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Sunday, 21 March 2010


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Manga Che

I am making an appeal to the moderators of Up Station to ban Dr. Ernest Molua permanently from this site because he does not practice what he preaches. This afternoon, I posted the comment below on the Entrepeneur site in reaction to his call to arms against cyber-terrorists. A couple of hours later, the comment was deleted. Fortunately I saved a copy because I suspected that he was not the democrat that he claims to be.

If Mr. Molua cannot tolerate contrary opinions on his site, then he has not earned the right to make comments on this blog.

Here is the comment which he deleted:

While your call for patriotism is a laudable one, I think it suffers immensely from an absence of specifics regarding the actions of the so-called "cyber-terrorists". What are some examples of this cyber-terrorism? Who exactly are the perpetrators? How much influence do they actually wield? Without such specifics, the call for action sounds like a Fru Ndi "power" speech to rouse militants...

Also, I believe the role of the so-called refugees in the diaspora in tarnishing the image of Cameroon (or is it the Biya regime?) is overblown for effect. Today, the leading online Cameroonian spaces are owned by newspapers based in Cameroon, namely le Messager, Le Jour, Mutations, and La Nouvelle Expression, while the leading foreign -based Cameroonian online spaces such as (belgium) or rarely have original articles but simply serve as aggregators of articles from the above-mentioned newspapers. So if Cameroon is actually being tarnished online, it is 90% the work of news organis based in Douala and Yaounde (a good example is the recent controversy over Cameroon's donation to Haiti which began in le messager and then was picked up by other newspapers, blogs and news aggregators). The fault then is in Douala and Yaounde, not in London, Paris or DC.

Now, if you are referring to the vitriolic reader comments that appear on these sites and on blogs (which I must point out that you have churned quite a handful yourself), then you are raising a false alarm because there is no credible foreign government or international organization that will base its "Cameroon Policy" on the comments (positive or negative) of anonymous individuals online. They have representatives on the ground and serious experts on Cameroon to help them in crafting that policy.

In short, the so-called cyber threat from the Cameroonian refugees and "cyber-terrorist" is a figment of the imagination of the government of Cameroon and its supporters who rather than engage on the issues, have joined anonymous rabblerousers to derail any serious debate about Cameroon. In short there are anti-Biya "cyber terrorists" and pro-Biya "cyber-terrorists" and those who really care about Cameroon don't give a damn about either.

If we have to make any real patriotic appeal, it would be that all Cameroonians of good faith join hands to force those in the corridors of power in Yaounde to either reform or get out of the way because after 30 years of failed policies, they have been a major obstacle to development and progress in Cameroon. Cameroon is moving on in spite of them and not because of them.

BTW, I think Mr. Molua has deliberately created confusion between the people of Cameroon and the state of Cameroon. All Cameroonian patriots will always stand by the hard working people to their dying day. However, it is definitely not their patriotic duty to defend the Biya regime at all cost. In fact, true patriotism calls for a constant critique of government actions so that the lives of the people could be better. Those who call for blind allegiance to the Biya regime - or to any regime for that matter - are the anti-patriots.

Manga Che (


Mr. Manga Che, i have saved this piece and will post it on all sites Dr. Ernest L. Molua frequents. Dr. Ernest Molua has the gall to talk about cyber-terrorist when he has advocated for the extermination of people of the Grassfields on this same site. His defense of the Biya regime and hatred of all things "Graffi", Diasporan, anti-Biya is on record.


We know that guy is nothing but an angry and bitter looser. We are of good faith but refuse to hold hands with the devil. We held hands with the devil since 1960 and we got burnt. Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice, shame on me. Life needs some form of qaulity to it, there is no quality in his life. Biya has a bunch of butchers at his disposal, we have to defeat this ancient arsenal with modern day technology and know how. No archaic education will stop us. DUMMY.


You can call it cyber terrorism or whatever u want, this is one of the many arsenals in our use to bring La Republique to her knees, and grant our independence and right to self govern. Guess what, La Republique is her own worst enemy, in addition to the problem of English speaking Cameroon. These are two seperate problems. La Republique has more enemies in French Cameroon than Friends. This rogue regime does not care about the human suffering of French Cameroon.That is their fight. We want no part of Biya, CPDM and French Cameroon. No French influence. Death to French influence over Federal Republic of West Cameroon.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Is there a psychiatrist in the house? Call 911.....for the cyber-ghosts...

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