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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


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 Va Boy

No kidding, Canute. We have to create our own reality, and forget about any kind of frog validation. That process has already begun, with surge of Southern Cameroonian literature and a vibrant internet presence. The next act would be a de factor state of our own.


When people speak of Southern Cameroonians as "anglophones" it really irks me. What has happened to intellectual rigor?

"Anglophones" did not "join" "francophones" for the "re-unification" you'll want to celebrate(?). A state, the Southern Cameroons was annexed to another, la Republique du Cameroun.

Lokuna J.

Anglophones - Natives from the NW and SW region of Cameroon who believe in a bilingual Cameroon republic, and are willing to maintain the 1961 "union" even with its shortcomings (federalists, unitarists, regionalists, etc.)

Southern Cameroonians: Natives of the former British Southern Cameroons who are advocating for the establishment of a Southern Cameroons state independent of "La Republique du Cameroon".

So when someone says "We are marginalized", that's an Anglophone talking. But when someone says "one day we will gain our independence" that is a Southern Cameroonian.

Canute has excercised intellectual rigor by using the right term - although the subject of his article also applies to Southern Cameroonians...


Spear of the Nation, thanks for the comic relief.



thats a really a pity, that you have southern cameroonians, who would want to be called anglophone, even at this internet age, when all facts and history is open out there for them to find out the truth, just as

names like region, limbe, province, reunification, bilingualism are all fake brainwashing trems used by the french-cameroun mvomeka man to confused the low moneded and decieve the world at large,
THE Just would find the truth because ,only the truth can set them free, they would not teach their own children that they are anglophones, that they are slaves to a country call cameroun, when infact, they have their own country called southern cameroons, which is ilegally occupied, they have their own landguage, their own independence date, 01/10/1961. their own culture and heroes,, seperate from camerouns, soo those who things southern cameroons is former are also brainwashed, because a country can never be former, because a stranger says soo,

W e are proud southern cameroons people
we are a people, even the AFRICAN UNION



{O Cameroon, Thou Cradle of our Fathers,
Holy Shrine where in our midst they now repose,
Their tears and blood and sweat thy soil did water,
On thy hills and valleys once their tillage rose.
Dear Fatherland, thy worth no tongue can tell!
How can we ever pay thy due?
Thy welfare we will win in toil and love and peace,
Will be to thy name ever true!}

I wonder if any of us would not attest to the truth of this poem. In fact, I need not say where its coming from. Suffice every Cameroonian can recognize at one point his compatriot becomes a hypocrite after having sang this for many year.

Obadiah Mua

That some bonafide Southern Cameroonian albeit Amazonian should think of singing a song of his/her heroes in a strange land is anathema.That Canute TANGWA expected 'Mutation' publishers to include foreigners or better still 'les enemies dans la maison' as football legends of 'La Republique du Cameroun' is anathema.Would Canute have applauded if it were so?On May 26,1990 I was among a bunch of enemies in the house who sang the 'O Cameroun...' at the Yaounde University for the launching of the SDF.Educated,intellectual spies of the regime who were payed to infiltrated us reported convincingly to their bosses that it was the Nigerian national anthem.Reason being that there was no version of the anthem in English just like you will not find an English version of 'Les Marselleise'.If some Southern Cameroonians still dream of the day things will get better for them in 'La Republique' then they have not learnt their lessons well and they need not complain.Americans celebrate July 4 when they got their freedom from the Brits and not when the Brits first landed and got control of their land.Review all national days around the world,even in Africa and you will see that people celebrate days they became free and not when they became slaves.Ours is unique!!!

Va Boy

Oh Cameroun!
Go to hell...

Southern Cameroons forever.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Which Dear Fatherland, thats is a provocation.
The only Fatherland I know of is the land of "Southern Cameroon"

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