with ancestors from Europe and Africa and Asia can be great Americans. Then, there are excrement eating dogs like entrepreneuronline.


Ya, with his divide and conquer tactics. A dusty one bedroom apartment does not make him less patriotic. If anything, you are the traitor.

These spies/agents of the Biya regime spend time in this forum with different screen names, pitching us against each other and trying to twist the truth with lies.

The government has to provide campaign contributions to all parties. Why should CPDM use state funds to run their campaigns and all others are left out. That is the kind of government educated men like u support and advocate.

You are the real buffoon because u are yet to overcome the most primitive mamal instinct, feed yourself first before the rest can eat.


Pa Mandengue Ngembus, dont mind them, being a sothern cameroonian is of the heart and not the origins, its a matter of where one believ
es he belongs, for sure if one were to go by lopsided and limpy arguements put by the crier cum black legs and chichidodo, then Obama is not an American per se, consequently he is not supposed to be the president<;
Thank God we are out of the dack ages, town criers are no worth. So dont mind them. I rather give you a big hug and spit on a so called born and bred southern camroon whom because his father has been appointed a fifthenth deputy secretary general and fooled with some few cars, decided to throw the cause in mud.
Man you are one of us


What part of the concept of respecting the dead do you find difficult to comprehend? To speak ill of the dead shows a complete and utter lack of self preservation and a dignified upbringing. I am in awe at paa ngembus' lack of judgement and ill-founded comment. Your passion for the Southern Cameroon course is apparent but that does not absolve you of common decency. I am not old enough to know much about Mr. Ntumazah, but from what I have read, he was a Southern Cameroonian patriot who put his head above the parapet and made his presence and opinion count. Cameroon will be a better place if more of us had his courage. Just because his views differ from yours does not give you the right to denigrate him. It will do you good to learn about diversity and the power therein when fully harnessed and wisely exploited.
Cameroon will take giant strides forward when us Cameroonian learn some humility and accept that people have different views and opinions and those different views and opinions can amalgamate into a very strong force for a better Cameroonian society. I have a friend who has been ostracised by his father (who subscribes to SCNC) because he dared to support a different political party. How utterly pigheaded and childlike!
I for one hopes Ndeh Ntumazah rest in perfect harmony in the knowledge that his sacrifice has helped humanity in general and Cameroon in particular.

Gan Charles

Unless I am missing something. If Ntumazah was in bed with Biya, why won't Biya meet with him? Can someone explain this?
Is the reason Biya allowed his corpse back with military honors that he wanted to be sure it was really a dead Ntumazah?

--Gan Charles

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