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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


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Va Boy

La Republik cannot formally charge Muluh Mbuh in open court because it will LOSE big time. Courage my brother.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Stay strong Justice Mbuh. We shall all conquer them,La Republique's agents might be winning the battle but not the war.

For those Southern Cameroonians who have decided to dinned with La Republique by betraying us,they will regret it someday.
La Republique and his agents are fighting in vain.


Martin Yembe there is something called a menu in your digital camera. Go there and correct the date.

Son of the Soil.


Those who do not know those cowards would read incendiary postings such Southern Cameroons shall be independent by any means possible yet such hot air is made on the smokescreen of fake asylum petitions. The author does not even have legal papers to travel outside the restricted immigration internment jurisdictions. Such is the spirit and vibes of Cameroonians.

There are two types of Cameroonians; the bold and the cowards. Most of those circuits attending gossiping lazy lot in Washington DC are spineless. They sit lazily dreaming of a world they cannot build yet want to reap the benefits. As a last resort, they plot bank heists, and other scams such as selling of fake and expired drugs, and twisted immigration reports. The number of fraudsters in Washington DC is above those in Lagos, Mutengene, Kumba, Nkwen put together. And these are eminent Cameroonians who don cheap charity donated jackets they erroneously call suits to fool dolks back in Cameroons as professionals. Yes, stealing and fey mania are professions.

Never in the history of a nation has a generation of a young population adopted a life of crime as those 419 operators in DC. Wake up and do something useful in your lives. Join me and Entrepreneur Online to build Cameroon.

Agendia Aloysius

I think it would be better if those posting articles on this blog , post one photo accompanied with the lead, then, follow-up photos with the body text of the article. Spraying pictures like this really makes this website looks funny. It is part of aesthetics. Thanks. AGENDIA Aloysius blog.


Courage comrade, do not stumbe.


We hope when this matter shall come up in the Anglo-Saxon style the judge will deliver another historic judgement and get his name recorded in the book of history as Justice Ambe,Justice Ambo etc did although they are suffering today for standing tall in the midst of injustice.


Your empathy for Mr. Mbuh Shines like a nail on a coffin.

We can't afford to have Paul Biya, the butcher of Etoudi, Kill our followers and sympathisers, and throw some in dungeons around La Republic as he is doing to Mr. Mbuh and the rest.

The Beast is planning a trip to Bamenda, to celebrate decades of illegal occupation and enslavement.

This is our chance to show our support for this army of occupation. We will use Molotov cocktails to welcome the beast and his entourage.

Mallam Shehu

You and who? Njimafor.


Who do u think?

Mallam Shehu

Once the first bullet comes I bet you'll hasten your tail in between your laps and melt while barking out very loud. Molotov cocktails, it's like you are acquainting yourself with that word for the very first time.


No, not really. We have been working on this for a while.

Our engineers have figured out that this is the best weapon against a rag tag army that cannot shoot straight, and i am merely creating awareness to those sitting on the fence and afraid of bullets. No one will get shot at because there will be no target to shoot but fire from all over. I am spreading the word.

Our choice of this improvised explosive device is because it is not only cheap and easy to produce, but it can cause great damage.

Using bandages and barrels of petrol, and hundreds of old tires, we will create a black canopy of smoke over Bamenda.

We will then proceed with surgical attacks against the god of La Republique, Paul Biya.

The details of this plan remain highly confidential. Our commandoes are in place and ready for action.

Dummy, there will be no need for running or tail ducking because this operation will be so sophisticated, and surgically implimented that there will be no damage to innocent lives.

Our orders are to capture or kill this Nazi like Dictator who has taken so many innocent lives for the past 28 years.

Now if the god of la Republique cancels his trip to Bamenda, we will cancel this operation. Enough is enough.

For now, brace yourself for operation " Black Thunder "


....also i suggest u change your screen name. Going by Mallam shehu makes one wonder if youv'e been to any kind of school and if u can think.

What is so difficult to know that coktails are served during parties and anniversaries?

You will sound better with something like dick head or bonehead.


I am even more surprised the butcher of Etoudi spared your life. I thought he got rid of all Mallams after the 1982 coup that was planned by Mallam Ahidjo.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, your squiggling is just a confirmation of my statement. Your rhetoric sounds like you watched a lot of films on Idi Amin. The early you expunge that Utopia from your oblongata the better for you.
Lastly, you look like one of those people who hasten to the fore front before a demonstration, once the police gets closer, you start pretending you want to talk to somebody behind the crowd. En passant, didn’t I hear entrepreneur describe you as a homosexual escort?

Mallam Shehu



It is not about you,entrepreneur or my sexual orientation. It is about ejecting La Republique from southern Cameroon with force.

It is about sending a clear warning to Biya, the butcher of etoudi. We of Southern Cameroon have nothing to celebrate with La Republique.

This is about letting Biya Paul, the butcher of etoudi know that any attempts to use a rag tag army to intimidate Southern Cameroon will be met by fierce resistance.

Southern Cameroonians are all welcome to the Molotov Cocktail party celebrating 50 years of slavery under la Republique

It is about putting Paul Biya on alert, that " Black Thunder " will be waiting for him and his rogue regime when he visits Bamenda.

This has been tatooed on many of our oblangata's
and u and Biya may pacify yourself for now that this is a dream untill hell breaks loose.

Then we shall know who is tail ducking, shitting in their pants and running thinking they will live another day to enjoy what they have stolen from Southern Cameroon for decades.


Mallam Shehu is that Genocidaire known as The Entrepreneur Newsonline aka Ernest L. Molua. We know his style, his thinking etc etc. Molua, you cannot hide!

Mallam Shehu

Have another guess....who is here the genocidaire, Njimafor or entrepreneur?....Njimafor, a cell is being tidied for you in Den Haag....


So u and the butcher of etoudi will transfer me from Yaounde to Den Haag. What a joke.

We will use the cell to pimp your mother to Nazis, we will then have Paul Biya wipe up the mess before returning him to etoudi.

We are soldiers of conscience, we will not live him to die there. We will also make sure your family get a huge reward for the services.

Since u like money so much, let us know when the cell is ready.


" Leave "

Mallam Shehu

Taylor, Mbemba and Karacic will be glad to have you as their cell escort....hope you withstand them....when the net gets closer, even shivering no longer regulates the body temperature....


Southern Cameroon has a new generation of freedom fighters that are not afraid of such scare tactics.

You have used such tactics to successfully silence some voices of democracry in this forum, and your dungeons here in Cameroon to silence the voices of freedom and any opposition to La Republique.

This is the dawn of a new era. We are about to change the course of Cameroon History.

This i will promise Paul Biya and La Republique, when the smoke clears, Biya and his gang of thieves will not live to rape Southern Cameroon another day.

"Black Thunder"


My brother njimaforboy,rest assured, take note no confuse soul can successfully keep the voices of the people silent. Keep up the spirit.Stay focus,we shall strike our targets with maximum precision. "Secrets"


Why doesn't the Ambazonia Restoration Movement set up a blog to sensitive the wider public, embassies, NGOs, legal and international organizations on the case and situation of Justice Muluh Mbuh? Why don't they set up a blog and give us a weekly analysis of his situation? Why don't they set up a blog and sensitize the public? A site where we can monitor the regime so they don't poison him? As they along with the French did to Felix Moumie? As they have always done, if disease and malnutrition doesn't claim those whom they always see as criminals and threats to their power?

Why are all these movements about Southern Cameroons not committed to those who stick out their necks for the cause?

Where's the leadership?

This chattering and blabbering like baby with milk teeth would only end with one bad news after another.

"Eventually, he will be set free, and being the indefatigable writer that he is, I know there is one hell of a prison memoir being written as we speak."

This is a very irresponsible note, I must say. Memoirs do not compensate for a life or time spent in any of those malaria infested, filthy, and hunger-ridden dungeons, where death is an ever present reality.


A man's life is at stake and instead of establishing a mechanism to engineer his freedom, you're talking of memoirs?

This is the height of the ridiculous. Maybe there's a real need to conscientise, first, those that take it upon them to fight for freedom, on the role of effective process, and the mechanisms that they have at their disposal.

I definitely agree with Agendia - there's a proper way to do it. This smacks to me of the kind of politics I have often seen originating inside of Mbuh houses...

Let's reform our ways of doing things, let's avoid the sensational and give individual lives and values their net worth.

Let's embrace the role of process and examine proper mechanisms and channels for getting things done. The lack of proper process in any political act only creates a sense of apprehension in the public, that even if the fight is won, we'd be back into another chaotic and repressive nightmare.



The minimum that can be done is for human rights groups to gather precise information on a day to day basis on all transactions around any detainee, from feeding, health, psychological balance, etc. Certainly the prison system is not independent of the state; but it also falls on the prison administration to gather precise information for their own ultimate security.

When human rights cases eventually reach the Hague, everyone is held accountable to the law.

The gathering and dissemination of detailed information also has the advantage that it puts the state on its toes - that whatever goes wrong to a detainee cannot be unaccounted for... It's only as such, including legal and political pressure for the release of the detainee, that organizations can guarantee his or her safety in the end.

Until the rights and safety of detainees will be respected, all participants charged with detention will be held accountable. No one should see the self as exempt. Charles Taylor's example should be warning enough, as well as other cases of those who think they can escape the long arm of international justice. This applies equally for those in revolutionary organizations, for the state, and its institutions and employees.


Views from a Lay Man

To all those who are dreaming of secession, know this. Secession will never be a solution to the Anglophone problem. The cultural diversity of Cameroon will never permit such a thing, never. We should try to approach the Franco-Anglo issue from a very different perspective, and this will not happen in the blink of an eye.
It serves no purpose to dedicate chapters of write ups with the intention of trying to scare a devil who is himself a maestro in the art of scaring. All such endeavors will yield nothing but a blood bath that at the end of the day will bring nothing but misery and more suffering.
There are a lot of savvy Anglophones out there, who can help in drawing up a non-violent strategy to deal with the issue, and this should be done by devoted Anglophones who have no second intentions but to see their people be set free.
For the main time, before dreaming of ever being set free, it will be primordial that Anglophones of all works of life sit down together and polish up their internal squabbles first, Graffi VS Sawa. I believe this is even a far more difficult huddle to overcome than the problem with La Republique. Until that day when Graffi and Sawa will be able to stand up and speak out the same vocabulary, we can all bury the dream of ever having an independent or autonomous Southern Cameroon.
We have all been witnesses of how some Anglophone notables have been palling around with a gov’t that will never wish bliss to Anglophones. Before laying our faith in our Anglophone pace setters, we should be very careful because most of us easily become corrupted. An uncompromising moral check up must be a prerequisite for naming somebody as an Anglophone leader.
If not, the way I see things unveiling, must people who mask themselves as advocates for a free Southern Cameroon are just a bevy of hungry and thirsty lads, who will rapidly swap Jersey once their hunger and thirst must have been satiated. Let’s not forget what happens in Orwell’s "Animal Farm".
In the absence of a concrete agenda, personally, I will advocate that we do like it is written in the old books, if you can beat them, join them.

These are just the views of a lay man with no intention of hurting or demeaning whosoever.



You must go back and study French colonial history, both in Africa, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. It doesn't have to be thorough for you to see the bare bones of French colonialism and how effective it was. I once signaled this to the SDF when they won (?) the 1994? elections and they rashly dismissed me. And I laughed. You can't readily dismiss the mental and strategic colonial mechanisms or ideologies the French put into place in those colonies. To do so will be to do it at your peril. I know about this love of the francophone lifestyles ("Je Vais a Yaounde") which brainwashed many anglophones since the seventies (thus the Limbe-Buea-Douala Axis, and the Bamenda-Bafoussam-Yaounde/Bamenda-Limbe-Douala Axis). "I'm studying in ENAM; He's a lecturer at the University of Yaounde, X, Y, Z is the Secretary of State in Education; my uncle is this or that in Yaounde). It's so pathetic. It's either West or Southern Cameroons gets its independence or a lot of guys are going to throw in the towel and embrace other nationalities that are far more advanced in respect to human rights, dignity, and autonomy... This is the reality. To think that the anglophone-francophone experiment will work is to underestimate Historical Realism. How many times can one be a fool? How many generations will a people remain stupid and hoping? This is not Soviet Russia or Communism!

Talk of Graffi-Sawa, and that makes sense. It's for their interest to unify, to lay down their angsts and thrash them. Otherwise, they'll forever be historical losers.

I'm angry with myself for I must have insulted the person who posted the article on the Justice, and the Ambazonia Restoration Movement and other fronts on the Southern Cameroon issue,
but my intention wasn't to insult. It's my concerns about the justice's life, about focus, process, and human rights. I cannot not be concerned about the life of the justice.

Following the death of investigative journalist Bibi Ngota at the Central Prisons of Kondengui, this month, we have reason to be very worried:

Our concerns must be for every life that's threatened by the state since you never know when it will be your turn, or that of a friend, colleague, former teacher, or a member of your family. Every life is precious.



What anglophone Cameroon is confronting are the foundations of French colonial imperialist ideology in Central Africa. And unless we understand how far-reaching it was, and who it is that the French colonized, it will be a fight or a dreamt collaboration with someone you have little knowledge about.

Probably one of the few anglophones that had insight into the minds of the system and those it represents is a visionary that died in 2007. His website is still up and running as a testament. Before him Bobe Ngom Jua had his say on this matter. Endeley had his say on this matter. The best anglophone brains have had their say on this matter. It's not a question of reinventing the wheel.

We're beyond crawling like infants to Yaounde. That era incarnated by Talla Andre Marie's song is gone.



Go back and watch the Interview that Mola Njoh Litumbe gave on the Southern Cameroons Issue;

reread Albert Womah Mukong's books and life,

follow up on the writings and works of anglophone professors from the Law faculty who are all in the diaspora,

and the literary works of Epie Ngome and other writers,

the list is endless...

Anglophones have not really told the experience of their humiliating journeys to Yaounde since 1972...

or their transient joys on being appointed to serve their own subjugation.

It took a hell of struggle for the university to be decentralized;

for the GCE board to be created

- what is it that is holding back progress in this country? what sort of mind-set is it? Is it accidental or historical?

We still have to go deep into the psychic or psychotic processes and mechanisms of colonization, otherwise, it will be a painful journey.

Anglophone Cameroon and La Republique experienced two different trajectories of colonization - ours wasn't as deep as it was across the Mungo...

There comes a time when the finality of a divorce is too evident to the eyes of outsiders... when the moving back and forth between a couple can only be a painful drag...

But it seems we have reached the point when La Republique is too aware of that finality, and is already dredging as much as it can from Southern Cameroons before the break becomes reality...

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...I thought you guys will be buying arms to engineer a prison breakout and facilitate his release? Or, possibly Storm the dusty prison cell in the mosquito infested neighbourhoods in Bamenda! Talk has always been cheap, and will forever be cheap, eon your part.

.....Perhaps, heroism and revolution too is cheap, when common criminals who destabilize the peace and tranquility of 20 million cameroonians are brought to book, you rant on the inconsequential cyberspace? How many of you have contributed a dime for his legal defense, or send him a postcard in prison?

.....Since when did cowards who spend time eating stale eru leaves and frozen fufu engineer a revolution...millions of miles from the center of action? Because you successfully mislead Caucasian immigration officials on your economic refugeeism, you misguidedly believe in your own lies and forget that Cameroon is state of law and a sovereign nation.

....Since, Cameroon is purported to be corrupt, why don't you guys raise funds to bribe his tribesmen who are bamenda gendarmes and police officials watching his heels?

Go ahead, and engage in action. Cyber nonsensical rants will take you folks no where, except to embarass your fathers and mothers....and grandmothers and 75 brothers and sisters....

Ma Mary

jdsomgait, peppersoup and njimaforboy have all said it better than I ever could. This forced marriage is viable only through the eyes of the terminally deluded or pathological liars.

If all Southern Cameroonians were to act as one person today, and pull out, there is no question, we would get what we want. As long as there are those of little faith, we should keep discussing and keep making points here.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

..."have all said it better than I ever could"...And who are you? A haemophrodite? Or a Homosexual escort? Empty suits behind keyboards with screen names and false courage.......

Eyock J.

Hi Entrepreneur, I have noticed that since you came to America, you constantly make reference to bad or poor African meals when referring to the Diaspora. I assume that the 5 or 10 Cameroonians that you hang out with live in such dire straits that you don't believe that there are Cameroonians living comfortable lifestyles in the US, or that there are Cameroonians who are not the least interested in African food, frozen or otherwise.

Even more suprising is the fact that an individual with a background in Agriculture and economics fails to realize that the "frozen Fufu" that you ridicule is the product of technological innovation which has pulled countries out of that subsistence agriculture which ensures that Cameroon permanently remains an under-developed country.

Please broaden your horizons while in the States; leave those relatives of yours who live on the margins of US society and try and mingle with folks who live meaningful, productive lives free from the bribery-infested and guilt-ridden "fonctionnaire" lifestyle of Cameroon which you worship. I can understand your frustration at the failure of your brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts in America, but not everyone is a failure like them.


Entrepreneur,in the past you have talked about the people of countries like India,China,Indonesia and others.No where in their blogs around the world do people from these country try to devalue,literary spit on their women.Because of political and ideological differences,you call our women,who by the way are your mothers all types of fanciful names.In Asia,they have what the commonly call Asian values.Modesty and level-headedness are over all values that are observed.No where would you ever find an Indian or Chinese denigrating or bandying looks with their women in public.If they read you here for a day,they will quickly know what African values are.Greed,immodest,vulgar,proud,loud-mouthed.We are still waiting to see a good write up from you about Cameroon,but you keep showing how frantic you have become in trying to out-shout those who have different opinions.The people you keep insulting know they have got under your thin skin,else you would not want to hang yourself because people criticize their country.


I apologise for digressing from Justice Muluh. I hope he receives decent treatment even though I do not share his political stance.

As always, I am perplexed by this Anglophone (Southern Cameroons) issue.

I would just like to point out that with the ascent of globalisation, geography is no longer a major determinant of success or failure: The commodities analyst in New York or London, will probably never meet the cocoa or coffee farmer in Kumba, but their destinies are intertwinned as they will both be affected by a rise or fall in chocolate or coffee consumption in any Western metropolis. Even as we speak, horticulturists in Kenya are loosing millions of dollars, due to flights grounded as a result of a volcano in far away Iceland.

It is therefore naive to imagine we can cocoon ourselves in one part of the globe and be spared global contingencies. Anglophone development has many enemies (World Bank, IMF, global economic inequities...)and our defficiencies cannot be attributed solely to association with Francophones accross the Mungo.

We should clamour for a change in the SYSTEM. Request political and economic decentralisation but not necessarily on the basis of language.


The Itsekeri farmer or fisher in the Niger Delta will never meet the people who determine OPEC oil prices. So he should shut up because it is globalization.

The Bakweri will never meet those in New York who determine banana and rubber commodity prices, but the Bakweri have their land that Germans stole more than a hundred years ago.

The Congolese should shut up and be slaves because of globalization...

Globalization has a history and it's pros and cons. It began with the Bretton Woods Agreement post WWII for the benefit of post-war European economies. The problems with globalization is that it still functions for the benefit of those very economies, by looting the developed world.

Neo-liberalism is or free market can be compared to opening your door to rapists to have your wive and daughters...

That is what is happening in the Congo.

There is such a thing as a people's independence and autonomy.

Why do hundreds of thousands of people from Cameroun suffer to get visas to France, USA, England, Germany? Are we not living in an era of globalisation?

The question you have to ask is:


Why is the US in Iraq?
Why's the problem of the Niger Delta not being solved?
Why are there perpetual wars in the Congo?
Why's the US against Chinese currency hikes or manipulation?

How can you tell the poor person in Bakassi about globalisation when oil companies have taken over leaving them with no autonomy?

How can a poor person without rights be global?

You can find more a systematic critique of globalization or neo-liberalism.

I'm writing off-head. One thing, we must learn not to buy the language of oppression. Let us trace the history of concepts, where they are coming from, who is speaking, for what purpose...

What has been the third world's contribution to the establishment of globalization? Why have there been such violence during World Trade or G7 meetings...

Certainly those demonstrators know a little about the meanings behind those concepts?

Why are indigenous movements against globalization and global resource extractive industries?

etc, etc, etc..


The fact of economic globalization does not mean that a country or people will lose their political rights.

The US will always have borders, and very stiff immigration policies too. Same with all the G7 countries.

But Cameroon can let in anyone - in fact, you don't need to be let in. 1000 frs will get you in through Mamfe or a speed boat could pick you up from any ship. You can also cross the border on foot in the Adamaoua...

History goes in circles...things keep changing. It's a game of power, the rich and the poor, north and south... and the north will go to war anytime it suits them, as with Iraq...

Be careful of this talk of globalization... seek your security first, before you talk about the global.

The White-man is not stupid...


@ jdsomgait,

You still haven`t answered the question: how do you solve these problems solely by regional autonomy? I wasn`t writing a treatise on the pros and cons of globalisation, but merely pointing out the folly of assuming problems will be solved solely by regionalisation on linguistic grounds.

Proponents of Anglophone autonomy are eloquent in legalese and historical facts, but little VISION about the future.


And lastly, to understand globalization, you must keep history in your sights

- the rise of the European-nation-state and mercantilism, the slave trade, colonialism, WWII, and globalization.

Globalization began centuries ago when the European state became a corporation that can buy and sell any other country and its souls...

And that corporation today is Shell, Anglo-American, Exxon-Mobile, and the list is endless.

They negotiate mainly with the post-colonial elite, those ready to sell their people into "globalization" for change.

The only guarantees you have is self-determination to control your own territory, rights, freedoms, autonomy, through which you can abolish class issues and step into world trade whatever it is, as the Chinese are trying to do, with pride and dignity.

Otherwise, you will forever be subject to elites and foreign entities, colonized and non-colonized, buying and selling your rights day and night and bringing kalashnikovs against your family, community, and grandchildren whenever you protest...

I think one writer with a blog here wrote an article about the European Fortress and US.... now that's a perfect example of globalization...

thousands of young people crossing the Sahara and drowning in the Mediterranean in an attempt to reach the global castle...


@ jdsomgait,

You forgot to mention that economic imperialism can also be self inflicted by our own consumer choices. I am typing away on my Chinese made key board; dressed in Italian designed garb; and when I`m through with these reply I intend to watch a movie made in Holywood; streamed, courtesy of fibre optic cables, made possible by Western science. How can I be a free man? Where does Southern Cameroon feature in that value chain? We can only liberate ourselves when we start producing world class products and exporting our competence to other parts of the world, otherwise we remain on the receiving end.


Oh, I'm sorry, Limbekid, I think I get just too passionate with this anglophone issue. I stayed clear of it until Bate Besong's death struck a raw nerve in me, on why we have to go hurtle to Yaounde all the time, and how many anglphones and Buea lecturers have died on that highway... And why? and when it will end.

Self-determination gives a people the power to reorganize their lives and territory, institutions, and development the way they see fit, to enter or back off from contracts with any other country or corporation the way they see fit.

Take the example of Botswana - South Africa cannot bully Botswana though the major corporations that exploit diamond in Botswana are based in South Africa.

Take the example of Gabon and its development, take the example of Kuwait, Dubai, Korea, all those small countries...

There are far too many smaller countries in the Caribbean we don't hear anything about, but which are developing fast due to good and clean economic policies. The issue is between backwardness and progressiveness...

The francophones (Beti or northerner alike) have constantly shown anglophones bad faith in any endeavor; they have shown us that they are exploitative, mean and clannish to the extreme, and they don't value anglophones as people with equal rights. This speaks volumes about them more...

The only anglophones in this country who have had any dignity have only done so due to their success in the US, England, or elsewhere... or have been those that said no to this francophone shit, and died with dignity.

Hey, one error I think you're making is reducing this problem to linguistic difference... There are deep cultural issues at stake which you gloss over: educational differences, differences in legal systems and thought, differences in social relations and how humans value each other... differences in how economies are supposed to work.

I don't think the question of VISION is all we face; I think the impact of francophone colonization on anglophones has been so detrimental. African-Americans have a lot to say about such processes, where a people could be so enslaved that most would never dream of living any differently... and so they doubt and question any effort... But hopefully, most of them have gone beyond that generation.

It's not for someone to construct a vision and sell it to you - it's for you to step in and ask for dialogue on this issue, as you are asking now... I cannot bring and impose a vision on you; visions are proposed, discussed, negotiated, and compromise reached to see shich fits best. That is the democratic way, the way that La republique will never recognize, because they've been told over ages by Jacques Foccart, never to negotiate, or only to lure the opponent, poison, or throw in jail...

But Munzu, Anywangwe, and many other legal and political science specialists have made propositions - you can check out, and make a critique on... there is a wealth of literature out there on this issue, that we need to begin taking seriously, not by way of buying them wholesale, but critiquing them and looking forward for better programs...

I'm sorry for my treatise... will try to cut it to a minimum!


Yes, you're absolutely right, Limbekid! When it comes to economic productivity and producing wealth, disseminating it, and consuming wealth from other parts of the world, I can't argue with you.

But there's a political base to economic production. I'm not a Marxist, but you cannot escape the potency of Marxist analysis of the economy at the basic level.

The political base must be guaranteed. The question is whether that base has been guaranteed in Cameroun? How can it be when those with the entrepreneurship are shoved, marginalized, constantly monitored, threatened with jail, or seeing off into their coffins? Where is Nanga? Where is Fotso today?

What's the political base for enterprise in Cameroon if we are to talk of globalization? Where is the freedom for the producer to produce if he can't go through Etoudi and lick a well-placed politician's ars?

Why are the Bamileke's suffering enormously in Cameroun today?

Why is Kumba the way it is when in the sixties it looked so promising? Why is Mamfe a border town with Nigeria, not as developed as Calabar, Port Harcourt?

There's the politics - and it comes from a particular clan or group of people who do not listen to the politics of free trade or self-determination.

I would like my family in Buea Town to produce and consume. And we have several graduates in the family. There's no land, and that's a basic resource we've been alienated from... One has gone to Douala and tried the export market - but in the end they've began leaving for the US.

And these guys, like most anglophone graduates are good and hardworking, Limbekid. Once they get to the US, most work hard and get economically involved. You can't establish a list of anglophones in the US who are at the forefront of science (from NASA to Medical research), in major corporations and research labs from Harvard to Florida, or even in Hollywood.

Now, ask any of them to return to Cameroon, and they will give you the answer you need to hear.

Go down to Botswana and you will count how many of them are living out of Botswana. That's the world's first producer of quality diamond. Find out how many Gabonese are living out of their country. How many black South Africans... visit their technikons and see what they are doing...

Now come back to Ombe... and it's a different story. Not that we cannot produce world class goods... the brain is there, the determination is there...

What is it that we lack? Underdevelopment is a problem of the mind, a problem of politics, a problem of colonialism...

What is it that these guys at Etoudi produce? is it good politics? good business?

what global good is Biya producing?

Now, with your anxiety to produce, and share the wealth and make the world a better place in terms of welfare, I'm not very sure how the regime in Cameroun will respond to that if you try to set up an enterprise in Limbe.

The first question is that if you don't speak French, you're in trouble. If you are from Limbe, trouble number two (even if you say you are not SDF).

In fact your troubles will pile up until... I don't know,

Ndjeukam Tchameni wanted to set up a computer assembly plant in Cameroun in the 90s to assemble computers for Central Africa. In fact je already undertook a contract with the Gabonese government and Burkina Faso.

He ended up being in Kondengui, and after his release, he became a strong "asso" to Yondo Black, taking part more in political demonstrations rather than managing an enterprise. Perhaps with his effort, Cameroun would have been at the forefront of communication today in Central Africa.

The failure of many private initiatives in West Cameroon and La Republique is a long story indeed, one better told by Anglophones and Bamilikes.

Tchameni's a story that says a lot about ethnic rivaliries, political power, and free enterprise in Cameroun.


And one funny thing about this Tchameni story, is actually one that's better written as fiction. When he came with the idea and applied for a license to set up the firm, the government didn't know what computers were. They had heard that it could generate so much wealth and knowledge. So they gave him the license and began monitoring him, waiting on the wings to cash in on the money. We all love globalization!

Tchameni began building the structures, then somewhere along the way the presidency sent one Beti guy to go and study computer assemblage in France, so they could undercut Tchameni. They realized that globalization was better for Betis and not Bamis!

And that was the beginning of Tchameni's troubles. Tchameni worked hard, rallied a close business group around him, but the more he struggled the more the regime became afraid. In the end they needed to associate him with Guerandi and plant seditious tapes in his luggage so they could pack him off to Kondengui. And overnight they destroyed the warehouse and offices he had constructed...

If not of Tchameni's US citizenship, I don't know what where those guys at Etoudi would have kept him. They are never out of "good" ideas in that regard.

Now, that's La republique's own kind of globalization!


Dear brothers the debate on globalization may be kilometric to delve into,i however appreciate this gentleman "jdsomgait" you have tactically explain the views of Internationalist,Nationalist,and some of us with pessimistic views in relation to globalization.Infact i love your comments,the idea of globalization is a pure hyperbole in my understanding.

Where do we put the regional groupings like the Europian union? talk less of Cemac,Ecowas? As jdsomgait did mention it is the brain child of the west to expliot our resources.From the "marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of europe to the britton Hood stuff. Now they developed a new word (SAP)Structural adjustment pr. poverty reduction,Brother its all about a pro market government,ie you must privatise all, for instance Sonel,Snec,Military,unity palace to the multi-National corporations.Without which ?????. Presently i am doing a research on public policy,using the new governance and management approach,who cares? using Ireland as my case study.IMF, World Bank,big thieves.Watchout for Greece and Greek,I like you comments jdsomgait very educative for those reading social sciences,community Development in masters level.

Programmes like the new governance and management should be taken in ENAM to further educate our potential corrupt administrators.


jdsomgait,very elated and encourage by your postings,my eyes seek tears,the beloved Cameroon.Facts and feelings from your comments,we are tired,you dare not have a vision in Cameroon you shall be crushed.What a country in decline? you mention above on the possibilities of setting a firm in Cameroon,how can we? at this critical period,we are scared,Ohhhh' Cameroon.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

jdsomgait, indeep U're write up is great, for those our brainwash, naive and ignorant opportunist Anglos who have stupidly embraced CPDM as their problem solver but forgeting to see beyong that..........

I have a Strong feeling that this so called Globalisation, is just another Satanic Tactic by the West and the U.S Which I called The "Conspirancy Theory" to take total control of African Resources. Everything in Cameroon is being privatised,yet we find no improvements.
The Main Problem with the Anglos working with La Republique's regime is just "Ignorance". This is the Greatest Killer in a Man's life. Nothing good can ever came out La Republique, how long will they keep on being opportunist?
All La Republique policies towards Southern Cameroon are engineered by France. The Greatest enemy in Africa is France.
All Calls and Letters send to and fro Cameroon must first go to france before going to their destinations. Cameroon is the second richest nation under the sun, yet the poorest with nothing to show for.
For Southern Cameroon to ever survived, we must fight for our independence and take control of our lifes and set up our own companies.

Va Boy

jdsomgait, thank you for those factual reminders.

Some of us have tried our hand at entrepreneurship in la republique and Southern Cameroons. We did not stop and seek other shores for business reasons but because of the predatory practices of our enemy "brothers". Anytime a business was a threat to some big French enterprise, they used all kinds of tactics including murder to terminate the competition.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...ignoramus on the food metaphor...

....the same manner that you eat Cameroon's food without complaining, food which by all acount will not pass a basic microbiology test: from smoked maggots infest fish to Acchu made with bactreria infested lukewarm water and unwashed hands whisking 'akanwag'...etc..

....having the guts to eat all that which Transparency Interntional will surely rank at the lower bottom of a food index, or perhaps the Heritage Foundation will dismiss as primitive...and befitting of savages...

....yet you will stick with it for the glory of your mouth and stomach... is for the same reason that you should stick with camerooon when the Heritage Foundation or Transparency International belches out an index that serves its special interest groups....for the sake of the land of glory and promise...

...And now that I have decoded the metaphor and made it simpler for you, come out from the screen names lets debate about Cameroon's economy......



Didn`t want to have the last word on this debate, but since you`ve been very generous with your time, I will indulge you.

You`re quite right, an enabling environment is definitely a catalyst for economic development. Is Botswana flourishing because of autonomy or respect for the rule of law?

Your mention of Jeukam Tchameni only lends credence to my point: that political victimisation is not uniquely anti-Anglophone. Tchameni is Francophone and therefore irrelevant to the debate. Besides, for every Jeukam Tchameni, there is a Celestin Tawamba, or Paul Fokam Kameni.

If political integrity is characteristic of "Anglophoneness", do you find any discernible differences in the levels of corruption in neighbouring Anglophone Nigeria and Francophone Cameroon?


I think both are corrupt in different ways. But one astute anglophone politician, I don't know if it was Endeley (I think it was him) who spelled it out very well: that for us to choose to join Nigeria was like wishing to drown while choosing the future La Republique was like stepping into fire.

I don't want to cast aspersions against those that were too naive not to listen, or too greedy for power, and we still have some of that school among us... History is the best teacher, but too often because of our own fears, anxieties, or greed we can't listen or learn. The voice that made that statement is still in the wilderness crying...

Yes, you're totally right, I was a little far-fetched to bring in the Tchameni example. I was writing on the spur of the moment, but still, you can bear with my argument, Limbekid. I've just made reference to one of our visionaries, though we still have to check out, and give honor where it is due. We've got to make pilgrimages to the graves of some of these leaders for the insights they brought on our destiny, even if their words went in vain. We've got to. Some of them were far more smarter and had more integrity than we've got today. I think we're a far more shameful (or shameless lot).

I'm not sure there's a last word to this debate... someone will still come along and reawaken it where we'll leave it... it simply has to go on, and I'm glad for your level-headedness and insight... I'm glad we didn't throw slang and beat each other up! Sometimes I can't hold myself from doing that :)

Mallam Shehu

Entrepreneur, you’re the only objective Anglophone/Cameroonian out there, you are my man. Njimafor and Co, are just a bunch of squeaking folks, who will not hesitate to vamoose into thin air once things become serious.


Objectivity means a point of view shared by a community of analysts on a single case or issue. It's something provable through argumentation and numbers.

When you write a thesis and cite 200 book titles and authorities, then the facts you state you can claim objectivity.

Objectivity means something can be scientifically proven to be fact, and proof means evidence carefully assembled and performed or argued.

Otherwise, everything else is subjective. However, even that which is subjective, can have substance, if there's sufficient evidence to authorize it.

Ma Mary

Mallam Shehu
By objective, you seem to mean someone who shares your point of view?

BTW, what on earth is an anglophone? My elderly ma in the village who does not speak English is not an "anglophone", but she is clearly and historically a Southern Cameroonian, with all the rights of any other Southern Cameroonian. Why have you chosen to operate in a constricted and ahistorical sphere?


Ma Mary,

We are dabbling in semantics, aren`t we? We prefer to be known as Southern Cameroonians, but won`t mind the odd ALL ANGLOPHONE CONFERENCE.

Mallam Shehu

I need not back my statement; entrepreneur's speaks for itself. Those who are very interested in logic should re-examine what entrepreneur says. Ignore the bitter part of it, and you'll get the whole stuff right. Entrepreneur, I love your write ups, kudos.





Ma Mary

No, not merely semantics but learning and precision. All Anglophone Conference was the first mass Southern Cameroons conference. On further reflection about facts, history, law and logic, it was determined by the conveners of the conference that Southern Cameroons was more accurate, more historical and more precise. "Anglophone" is a term imposed by Ahidjo to induce historical amnesia. "Anglophone" refers to someone who speaks English, and that could be anyone, including the person who styles himself Dipocko on this website. There is no historical value to the term. Whereas, ":Southern Cameroons" has historical, geographical and legal value and excludes no Southern Cameroonians. Words are often very important and their value goes way beyond semantics. The difference between the words pound, naira, dollar, cedi etc is not merely semantic although generically they refer to money or currency.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Mallam Shehu Why not Imam Shehu.
Enterprenieur is an opportunist and he's ignorant about the realities on the ground. What ever enterprenieur writes, he has been paid to do that.
He's one of those CPDM buffons who have found themselves soyed with Betrayal and enslave with La Republique and France. He doesn't know how to came out that failed System rather than showing his shameful and reckless support for La Republique's regime.
We Southern Cameroonians will never deny our own, at any time that they repent and turn back to us we will accept them back with Pre-conditions.
Enterprenieur is one of those claiming that If you can't change them, then join them.

Our sources are telling us that, when Southern Cameroon will gains it independence again , some of them will came back confessing that it was the nature of the regime that they turn their backs against us, that some were insearch of jobs, just to name a few.

It baffles me tremendously why in this 21st century , some people will be accepting Annexation of their own fatherland, despite knowing their history and seeing the realities on the ground, how the Occupier is stealing our resources with impunity and even dashing some resources as gifts to her Slave Master France.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Another Chieftaincy Crisis In NW - Villagers Want Fon Deposed, Burn Down Shrine In Palace, Accuse Wife Of Usurping Fon’s Powers

Richard Nde Lajong

Friday, 23 April 2010 07:14

The villagers of Mambu in Bafut Sub division are in a confused state following the burning down of two very important shrines in the palace. While investigations were on-going to get those who caused the first arson on an ancestral shrine, the worst occurred with the burning to ashes of the biggest traditional house in the palace.

Mallam Shehu

Even Caliph will do me no harm honorable Chief Ayuk. I am not indifferent to our sufferings, but it is high time we change course and cruising speed. Lapiro says 'time weh e don bad for l'hôpital, better we turn back for canda stick'. Since independence we have been nurturing an uncompromising secessionist stance which has never brought anything worth mentioning, why not try another stratagem that matches to our time? Why always stick to mundane/intransigent positions and later prop up with la République when approached?
The stick-in-the-mud battle with la République for an Independent Southern Cameroon is one that has been lost before any battle was ever set into motion. Like Layman said somewhere, rather than beating around the bush, maybe we should first of all learn to love one another as Anglophones and the problem with la Réplublique will alter itself as if conjured by a conjurer.


Mallam Shehu, Ma Mary, Limbekid and I are all on the same page on the issue of the appellation of the territory and people we are referring to.

The apology is mine to make. As I stated somewhere earlier, I have never been interested in this matter until I saw this stream of casualties that seems simply horrendous. We all have hearts that care about people,about human rights, dignity, respect, self-determination, democracy, free enterprise, social values... If the Jews couldn't get their rights as persons from the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, or anywhere, it was and it is but proper that they return to their own homeland. This Southern Cameroon homeland is not mine. It's a shared homeland belonging to all who were born there or whose parents or grandparents were born there, who speak English or Pidgin, share a same legal and educational system, culture, literature, love free enterprise, and the list is endless. It would also belong to all who would wish to migrate there and embrace the culture of the people and help to positively transform it if needs better. It belongs to Mallam Shehu, it belongs to Entrepreneur. The fact that I made an error and called Southern Cameroonians "anglophones" or at times "West Cameroonians" doesn't mean that I'm referring to different people. I don't think semantics ought to be what is at stake here. And I'm glad that our respectable Mallam says "My elderly ma in the village who does not speak English is not an "anglophone", but she is clearly and historically a Southern Cameroonian, with all the rights of any other Southern Cameroonian." What is at stake are real issues of a people's self-determination and rights as to live as persons with dignity. If you feel your rights are respected, and that you aren't exploited, or have been cheated by history, why don't you enjoy them and simply keep quiet? I would, if I had them! Why would I complain or be fighting?

Mallam Shehu

"prop up la République"

Son of the Soil.


First things first, let sleeping dogs lie. Do not stir a hornet’s nest. Your mentioning of the name Dipoko is not relevant to your confused analysis. Ahmadou Ahidjo never referred to you people as Anglophones. It was President Paul Biya who always called you anglos and for good reason. You are a jigsaw of disoriented mosaic.

The word Anglophone with reference to you those of you west of the Moungo is a polite form of Biafra. What is the anglophoness in you when 99% of the time your people speak Pidgin English?

Cameroon is not the only country where English and the French languages are used as official languages. The Canadians are not referred to as francophones or Anglophones.

Mallam Shehu

that was Ma Mary's thesis and not mine. I am no friend to neither semantics nor logic, my eyes are there to see what's happening in my beloved country.

Njimafor, stop hibernating in your dungeon and come out!


This dialogue is what makes us different. And I do not hate opposing sides to a debate. In the former West Cameroon, they used to have debates in high schools and a national debate, I think. Those values are now lost on us. There was a parliament where people debated and argued and voted. The bitterness that came in-between West and next Southern Cameroonians came after 1972. Debate turned to competition to see who could sit next to Ahidjo. Soon killings and poisonings followed. The federal Republic became a unitary republic, under rule of "law". In 1979 "Anglophone" students marched with Muna's coffin at the University of Yaounde Campus. And since then, the details have turned into a flood under the bridge. Mallam says we should prop up Cameroon. That I can't even dream of doing. It will be a betray not just of one's dignity but of all the young people who have lost lives and been brutalized, young women raped by soldiers at the University of Yaounde, and next, you have the tarnished history of Buea University. Most of those casualties are not on this forum. They are scattered all over the diaspora. The few of us here cannot talk for the hundreds of thousands of Southern Cameroonians in Europe and the US. We have to be careful about the things we say because they impinge on the lives of very many people who have suffered historically and whose families still continue to suffer. Let us differ, but let us do so respectfully.


How many of us in this forum have ever been subjected to the butt of a faded kalashnikovs, at the ends of the insults of a crazy soldier, smashing your skull and forcing you to wallow in poto-poto in a university campus, or seen your sister's breasts being hit with a gun, or hear the cry of a girl you know from Saker, Lourdes, GSS Kumba, Lycee de Molyko being raped and shouted at by several soldiers in her university room, how many of us have lost parts of our bodies due to the brutality of "soldiers" during demonstrations meant to improve hostels, classrooms, to press on lecturers to be fair in their evaluations... how many of us have... How can one walk over these events, without an apology, without a truth and reconciliation proceeding as in South Africa... if that is ever imaginable, at all? Maybe we have to catalogue the lives of those Southern Cameroonians that have "succeeded" with La Republique and see what honor they died with... or retired with. is there any? What is life?

Mallam Shehu

Purposeful truncating of statements to churn people’s stomach can only scare people like Njimafor in disguise as usual. Entrepreneur was right, let us content ourselves with frozen water fufu with some stew and fried mololo, and let destiny take care of the rest. We’re miles away from saying enough is enough and meaning what we say.


And for this and many other reasons, we refuse to be part of Paul Biya and La Republiquue.

It is because of these and many other reasons that some of us are now armed, with a mission to kill the butcher of etoudi, or eject his army of occupation from Southern Cameroon by force.

Mr. Paul Biya, remember you have old scores to settle with the Mallam's in the north.

You have also alienated all of Southern Cameroon, except Dipoko and Molua.

When D day comes you will be a sandwich up for grasp. No amount of money or divine intervention will stop the "Black Thunder" that awaits Paul Biya and La Republique on their attempt to flee from the Capital.


If it's about the rivalry and in-fighting and discrimination among Southern Cameroonians, they owe it to each other to have a forum, a truth and reconciliation process where they will bare all the bitterness and acrimony; bury the power-struggles and greed and move forward for their common good. But it's so funny that such a small population can be so fractious and suspicious of each other! is it tribalism, the chieftaincy institutions among us, or what? Is it scarce resources or what? different forms of power? I will refer this question to Chief Arrey to throw some light on the source of these divisions and anger (without intending to diminish his title or person in any way).


Despite our hatred for La Republique, and our desire to end this union, unlike Biya and La Republique, we will continue to respect human lives, especially those of women, chidren and the disabled.

One of our Platoon commando's had the butcher in site recently, but we coudn't take him out because Chantal would have been dead.

This old pig called Paul Biya now surrounds himself with a human shield that makes our task difficult, not impossible, due to our respect for human life.

The days of La Republique in Southern Cameroon are numbered. It is a fight that we must win.

Unlike Biya and La Republique, we are not fighting to keep what we stole. We are fighting to take back our land from invaders and occupiers. That is what makes our resistance different fronm the corrupt bandits and thugs u call soldiers of La Republique.

Mallam Shehu

The Mallams you're insinuating are boon with the wisdom of a wise man. They've understood that only a hamster thinks it can overrun the wheel on which it is standing.
Your prophets Ni John & Co are yet to understand that sir. It serves no purpose to oppose somebody like Hitler or "Mbiya", if you can't beat him, either you join him or you go on exile to Nigeria.
Mallams have joined your Butcher, but it doesn't mean the grudges they have left hanging on the shelf like wine has suddenly become rancid, learn man.


It ia amzing what is coming from u Entrepreneur.

What would the world be if all did not unite against Hitler? We will die here in Cameroon,in absolute pooverty before we turn against an innocent human being.

No amount of Money will buy us over to Hitler, Biya,or Nazi Germany. No amount of money will convince us to advocate ethnic cleansing like u are doing.

Are u begging that we spare the butchers life, save La Republique, for people like Entrepreneur to continue to keep their ill gotten gains?

You are right for once, life in Cameroon had more Quality under Mallam Ahidjo than under Biya the thief. Adidjo saw himself as a fatherly Dictator, Biya sees himself as a Mafia Crime Boss.

Sir, it is too late. The minister in charge of islamic affairs at the presidency will not save Biya and La Republique from the shame Biya has brought to Moslems and all of Cameroon. Where is Ahidjo's remains.

What is Biya and La Republique scared of. Bring the man's remains to Cameroon and hand over the body to his family for burial.

This beef against La Republic is tougher than u can bite.


If u think for a minute that the Mallams have forgotten the shame that Biya and La Republic have brought to them as a people, u are mistaken.

If u think Southern Cameroon will ever forgive Biya and La Republic, u are mistaken.

Paul Biya and La Republiqe has scores to settle.
Even the Beti people have their own score to settlle with La Republique.

Paul Biya and La Republique is history. He better enjoy Chantal with his recently implanted penile implant because his days are nimbered.


" numbered "

Mallam Shehu

leave Entrepreneur alone, got nothing to do with my write up sir.


Mallam Shehu,
how do you assure us that one day suicide bombs would not explode here. That name sounds so camicase like.
Folks be careful when expressing contrary opinions to those with names like these, nobody know, it may happen, we've seen them elsewhere.

Mallam Shehu

who epitomizes a big menace to the national security and integrity of Cameroon ? Njimafor or Mallam?

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

That name "Mallam" should be trait to Cameroon National Security. Could you please change that screen name? it's scary. Hope not thinking of Radicalising peace loving Cameroonians............

Mallam Ahidjo
Mallam Yar'adua
Mallam Shehu, e.t.c sounds funny like Magida Shehu.

Mallam Shehu

I know Njimafor is the field marshal of all those who are dreaming of a Southern Cameroon. If the word Mallam is a hurdle to your popularity craving, and/or sympathizers mobilization, feel free to call me Teacher in lieu of Mallam.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Point of Correction, The S.Cameroon statehood is a Reality not a Dream.
Teacher might be preferably, but a teacher of what subject? Islamic Cleric or Teacher I presumed////////


Teacher of human bombs and baby bombs, thats what we seek to avoid here.
Mallam, reminds of me some of such witch doctors in those days and now, camicases nowadays
I think you are a threat to any right thinking country in the world today. For sure, no one would allow a moving bomb like you get in to his country today, not even Camerouns you seek to defend to fervently.

Mallam Shehu

Can't you guys suffer an ounce of a second to digest contrary views? Wow, like all your lives revolves around a Utopia that is intransigently being over nourished in your cortex.
Like I told your field marshal Njimafor, not long ago, beating at the periphery of the forest has always been pretty cheap for cowardly town criers.
All your snappish howling is just your limping dog's way of uttering how desperate and desolate the world in which you seek solace is. Rather than daydreaming 24/7, why don't you guys at least raise some visible dust to prove you've got testicles and not air-filled balls?
For how long shall you still exhaust entrepreneur’s brain because of your limitations in understanding the “simplest of simplicity”?


the most unfortunate thing is that iam not an anglophone geopolitically speaking. I am from the centre region, but this does not stand as an impediment on my reasoning. Apart from testicles, iam too mature enought to read within the lines that there is a problem, the problem of the threat of the historical and political heritage of a people.
I think this is the heart of the problem, and only a real fool would try to contradict well established historical facts, and sincerely speaking, its instead interesting to note that sure foolhardy and perfidious attempt is coming from geopolitical Anglophones.
Shehu, iam very sure you have something in your mouth thats preventing you air your real views.
You see, i was right when i raised concerns about security here with names like this. My mission as a right thinking man is to establish clear historical facts rather than trying to show i have testicles and can raise dust.
Man this thing, i can see is too complicated for you, just leave and continue with your camicasy, coward,artisanal bombs.


Mallam, the man has told u , and many others have done so, that the thing is too complicated for u.

You either lack critical thinking skills or u are just outright dumb. With your many PHD's i expect u to be able to think out of the box.

Unlike Paul Biya and La Republique, we value innocent lives. We refuse to kill in order to raise dust or send a message as Paul Biya is currently doing.

We will strike at our own timming. We will make that decision. We will fight for the liberation of Southern Cameroon until the end of time. We will dictate the terms of the fight.

Southern Cameroon wants no part of La Republique. Our struggle is different from the failure of the Biya Presidency but related. We will join any good hearted Cameroonian to eliminate Paul Biya as the leader of Cameroon.

Our struggle is also different from the aspiration of SDF as a political party but

Paul Biya and La Republique must leave Southern Cameroon voluntarily, or we will throw them out with force.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor and Co,
Like you folks are prone to throwing very cheap and void jabs haphazardly.

You're all flocks of haggard ventriloquists who devote precious time anchoring on wishful thoughts, the sooner you wake up from your reverie the quicker you’ll be fished out of your ethereal abyss.

When I struggle to understand the raison d'être of your embitterment, all I can decipher is just that you're a click of irreversibly angry and very hungry vermin that are out of touch.

The new world in which some of us are accommodating ourselves to, is more or less very frenetic for your taste coz you vehemently refute all that’s contrary to your debunked logic, you flutter and fluster in your old boys society rationale that's harnessed on your scalps like vignettes. It’s pathetic though.

Wake up from your existential lacuna and face reality. There is and will always be only one Cameroon. You and I might not live to witness that. This is no propaganda nor is it a claim, but that’s just the way it’s going to be.


I do not think we will ever devlop the taste of the new world you are speaking about.

We are allso very conscious of the fact that we may not live to see an independent Southern Cameroon. That does not mean Southern Cameroon will not be independent. Wherever we end, our children will continue the fight.

You need to face reality. There will forever be two Cameroons, with the Southern part under an army of occupation.

Sony, i am not bitter. We are out to make the world a better place than we met it, but folks like Paul Biya are on the way. Our dilemna is how to eliminate the butcher of etoudi without any loss to innocent lives.

We are angry that Mr. Biya continues to rape and plunder Southern Cameroon. We are angry that all over Cameroon, women, children, the disabled and the sick lack the basic necessities of life, while fools and cowards like Paul Biya are getting fat. We want what is right for Cameroon, which is different from the Southern Cameroon movement.

What is so difficult here to understand. How can a human be so greedy to block their conscience against reason. Come on. Your mama must be really ashamed of you.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor and Co,
Just give it up; the time your wishes could have yielded fruits has long expired, abt. 40yrs ago.

What is imperative is Anglophones coming under an umbrella in order to advocate a non-hypocritical reconsideration of the wealth distribution of these 2regions.

I, as a non-aligned Cameroonian, that is, neither do I support what the “butcher” in Etouidi is doing, nor do I condone extremism. I am for a more united Cameroon wherein all future Cameroonian children shall be proud to say they perfectly master English and French irrespective of their regions of origin.

Hope the field marshal gets me right this time around.

Chief  Ayuk Arrey

I, as a non-aligned Cameroonian, that is, neither do I support what the “butcher” in Etouidi is doing, nor do I condone extremism. I am for a more united Cameroon wherein all future Cameroonian children shall be proud to say they perfectly master English and French irrespective of their regions of origin.

Mallam or Magida,

You're ideas aren't bad, But you're merely being naive. That is not what La Republiques is aspiring, La Republiques seeks to eliminate the Anglo-saxon culture of Southern Cameroonians, But they will not succeed, we will fight back and claim our territory from the hands of Occupiers, they trample with our resources with impunity and use our resources to acquire wealth in France, while our families are dieing of little illments and languishing in Poverty.

Nothing last forever, "When A Mad man handles a gun, there's bound to be Commotion"

Mallam Shehu

And mind you Njimafor, that day of unity shall come, that day when all the bad grains like those in your battalion shall be ferried back to reality.

That blossoming day when children from Mora shall stride hand in hand with those from Eyoumojok, that very same day when an Anglo and a Franco shall sit on the same table and dine face to face.

That great day shall come when a child from Bangem to Jakari shall no longer consider his name as a curse but a blessing; that great day when children from west, east, south and north shall sing in ones and twos and threes and fours, chanting out loud the song of a united Cameroon; that great day when fathers like Njimafor, Wang'asi or Chief Ayuk shall raise trumpets and drums drumming out the message of peace and love to their grandchildren. That great day when Njimafor the “genocidaire” and Biya the “butcher” shall no longer log heads over vain things.

Hurrah! that happy day shall come when Wang'asi shall sojourn quite high on the ever green mountain tops of Yaoundé spreading out the message, chanting full-throated the hymns of brotherliness; that very happy day when Mallam, Njimafor,Wang'asi, Entrepreneur, Ma Marry and Chief Ayuk shall crack jokes and share cola nuts that have been marinated in “allagatapepper" sauce.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

That can only happened when The Son Of God, Jesus Christ rules the world.


Teacher,Mallam Shehu,i longed for that day,and pray for that day we shall be liberated.When an Anglophone will be appointed to head the Ministry of Finance,Defence,Territorial Administration.When Akenjis logo will be recognised and he shall be rewarded judiciously.When an Anglophone will precide over activities at the Unity palace.I longed for that day we shall visit Manyu without spending three days of nightmare in the forest.When our files will be process in Buea without running to Yaounde,I longed for that day when the Cameroon bank will be reinstituted,Wada,Mirudep,Marketing Board,Limbe seaport.When the prime minister lodge in Buea will be use as a touristic site to attract Tourist.When our toll gates will be used to construct more express raods.


Listen, Mallam,
This issue is very simple, its about historical facts that have been issued in well known text books.
Am not angry with Biya nor his regime nor what ever, am just a genuine intellectual who seeks to understand the intricacies of sound historical facts that are in danger of being annihilated.
For instance, if you agree with me that bf I960 British cameroon was one nation, then tell me for instance why the plebicite votes where counted separated for the north and the south?
Do not forget that bf reunification, french cameroons was call LRC, after reunif the whole nation was called Federal rep, later through referandum, United rep, it becomes frightening that the name be changed with a decree to LRC as bf reunification. This simply calls for concern on the part of those Anglos.
Note that in 1990, cameroon celebrated 30yres of indep without the map of anglo cameroon.
This is why in my opinion i believe that thair historical and political heritage is under threat.
Avoid gibbering with loud sounding words and give me anwers to these, it may shake my views
Dont forget the new york bomber has been apprehended,

Mallam Shehu

Sir Wang'asi ,
are you yourself convinced by the bloviation you delightfully scribble and tag as historical? We’re in 2010 sir; your ahistorical account sounds more like a kindergarten recitation.

Stop lullabying yourself and Wake up sir, forget that your “I was” jargon and face reality.



I am rather disappointed in your vision. Statements like yours lend credence to the accusations that Africans are obsessed with the "big man" syndrome. When will we get over this "it`s our turn to chop" mentality? What would it matter if we had Anglophone versions of Paul Biya, Akame Mfoumou or Ze Meka? Why this obssession with top-down style of management? How would you guarantee positive change if Paul Biya expressed himself in perfect English, yet had no vision for the country?

It`s time we start looking beyond the elite and turn our attention to those sectors which really engage the community: increasing readership of Anglophone newspapers; patronising our artists (how many of us bought paintings from the late Spee Nzante?); improving our mediascape; promoting Anglophone writers... Let`s face it: our bloated executive is generally not a reflection of the society they live in; be they Francophone or Anglophone.


Mallam Shehu,

if you are careful reader you wd note my ENglish not the best, as i said, am a french speaker,and not a geopolitical anglophone in the cameroonian sence, however, i have a deep admiration for them, reason why i struggle to be perfect in their language.
As a spearhed of the anti protectionist movement, give me answers to the above.
Moreso, so use simple phrases, it heps some of us,
sorry, iam a well read and well studied man, so note my English may not be good;
However note we cannot compare if i engage my own language
as i said, its a problem of sound historical facts and not even a human bomb cound dare change it

Mallam Shehu


Don't be so girlie, who has complained about your English? Peruse all the write ups here, nobody's English is all that perfect. Although we may disagree on many things on this blog, I'll never attack you coz of your English, that is not my language sir.

I guess, you'll be shocked to find out at the end of the day that you're not the lone French speaker on this blog.

If any one should feel bad, it should be me. Just consider the amounts of jabs I've digested since we started this bout..

If you don't know it's value, don't break the cola nut please.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

How many times did I wrote your name?
So you've deliberately refused to change that your screen name?
I guess you know what "Sharia Law" is doing to Africans? Please I don't want that law in Cameroon.
I learnt that people like the Mallams introduced such laws to caused Havoc and automatically makes progressive African states turn to Failed States.
You're aware that Cameroonians love Peace and that Sharia of a thing will turn Cameroon to Nigeria or possibly Somalia or Afghanistan. Please think about it.

Mallam Shehu

Digression is a good sign of defeat, I'll rather take my well-merited leave on this topic here.

To those of you I might have offended in one way or the other, I offer my words of apology, to those of you who're are still mind-blasted, I'll be back again to complete your castration.

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