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Friday, 16 April 2010


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Dr A A Agbormbai

Thanks for graphically exposing the discrepancies that have been troubling me. The figures for the Far North and the Centre have looked suspicious when compared to that of Littoral. The populations of the NW and SW regions also looked smaller than they should be.

Ma Mary

They did not count entrepreneuronline. That is why.

Chief Ayuk  Arrey

This has been done with bad intentions.The more Paul Biza keeps up his hatred for the Southern Cameroonns, the more we are determine for our Independence and the collapse of the Biza regime.

Va Boy

There are a few Southern Cameroonian belleticians who are content to go down with the sinking ship.


It's still the logic of the equatorial forest - "la politique de 'l'estomac"

They only see the fruit trees before them, they never see the forest. They have inherited traits from their ancestors, which combined with the false French policy of assimilation and the depravity of franco-colonialism has produced and proliferated in them some of the most distorted and degenerate biocultural genes you'd find among Africans.

They live at once in the clearing one calls Yaounde, and cluster over the weekends in other semi-primeval clearings in the forests (au chez-moi, au village!), and next in Paris where trapped within a Gaullist heritage, they are still considered "negros". Their lives and logic center within these three locations. Take them out and they quickly make apologies, like infants.

How come that we mortgaged our lives and welfare to such folk?

And where do we go, following these that only see postcolonial trees to climb and fruits to reap? No development, no science, no technology, no philosophical thought, no ideas about a better world, nothing in terms of a project that lays pathways into futurity -

I'm still to see an ultra modern highway in La Republique (and one that's not staked with placards of crushed souls), I'm still to see a state funded ultra modern green city from the proceeds of the petroleum in Limbe, an ultramodern port that services Central Africa without filth, corruption and the old colonial buildings and treasuries, a technological project that's unique, able to manufacture goods for Central Africa and beyond, or able to carry out viable research into HIV-AIDs vaccines. There is a lot one waits to see that will mark Meka's 28 years in power... or is it peace, as they say - as if we were machete wielding savages from Conrad's darkness?

is it throwing into Nkondengui other buffoons that have learned the art of tree-climbing too well?

Chief Ayuk Arrey

It's you and La Republique that's dying from HIV/AIDS. Infact La Republique has the highest rate of HIVS/AIDS Infection including your Gay [Homosexual] Partner Biya.


Paa Ngembus

Dimapouka is doing a really good job.

He has succeeded where most Southern Cameroonian activists have failed.

He is slowly convincing many "Anglos" that were still sitting on the fence and hoping for a miracle, that The Southern Cameroons does not have a future with La Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

Thank you Al Dipoks. You are doing a great job.


Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Paa Ngembus, the work of the last couple of decades is paying off. Even though people may disagree with Gorji Dinka about some things, he has to be credited for for being first seeing this failed union for what it was and initiating its rupture, way back in the early 1980's. Others had seen it too, but only he put it down on paper at the time and made it public.

Now, there is no doubt that it will end. Doctored census figures and trends from 2005, conveniently released now, are an indication of sinister political intent. These are the same people who harbored Hutu genocidal maniacs for years, because they are "cousins". Southern Cameroonians who wanted us to give la republique another chance have no leg to stand on.


problem is the victims were defenseless
soo, southern cameroonians must learn to bear eapons conceal them under your bed
just in case.

Alain Dipoko, Yabassi Boy.


(1) Cameroon is an oasis of peace. Throughout our tenure at the helm of the nation, Cameroonians have known absolute peace; a thing only dreamed of in some countries especially our western neighbor.

(2) Economically, despite the activities of some unpatriotic Cameroonians who have looted the coffers of the country like the infamous Ndeh and Fordjidam, we have made tremendous strides to uplift the income of the ordinary Cameroonian. Cameroonians live an enviable standard of living in the whole of west and central Africa. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in Africa. It stands at 5% compared to the 26% of Nigeria and 38% of South Africa.

(3) Socially, Cameroonians are not only free but have that inalienable right to express themselves without being put in jails or prisons.

(4) Above all, there are no political prisoners in Cameroon. Our prisons are occupied only by perpetual hardcore criminals whose efforts have brought Cameroon’s image to disrepute.

(5) We have liberalized the movement of people and goods to the extent that even the sons and daughters of naked peasants could also travel abroad. Back in the days, it was a hell of a nightmare just to get a passport. All this liberalization has opened the floodgates to fake asylum seekers who even though do menial jobs abroad, have helped their impoverished kind back home.

(6) We as a nation extend our moral and financial support to fallen comrades abroad. There is budget allocation in all of our missions abroad. This was never the case before 1982.

(7) While we condemn criminal activities in their entirety, we never abandon those wayward citizens to die for lack of help from our missions abroad. In china and India, we have rescued Cameroonians who otherwise would have been killed in detention.

(8) We are a benevolent and compassionate government. We do not allow our heroes to go without recognizing their contributions. This was the case of Ndeh Ntumazah.

(9) Though we have the wherewithal to silence our opponents, we prefer to have dialogue with them in order to create an atmosphere conducive for all. This has been the approach with the SCNC which has not been sincere and reciprocal to our gestures.

(10) We have created an air tight secure Cameroon where citizens could go about their daily activities without looking over their soldiers from intruders from abroad.

A vote for the CPDM in 2011 will transform Cameroon into an El Dorado in Africa. Mundemba and Limbe shall be literally the Kuwaits of Africa. Vote for us and you shall not be disappointed.

Alain Dipoko, Yabassi Boy.

soldier- shoulders.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Well Done, first in History U've shown some politeness.Keep it Up!
I disagree with the unemployment rate of 5% and quite a number of points. After all the rattling,nothing moves me.Cameroonians need a different political party and we're determine to achieve that.
Nothing good can cames from Biya anymore if not Chaos. He is a Veteran and his ideas and policies are instead draining our economy. He looks more like a Communist Leader.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Mr.Campaign Manager, take your campaign to Etoudi.

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