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Friday, 23 April 2010


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Va Boy

La republique thieves such as depoquo should send their kids to that elite school in Togo to study English and leave our private schools alone.

Mallam Shehu

Why so surprised! This kid is just a victim of fundamentalism, pathetic though.
When bloggers like Njimafor spend their time glamorizing violence, who knows how many youngsters become distracted by such scarecrows.


i am not glamorizing violence. Our tactics are clearly different from Al Qaeda. Unlike Paul Biya and La Republique, We have tremendous respect for human life and womens right.

What we are saying is that La Republique either leaves Southern Cameroon by force or we have trained commandos to eject them with force.

What we are saying is that it is up to Paul Biya on how he wants Cameroon to remember him in History Books. Do what is right now or face the same fate as Musollini in Fascist Italy.

What we are saying is we have men and women of fighting age, ready to rain havoc on the butcher of etoudi, if and when he visits Bamenda.

Paul Biya can continue to pacify himself with his ill gotten gains from his illegal occupation of Southern Cameroon.

When hell breaks loose, we will open the butchers gut, with him on life support and no anaesthesia.

We will then proceed to dip buffoons like u in hot boiling oil to see if the blood that runs through your vein is human or sash squad.

Account Deleted

Many themes worth proper examination crop up with this young man's life. They all point to systemic failures in parental relations, deep and transformative formal education, affective environmental education, all leading to nihilism worse than Beckett could have dreamed of.

For me, what's at stake is not that the young man's being tagged "Al Quaeda"; it's our own failure to see the microbial degeneration that characterizes our social and institutional relations, which if not addressed, will only give us more bad news in days to come.

And that's the sad predicament of post-modernity. Canute's analysis points to the loopholes in the security system in Cameroon, and lack of recognition on information gathering and archiving. Looking closely at the situation reminds one of our hominid ancestors who relied basically on oral culture. But they did not live in the chaotic and complex circumstances in which we live. What's pathetic is that ours is a hand to mouth life where everything else that goes by, or from which we can't profit, makes little sense. We only live for the proximate, not the ultimate.

Colonialism failed woefully to instill the importance of information gathering, both within business circles or in government institutions in Cameroon, or is it really colonization?

I will like Canute to go deep again and to examine the significance of the failures they met, with following their to and fro efforts to track the passage of the young man and his group.

This event tells us something about the airport in Douala, the road to the mountain, and the cities on the way. We're at the mercy of many forces than we can dare dream about. I keep wondering: is Cameroun what one will call a modern country, or is it a jungle?

Just think of the immigration check at the Douala Airport, how easy anyone can sneak in, even by giving a 1000 cfa note...

The politics of the belly.... whither Africa?

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