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Monday, 05 April 2010


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Elder Bunkum

Cardinal Ratzinger (Now Pope Benedict) on Liberation Theology: Cardinal Ratzinger as Head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faithful was very severe against Liberation Theologians, taking the extreme measure of excommunicating and defrocking priests. Wikipedia: "As mentioned above, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), issued official condemnations of certain elements of Liberation Theology in 1984 and 1986. After this, Leonardo Boff was suspended and others were censored. During the 1980s and the 1990s, as prefect of the CDF, Ratzinger continued to condemn these elements in Liberation Theology, and prohibited dissident priests from teaching such doctrines in the Catholic Church's name. He excommunicated Tissa Balasuriya, in Sri Lanka, for so doing. Sebastian Kappen, an Indian theologian, was also censored for his book Jesus and Freedom.[16] Under Cardinal Ratzinger's influence, theological formation schools were forbidden from using the Catholic Church's organization and grounds to teach Liberation Theology (in the sense of theology using unacceptable Marxist ideas, not in the broader sense)." Father Aristide pressure from the Vatican, which led eventually to his resignation as priest. If the Vatican is consistent, it would frown on Cardinal Tumi campaigning for political office, especially as a liberation theologist. The Catholic Church is mortally afraid of Liberation Theology, because it espouses a bottom up power structure that is antithetical to the extreme hierarchical structure of the RCC. It is interesting that the church was so harsh against Liberation Theologians, but has been very soft with the pedophile priests who are now popping up everywhere like mushrooms. Not a single one was harshly sanctioned by the church. To most people, raping children is a serious crime and Liberation Theology is just an opinion, but in the upside down world of church theologians, the priorities are different. According to writer and former priest, James Carroll difference could trigger the uncorking of elements of the liberation theology genie, that Cardinal Ratzinger thought he had securely incarcerated, because many thinking Catholics are fed up with clerical extremism in the Catholic church, with the secrecy and concentration of power and lack of accountability.

sangoh angoh

Elder Bunkum:
The writer has already stated in his article all what your comments contain, but strongly advances reasons why he thinks Liberation Theology could be an option in Cameroon.

Elder Bunkum

Fr Engelbert Mveng, the jesuit priest and academic who was murdered a few years ago, was a liberation theologist, at least in his writings. Conspiracy theorists think powers in Cameroon government had something to do with his violent death as well as the deaths of a whole lot of Catholic clergy in Cameroon. Some think they were the victims of a big Satanic ritual. Is there a better way to pay homage to Satan than by shedding the blood of the other guy's servants?


Good musings on our desperate need for a viable executive alternative in Cameroon. While we do so, common sense dicates that we steer clear of making the secular and the spiritual strange bed- fellows.


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