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Tuesday, 06 April 2010


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Ah!, Dango Tuma must be a happy man now; his Southern Cameroons team has been profiled. Now let him prove his "Southern Camerooness" by identifying the players on that photo...


Yes, these are the boys in the old days. I can actually identify 6 people in that picture.
Great memories.

We should find and align ourselves with the positive. Pictures like this evokes lots of emotions in us, Patriots for Southern Cameroon.
It is easier to be pulled down by La Republique with all the negative energy than it is to be pulled up.

We need to create a new vision for the Southern Cameroon movement. Then, we must constantly communicate that vision, connecting Southern Cameroonians to it.

We need to encourage new ideas to be discussed by asking members of this forum, " what are we missing if we take off all the parameters and eliminate all the barriers?" This will open up free thinking.

And when we think freely, be careful of traitors, spies and Judas in the house, always ready to sell us for a buck.

La Republique has no mercy for free thinkers. They are currently in hot pursuit to aqueeze life out of some of us. But because we invested so much in technology, their quest to silence democracy must fail.

Brother Sam

Njipe? first from right; Humphrey Mosenge crouching second from right; Ewunkem second from left;

Ndefi? second standing from right
Monkam? standing third from left
Njuma fourth from right

I could identify those without my glasses.

Somebody help with the rest, and where are these guys now? They must all be grandfathers. This must be about 68-70. I know Njuma died of brain swelling or bleeding after a match in which he was kicked in the head.


Top row L-R: Nangho, Tanga(GK), Monkam (master planner), Fidelis, Njuma, Remetter (GK) Ndiefi(father of Pius ndiefi), ? (can't rember his name

Bottom row L-R: Essomba, Ewunkem, Kenito (not too sure), Christian, ?, Mosenge, Njipe


yeah!moussa,second from left standing.Eketi

Brother Sam

Dumbassa and Onguene you seem to have some contradiction to resolve. It is so easy to lose history.


You're correct Brother Sam. That is why the protection of "Southern Cameroons Heritage" is not just limited to politics. It should also expand to other walks of life. So let Southern Cameroons nationalists like our friend Dango Tumma create a virtual SC Sports Pantheon to commemorate the sports legends from the "golden years" - instead of the endless anti Francophone diatribe. At least that will be a worthy and non-controversial endeavor.


Cameroon does not belong to u and Biya the thief. We own Southern Cameroon not La Republique. Those empty threats of yours mean nothing to us.

La Republique has arrived at a dead zone. You could be the hardest-charging go-getter on the planet, but if you are surrounded by a leader and people who don't care, u grow tired of butting into barriers.Eventually even those with the best intentions begin buying into the status quo.

Someone like u are immune to this Apathetic situation.You do not know how to escape, physically or mentally.

Biya and his rogue regime just keep playing the same game over and over and never winning.

If it werern't so depressing here, it'd be almost comical. It has all the charm of City Morgue.

Lawrence Enoh Abaka

I can identify Pah Ndiefi

jensen atte

I would have paid a fortune to have a copy of this picture. Having been born in this age old town,Buea, my love for the game took me to see this team which happen to train every day at the old government school stadium,in buea town. let me see how many of these players i can remember despite my infancy.
nango,tanga,monkam,kenito, njuma,remette,ndieffi mbella. feddelis,essomba,ewunkem,chume christain, musenge njippe.. i might be wrong but will love to get a feedback bretheren, cos i will remain a die heart supporter of p
Prisons. even in diaspora, we as buea old boys still talk abt this team. please anchor man, i need feedback to enrich my archives. thanks

Ekema Edmund Muaka

In Situations like this the fans have to bring out archives so that we can easily identify the yes ta years players

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